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NEC72 – Current Social Developments; Education; Moral Responsibility

2016-06-27   Current Social Developments; Education; Moral Responsibility

New Era Conversations #72
– Jun. 27, 2016

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager and Planetary Prince

Comments on current social developments
The transition era of the next 20-30 Years
A new Progressive Party
The art of asking questions as we go forward
Setting the vision, philosophy, intention and the mission of a new system
The final goal of using the 6 core values
The education of each new generation
Moral responsibility contract
Spirituality in an evolving society
Difficulty in “loving all of humanity”

TR: Daniel Raphael, PhD
Team Members: Roxanne Andrews, Michael McCray, M.D., and a Student


June 27, 2016

Comments on current social developments

MACHIVENTA: Good morning, this is Machiventa Melchizedek. Because the Correcting Time program is co-creative in nature, it is much like walking for humans—one step at a time. One step must fall and then the other proceeds and it falls as well, and then the other and so on. And this is the plodding nature of the Correcting Time as we work with you. We have noted the footfall of your various political developments—political/governmental developments—including the completion of the Democratic and Republican primaries in the United States, and the referendum of the British people to leave the European Union. We have no comments regarding either development, except that these are highly important to the development of the programs that we have initiated with you. What develops from those large scale developments are the timeliness and the depth of programs that we have developed for the Correcting Time. We know the fickle, uncertain, and unpredictability of human nature, and so we have adapted our programs to be flexible, to be stretched in length and timeliness or delay, and in height and depth of their extent.

As the human race, and its social developments—social, political and economic developments—dictate what occurs on this planet; our response then follows. So, as you see, these developments that are human in nature—social, political and economic in nature—then we respond. The factor that is uncontrollable by human nature, meaning the geophysical aspects of your world, as in weather, tectonics, volcanism, and seismic activity, we can delay that through the power directors, but it is eventual that these natural forces of nature will become expressed. The caution is that delaying these events causes them to be more catastrophic and cataclysmic when they do occur. Many of you are aware from the updates by your geophysical scientists that earthquakes have not occurred when they were predicted, but have been delayed both for the Pacific Rim along the western coast of the United States, Alaska and Canada, and in the mid-continent area as well.

The east coast has its own problems with rising sea levels and with the gradual subsidence of the eastern seashore along the Atlantic. There has not been a large seismic development in the Caribbean, particularly around the delta of the Mississippi River for many decades, even centuries, yet this is a natural place were it to occur because of the rift zone that underlies the Mississippi, and which the sedimentation from the drainage of the Mississippi basin causes the subsidence in the New Orleans area on a gradual basis and bends the tectonic plates underneath that area in a slow process. Nonetheless, it is an area of eventual separation that will occur in thousands of years in the future. It occurs however gradually, but it does occur.

What we watch then are the social, political, and economic developments in your world, and those particularly of the most powerful nations. Though these nations may be democratic and they may seem to be socially, politically, and economically stable, this truly is not the case in the long-term. All civilizations, all societies, nations, regimes, dynasties, empires, states, nations and societies have failed throughout the history of humankind. We have watched this with great—not alarm—but with amazement at the inventiveness of humans to destroy themselves, and to fail to see the very aspects of their human nature which causes those failures. It is now time, as we have said many times in the past, that this era now presages the settlement of civilization on your planet. What is necessary is the understanding, the awakening of consciousness of humankind to the elements of their own nature, which causes social stability, political stability and economic stability, and the depth of that human nature that involves the 6 core values of human nature, which are the reasons for the success and thriving success of your species on this planet.

And you should also be aware that the “progress” of human societies and nations is a façade that overlays the human nature’s propensity for social failure. It has yet to be revealed to humankind these values on a widespread basis so that your societies and nations can adapt to and adopt the full set of values into their executive structures, whether those are government, economic, or social structures. This will bring about the change of your nations’ stability. However, you should be aware that the transition era will be exceptionally tumultuous, even the rationality, which is so reasoned and so just and fair, involving these values will nonetheless upset the traditional applecart of commercial business, political business, and social business. These will be so different from what humankind has been used to for its whole duration that there will be many who will resist this even though knowing that it makes good sense. You have seen this as well in your own personal lives where some individual will know better, but still, nonetheless, do that which causes great havoc in their personal lives, and with others. This is most unfortunate where the stubbornness of human nature overcomes the spiritually enthused side of rational thinking.

We have been waiting for the conceptual development and logical and rational development of the concepts of social sustainability as a conceptual base for an ideology that permeates all of human decision-making, and in the morality of social sustainability. These now are well formed and it is time to begin their expression in your societies. It will take a great deal of effort to make this known to the world even within ten years, let alone five, but it is of immense importance that these values, this ideology and morality of socially sustainable decision-making be made available to individuals of your world. It is much like knowing God: The missionaries of your religions have gone out into the world to teach all people about God, and the nature of God, and the religions and practices to acknowledge God’s Will in their life.

This has been almost fully accomplished on your world. In a similar manner, this makes all people morally responsible for the decisions that they make that will affect their staying in the ascension program, or leaving it. So too, social sustainability, the concepts and values and processes and procedures of sustainable decision-making must be known as well to your world before your world can come into stability. As you are well aware from the Urantia Book, there will be resistant pockets of population and cultures that thoroughly resist this social, evolutionary development in human social conduct and will have their own recessive attitudes towards the social progress that these values provide. This is part of the human nature of your species—the stubbornness that is within.

On the positive side of stubbornness and human nature, we find that once some of you bite into a concept or project that you are tenacious and you are persevering to the very ends of your life. When those are positive and contribute to your societies, you see an immense growth of positive action in people who are affected by those ideas. On the other hand, you have also seen those who are as tenaciously possessive of detrimental attitudes and decisions and values that cause extreme distress to your societies and to all of humanity.

The transition era of the next 20-30 years

Now, when you consider all of these factors that I have been discussing in this transition era of the next 20-30 years, you can well know that your world is going to be deeply involved in social change, immense social, political, and economic change. The one area that will come last is the economic equality that is so necessary to enable and empower average and ordinary citizens across your world to thrive, to have the same benefit of support of society to unlock their potential in positive ways. So too, you will see much of the morality and decision-making that is traditional to your cultures will also pass, as they are not capable of moving ahead into the new era. Your societies are in need of a new philosophy for living, and the new morality that goes along with it, in order to unlock the potential of humankind.

It is essential that your religions follow along to eliminate the incestuous nature of guilt that seems so endemic to some of your religions. It is most unfortunate this “guilting” of individual’s lives continues by those religions. Better it would be that they would teach people how to live peacefully by making socially sustainable decisions, even in the mundane and ordinary aspects of daily life. Guilt and fear of God is highly destructive to the human nature, and it deeply erodes the capacity of the Thought Adjusters to affect the progress of the human will and the growth of the human soul. So, you see when you take all these factors into existence, your grandchildren and your great-grandchildren will live in a much, much different world than you live in today. They will see you very similarly as you view your great-grandparents who came across the prairies and plains of America in one of the greatest migrations of humankind within the last 200 years.

We share all of these things with you at this time because you now are on the brink of great change in your world. The Urantia Book has stated that your world is now on the brink of immense change and so, this is the time and the era in which that is the case. Fortunately, with the adoption of the values of social sustainability, the brink can be one of going up, rather than being at the precipice into which the chasm of chaos in which humankind could devolve rather than evolve. This is what we are here to prevent through the Correcting Time. Your loving attention and patience and attendance to these responsibilities which we have given you, and which some of you have accepted, are primary to the element of success in the years and decades to come.

A new Progressive Party

Roxie: About your talk this morning, I know that the celestials do not like to get involved in our politics, however, would you be able to assist us in this, for example, in bringing out new ideas to create a Progressive Party?

MACHIVENTA: Thank you for your question. Yes, I would be glad to answer it, and you are mistaken: we are deeply involved in your politics and in the social governance of your world and your nations, but it is a topic in which we do not discuss it very much with you, as it seems to derail much rational thinking by readers and listeners. Yes, we have begun the initiation of the process of assisting mortals to create a politically neutral, but socially evolutionary active political party.

You may call this a “Progressive” political party; it could go by some other name, but we know for a certainty that there are a sufficient number of individuals who are in the general middle politically of your western democratic nations to easily provide the population for such a political entity. The middle, which must be founded of the values of social sustainability, is of such rational width that it can embrace many who are marginally extreme on either the left or the right, and for them to be able to participate in some meaningful way, with the grand middle, which is more rational than the extremes.

Yes, this is definitely an area of interest and activity of the Most Highs. And we are coordinating with their efforts to do this, none of which transgresses any of the self-will decisions of mortals; it is simply that we are assisting the Midwayers. The Angels are assisting individuals to see the rationality and necessity of a highly active—and even what some have called a “radical middle.”

The art of asking questions as we go forward

Roxie: Is there a new line of questioning that you would like us to follow in order to present information in a more logical or specific way as we go forward?

MACHIVENTA: We have striven not to make you automatons or extensions of our thinking here in the team. We are highly reluctant to suggest areas for examination. We do not like to operate that way, as then it truncates your creative ability to develop questions that are meaningful. This is not a stimulus response exercise of question and answers. You have had enough of that in your own lifetime and you need an area where you can imaginatively and creatively develop questions that are cogent, capable and competent, and even intuitive; so we do not encourage that line of development. I did suggest an area of the Urantia Book for you to examine, but our success in that was very limited, it appeared.

You must be able to ask questions that leap from your heart, and which leap into your consciousness from your mind as you peruse the materials that we are discussing. Right now, we are discussing the transition era, and this is an area in which you can ask many questions. We do not really need knee-jerk responses from our mortal partners; we need authentic, genuine, creative, imaginative, intuitive responses from you in order to competently and capably work through the details that we have to develop plans, and execution of those plans that meet the needs of your societies from an individual to the whole of your global civilization.

This is not a chastisement or scolding at all, but one which we earnestly pursue with great diligence and sincerity. There is no threat here, but if you feel you are unable to meet those qualifications, then you should bow out from the team and the team suggest another replacement. This may seem harsh to you, but the times now are harsh in your world, and we need a team that is responsive and reactive in positive, constructive ways that blesses both you and blesses our readers.

Roxie: The reason I asked that question was because in our previous discussions on mental health, that was a very popular topic for our readers, and I sensed that there was a lot more you had to say about the topic, but we weren’t coming up with the questions to ask mainly because of the holes in our knowledge about the subject. But, I see your point.

MACHIVENTA: We have offered you the possibility of drilling a well for knowledge, and when you come up to bedrock, or you come up to an impervious area of rock from which you do not find more water, you have ceased to continue drilling. We, however, know that under this impervious layer is a vast reservoir of knowledge and information that would feed many people for years to come. This metaphor is inaccurate, but it is sufficient, I feel, to let you understand that if you are unable to drill past this impervious boundary, then there is no going forward, and there is no detriment in stopping. It is simply that you cannot go forward. However, we are greatly appreciative of the great effort you made to explore this area of information, which is desperately needed for the mental health and happiness of your people of this world.

Roxie: That is all the questions I have on that aspect. Does somebody else want to ask their questions?
Student: First of all, thank you for what you just said, Machiventa, because sometimes I feel like I do have things that are spontaneous in a sense, and I don’t know if they are right to ask, but from what you’ve just said, thank you, because I have lots of questions—maybe not right now, but I would like to ask at some other times.

MACHIVENTA: I encourage you to be spontaneous, Dear.

Student: What I asked you last session about questions to ask at the meeting we are going to have with a group of different people, well, that meeting is going to take place tonight and I have taken all your suggestions into hand. We had a meeting with some elders last week, and I think it went well; it could have probably been a bit more informative, but I’m hoping that the meeting we are having tonight with different people will be even more informative. And if you have any more suggestions, I would certainly appreciate them—or even criticism of what we should have done in the last meeting. It is these things I would really appreciate.

MACHIVENTA: We would offer only one major suggestion, and it is that near the close of your session with the different groups that you meet with that you ask them if they have questions about what you have said, and questions about what you did not say, and leave that open to them to ask those questions. It is important that you assist these groups to find their direction, to find their purpose, to give meaning to their communities and to their groups.

It is important that they see the commonalities among all of them. You have shared the article from the Stanford Review about the collective impact, and that is a vitally important process which we have already begun to develop in the work that we are doing. So, you are being a social agent of action that can bring about good positive change and the strengthening of the bonds and values of your community, so we are very appreciative and congratulatory to you for your work. Thank you!
Student: I just wanted to make sure I’m on the right path, that’s all.

MACHIVENTA: You most certainly are!

Setting the vision, philosophy, intention and the mission of a new system

Student: One question I do have is in setting the ground work for a new special education system, would you please discuss the following: The first one is the vision of this system.

MACHIVENTA: Would you like me to begin with the vision?

Student: Yes, please.

MACHIVENTA: Regarding the vision for all education, whether in your small community or across your world, is that education finally discovers its true purpose, and its true purpose is to make a meaningful contribution to the sustainability of the species, to the family/individual, and to your social/political/economic structures of your societies. The vision is a common educational system and program curriculum throughout the world that teaches the fundamentals of sustainability, and the intention is to bring your world population into oneness.

Student: Thank you, Sir. 2) Another part of this question is the philosophy?

MACHIVENTA: Yes, the operating philosophy of this educational effort would be stated… and I will paraphrase this for you, as we do have the exact wording here, but I will paraphrase it for you so that you—meaning the cultures of Urantia, the ethnic groups of Urantia and the social communities of Urantia can devise their own wording—but basically, it goes like this: That the best educational system addresses the sustainable needs of individuals, families, communities and societies of the world. That in doing so, education awakens the awareness in individuals and in communities and societies that their commonalities far exceed the differences that exist between them. And thirdly, that the commonality of oneness of humankind is positive and good.

Student: So, the vision, the intention, the philosophy, and the mission is…?

MACHIVENTA: The mission involves the actual implementation of plans to accomplish the vision, the intention and by using the philosophy.

The final goal of using the 6 core values

Student: I have another one and I’m going to tie them all together, because the first one you gave us the 9 roles of learning, then you have given us the 7 spheres of awareness, and in this is a balance, and in this all are the 3 planes of existence (material, morontial and spiritual). By using the 6 core values, is this one of the goals of the 6 core values, how we will evolve into?

MACHIVENTA: Repeat more clearly please.

Student: We have been given by you the 9 roles of learning (father, husband, man; mother, wife, woman; child, sibling and self), the 7 spheres of awareness (Physical, mental, emotional, intellectual, social, cultural and spiritual), and the balance (in themselves, between themselves and among themselves), and the 3 planes of existence (material, morontial, spiritual.) My question is: Is this the sum total we will become by using the 6 core values?

MACHIVENTA: Yes, and I will qualify my “yes” by saying that at the end of your ascendant journey, you will be then a member and citizen of the Eternal.

Student: Wow! I didn’t realize that, Sir; thank you very much.

MACHIVENTA: By you reciting these fundamental basic elements of human ascension and social evolution, you have come to put in a nutshell all of the human mortal experience at its very best, at its broadest. You have charted out what is necessary to become a full, whole, and complete human being during your mortal lifetime. If one were to achieve this, and many have, and many are now in process, you are achieving the level of a “mortal ascendant master,” as some of you would define it. By becoming a complete and whole integrated human in these various areas that you have described, you have the capacity to then initiate and begin to think in morontial terms, both in premorontial and early morontial levels during your mortal lifetime.

Student: So the humans who will be born into the Era of Light and Life, they will be more whole, like this, will they not?

The education of each new generation

MACHIVENTA: Yes they will, but you must realize that each generation must consciously teach and train and educate each new individual with these necessities. What has been assumed by your societies is that the education to become a whole being, a whole person, is innate — and it is not. While you have within your genetic structure the values for you as an organism of your species, they must be consciously brought to bear to assist in the development of social sustainability of your species. These are not automatically invested in your social behavior.

Your social behavior, your socialization must be engaged consciously in each generation to reinforce those genetic values in you. You as societies, as families, as parents must not assume that your children come knowing what they need to know to be adequately socialized and to live as a social being in a complex society. This must be taught with each generation. This is one of the failures of education in that it has not assisted in the stability and social sustainability of each new generation as social beings in the complex societies that you live in. If you have further questions regarding this, please ask.

Student: So, as each generation is teaching the next generation, they are being enculturated in all these values and growing more and more into all these roles, and I do realize that you need to teach each one, because it’s not a thing that they normally would use, therefore it would be quicker, is what I am saying that I guess you would become more balanced in all of these aspects, wouldn’t you?

MACHIVENTA: Yes, you would. Even in a society that is approaching the Days of Light and Life, these values and these spheres of awareness are known already by parents and they would automatically socialize and enculturate their children with these, and so it becomes easier and easier with each generation to socialize and enculturate each new generation with these fundamentals—you may see them as ideals—but they are really fundamentals for being fully human. And these would be automatically taught to each generation.

Now, when you compare what you have described for societies approaching the Days of Light and Life, and those that are in Days of Light and Life, you compare that with your current societies and the socialization and enculturation of each new generation, you see how desperately primitive your societies are at the present time, and I might add that it is because there is no intentional process involved in socializing children in each new generation, that they are left on their own to find their way. Now, due to the lack of transference of social wisdom, your generations and your societies are now disintegrating and becoming more and more ethically and morally bereft.

Student: Yes, Sir, I totally agree with you, and we desperately do need these changes. Thank you for talking to us.

Moral responsibility contract

MACHIVENTA: I have one addition to give you, and that is this: Many individuals and families will say that such education is an intrusion and is not acceptable and not reasonable and will, in fact, become intolerable to many people. What individuals must be taught in their educational process is the moral responsibility and moral contract between societies and the individual: Individuals must make decisions that support the social sustainability of societies, and societies through the organized social institutions of education and government, and so on, must provide the education and training for individuals to make those decisions. So, it becomes a co-responsible situation to fulfill this moral contract. When you look at your societies and the conduct of families and individuals to raise their children, you see how desperately dysfunctional your societies are, and the reasons why intelligent individuals are socially dysfunctional, which is a tremendous waste of social resources and social assets.

Student: Thank you, Machiventa. I have no more questions at this time.

Spirituality in an evolving society

MMc: I have one or two. Machiventa, would you tell us more about the pragmatic operation of spirituality in an evolving society?

MACHIVENTA: Certainly. It means that your spirituality, your spiritual practices are not separate from your social, political or economic practices. You have seen in your current society that there are individuals who espouse their religions and promote it tremendously, but are acting immorally in their personal lives, even unethically, and so on. Pragmatic spirituality means that what you learn in life is applied to your life and to your way of living, and to how you live your life, that these are not separate, that you become an expression in life and living of the spirituality that you have. This takes spirituality out of the intellectual realm and separateness that intellectuality provides to many people.

MMc: Why is it most critical now for individuals to make decisions for the larger good of civilization?

MACHIVENTA: This was just explained in the recent answer to the other member of your team.

MMc: Thank you. I have no further questions at this time.

Student: Machiventa, I’m sorry but could you repeat those two questions that you told me to ask at the end of a discussion with a group of people?

MACHIVENTA: Yes. You want to ask your audience if they have any questions or thoughts or comments concerning your presentation. The second question is related, but is a separate question: What do they see that may be missing from your presentation that would be helpful for them? Because of the absence of information, they may feel that they do not have a question, but someone may raise their hand and say, “I would like to have more information about. . . ,” and so that would then assist you. What you are striving to do is to match your presentation to your audience, both in culture and in their ethnic group and social groups.

Student: Thank you.

Difficulty in “loving all of humanity”

Roxie: I just have one question left on a personal level: I’ve been trying to work on my “Love for humanity.” As I observe myself, I find that I can love large groups of people that I have never met, such as people from other cultures around the world, and some individuals I do know, providing they have values similar to my own, but I find that I fall very short of my goal when I see individuals on TV who have very different values from mine. As an example, the many politicians that we’ve seen lately and about half of our Congressmen. How do you and Christ Michael manage to love everyone equally, faults and all, and that includes my faults as well?

MACHIVENTA: Thank you for your very earnest question. It is probably one of the most critically important questions to be answered, for you and for everyone else that you may answer in time for others. And it is this: First of all, you must look within yourself and see if you have an affinity for yourself; see if you like yourself; see if you love yourself. And of course, there are things about you as an individual that you have done in your life that you have done historically, which you now do not like, or resent, or have negative feelings about. But those are past, and so how does Christ Michael, how do I love you—love you as humanity—and it is in this: That we love you for the potential that you have within you; that what you have done is contrary to your own good and the good of others is forgiven, and that we see the potential within you that can be developed.

We see the native good that is within you, that the values of empathy, compassion and a generalized love of humanity are the elements of goodness in all humans, and that through neglect of family and parents and society and community, that these attributes—these native and natural attributes have not been developed in you so that you can appreciate and love yourself with the potential of good that you can express in your life. We love you because of this and the potential for immense good that you have in your life.

We love you because you are not representatives of God, but are actual mortal sons and daughters of God, that you were created by our Creator, that Creator being Christ Michael, is a Son of the Eternal Son of the Godhead, and so, you as an individual are deeply loved and regarded. We, however, reserve some of our respect for what you do and what you do not do, which is a different aspect, but our love of you—individually and of all humanity—stems from the native goodness that God, Christ Michael, brought into your being in the beginning of your species. And with that, I will close the day and wish you a good day and a good week.

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