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NEC49 – Mental Difficulties; Why Christianity Becoming Irrelevant?; Solar Minimum

New Era Conversations #49
– Mental Difficulties; Why Christianity Becoming Irrelevant?; Solar Minimum
– Jun. 22, 2015

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager
Setting goals with a mental handicap
Setting spiritual goals
Overcoming difficulties
Hearing voices and discerning their source
The positives of negative ions
Using music to elevate the soul and heal mental illness
The impact of guns on social sustainability
Why has Christianity become irrelevant to the world?
An update on the companion book to The Urantia Book
The solar minimum versus global warming
Addressing the larger realities of this Era
Build positive routines to help you in this Era

TR: Daniel Raphael
Team members: Roxanne Andrews, Michael McCray, and a Student

June 22, 2015


MACHIVENTA: Good morning, this is Machiventa Melchizedek, and thank you for being here, and to all our readers and listeners of these messages. You have been following our work on mental health, and the mind, and the psyche, and so on, and how to resolve the internal problems as well as the external social problems which relies upon a generalized psyche and persona of your society in generalized terms. We would like to continue this discussion if you have questions; if not we will be glad to entertain a new topic.

Setting goals with a mental handicap

Student: One of my questions is on setting goals, focusing on these goals on a higher level to overcome different types of mental illnesses or handicaps. Could you, please, give us an idea of what we can focus on as far as setting goals with a mental handicap? That doesn’t sound right, does it?

MACHIVENTA: (Chuckling.) Let me work with that. It depends on the degree of mental handicap, how it interferes with your daily activities. One of the major goals of everyone, whether they have mental health problems or not, is that you have a functional daily life: to get up, and to go through your routine, and then to be able to function with others, with yourself, and to manage your affairs. The goal is to expand that. Once that is set and you are comfortable with the daily routine, then you begin to explore other challenges, whether it is taking a part-time job, or going to school, or baking a cake for a social function in the neighborhood, is that there is something to strive towards. Simply sitting in a rocking chair, smoking under a glowing lamp and watching the walls is not a good solution. Numbing-out with drugs is not a good solution. So as you begin to see the continuum of mental health problems, they manifest in different people’s lives; you can see how incapacity ranges from those who are inert, and catatonic to those who are frenetic and scattered and disorganized.

The element of functionality of “having a normal” life is important for development of competence to conduct one’s affairs on a daily basis, and to then do that in a social environment. You are social creatures; you are not meant to live alone; you are not meant to act out or make a living all alone, but to interact with people in one way or another, as others provide a reflection of who you are and what you are and how you live. What is remarkable is that there are many people in your society that are noted as normal, but if others were aware of the interior of their mental activity, would say that they are marginally functional, yet they are doing quite well. Maybe perhaps, “don’t you think,” that these individuals have goals that drive them forward to focus their energies in productive ways?

Your question about goals is important as the mind engages the outer perimeters of capability, to push the frontier of awareness and capability further out, to expand yourself into your personal and social life in ways that you had not before. This is called personal progress, personal development, exploration—it can be from starting a small company or managing a mega-corporation, or it simply may be making snicker-doodles for the Boy Scout or Cub pack that meets in your neighbor’s house. Those challenges and those rewards come from various sources. The option of goals is very important; to set a goal – it may be simply good to have a good day.

It may be to go to work and come back with satisfaction on your face that you met the challenges and you overcame them, or worked through them successfully. It may be that you have finally finished the architectural designs on a grand building, where your mental capacity had interfered for weeks in the past. It may be that you are a chemical engineer and during the time of repose or recovering from these mental disabilities that you overcame and developed a grand understanding of a new concept for an organic compound. You never know where the rewards will come from, but goals are certainly a wonderful thing to use in one’s daily life, no matter how simple or complex your life may be.

Setting spiritual goals

Student: Thank you, Machiventa. These goals, these goal settings, I am also looking for answers, I guess, for setting goals spiritually, even though you have a mental handicap?

MACHIVENTA: When you have achieved a skill, you take it for granted, do you not?

Student: Yes.

MACHIVENTA: And so when you are lacking in a skill, you find errors, whether it is in typing or whether it is in drawing, painting, or any other skill of mental/physical activity. It may be of many types. So, when you see errors in your life, whether they are personal, it is your thinking that causes your personal problems. If you act inappropriately, or say things that are inappropriate to others and make other people uncomfortable—those are evidence of thinking skills of a social nature that tells you that you need to develop your skills. If you find yourself being angry, spiteful, resentful, etc., then these are actual mental/emotional situations that you can work on. Because you have come to understand that the spiritual maturity is reflected in your emotional energy and emotional state, when those negative emotions show up they are evidence of your need to become more accepting and tolerant and willing to engage with others. You would want to overcome those mental/emotional deficits because they work against your progress.

You will find that in truly evolved avatars and spiritual masters, that they have overcome these mental/emotional handicaps; they do not feel anger, or spite, or resentment, jealousy, and such, which always puts your spiritual progress in jeopardy. You know from your histories, and from your written texts of Jesus’ life that he truly was a Spiritual Master, and that having overcome those mental/emotional difficulties in his thinking about himself and his thinking about others, he became a Spiritual Master and entered into the morontial plane of thinking and being and understanding in his mortal life. There are many thousands of individuals around the world who have actually done the same thing, and you can do this in your life as well.

Overcoming difficulties

When you see these emotions and thoughts that are not productive, but are working against your peace of mind, your happiness, and a balanced social existence with others, then you know you have work to do. And the goal, if you want to have a goal, is to learn to overcome these difficulties. Oftentimes, others around you will ignite these and initiate in your mind these mental/emotional deficits or difficulties. Later on, as you overcome that in your social relationships in your times apart, you may, automatically initiate that in your own thinking as you reflect upon your past. And so, as you work with these mental/emotional problems, you reduce them to small hurdles to overcome and eventually you begin to correct your own thinking so that when you think of something spiteful about somebody, you realize that you are thinking spitefully and you correct your thinking, and you begin to accept the other person in that situation, and that you understand how you have created it [in] yourself, thus you must move into self-forgiveness as you become self-correcting and self-aware of your growth and your challenges. I hope this helps.

Student: Yes, it does help, Machiventa. I, myself, am working on it all the time; it’s so hard because you’ve got to keep dragging yourself back, thinking about the other person as being a part of yourself too, because you have a part of God in you, and a part of God is in the other person as well. It’s a challenge because I just have to keep working on something like that.

Hearing voices and discerning their source

I do have another question and it has to do with mental illness, and it is to do with some of the people who have it, who hear voices in their minds. I know there is a lot of gray area here, but some of them truly, I think, are spiritual voices. Can they differentiate the voices that their illness is creating?

MACHIVENTA: This is a very good and puzzling question that you ask. It is germane to the acceptance of channeling, as well as hallucinations. There are auditory hallucinations, as you know. People who suffer from schizophrenia and psychosis oftentimes have auditory hallucinations. They hear voices directing them to do “this” and to do “that.” Almost always, when you hear of mental illness and auditory hallucinations, there is evil afoot; that there are difficulties in that there is turbulence and aggression and even violence, involved in the direction of that secondary voice. Yet, when an individual hears the voice of God, hears their Guardian Angel, and so on, that oftentimes is considered a mental illness as well, strictly by clinicians. It is important to differentiate between voices that are benign and good, and voices that are malign and bad. It is important to understand and discern the difference.

When saints have heard the voice of God in their lives as mystics, they do “good” and they live well, and so this is one of the discerning factors of hearing voices. You could say, and others have said that This One is mentally ill because he channels; he hears voices, and that he speaks that to others and so he makes other people conflicted. But, the honesty and validity and truthfulness of what is said must also be discerned. It is an aspect of discerning. Mental health is an aspect of discerning. Indigenous cultures in the past—and even contemporarily in remote areas—continue to see individuals and accept individuals who hallucinate as shamans, as capable of connecting with other alternative realities. Does this make the individual, the shaman, mentally ill?

So, you begin to see that the aspect of mental illness of auditory hallucinations and of channeling is culturally relevant. It is relevant to different cultures and ethnic groups. What is a mental health problem in one group is actually a “gift” in other groups. A dominant culture has an aspect of how society reacts to individuals with mental health problems. If a person who hallucinates and hears voices is able to maintain a nominal lifestyle that is constructive and self-supporting, then what harm does it do? This One knows of a grocery clerk at the local major grocery chain, who will speak to himself while he is checking out people at the check-stand.

He is not violent, he is not hostile, he is not unkind; but he is simply processing the events of checking out groceries for individuals who are there in front of him. It is quite striking and odd to begin with, but after a while one feels a kinship to this individual as he struggles to work through even the simple aspects of differentiating the code numbers for pineapple as opposed to cherries. Thus, mental health is culturally relevant. It is also relevant to situations. Those individuals who are violent, and who hear voices that causes them to be violent and hurt others truly are in need of treatment—a treatment that protects themselves from themselves, and protects others from them as well.

Your question is quite broad in nature when you begin to analyze and discuss the nature of auditory hallucinations, of hearing voices within. All of the great saints throughout their lives, when they achieve that status, hear voices. They have heard the voice of God, they have heard the voice of Melchizedeks, and so on. Jesus himself heard voices—the voice of God—and he discussed openly with his adversaries, the Planetary [Prince], Caligastia at that time, and so on, as they related to each other and as they struggled to take control of the planet. Of course, as you know, Christ Michael as Jesus was wholly successful, and that began the Era of the Correcting Time now.

Voices have been heard throughout the history of sentient beings on this planet. You cannot doubt that when Thought Adjusters came to this planet to advanced individuals first, that they began to have an awareness of greater consciousness in the universe, and shared that with others, and went inside to commune with that Source, because that source was good, had good advice and was authentic and good to all people for higher purposes of mental, emotional and spiritual growth.

I know that I have answered your question far more in depth than you asked for, I hope this helps you sort out your questions concerning this issue.

Student: Thank you, Machiventa. You could go on, and on, and on, and I could listen!

The positives of negative ions

I have another question and it goes back to depression. I was told years ago that a lot of people who suffer from depression, if they spent their time beside the water, beside the ocean, a river, a lake that their depression would go. So there is something about nature—I don’t know whether it’s osmosis that you take into yourself, but this works, doesn’t it?

MACHIVENTA: Yes, certainly it does, and it has been documented scientifically to be true, that ocean spray, water spray, and so on, produces negative ions, and negative ions assist in settling the activity of the mind, as does being in a forest. The trees effervesce negative ions, as well. When you are in a forest, you are literally feeling and breathing the energy of these massive organic entities as trees. Being on the beach is healing as well in many ways, in more than simply just breathing the air with negative ions, that it is beneficial for you to watch the waves.

It is rather hypnotic; it is regular; it is rhythmatic, the ebb and tide of waves that come and go, and to be at peace with hearing the sound of the water on the surf, or along a stream. The benefits of this are immense, as it affects many levels of your consciousness. It is a time of mindless thinking, where your mind is at ease and peace, and it can organize and reorganize the bits and pieces of thoughts that are in your mind to settle them in many ways. The activity and nature of these ions helps in that process. Thank you for your question.

Student: So if a person does this consciously and with intent, it will heal them?

MACHIVENTA: It will definitely aid their healing process, yes. When you begin to consciously grasp what is occurring, and have the intention of it assisting their mind to organize those things, it is very similar as setting an intention before you meditate. You have an intention, you sit quietly, you still your thoughts, you ground your emotional state, and you become balanced in your mental/emotional existence. When you have this intention, what you are doing is you have developed an organizational plan for your mind to arrange the bits and pieces.

Using music to elevate the soul and heal mental illness

Student: Thank you. One more question: it has to do with music—not the music we hear today which is just noise—music that will elevate the soul to do with mental illness; the affects it has on the person who is mentally distraught. Could you talk about that, please?

MACHIVENTA: Certainly. A good example of the music that assists the mind to reorganize itself and be at peace is the music that has been scientifically recognized to assist the development of peaceful babies, even while they still exist in utero. When you have this music that is available for the embryo, the fetus to hear, it has a quieting effect, and if you continue the music after they are born, this has a continuing quieting effect as well. This music is very helpful to the mind activity; there is that rhythmatic sequencing of notes, the flow of the melody, much as the flow of the melody of waves and ripples on a stream and in the surf. The effect is very, very similar, that it provides a repetition that helps to organize discordant thoughts and to generate new patterns of thinking and in the mind. These are all very helpful, and it is most unfortunate that the contemporary music at this time, in the main does not contribute to that.

Student: Thank you, Machiventa. I don’t have any more questions.

The impact of guns on social sustainability

Roxie: This gets into a different area of discussion, but considering the massive numbers of gun possessions in American societies, how will this impact the social sustainability?

MACHIVENTA: It impacts the social sustainability in a negative way, as usually these are used as an impulse of anger, or intolerance, or aggression rather than an artifact useful to generating peace and tranquility. Instruments of aggression are usually hurtful to others, whereas the instruments of peace are helpful to all. Social sustainability will be jeopardized by the possession of guns and weapons. However, you must realize that it is not guns that cause the problems, but the thinking behind in the mind of the person with their finger on the trigger.

This has not been addressed in your society; it is the primary cause of violence—not guns. You could as well, use a knife or a club to accomplish the same ends. Guns, however, are useful because they create a safe distance between the aggressor and the victim. A society that uses guns must begin to realize, to rewrite, to re-author this story of guns. Guns are pointed too simplistically as the object of violence. This is not wrong, but is not accurate; it is the mind behind the gun that causes the violence.

Your society has done nothing to change the way of thinking of the vast majority of your population. This is an egregious example of the extreme individualism that has been promoted and developed in this American society. It is hostile to the general good of your socializing influences. It is vastly out of balance, compared to the necessity of seeing the good, of being with others. You are social creatures, as we have said, and that your kinship is with others, and that the thinking of distance and individualism may be necessary to appreciate the unique nature of you as an individual, but it is hostile to the accomplishment of social sustainability.

Your question concerning guns is far deeper than most individuals have thought, and who have written about in your media. More thought must be given to this, as it is essential to the re-organization of your societies, which seek to have social stability, and onward to social sustainability. I hope this answer initiates some thoughts in individuals to re-think their position not necessarily on guns, but on aggression in general.

Why has Christianity become irrelevant to the world?

Roxie: At the rate that the Muslim religion is growing, they will surpass the numbers of Christians within a few decades. Your comments on this, please?

MACHIVENTA: This is true; they will eventually outnumber Christians. And you must re-ask your question: What is it about Christianity that has not allowed it to grow in its numbers? Outside influences, whether it is the Muslim, Islamic religion or others is not relevant, really. It points to the outside rather than points to the inside. What are the reasons, what are the influences that have caused Christianity to become irrelevant to the world? And only those who are most steadfast in their religion and attachment to church organizations remain with it.

I will not go further with an answer, as it could be developed into quite a discourse. But, I think you understand the reasons already, that you must connect these reasons to the Correcting Time, and to the issues of what is going on in this world now, and the truths of The Urantia Book, which indicated that the life of Christ Michael generated an appreciation for truth, beauty and goodness, in an ordered universe, and pointed to the true relationship of individuals to God. Consider that in the terms of Christian religions and their man-made doctrines.

An update on the companion book to The Urantia Book

Roxie: We were told quite a long time ago that there would be a companion book to The Urantia Book coming out. Can you give us an update on how that project is going?

MACHIVENTA: The companion book to The Urantia Book is a reality; it is in the early phases of being generated. We do not see it being published as a hard copy for at least two decades, until there is an appreciation to the answers of the prior question you asked, and to the reality of God’s relationship to mortals, considering the cataclysms that have begun. There must come into existence a reality of an accurate understanding of God’s relation to humans, to mortals, and to the realities of living on a material planet, that is still not settled geophysically. You can see, in many ways, how well this book would be accepted now, if it were published now, as those individuals who accept The Urantia Book as the source of all truth for all time, as well as Christians, Muslims and Hindus regard their own documents. This new companion document will not be published or effective until there is widespread acceptance that there must be an acceptance and operational development of a new social reality, and this will be a need of a founding document that supports it.

The solar minimum versus global warming

Roxie: Some of our scientists are concerned about the solar minimum, which comes about periodically and which would cool our planet, while other scientists are still concerned about global warming. Which theory is correct?

MACHIVENTA: It is of significance to know that they exist; it is a reality, and that humankind is in the main responsible for this sudden increase in global warming. However, as other scientists are aware, there has been a generalized cooling that has occurred for the last five years. The cooling has been due to the solar energy output of your sun, and [is] related to the global warming created by humankind. It is important to continue to recognize that your civilization is basically fundamentally responsible for the global warming. In that regard, it is important that your technologies begin in earnest to “clean up their act,” literally, to make far more, far safer technologies for your world.

Whereas global warming now seems to be a fact that is accepted by the majority of people worldwide, the scientific fact of the global cooling is only apparent to very few people. It is not appreciated as much as global warming, but when the mass of humanity begins to appreciate that global cooling is occurring due to solar minimum output, they will begin to realize that this is the far grander engine of conditions in your world, that it will have a very macro/mega impact upon your world. Even though global warming is global and extensive, it pales in comparison to the controlling function of your sun.

I hope from my answer that you can assess the need to remain aware of global warming due to humankind, and global cooling due to solar output. This is something the readers and listeners need to be aware of and to put into their conscious awareness.

Roxie: Thank you. I have no more questions at this time.

MMc: I am very aware of how tectonic activity and volcanism are connected, but I am not sure how solar minimums and tectonic activity and volcanism may be connected.

MACHIVENTA: This One has sent you a link yesterday or the day before, regarding an article from a radical publication. Though the publication is rather radical in its nature, the immediate article in italics is very accurate, and it is scientifically noted, and it was shared with your FEMA’s National Manager, and so on. It is quite accurate; it is not necessary to know how they are connected, but simply that those two activities of volcanism and tectonic activity are connected to the third element of the solar output, and that there is a recorded history of those corollaries.

MMc: The scientist in me wants to know why? Thank you.

MACHIVENTA: Any further questions from others?

MMc: No, not at this time.

Student: I have lots, but I’m going to have to wait until next time, I’m afraid.

Addressing the larger realities of this Era

MACHIVENTA: It is our wish that you be aware of the larger realities of this Era on your planet, and that you also see the need to address the needs of our audience and the public. The summation of that statement is that the vast majority of your populations globally are unable to accept a changing and variable reality around them. They are unable to adapt to a changing world. It is for good reason that we have discussed with you at length the issue of mental illness, as the circumstances of social, economic and political collapse will cause many marginally capable individuals to go awry in their thinking, and some in fact will be running in the streets, screaming incoherently. There will be little to do about that situation, other than taking care of your own household.

Your world is going to be in immense turmoil. Similarly as gun control, and the use of guns is a decision in the mind of the assailant, so too is the necessity of your own mental condition, thoughts and stability situated in your minds. One of the purposes of the Correcting Time, and these New Era Conversations is to establish in you a new reality, that the haven of peace within your mind rests in your association with the God Presence, your Guardian Angel and your association with the midwayers who will assist you in your life and its coordination through what you call “happenstance, coincidence and serendipity.”

It is unfortunate that the vast majority of people will not accept what is being said today, when they will be so desperately in need of peace and solace in their minds when the walls of society crash around them. Therefore, we have told you that the focus of this work has moved from the making of vast numbers of people in your societies aware of God’s Presence in their life in intimate ways, to that of preparing to re-establish and re-build your societies on the fundamentals of social sustainability. It is not that these aspects of our mission are incompatible or discordant, but we as the Triumvirate and Hierarchies of Light must act in expedient ways to assist that re-establishment and re-construction of disabled societies, to bring about the Days of Light and Life.

Quite literally this is a once in a planetary lifetime opportunity to do, and so it is that you will see virtual miracles in the spread of the media of these concepts of social sustainability, which will be almost frenetic as greater calamities happen to your societies.

It is not that you are in days and weeks—or a few months away from these tragedies—but they will be increasing similarly as the cataclysms began several years ago, which were not appreciated by or given their significant value by the readers of this material, years ago. Nonetheless, it has progressed as Monjoronson said it would. His was not a prediction; his was simply an announcement of what will come. There are vast differences between those two states, are there not?

Build positive routines to help you in this Era

So, in closing, we thank you for this day, this opportunity to speak with you. You have much to think about, much to contemplate in your lives. Ensure that you have a stable routine for every day for your personal life. In times of tremendous travail the routine is what holds fast and gives people a pillar to lean upon in times of great difficulties. Insure that your routines are positive, are constructive, which includes the routine of your thinking, of your relationships with yourself, and with others—and especially with your family and children. It is important that you, as the elder generation, be an example of that support and that stability, and that routine. As humdrum as that may seem, this is the reality of a society that will be in transition. We give you great support and love from all of us. Open yourselves to the light that is within you to guide you, and to request those things that can be of assistance to you truly in days to come. Good day.

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