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NEC69 – Using the 6 Core Values

New Era Conversations #69
– Using the 6 Core Values
– May 16, 2016

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager and Planetary Prince

How Christ Michael’s co-creative program works
The political situation in America
Beginning the implementation of plans around the world
You make a difference!
The change in the world
Plans to facilitate greater citizen participation in governance
What are the advantages of citizens reframing political positions?
What do these moral values provide?
The 6 core values are innate in all beings*
Life skills
Belief in reincarnation and the 6 core values
Raising the consciousness level of the 6 core values
Some people are not intellectually prepared for these concepts
Generational enculturation
Spiritual intellectual curiosity questions by a reader
Comments concerning grant proposals

TR: Daniel Raphael
Team members: Roxanne Andrews, Michael McCray and a Student


May 16, 2016

How Christ Michael’s co-creative program works

MACHIVENTA: Good morning, this is Machiventa Melchizedek and welcome to a new day. For the NEC team here in North America, we wish to say that you are becoming more and more aware of the approximation of new developments in your world. You are seeing the manifestation of our plans that are now being picked up by individuals who are sharing the results of their work with you. As we have said so many years ago, this is a slow process, one that we will continue to repeat the messages that are consistent, over and over again to you. Eventually, as many of you are seeing, you have begun to connect the dots and realize that we are a presence here, and that we are not going away, and that we are not giving up on you. We are not giving up on you because we sorely need you to assist us in this co-creative effort, but you need, as much as we do, to participate, to experience the thrill, and the exercise, and the experience of knowing how God works, how Christ Michael works in your world in this co-creative program.

Eventually, this work of Christ Michael, Nebadonia and their hierarchies of light will become a cultural history on your world. What you are doing here now will become a part of the original record of Urantia’s history for future generations. It may seem tedious and slow to you who are the original members of the Correcting Time, the Teaching Mission and Magisterial Mission, but this is simply the pace by which a world can be rapidly changed from one that is in the spiral down towards social and spiritual oblivion, to one which is aspiring to the light of God and to become more and more like other worlds that are part of the Federation of Nebadon. Thank you!

I will continue: We have entered into a new phase as you are well aware—or should be well aware—that there has been a change in your world. You may be of the opinion that our efforts are separate and apart from your world, but they are not. Because we are working with you co-creatively, we must automatically work with your culture—in your social cultures, your political cultures, and your economic cultures. We could forge ahead solely and independently of our co-creative relationship, but this is not the dictate, or the directions, or the mandate that we were given by Christ Michael. Now, you may wonder why this change has occurred? It has occurred in North America principally because we see the eventual outcomes of your world.

The political situation in America

Yes, we are tuned to your society, fads and culture, and social changes; and yes we are attuned and aware of the significant changes that occur in your politics. Your political situation in the United States at this time is very precarious and one which is fraught with many difficulties. We have no comment about the personalities of your politics, but we note and are aware that there is enough now to predict what we need to do in the future. We have made many contingency plans in the past, and now we can bring them—the ones that are appropriate—to bear at this time. We have a fair assurance and awareness of who will be elected in November, and how it will proceed after that. Our work must be calibrated to the change of the political culture that occurs. You have three major contenders now for the Presidency of the United States. We have a very good idea, and probability of who will be elected; therefore we can make appropriate plans accordingly.

Beginning the implementation of plans around the world

Many of the readership are not aware of the contacts that are received by the NEC team in the United States, but we can relay to you that many who are around the world have been in contact with them, which signals a change or development, an implementation of the plans that we have been making for some time. This is the beginning of the implementation of plans around the world. We have been preparing for this time and Nebadonia’s Angelic Corps has been primary in preparing the field to be receptive for the seeds that we have been sharing, and that in the minds of individuals who have decided to now begin to implement what they think they can do in their local communities.

You make a difference!

And yes, you can “take it to the bank” that what you do will have an effect on your world; you can be assured that your consciousness to decide to take action and implement those ideas you have had for some time, does make a difference in your world. Your attitude that “I can do this,” “I can help” and “I am doing this, and this is what I am doing” provides a signal to those who waver between assisting us or not. You do make a difference! Many of you will never know about that difference until you enter the morontial realm and view the record of your life, and the repercussions of your decisions are shared with you at that time. So, to all of you who have begun to implement the plans that you have had on hold for some time, we say, “Thank you!”

MMc: Thank you, Machiventa. Specifically, what is the change in our world that you are seeing?

The change in the world

MACHIVENTA: I have just stated that. More specifically, it is what has occurred in the primary elections in the various states around in the United States. It is not that we are discounting what is occurring in the rest of the world, for surely, we are not. As you know as well, the UK—England and the other nations of the UK—are on the cusp of deciding whether to withdraw from the European Union. This too, has a major effect upon what will occur in Europe and the aggression of other nations towards Europe. It is important to know that you who live in North America do not dictate what happens in the world, though you have an influence, as other nations have as well. The influence of domination is the vying between the major nations; yet those nations, which are very poor, have also an incredibly powerful influence upon the rest of the world.

Plans to facilitate greater citizen participation in governance

MMc: The last session you spoke with us about developing co-creative plans for the development of an organization that would facilitate greater citizen participation in governance. Will you please tell us more about these plans?

MACHIVENTA: Yes, it would be a process similar to social media, but we would call it “public media.” It would be the organized way of participating with discussion of public issues on such a web site. It would be necessary that the organizing corporation be seen as one that facilitates this work, and be seen as a facilitative agent of this public media web site, that must be devoid of bias, prejudice, preference and position-taking. This would be a most unusual organization, don’t you think?

What are the advantages of citizens re-framing political positions?

MMc: Yes, it would be. What are the advantages of citizens reframing their political positions in terms of the values of social sustainability?

MACHIVENTA: The benefit would be immense, as they would be beginning to reframe the fundamental values of democracy in terms of the universal and ageless values that have sustained your species. It could possibly mean that eventually, the political process of democracies would become more mature and much more aligned to the values of your species. I spoke about this in the last session regarding organic democracy.

What do these moral values provide?

MMc: What in terms of the moral understanding, do these values provide to citizens, to politicians and other nations as well?

MACHIVENTA: The same answer applies to this immediate question of yours: The values of social sustainability are the same values of socially sustainable morality. When you reinterpret your lives and your democratic institutions in terms of these values, then you develop a morality that is fair and equitable and just with the broad spectrum of humanity, rather than just for a select few.

MMc: We seem to create the same mistakes over and over again, without learning anything. Is there some provision in these plans for us to keep track of what works and what does not work?

MACHIVENTA: We have covered this before.

MMc: Thank you very much. I have no other questions at this time.

The 6 core values are innate in all beings

Student: Good morning, Machiventa. I have some questions. The first question I am going to ask is a personal question. It has to do with my meeting with some individuals in the next week or so, and I plan to talk about the 6 core values. My question is about the word “innate:” Are the 6 core values innate in all our beings, or are they something that we have gradually, over centuries, learned to become part of our DNA?

MACHIVENTA: Regardless of how they have become part of your DNA, they are now innate in every individual around the world. They are universal to each individual and these were imbedded in the DNA of your species from the earliest beginnings of your species’ existence.

Student: Thank you, Sir. I just wanted to clarify that because of questions asked of me; I want to be able to answer it properly.

MACHIVENTA: We will be there to help you.

Student: Oh, thank you so much! I want to be able to bring these values across so they understand them, and as you know, I have a hard time explaining things, so I appreciate that you will be there to help me.

Life skills

My next question is: Would you please talk about “life skills,” and actually, what is meant by life skills?

MACHIVENTA: Most certainly. Life skills are dependent upon your culture and ethnic identity. Life skills are those skills that assist you to live your life. If you live in a violent ghetto, whether in America or South Africa or some other nation and city, then you have life skills that are necessarily appropriate for you to continue your life. It is necessary for you to differentiate between sustainable life skills and those that are not. Is this your question?

Student: Yes, I was wondering are they… are most life skills innate within all humans, or are they learnt as you go through life, depending on what you are doing?

MACHIVENTA: Your life skills are learned in your culture; this is why your life skills are so different from one culture to another. Your life skills are truly interpretations of the values that you came into the world with, those values that are innate to you. Your quality of life as an indigenous person would be much different than the quality of life standards for a person born in Manhattan, New York City, of course. So, these are learned. The interpretations are learned by your culture, and they are relative to your culture. The values are universal, but the interpretations and the hierarchy of needs that you developed are cultural and individual.

Belief in reincarnation and the 6 core values

Student: Thank you, Sir. I have another question on social sustainability and the 6 core values, together with a person who believes in reincarnation. And the reason I am asking this question is because how a person who believes in reincarnation and listens about the 6 core values and social sustainability, may just push it off as to thinking that maybe they can deal with it in another lifetime. My question is: How do you answer them? Or do you?

MACHIVENTA: Yes, this is completely applicable to those people who believe in it. It is not necessary that it be operational in fact, in the reality of the larger universe: Whether a person believes in reincarnation or not, makes no difference. The values of social sustainability are operative in each individual. If they choose to interpret a pursuit of a higher quality of life, but are unable to do that and are thwarted in their efforts to do so, they may choose to simply defer that to another lifetime. It does not affect how they live their life in their soul’s journey in any case.

Student: So, anybody who doesn’t necessarily think along these values, even though they have them innately inside them, and are possibly using them, they will eventually figure it out on their own; there is no point in trying to ‘convince’ them?

MACHIVENTA: Yes, we are not involved in “sales,” or “persuasion” and such marketing terms. We present this material to individuals as a way of living with more ease and peace in their life, and in the world. We offer this to them as a means of assisting their afterlife, if they choose to believe in an afterlife. If a person believes in God, then they in some ways must be accepting of the fact that there is an afterlife, and that there is a purpose to this life that contributes to that afterlife. This reasoning and this awareness as information has been available to all people. It is only the most remote individuals of a society who have not been taught or exposed to the information of the afterlife and the creation by God.

Again, these are personal decisions. God does not coerce worship from individuals, but provides everything that is necessary to live your life in the world with ease and grace, if you are accepting of the process of living in a faith-filled life, willing to do God’s Will. It is not easy for even those who believe to live this way, and so they live with difficult lifestyles and obligations that they have made themselves, and ask God to assist them to remove these burdens from them.

I look forward to your next questions, please.

Raising the consciousness level of the 6 core values

Student: My next question, Sir, is that some people have come across when we talk to them about the 6 core values, are quite affronted in the fact that they do use them, and they tell you they use them. And I agree they do use them, but trying to explain to them to bring it up to a more conscious level, I find that a bit difficult because I do not want to upset people, or turn them away from consciously using them. Do you have any suggestions, please?

MACHIVENTA: I chuckle because you are on the cusp of the very core process and concepts that lead to a self-observing life. The self-observing life, plus the core values in conscious thought, leads to personal, social, and spiritual evolution. And of course, when more than one individual becomes conscious of the process of making decisions using these values, then you will see social evolution, personal and emotional evolution, and spiritual evolution occur within the individual. You have hit upon the very core and crux of the implementation of social sustainability. Many people will never think of this problem that you are presented with by other individuals, in which you have been thinking. Many people just see the logic of pursuing these consciously and will pursue that, but when individuals object to the consciousness of it, they are really saying that they do not care to observe their life and wish to continue the lifestyle and the decision-making process that they were raised with, and which is now comfortable to them.

Student: Wow!

MACHIVENTA: You will find that those people who agree will assist you, and those people who do not will fall away. Some people simply do not like to think about having to live consciously, to be aware of themselves. For them, they are lazy thinkers and lazy livers who want to take life easily. Of course, there are some individuals who are not intellectually prepared to do so, and this is natural too. You must be perceptive of your audience, Dear One, so that you know how to speak and present this to them. If you were to present this to a group of psychotherapists who had a spiritual frame for their own personal life, you would find that you would be well received and accepted among them and your message would be clearly discernable to them very rapidly.

Some people are not intellectually prepared for these concepts

However, the huge spectrum of humanity across the world is not so intellectually prepared or academically or educationally prepared to accept such concepts. You will find too, however, that if you were among the Hindu, your life and living and your presentations to them would be rapidly and readily accepted, and they would simply say, “Well, of course!” And the same for Buddhists, except for their resistance to believe that there is an ultimate Creator of the Universe; they accept that as existing, but have not connected that last dot to their philosophy of the Buddha.

Student: Thank you, Sir, because that sure has helped! I wish that I had asked that question a long time ago. When I deal with some of these people, I have thought in my mind that if they are affronted by this, that I think that maybe they can help towards the idea of using their knowledge and their expertise of using the 6 core values in an educational process in getting involved in teaching the young ones… an educational process of some kind, anyway. Thank you, Sir; I appreciate that. And that’s…

Generational enculturation

MACHIVENTA: Let me comment, please. And that is that you are beginning to discuss a different topic, generational enculturation, which will have a powerful effect upon new generations, that they will see the logic of this, and so on. We are presenting the ideology of social sustainability, based on the 6 core values and the morality of social sustainability at this time simply because of the advanced and developed nature of democratic nations and cultures. The early generations, the “Millennials,” as you call them, and forthcoming generations are intellectually curious and have a need to satisfy their need to organize and systematize their society.

They are not as accepting of the writ philosophies of your traditional cultures; therefore, these answers that you will provide to them should be oriented to the young generations. Older generations may be difficult to “sell” to them; you simply present it and if they accept it that is wonderful and if they don’t—that is their choice. You will find a much more readily acceptable audience with younger generations, who may or may not believe in God. They are looking for an organized, rational, systems way of viewing and organizing the societies that they will live in, in the future.

Student: Thank you, Sir. Yes, I understand that the reason for talking with elders was because there is a very close relationship with the elders and the younger generation, and they have quite an influence. That’s the reason that I would be talking to them.

MACHIVENTA: As I have said, we will be there with you to assist you.

Student: Thank you, Sir; I appreciate that. I have no more questions.

Spiritual intellectual curiosity questions by a reader

Roxie: I have some questions from a reader:
1) “In the spirit of seeking divine clarification: The Urantia Book states how the Infinite Spirit creates these Creative Daughters as complimentary partners to the Creator Sons.

“Likewise, are “Personalities” created by God, designed to be complimentary partners for the Thought Adjusters, which would explain why Thought Adjusters are pre-personal?”

MACHIVENTA: Thank you for your question, but I will leave you in wonderment about that at the present time, and you may discover that when you enter the classes in Uversa, and in the spiritual instruction classes in Orvonton.

2) “This would mean, the two, the Thought Adjuster and Personality were designed to come together within the mind of mortals, with the Life-plan already agreed upon, to facilitate the creation and growth of the Immortal Soul, which is the morontial “baby” between the Thought Adjuster and Personality via the mind that gives “potential” eternal identity and experience to this Human-Soul and later the Morontial-Soul. If this is correct then:

“(Thought Adjuster and Personality) + mind = Immortal Soul – a new creature.

“From this equation, it seems to me that “Personality” is an essential part of the creative process. Without “Personality” the creative process of evolving an Immortal Soul would not be possible with just the Thought Adjuster alone.

“Does this make my pre-identity, pre-mind, pre-experience ‘Personality,’ that part of me that was-before-I am, a pre-I am ‘spirit entity,’ culminating into the ‘morontial’ I am [person] of today?”

MACHIVENTA: I see no major flaws in your reasoning.
3): “So when a morontial soul refuses the eternal adventure and the Thought Adjuster returns to the Father, the Personality will also return to the Paradise Father as well.

“Will this one-time Personality of a mortal be re-bestowed again in the universe? If so, does the “Personality” gain anything (pre-personality-maturity) from these mortal experiences like the Thought Adjuster retains actual memory of previous experience?”

MACHIVENTA: Thank you for your well thought out question. I will leave you again in wonderment about the answer to that.

4) “If so, is this where we get the idea of an “old Soul” (a child who is wise way beyond their young years) which would be the combined previous experiences of the Thought Adjuster AND the pre-experience/maturity of the Personality?”

MACHIVENTA: Again, I will leave you in wonderment about the answer.

Roxie: That’s all the questions that I have. He was the only one who sent in questions this week.

Comments concerning grant proposals

MACHIVENTA: In closing, I would like to thank each one of you who has been thinking about these plans, about programs in the form of grant proposals, and so on, that you have submitted. We will act upon those, as resources are available. This is not a delay of your work, and it is not a statement that our request was premature; this is simply a way of providing us with the means and idea of the resources that we would need to assist you in your work, to assist you in preparations for the implementation of your work and the proposals that you have provided.

You have responded in a wonderful way, and we are very appreciative of that. Your thoughtful contributions are a major portion of the work that we will do in the future. Some of yours are very humbly presented and are small in nature, and this is always a wonderful way to start. Some of yours are rather large in scope and complex, and this is a wonderful way for us to anticipate what you may think you need in the future, as well. See this as the truly operational co-creative process, working with you who desire to have a more immediate and effective process of participating with Christ Michael and the Correcting Time. We salute each one of you, and thank you for your attention to listening and reading these words throughout the years. We wish you a good day, and a happy heart. Thank you and good day. ##

[ *A review of the 6 core values:

  1. Desiring a good quality of life,
  2. An opportunity to be able to grow into their full potential,
  3. To be equal with all others as they were created,
  4. To have empathy,
  5. Compassion,
  6. And a love of humanity

These 6 values are innate to every person in their DNA.]

The Three Core Values of Social Sustainability
Quality of Life Growth Equality

  1. Empathy
  2. Compassion
  3. “Love”

© Copyright Daniel Raphael 2016 USA

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