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NEC33 – Culture Bending; Genetics; Start a Conspiracy of Joy

New Era Conversations #33
– Culture Bending; Genetics; Start a Conspiracy of Joy
– Nov. 3, 2014

Teacher: Machiventa Melchizedek, and One Without Name or Number

The function of One Without Name and Number
Ending the old era and beginning the new era
The prophets of old
More direct contact with the celestials
New Era begins formally in January 2015
The co-creative process will be by invitation as usual
The reorganization of our democracy
The culture bending process
How society feels about extraterrestrials
How changes will be made on Urantia
Susan asks for counsel on her community project
Susan’s struggle is the same for all of America
The public educational program mirrors the planetary educational program
Genetic counseling for procreative couples
Is gene splicing recommended?
Will we have pandemics from antibiotic resistant “super-bugs?”
A conspiracy theory about Ebola
Starting a “conspiracy of joy” on our planet

TR: Daniel Raphael

Team members present: Roxanne Andrews, Susan Bryner and Michael McCray

November 3, 2014

Prayer: Heavenly Father, Michael, Nebadonia, the Triumvirate and all those that have gathered with us today, we welcome you to another session of New Era Conversations. We, the human aspects of this group, are very proud and happy to be a part of the Correcting Time with you. We wish to share our love with you and our dedication to seeing that Michael’s plans are carried out, here on earth. We thank you for your help in this matter; we thank you for your interest and dedication to us. Dear Father, we thank you. Amen.

The function of One Without Name and Number

ONE WITHOUT NAME AND NUMBER: Good morning! This is One Without Name and Number.

(Group gives greetings.)

ONE WITHOUT NAME AND NUMBER: I have asked the Triumvirate to address you today. It is necessary that I have entry into your energy streams and this process, your minds and the minds of all those who connect with these messages. I have a function with Christ Michael’s projects, which may seem difficult for you to understand, but we have a means of working together in multiple layers simultaneously without “bumping elbows,” as you might say in a crowded elevator. How we do that is through a keying in of our mind to our connections with you.

You would find this very similar to psychic phenomena where an individual can perceive the condition and situation of another individual across the planet, living in a city of many millions of people. It is simply the uniqueness of each individual that God has created in you that allows us to do this. You can do it too, if/when you practice the skills. When you tune into this broadcast, or you read these materials, then you open your consciousness to our contact with you and your contact with us. You might not be aware of it, but we are aware of it with you. Just as you can have multiple awarenesses simultaneously in your mind, we have the capacity to multiply that by many hundreds of thousands of times simultaneously; there is no interference. It is a matter of awareness, consciousness within us to allow us to be aware of these simultaneously in a moment’s time.

I will be present and involved in Christ Michael’s Correcting Time program on this planet and the other planets that were in quarantine. This is the first, and probably the last time that I will address you, but nonetheless, I will be deeply involved in all the projects that transpire on this planet. Now I release the podium to your Planetary Manager, Machiventa Melchizedek.

Ending the old era and beginning the new era

MACHIVENTA: Good morning, this is Machiventa Melchizedek and thank you for your presence here today. This is perhaps the last session we will have of the Old Era, before we begin transmissions in the New Era. We have told you that the New Era has begun, but we have not told you that the Old Era has ended. The eras that are involved in a planet do not butt up against each other, but are in a “shingling” type of fashion, where one tapers off, and as it tapers off, the New Era begins so that there is overlap in time before the complete end of one era and the full throttle opening of a new era. Do you understand?

Group: Yes.

MACHIVENTA: I have a specific request of the three of you, and this may be off the record if you choose, and that is soon it will be required of you to be fully aware of all the sessions where we had private sessions, and conversations of a private nature between the multiples of us, where we requested that the parts of sessions be held private, and not included in the public publication of the session. It is now time to review those so that those are fully in mind, as we will have a need before too long for you to publish those sessions in full. Are you with me so far?

Group: Yes.

MACHIVENTA: What this provides to you today is rather a personal announcement that things will change soon, and change significantly. It will make you much more conversational partners with us in our co-creative endeavors with you. We have begun some time ago, the process of “tuning up” the mind of This One so he is far more conversational with us throughout the day, and that we can have much more direct access to the developments on the material plane in what he does. This is necessary as we are entering into a new program, which has never been done before.

The prophets of old

You recall in the Old Testament where the writers of those books, stated in their own terms, that “the Lord Yahweh spoke to me and said, ‘Do this and do that.’ And so the individual who received that message did according to the Lord’s Will.” It will be very much similar to that process, but even more direct than the Prophets, in some ways. Yes, we do validate that the Prophets, beginning with Samuel, did have very highly conscious relationship conversations with Yahweh, the angels and so on. Those Prophets were unable at that time to differentiate between the entities that addressed them, unless that entity did cite themselves with their title. So, you know that they have been spoken to by Gabriel, by the Most Highs, and so on. In many ways, the conversations that some of you will have with us will be very much like the conversations between myself, as Melchizedek in the times of the Old Testament.

More direct contact with the celestials

It is necessary for us to be involved at such a close range, so to speak, simply because we do not wish to jeopardize the operation of these next developments through the machinations or imagination of the individuals receiving these messages. We do not want this to be tentative; we do not want it to be tenuous; we do not want it to be superficial in nature, but we want to have a conversation with you as though we were sitting across your kitchen table, and I pounded my fist on the table and you were highly aware of that. It will not be quite that extreme, but certainly and surely, when we speak to you, you will know that we have spoken. We are fortunate to have a cadre of individuals who do hear us, and who do hear us quite accurately.

However, because of the mind mechanism and the database that each individual has, the interpretation of what they receive varies according to that database. It varies greatly upon the interpretive process of the mind of the individual. The best opportunity we have to talk to you directly is through a conscious channel, such as This One, who speaks directly. We also use his database, and of course, this is how we speak to you. We wish to proceed with our projects much in a compassionate, “corporate language,” so to speak—no pun intended. (Laughter.)

[This is Daniel: I caught that!]

New Era begins formally in January, 2015

MACHIVENTA: You will see these events unfold within the next few weeks. We ask you to hold this information privately to yourself, and we wish to begin an operational program in January when all the preparations have been made for that beginning. This One has felt that date in his mind for many decades. There has been something auspicious about the date in January that has been repeated in his mind over the years, and this is the echo of consciousness of an event in the future, which echoes back through the years before.

We will tell you very clearly when you are allowed and permitted to publish the context of those sessions in full. We ask you beforehand to look at those and examine them for editorial necessities. We know that you have edited these briefly, but not completely. You will see the need for your editorial actions involving those sessions, after you have been made aware of what is to be revealed, which I do not do at this time. We find that mortals, no matter how central they are, focused and dedicated and committed they are to an honest and authentic and genuine relationship with the Father, that nonetheless their mortal minds tend to fuss and fidget with the details and facts that we provide to them. We simply do not need this chaff and chatter over the conscious wavelengths of consciousness involved. We want to have a clear channel of energy, a frequency that is unimpeded with mortal consciousness. Do you understand so far?

Group: Yes, Sir. Do you have any questions?

Roxie: No, not at this time.

Susan: In these discussions, will there be directives to the three of us?

MACHIVENTA: You have already had these sessions that I am speaking about; they have already been published in part by Roxanne. You also have within your computers, as I believe you do, the full sessions, and so I would like Roxanne to go back and take note of all the ones that are partially published, and make that known to you so that each of you can review those sessions, and particularly the parts that were not published. Does this clarify?

Susan: I was looking toward the new conversations that you were referring to, and wondering if there were going to be specifics directed to Michael, Roxanne and myself that would be new?

The co-creative process will be by invitation, as usual

MACHIVENTA: No, there will be no real directives to you, though it will become very apparent to you that you will have new roles—particularly you, Susan—as we have need of your presence and your work in your locale in a way which we have alluded to in the past. We only wish now that you review the old transcripts, and that you are open and receptive to the new sessions that we will have. Yes, they will be much more directive, but we cannot be overtly directive to the audience because they are so jaundiced from what happened with Vern Grimsley and that situation.

They do not trust the voice of This One, or any channel, to convey directives to individuals or to groups. This is not how we lead at this time. It was imperative with Mr. Grimsley that it be done very directly, and we gave him messages to convey to his audience, that they should do “this and such.” However, in the new conversations that we have, we will lead people into where and what they need to do. If they do not see it, then it will not be done; it will fall to others to volunteer. This is a co-creative process of invitation and response; if there is no response, then we move forward as we are able to.

Susan: Thank you. That has clarified it for me.

Machiventa: You are welcome.

Roxie: Those sessions that were not published partially or completely are sessions 1, 2, 6 and 14. Our mortal members here should have that in a draft form, and they will be redone to give the “Publication Ready” (PR) finals.

MACHIVENTA: Certainly. Were those sessions not published at all in full?

Roxie: Not at all in the first 3, but #14 was published partially.

The reorganization of our democracy

MACHIVENTA: Thank you. (This following may be published.) You have often now in your social media, the rapid development and historical references from famous writers, including Aldous Huxley and many others, who have alluded to the change of democracy to the point where they begin to be controlled by oligarchies and those who have the capacity to influence the mechanisms, the social media, political and economic mechanisms and institutions to control the course of the future. However, this is an anachronism (archaic) feature of the past, of the old generation of governance, power, control and authority. In a democracy it is “We the people,” it is founded on the people. The functional society has “we the people” under girding as the foundation of the social, political, economic/financial pillars of society.

The course of a democratic nation begins by the reorganization of governance by the people, and a form of democracy. Your form of democracy in the United States is still very immature and very young. It lacks many mature features. One major feature that is missing is the continued participation of the public, involved in social policies, political policies and economic/financial policies. It is not that there should be a “true democracy,” for a democracy can then become whimsical and fickle, depending on the faddist interests of the public, which can be easily swayed by media, and so on. In a more mature democracy the public participates in an ongoing basis in the functions of those three pillars. This is necessary, as you will see that the function of business is to provide the financial, fluid means of exchange and wage earning, and empowers the capacity of individuals to improve the quality of their life, to have the means to grow as anybody else would.

It also means that they have an equal means of participating in the political maturity and evolution of their political society and the political functions of their democracy. It also means that they have a participation of options to voice their preferences for options in the economic/financial operations of their society. Those who are in power and control could see this as highly destructive, and highly detrimental. However, to the vast majority of a population, they see that the nature of the minority can also be highly destructive and highly influential to sequester the finances of the fluid of business to their own interests. That is highly inflammatory to the majority. Thus, for a democracy, a democratic process to mature, it must have the capacity for individuals to participate in their own governance, in their own policy development of society and of their politics, the processes of governance and of finances and economics. In doing so the public also learns about the responsibilities of governance.

There is always an ebb and flow of the power between those who govern and those who are governed. Democracies are always based on “We the People,” the active participation of individuals. In many ways, your democracy that began in the 1700’s allowed for those who are educated, and those who had major interests in the social, political, economic/financial aspects [of] that new society to be in power. It was necessary, because they had the education; they had the interests of all combined at that time.

However, as time has past, and as your populations have become better educated, and more informed—and particularly within the last 20 years with the advent of computers and the Internet, the public now has “eyes on” all of these developments, but yet does not have a voice on any of these policies, prospects and developments in those three pillars. It is evident to us that it is time to now intervene in a highly constructive way, one that allows for the change of culture.

The culture bending process

MACHIVENTA: Yes, what we have begun is a culture bending process. It will not occur quickly; it will not occur easily, but it will occur over decades, and it will be augmented by the crushing aspects of the cataclysms, which have begun. Those individuals, who are doing well, even those in the middle class who are making a moderate income, are smug enough to not want to change the system. Yet the advent of political unrest that will occur during the cataclysms will become a highly effective change agent for creating a new future. Which do you want, to create a future, or to remake history?

The differences are intuitive. The option is to willingly create the future with an overriding intention, plan and design in mind for the societies and processes of governance and economic/finances that will be sustaining. Sustainability is a word, but we use “sustaining” as a verb because sustainability is ongoing and unending. Sustaining social processes are learning processes that provide the means for its own adaptation. This was recognized by the founders and writers of the “Constitution,” as they saw that amendments were needed to create adaptations to the original documents.

What they did not foresee was the necessity of building adaptability into the structures of governance that are now missing, when they are desperately needed. Your democratic processes do not provide for a learning organization; it does not have a learning component in it; it does not learn from mistakes and it does not learn from successes. The only learning that occurs in your democratic processes is on an individual basis, what works for the individual, which leads to self-interest politics and policies. Of course, those in power have the capacity to bend the rules to make themselves more wealthy and powerful, and there are many organizations and corporations and lobbies that are more than willing to assist them to do so. This has sidelined the public’s influence into the public process of their democracy.

How society feels about extraterrestrials

Thus the times are critical now for you to understand that our influence will become more direct and visible. No, we are not going to manifest ourselves in a corporeal way. No, we are not going to literally knock on your door—we are going to leave that to Monjoronson, one day when he appears at a time when he feels earth societies are ready and willing to accept someone with a superior intelligence. You already know how your societies feel toward extraterrestrials, even though the evidence is overwhelmingly obvious that they exist, and that they are beneficent, and they are not harmful to you. They are simply observers who are in “cruise ships,” so to speak, coming from other star systems to observe your world.

How changes will be made on Urantia

Your world is quite an anomaly; it is much like an anthill when a young boy pours water on it, and the ants have to redo their anthill. In this case, no extraterrestrials bother with your anthill because you are already creating so much mayhem and disorganization by yourselves; you do not need any assistance! The pathetic thing about Homo sapiens is that they are aware of the process, but cannot change their behavior as groups. Knowing this it is our intention to create organizations as learning organizations that have an inherent and obvious part of the organization that reviews and records and archives as an active library, the successes of those businesses, or social organizations and those processes, which are dysfunctional and cause failure. The only way, of course, that this can be weighed and judged is by having an infallible set of values that are intrinsic, native, and universal to all humans. Of course, as you have these within yourself, they are not embedded within your organizations, and it is far past time that these three core values become embedded in the organizational documents of your corporations, governments, agencies and other organizations.

Governing a world such a Urantia is not an easy process. It is a long enduring one; it is much like—we have said before, using the metaphor of old snow skiers who would make their own skis out of wood. One variety/species of trees which is good for that is ash; it has a nice straight grain which can be bent and curved at one end, through the process of tension, steam heat, moisture and more increasing tension until the appropriate curve is made on the front of the ski. Thus, we are doing the same with your world and your societies. We are applying ourselves in almost all of your major organizations, and major organizations at global levels, national levels, state levels and local levels. Major organizations at local levels have much to do with how people become enculturated with the vice of business, or the benefits and benevolence of business. It is important now that those three values be used to amend and develop organizations that still remain profitable, but which adhere to these three core values.

Questions are welcome now, either directly related to this or other topics, as you wish.

Susan asks for counsel on her community project

Susan: I have a question that actually does relate to this. You said, as time has past, and our populations have become better educated, and more informed, we may participate more fully on public issues and policy. In my community I’m running up against the strata—or problems with the stratum that is uneducated, uninformed and unmotivated—so my question… let me lay some groundwork: My design team is more a team of community leaders that get together for discussions. In our last session, I spoke with Monjoronson regarding the dinner group idea that I was putting together for our community. In short, the vision was to create a grassroots movement to gather people around dinner tables in homes and restaurants, or public places, to discuss the purpose and potential of our community, and with guided discussion and facilitators and questions to focus our residents in the community on the future, solutions to current issues and future issues and sustainability, with a goal of one day having every resident engaged in shaping the life of the community.

Well, when I shared this in my group of leaders, I was initially very disheartened by the discussion. These leaders went almost immediately to the stratum of the community that they felt these dinners would not benefit and appeal to, and they said this stratum is really the most important stratum to be addressed. These are those without resources and without a desire to help themselves. These leaders focused on the fact that our middle class in this community, which is probably reflective of most communities, is disappearing and that this uninvolved, uninterested and entitled stratum is growing in numbers.

They felt that these proposed dinners would mean nothing to them and the problems that they create in our community. There was a strong voice in this group that said if we can’t serve the basic needs of these people, we have no potential to envision anything so lofty as dinners to discuss our future. I was so set back by this discussion that I felt like I had spoken from naïve optimism. Now, three days after that discussion, the energy of the vision is returning, but I’m confused and I could really use some counsel. You just spoke to the advantage of more of our populace being educated and informed, so, I wonder if you could merge these two for me and counsel me on my direction with this idea?

MACHIVENTA: Yes, I would be glad to. First of all, you will need to take direction in developing the foundations of your team organization. One is that you must have a written intention for your team, and that people have consensus with that; more than just a majority, but consensus. It does not have to be a quorum, but consensus. And, you must have in the back of your mind the three core values. Then, that team—and there must be some agreement that the team would want with their intentions—would be to help improve the quality of life of the community, and of individuals in the community. You must remember this: That you will not be able to include everyone because not everyone wants to be included. To have everyone in the community participate is truly idealistic and it will in some ways be fatal.

The intention must also include that there be growth in your community—not just economic growth, but social, political and economic growth, and growth for the community, and growth for individuals. Lastly, there must be included in the intention that the wherewithal, the financial/economic processes of your community would allow individuals, who are not aware, who are not well educated, to make a living to improve their lives.

If your team cannot come to an agreement upon this collective intention, then you will surely have a hard way to go, and you must bring them around gradually to your way of thinking. Secondly, the team must then develop an intention with a broader audience to write an intention for the community. Do not get into specifics, as it is specifics where individuals then begin to argue, and begin to have differences. You want to use the three core values as the backboard that you throw all of your ideas, all your concepts, all your discussions against to see if they fall apart, or become a part of a sustainable system of your community.

When you do this, on the larger part, with your invitations for dinners, do not be selfish… let me put this in the positive: be generous enough to invite those to attend who cannot afford dinner. You are having a meeting place at a restaurant, or some business house, and have it catered, then it must be that individuals would be invited who could not afford that. This is the beginning of the largess of the attitude of your core group. There must be an altruistic largess that they hold in mind to help their whole community come together and rise together and move forward together. Yes, those individuals in your community could, who are part of the self-wealthy individuals, who do not need to participate politically or economically or even socially, but can remain aloof in their wealth, will always be there.

Susan’s struggle is the same for all of America

MACHIVENTA:  What you are striving to do, Dear One, is to bring unity, wholeness and oneness into your community. The struggle that you are having in your community is truly the struggle of America. Your situation is no different than Cincinnati, or Boca Raton, or Houston—it is all the same. There must become a higher, evolved consciousness within your core group of leaders—leadership core group—that wants to bring everyone along. This does not mean that you break your backs to do that; you simply offer the opportunity for people to participate. Yes, there will be skepticism and even cynicism on the part of those who are in the lower economic ranges of your community. They will not believe that someone has a sincere interest in their welfare without quid pro quo. The only quid pro quo that you would require is that they participate. With that intention, you have the beginnings of a model of oneness and wholeness, or some statement that this is a community for everyone in the Chester and the Lake Almanor community. If your model does not include everyone, then it will come apart. You will have your own barrio and your own ghetto, so to speak, and then you will have the wealthy, who live on the peninsula. This is not healthy for any community.

There must be an interchange, a social intercourse of thought and action between those groups. The intentional creation of strata, having gated communities, and so on, is the beginning of seclusion and isolation. In an era where there is pandemonium and social upheaval in a society, which could also take place in the small community of Chester, California, you would not want to have people walking around the gates and entering people’s homes and taking away their precious objects and their money. To avoid that, there must be a common attitude among those who are wealthy to have an attitude of noblesse oblige, so to speak.

This was the attitude of the French nobility and the English nobility, also in the Austro-Germanic principalities, that they knew that there must be a sharing between those who have and those who have not. The best way to do this is to provide mechanisms, social, economic, corporate, business mechanisms to assist those who do not have to have an income. Yes, it might be below the pride of some of those in the lower economic echelons to accept picking up litter in city streets, but they would be paid a reasonable wage–$15 per hour to pick up the debris in the public [areas], would motivate those public individuals to stop throwing trash in the streets.

You, Dear One, are the “end of the pencil.” You are feeling our grip around the pencil to motivate and move you to write history by creating a future. It is very uncomfortable, and it is a learning process that you will write about some day. You will have this done, and we will have it done with you and through you, if you agree. We will provide you the means to do so before too long. Do not be in too much of a rush to enter into the fray without the resources to do this adequately. I will leave it at that.

Susan: Thank you! That was most helpful and heartening. Thank you very much.

The public educational program mirrors the planetary educational program

MACHIVENTA: I would hope that you would take away some notes from this in how to proceed and what to do. If your core leadership group cannot agree upon the improved quality of life for the entire community, as a community and as individuals and its families, then you are going nowhere and you will butt your head against the wall. Deal in generalities to begin with, before you get too specific. We have found that the materialistic, linear minded societies tend to want to get to specifics without dealing with the philosophical issues first. You may be aware—we hope you are highly conscious of this—that you are involved in a public educational program.

We are in a planetary educational program to uplift the minds and lives of billions of people. We have begun with you, as you have shown interest, as we wish to begin with others. It is our hope that your work will provide a model to other communities the same size and larger as your own. As we said, your difficulties in Chester echo those of thousands of communities throughout this nation, and echo the problems within hundreds of thousands of communities in all other democratic nations. We are striving to begin with one that has a reasonable possibility of success, and so we engage you more directly. Thank you.

Susan: Thank you. You’ve hit the nail on the head as far as my weaknesses; I have the vision, and I almost see them in their entirety and completeness, and yet I do fail to build the philosophical base first with people, and I’ve bumped up against that several times and gotten the message, but failed to learn from it. I think I have finally been taught.

MACHIVENTA: (Laughing.) You will teach yourself eventually.

Susan: Thank you!

MACHIVENTA: You are most welcome.

Genetic counseling for procreative couples

Roxie: I have a question based on some of our previous topics. Concerning the subject of taking defective genes out of reproductive pool, leads me to wonder if our science of gene mapping is anywhere near proficient enough for its application to be of great benefit in advising couples of whether they should have children or not. I know that there are some inherited faulty genes that are detectable, but I am sure that many faulty genes are still unrecognized. Are we sufficiently savvy enough to begin using this to improve our population?

MACHIVENTA: To answer your last question, only in the grossest type of genetic manipulation and that simply is a recognition that two people who have schizophrenia in their genetic stream of both families who wish to have children will almost assuredly have one out of three that would be schizophrenic, and that there would be other anomalies attendant to the other two. Such genetic counseling is capable, your community genetic scientific research and medical services have sufficient expertise in these gross definitions to make recommendations to couples whether to have children or not.

It is also an educational process for those individuals who do have genetic predispositions to anomalies as that, to become educated in the costs of the social, economic and familial costs to the individual, to the family, to siblings, to neighbors and to friends to have them intentionally and deliberately bring a child into existence with the full knowledge that it probably would have a predisposition towards schizophrenia. It is a “yes or no” option. If they say they want to go ahead with that option, they risk the possibility that they may raise a child who is fully functional in the teens and through the teens, and the early-adult life may show evidence of psychosis and schizophrenia. That would be highly detrimental to everyone, and as schizophrenia is a very difficult malady to treat, oftentimes results in some period of clarity in the individuals and then the victim chooses to commit suicide. The damage then is horrendous to everyone, and it becomes then a curse upon the memories of their parents.

Yes, your medical profession is capable of making such judgments and such estimations and recommendations to couples. The mental illnesses are the most difficult to treat genetically, as are nerve damaged maladies such as ALS and autoimmune syndrome disorders. The emphasis is two-fold from us to you, as a species, and that is to begin intentionally and deliberately as societies, and as individuals to withhold yourselves from reproduction with these maladies in mind. Secondarily, it is the recommendation to do intentional genetic analysis and evaluation to find those couples that do have optimal gene structures.

We wish that those who show no evidence of extreme positive characteristics—in other words the “normal” range in the bell curve—to reproduce. We want to improve your genetic stream by intentional reproduction, through educational processes, which we have mentioned and alluded to before, and through the process of education of social sustainability. What you are finding too is that there are socially maladaptive individuals, who reproduce to produce more socially maladaptive children, and you are, as a society and as a culture, simply committing slow suicide. This has been done before in other societies, and there is eventually a ravaging of the population due to the ignorance of individuals and of communities through crime and through such difficult times. They usually are not intelligent enough to avoid diseases and the epidemics that evolve and come upon them. In many ways, epidemics and pandemics are fruitful in that they weed out many people, but usually the majority are those who are less educated and less aware, who are socially maladaptive.
Is gene splicing recommended?

Roxie: What about the process of gene splicing? I see that it will be much more difficult to change our entire population that way, but what are your comments on this, please?

MACHIVENTA: We would caution against the gene splicing and such activities on a widespread basis as it then becomes a matter of some people “playing God” determining whose genes are spliced into others, and so on. This is the paramount or acme of moral difficulty for the medical profession, which can also be manipulated by economics and politics. It is something that we do not support. We wish your populations to become more evolved spiritually and socially and morally through social policies, rather than through science and technologies, which on your planet are still extremely primitive. If you had a genetic scientist who was able to visit the laboratories of the Life Carriers, even for one hour with full awareness of what was occurring, he or she would come away stunned with the complexity of the work that is involved, and the care and diligence of the Life Carriers. He or she would come away and perhaps be of the opinion of that visiting geneticist that humans had no business whatsoever in striving to manipulate genes.

Will we have pandemics from antibiotic resistant “super-bugs?”

Roxie: Thank you. Another transmissible disease that kills about 23,000 people every year is by antibiotic resistant “super-bugs.” Is this one of the pandemics that will cause great decimation of our population?

MACHIVENTA:  Yes. You are going to see a flourishing of numerous of these: super-pneumonia, and super-tuberculosis. These will have devastating effects on many people, as you see, the commonality of those two illnesses is breathing. And it is transmitted by air, which other people breathe. It will be most effective as a pandemic agent in closely, highly dense populations as in inner cities and some of the areas which are less fortunate economically. This is most unfortunate because there are many geniuses within those populations who provide the latent potential of creativity in every society. It is not any decision or action on our part that these “super-bugs,” as you call them, flourish. It is simply a matter of using antibiotics without the awareness of the capability that they create “super-bugs” later on. It is a simple matter of using something that is very fortuitous as penicillin, and then seeing decades later that the repercussions were detrimental to the overall health of a society.

Roxie: Thank you very much. That is all the questions I have for now.

A conspiracy theory about Ebola

MMc: I have a question from a member of our audience. I have edited the original question so it is less controversial than originally stated. There is a report that the Ebola virus now creating an epidemic in West Africa, came from an American laboratory there. Is this report correct?

MACHIVENTA: Yes and no. Ebola came originally from the indigenous population interaction between humans eating scavenged “jungle meat,” from baboons and gorillas. Yes, as in laboratories as you see, even in the United States with its highly sophisticated laboratories of your CDC, (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) have flaws in their security, and that individuals within the laboratory, who are on the third level or fifth level of sanitation and protection, nonetheless have brought out viruses and so on, to the population. To have Ebola come from a laboratory in those regions in Africa would also not be unusual. There are no CDC laboratories in Africa; there are no laboratories of that level of security existent there. A laboratory could simply be a hospital laboratory, or a medical facility laboratory that had a lapse in security. We see no intention of anyone to infect the local population with Ebola. This is another of your conspiracy theories, which confuse individuals.

MMc: I think I’d like to end it there, if I may? Do you have any closing words for us, Machiventa?

Starting a “conspiracy of joy” on our planet

MACHIVENTA: Yes. There is much to be glad for; there is much joy to be shared. In your conspiracies, think “how would it be for a conspiracy of joy to erupt on your planet?” A conspiracy of happiness, that people are unreasonably happy? That they are conspicuously happy and joyful seeing the positive? What you see in your mind’s eye is how you interpret the outer. How you interpret your world depends on your attitude and your perspectives, your global perspective in your mind’s eye. Who are you really? Are you a joyful person? Are you creative? If you are creative, you would see the positive because you can only create from a happy, combining sort of perspective and attitude. Dull, cynical, and pessimistic attitudes do not beget creativity. Being creative is a primary aspect of being God-like. You have been invested with this very primary aspect of the Creator Itself.

Your perspective is happiness when you create, and God created it all and “God saw that it was good,” so God began to share Its good with all people of the universe, you included. You are on a difficult world, but it is not impossible for you to see joy, to experience joy, to share joy, to create joy with other people. You do this at birthdays; you do this at special occasions; you do this with your children and friends when you go to the park and swing on the swings, have a picnic and feed the ducks, for example. Or you go to the beach or the mountains and you see the vista before you. So, you have an opportunity to participate in the grandeur of the universe. You will be of most help to yourself, to your family, to your community and to your world—and to your soul’s progress by maintaining an attitude of joy and to see goodness in the world around you. Thank you and good day.

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