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NID996- Animal Energy

2017-11-05-Animal Energy
No Idaho #996

• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Animal Energy Signature
o 1.2 Group: N. Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Charles
o 2.2 TR: Mark Rogers
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson
o 3.2 Dialogue
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Animal Energy Signature
Group: N. Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Charles
TR: Mark Rogers


CHARLES: Yes greetings, Charles here and delighting in your conversation, maybe I can attempt to string a few of these points together a little more securely. Your notion stated, that a love connection between individuals changes everything is most indeed accurate. After all, as you have noted, where there is love and you choose the way you engage in activities involving love, you have changed the very nature and divinity level of the equation.

This is true even if such love is not shared between two mortals of the realm. Love is love and this is where you may share such a divine bond with another, even if they are not human. When you share, share this act of love between you, you create a divine component of your relationship. This component is what endures. Make no mistake, all contributions to the divine energies are sacred and so this is how you may share with others on this wavelength of love that you have shared between you regardless of time.

When you note that there is a distinction made between the animals on this world and yourselves as humans which have an eternal plan for you, there is this distinction to be made as a matter of natural order and that you are the privileged ones. You are the ones who the entire plan has been designed to accommodate. You are here as a matter of the manifestation of love and as such you are graced with the gift of an eternal career before you. Your animal fellows on the planet who are not endowed with this Divine Fragment from on high are granted the full spectrum of experience just as you are. They are bestowed from on high, they have this experience they are destined for and then they return to contribute their part to the whole and share their experience. Their cycle is shorter than yours. Yours has been designed to be ongoing to provide you the maximum opportunities for growth.

Make no mistake, your animal brethren are treasured just as you are. They are provided for just as you are and they are a significant part of the Supreme although their destinies were markedly different from the ones designed for you. Nevertheless, you both achieve the same final contribution to the Supreme of your experiences, be they long or be they short. In this way you truly are comrades with the other gifts of grace from on high that share this world with you but certainly there is an endowment which you possess which enables you to enjoy a vastly different experience.

When you report that there have been sensations of these members you have love-bonded with, I suggest this is your manifestation of love. This is the gift that they have given you. They have been there with you representing love and now, you may reflect on that and savor those times and relive those moments and receive in your experience the goodness and the love. Truly they will make their contributions to the Supreme wherein it is available to all, just as you will. It is delightful to discuss these differences and similarities between the various life forms on this world, some of which are not only human but composite beings that have a spiritual component which will endure. Do these contributions stimulate any thoughts or questions?


Question: So Charles, ultimately what you are saying, as regards the idea of actually seeing these creatures [pets] on a different plane, that is not to be, am I correct?

CHARLES:: That is in the strictest sense correct if you are considering the “seeing” as any form of material reference. Now, at the same time, you have built a temple where you have shared love together with this other being. If you consider that they have already been assimilated, then they are available to you in re-referencing this temple that you have built and it is your creative prerogative which determines if you will allow the manifestation of love to occur and in what form.

You are the creator behind your experience and if you desire to relive the fondness of the energy signature bond that was created, you are at will to do so at any point. This is because you have built this and formed this yourself; you then may replay it at will, it is yours forever.

Question: Thank you.

Question: It seems that one of these animals can have such incredible personalities in spirit that there must be a way that can continue. If we are such powerful creators and manifest-ors, maybe we could create another animal with that same personality in spirit?

CHARLES:: My dear, let me assure you that their energy signature specific to their personality and individual self absolutely endures within you. It is contributed to the First Source and Center from which it was issued and as such, is now available to all. It is not a matter of the energy pattern specific to the individual being re-issued as that is not how that gift of grace works. There are no two identical individuals issued and so you are right to seize the opportunity at hand to appreciate the individuals around you for they are unique, all of them as you are. It will never be regenerated in its exact form and so it is always good to bear in mind this appreciation for the uniqueness of the individual and as well for the grandness of the whole.

Where you can regenerate this familiar pattern is within your own internal citadel of love, in your projection room within you may enjoy again, as you have before, the presence of this energy. You can recreate it just as you can recreate anything and there is where the uniqueness of individuals is indeed a treasure, these gifts that we actually possess and can actually review them and enjoy them. So in that sense, can they go on? They can go on as you so will, as you so allow, as you so permit because they are manifestations of love and can be recreated at your will.


Comment: Thank you Charles. This will help me understand better what I am experiencing. I feel that animal energy signature in spirit so I guess it makes no difference whether it has a body or not and I can call it forth whenever I want. Is my understanding correct?

CHARLES:: Indeed my dear, yes, that you are welcome to visit on the spiritual plane. This is true because you have shared this energy of love between you and this has elevated the equation into a spiritual dimension where you then may visit, in your case, eternally if you so choose.

Comment: I am not going to have a body either so what difference does it make.

CHARLES:: Well said my friend.

Comment: I thank you very much, this is most comforting and pleasing to me.

CHARLES:: You are welcome my friend. It is a joy to be invited into the conversation. Thank you all as well, I am going to bid you all a wonderful day and a joyous experience.

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