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NET76 – Solar Minimum, World Issues, Dark Night of the Soul®

2019-11-04.  Solar Minimum, World Issues, Dark Night of the Soul.


New Era Transition #76 

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager


Healing of this very distraught world
Celestials don’t work on a time frame basis
Metaphor 1: Construction project with weather delays
Metaphor 2: Tumblers dropping into alignment
While opening a safe with a combination lock
Mortals make most of the decisions on this world
Implication something particularly joyous occurred during the last 36 hours
Recent meeting and celestial fingerprints
Findhorn Garden project
A visage to the morontial screen
Clearer communication between mortals and celestials now possible
Machiventa is very well, joyful, and very kind.
Growing perception that all religions have some truth in them
– an affirmation of oneness across spiritual, religious, political, and other lines

Events in time vs. processes over time
Clarified communication circuits are like a better phoneline.
Clearing the static of negativity
Momentum of progress – Momentum = mass x velocity2
Pulling out all the stops in the Urantia cathedral
Be kind in your daily lives.
Dark night of the soul
Montessori and Rudolph-Steiner methods
Like a steamship crashing into the docks – finally, we can do something positive
Solar minimum and the decimation
Machiventa’s close – Kindness form spirit

TR: Daniel Raphael, PhD

Members present: Roxanne Andrews, James Travis, Sherille Raphael, Rick Brunson, Craig Carmichael, Liz Cratty, Jeff Cutler, Stéphane Labonté, Michael McCray.

Invocation: Daniel
November 4, 2019



Healing of this very distraught world.

Machiventa. Good morning, this is Machiventa Melchizedek your planetary manager and your personal friend. It is an honor to be the planetary manager for Urantia. It provides myself and all the celestial hosts and those divine individuals much experience into the healing of a very distraught world. And more distraught because the world has so many distraught individuals who do not know they have a soul, and who wish only for the shallow things of life. It is our job, our work, our privilege and our joy to assist and lead those individuals into knowing the God within them personally and intimately.

Celestials don’t work on a time frame basis.

I was having a conversation with This One the other day, and he has expressed much perplexity in his dealing with us and his own expectations and anticipations of what he thinks should occur. This causes a tremendous problem for more mortals, because mainly you have such short lives, you live with the culture you were brought up with and it’s part of your thinking. You also live with time, that you have a sequence of events that you think should occur at such and such a date, at such and such a developmental stage. And I wish to give you the difference of how we see your world. As you know, we do not operate on a time frame basis. We do not acknowledge what will occur after three months, after two months, or two weeks later that we will make a decision and such and such will occur. That never happens in our decision-making process. Never.

Metaphor 1: Construction project with weather delays.

To give you a metaphor or parallel that will help you understand the developmental criterion of how we operate. Our work is much like a contractor, a mortal contractor who builds houses. And this contractor lives in a northern state where there is much inclement weather and seasonal change and so on. So, in the fall before it freezes the contractor begins to terrace the ground and to make a space for the concrete foundations and the crawl space and sub-space under the house. Unfortunately there was a deluge and it filled in the cavity where the house would go with mud and debris, and the contractor had to wait until this dried out and then remove the debris and compact the ground with gravel and so on. And this occurs repeatedly. As this is a very large house that would take well over a year to finish with good weather. And in the meantime, it is delayed time and time again because of weather.

Now, the owner signed a contract with the contractor and that the house would be finished at such and such a time. Now, known to both of these parties, they realized that the timeline process is out the window, and that they must now proceed developmentally one step at a time. And this is how we deal with our Urantia projects. We deal with mortals on this developmental basis, and sure enough we have some inclement weather of human mortal decision making that sets us back. And so, we must clear away the debris and make the ground firm again and proceed. This is a big difference, and so some of your expectations are: “So, why hasn’t this occurred already. Machiventa said it would occur in two months, three months, a year or two and it still hasn’t occurred.” Well, my friends, there has been the deluge; we’ve had hail and rain and sleet and snow and more rain and floods and so on through mortal decision making. However, we stay the course. We are not governed by the clock. We are governed by the development of events.

Metaphor 2: Tumblers dropping into alignment while opening a combination lock.

I will give you a second metaphor to help you understand where we are now at this moment in time. All of you probably have, perhaps, seen a movie where a gang of individuals wants to steal some money out of a big safe. And so, they drill a hole in the safe so they can view the tumblers and so on going on when they turn the dial. So they turn the dial and they hear a click and they see the lever drop, and then they turn the dial the other way and they proceed this way until they hear the other lever drop and continue on through seven steps. And sure enough, at the end of seven steps everything lines up and they are able to turn the handle and open the safe. Well, in our situation we are dealing with three or four or five of these figurative dials simultaneously and that we watch these dials, which is humanity in operation, and through the day and night we see these dials turn. And we have come to a point with all these five dials where all of them have lined up. Now we can turn the handle, which is the present moment, and open the door to the future.

Mortals make most of the decisions on this world.

We do not govern everything that happens on this planet. Mortals principally do. And so, when right events happen (right decisions are made), then we can proceed. And so, there is this halting, forward motion, two steps forward, one step back, and sometimes it’s three steps back. I hope you understand these two stories I’ve given you. That you understand we have been watching the situation on this planet for many millennia – millions of years. Watching to see how developments proceed. And of course you know and we know that the last 200,000 years plus have been very difficult for this planet and for the divine plans of Christ Michael to bring this experimental planet into its healing and wholeness and to the days of Light and Life to produce billions of wonderful souls who graduate on to the morontia worlds already ready to be placed in classes.

The summation of all that I’ve said so far is that we are at a point where all the levers have clicked into place and that we have opened the door, and there is the future before us. What you and we must watch for now are those developments that help us proceed forward rather aggressively, which is unusual for the morontial and celestial realms to do. Because the developments on your planet proceed very swiftly, we will be taking action very soon. Again, I cannot disclose what that is as your own muddled thinking would help confuse the situation even further. And those who think they know what is going to happen who are not in contact with the spiritual realm will see what is happening and they too will want to muddy the waters.

Implication something particularly joyous occurred during the last 36 hours.

We hope that some of you have felt the joy and enthusiasm and the ebullient mood that we have been in since last night. And today and through this week. It is this week that we are hopeful to proceed with our plans with clarity and being unobstructed as we proceed. We have been using many mortals to assist us in this process and for those who have been guided to stop, look, and listen and to wait for the next development before they proceed. They have been in our watchful eye and mindful ear to help them proceed and NOT to proceed where they may muddy the waters. I wish to ask you – anyone besides This One whom I speak through – has anyone else felt this joy, this awe, this wonderment, this unfolding of joy, what you might call happiness in the last 36 hours? Hearing no joy on the end of the phone, we shall proceed with questions that you may have.

Recent meeting and celestial fingerprints.

Liz.  Good morning Machiventa, this is Liz. I have felt a calmness. And especially since I read your comments about a new circuit opening up and I have been seeking evidence in myself and in others about that. And so today I have a couple of comments and then I have a question. So. First of all, yesterday I attended a kindness celebration sponsored by and It was very inspiring – a grass roots movement to bring kindness to the forefront of people’s consciousness in schools, and workplaces, and homes, etc. I just wanted you to know that I saw your teams’ fingerprints all over everything I saw. There was standing room only in our little town. It was a very receptive crowd and so, nicely done.

Machiventa. Thank you.

Liz. I don’t have a question there, but I thought if you would care to comment…

Machiventa.  Gladly. Yes, you have seen our fingerprints. You have seen the “footprints in the sand” so to speak. Where someone has been there, somebody has been putting things in order for you. And thank you for your appreciation and recognition of that. Your recognition, anyone’s recognition of where we have been, what we are doing is primary to establishing that personal and intimate relationship for your life whether you hear us talk to you or not. Thank you.

Findhorn Garden project.

Liz. Well, thank you. It was quite the inspiring event. Second, I want to thank you for suggesting that I research the Findhorn Gardens and their approach and techniques and processes to gardening. What I’m reading is an astonishing handshake between the human and the angelic. All for the health of our bodies and the planet. So, I want to thank you for that. That is a total game changer for me. Again, I have no question, perhaps you would like to comment.

Machiventa. Yes, thank you for doing the research, thank you for proceeding in faith. You have been nudged, you were nudged, and then you proceeded on faith that there may be something there and, voila, you found it! Thank you.

A visage to the morontial screen.

Liz. Yes, I encourage everyone to read about the Findhorn Gardens whether you’re an active gardener or not, it’s quite something. O.K., so now my question: A couple of times when I’ve been asleep, I’ve had what I can only consider actual, sweet, emotional visitations with loved ones who’ve passed on to the mansion worlds. One of those was with my grandfather and my father was there just before he passed over. He seemed confused to be there and wanted to know what I was doing there. Were these truly visits, Machiventa, as I want to believe, or were they merely dreams?

Machiventa. You were privileged to have a vision, a visage to the morontial screen so to speak. It was real, it is authentic, and your presence and your father’s presence and your grandfather’s presence is very real. You see, the soul and that mechanism in toto is capable of existing outside of time as you know it does, and outside of the dimensional universe. Thus, it gives you access to be with those individuals. The intent of the visitors and your intent is primary to whether the connection is made or not. Thank you.

Liz. Do those people near death step across the divide in this manner more often as they are ready to transition?

Machiventa. That is correct.

Liz. Wonderful. Thank you so much for that. I appreciate it.

Machiventa. Your welcome. Next please.

Clearer communication between mortals and celestials now possible.

M Mc.  Machiventa, I have at least a couple of sources become aware that the grids are now clean and a new reflectivity circuit has been installed. I wonder if you would comment on the importance of this during the tribulation times that are coming as far as the co-creative communications back and forth between humans and celestials.

Machiventa. This is Machiventa. I thank you for your question. And yes, you are quite right about all parts of your statement and question. That this will encourage much clearer communication between the celestial realm and mortals, particularly mortals who hear, or want to hear who sit in meditation. Oddly to you perhaps, it will also be a process that will help those individuals who do not hear, who may not be spiritual, but who are more powerfully inclined to follow the best interests of the planet. That is loosely said, and I will not provide you with any exact answers or insights into those statements. I thank you for your insight into what will occur. Thank you.

M Mc.  Can you tell us how we might access these grids and reflectivity… How do we access them?

Machiventa. I could answer that, but I regard it as something that is not important to you at this time. Thank you.

Machiventa is very well, joyful, and very kind.

Stephane.  Machiventa, this is Stephane, how are you today?

Machiventa. I am very well, and I am joyful, and if you trust me to say this, I am very kind. (laughter)

Stephane. Well, I’m very glad to hear that. Thank you, and I am sorry I was late to the meeting, but better late than never as they say

Machiventa. We are glad you’re here.

Growing perception that all religions have some truth in them – an affirmation of oneness across spiritual, religious, political, and other lines.

Stephane. So, my question relates to the last one a little bit, but I’d like to put it in a different context. So, as I’d mentioned in previous lessons in my questions, we see a progressive thought of individuals that are progressing in this world. So, we see more of an awareness of environments, human rights, and even a development of an inclusive spiritual movement: People that believe that every religion has some truth in them. So, I am told, or I’ve heard or read somewhere that this growing awareness on a normal world is a precursor for a sudden change in the energy circuits that the Thought Adjusters use to communicate to humans. Can you tell me that I’m on the right track here, whether this is true, and whether we are getting close to such a sudden change in the energies that would allow us to communicate better with our Thought Adjusters.

Machiventa. This is Machiventa. My, my, so many questions about one concept. First of all, you are on the right track. A second aspect is when. Having affirmed the first part, the second part is eventual. It is dependent upon a number of developments of which we are joyful. I said earlier in the session that I was joyful about some developments that had occurred and the tumblers on the locks of a new reality are now in alignment, and that this new door will open. For you, wondering when this will occur, please be satisfied that it is now occurring. The when of it all is dependent upon continued receptivity of this growing body of individuals who affirm their oneness across spiritual lines, across religious lines, across political lines and so on. This oneness is actually a kinship and part of the answer to the former individual’s question about reflectivity and communication.

You will be able to sense more in a real time way the vibration of others who are in oneness with you and you with them. This sensitivity is the binding catalyst to bring all humankind together. As you may surmise from my answer, yes, there will be a very definite separation of that crowd of individuals from those who do not feel the oneness, but in fact they operate on the separation and singularity of themselves for their own lives. This will cause the huge change that you are speaking about. This is the eventuality of a world that is Becoming.

A world that is Becoming into the light, Becoming one in itself, and that, yes, there is a necessity of identifying that separation – those in the light and those that are not. And those in the light rarely have been in the power structure of your world – your politics, economics and social elitism. In these times there will be much confusion and the one saving grace for those of the light is to know they are of the light and that they are not alone, and that there are many others with them. The question then must be asked: “But then, what do we do with this?” Thank you.

Events in time vs. processes over time.

Stephane. Thank you Machiventa, this is very enlightening. You would refer to this as an event; an event that would unify the people in light that you just mentioned. So, in this current age we’re all being prepared and those that are receptive are being prepared for an event like this to unify all of us into a common cause across all these boundaries. Correct?

Machiventa. You make one error in your statement and that is the event. The word “event” portrays to most mortals that at 2:00 O’clock on Sunday afternoon you are invited to our picnic. That is an event, however, no one would call the metamorphose of a caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly an event. Yet, on the other hand this is very much what is occurring on your world now. And part of the major aspect of this is the people’s recognition that this is happening. It is happening now. It’s not something that will occur, it is actually happening now. And that you are being called. You are being called by your guardian, you are being called by your Thought Adjuster, you are being called by the collective Thought Adjuster community on this planet to join with others of the light. I use the word light as it is an increased vibration. It is not secular of sectarian at all. It is something that is real on the celestial realm where you as individuals on this planet are seen as points of light against a black, dark background. Do you understand the distinction I am making between the event as a happening, an occurrence or an event as a process?

Stephane. Well, I am, and I was more under the impression that there would be an event, perhaps not at 2:00 PM on Sunday afternoon, but an event that would sort of re-call to for all who are aware to come to action, and for those who are aware to be as leaders to those who are awakening in that event.

Machiventa.  This is Machiventa. OK, I will give it to you this way: Yes, there will be an event, but it will be so subtle that many people will ignore it as if part of the background noise of everyday. Thank you.

Stephane. Um-hmm. Thank you.

Jeff.  Machiventa, this is Jeff. Can I ask an add-on question to Stephane’s? You told us quite some time ago to not be concerned with the border area, that it was going to be cleaned by people who were trained to do so. And now we learn that that has been accomplished. Would you consider that an event?

Machiventa. This is Machiventa. No. That also is a process. Thank you.

Jeff. Thank you.

Clarified communication circuits are like a better phoneline.

Craig.  Craig here. I was just thinking that we got these clarified communications circuits and our reflectivity circuit that we might perhaps liken those to having a better phone line that doesn’t have the distortion and breaking up and crackling that its, now we just have a better line. So, we don’t see that as a particular event, but we’re now able to communicate and commune more clearly with each other and with the celestial realm. Is that right?

Machiventa.   This is Machiventa, that’s right, well done. Your metaphor is very clear to everyone. Thank you.

Craig. Thank you.

Stephane. And Machiventa, the clearing of the circuits is one thing that I am beginning to understand more and more is that it is clearing the circuits for better communications with you, the celestials, yourself and others, but it’s also a clearing of the circuits so that we can better communicate with our Thought Adjusters. Is that correct?

Clearing the static of negativity.

Machiventa. That’s correct. What you do not understand, perceive, or discern is that the clearing of the circuits is the clearing of the static that has been on this world. You see the static as negative entities, negative energy, dismal thoughts, negative emotions and such. And this is a part of the whole process: that these individuals who portrayed and carried out the darkness were not eliminated. They were moved on. They were moved to an area and a situation where they could recover, reform, or choose not to be here in the universe with us. You have an understanding and appreciation of clearing circuits just as the young fellow previously said. It is important to have undisturbed, clear circuits so that what comes through is received clearly.

This is much like the static on a line on a fax machine or some other digital equipment where there is interference in the signal. And what is received is not a true picture or text of what was sent. So that now what people receive from spirit is spirit. This is a progression for those individuals who seek to have a personal and intimate relationship with their Thought Adjuster, guardian and the celestial realm and the Divine. This is an important process so that mortals can validate the clarity of their own thinking against what they are hearing. Where some of you have heard of the mischief of your conscious mind going hither and yon with one thought and another causing much havoc in the clarity in your dialog with spirit now have the opportunity to clarify that and know the difference and choose what you want to hear. Does this help?

Momentum of progress – Momentum = mass x velocity2

Stephane. It does, yes, thank you. And another aspect of this is the momentum, right? So, we know there is an increasing number of people that would respond to this change and we reach a threshold on Urantia where this number has the impact that if all of the people capable and willing connect with this event (I keep calling it an event.) that is has the potential of changing the whole world.

Machiventa.   This is Machiventa. You are exactly right. Last time we spoke where I answered a question regarding this for you, I used the word mass. Yes, there is momentum, but the concept of mass is velocity times mass. That increases with speed and increases with what you would call the weight that is added. So that the momentum is maintained. One major criterion for our progress is measuring the steady momentum of our work forward with mortals. When you speak about adding new people to this movement, yes, we are maintaining momentum, but we are adding mass.

So that as you know, as Newton had theorized that a mass in motion remains in motion until it is deflected or changed course by some other outside force. And as you know those negative forces have been removed albeit it is held in the minds of some mortals that is going to be more and more difficult for there to be negative forces applied to our momentum and the course and direction and velocity of where we are going with this. Basic physics, spiritual physics is involved here. Thank you.

Stephane. One more thought on this, Machiventa, is that you have seen this unfold on other planets, and maybe planets that were not impacted by rebellion, and some that were. Can you give us an insight as to the impact that this could have on Urantia?

Machiventa.  This is Machiventa. You said as much yourself a few words ago that this will change the course of this world. And it is a slow process to invest a new culture with its new value systems, and a new value system into old cultures. And so, it is a slow process, but, and there is a “but,” progress will be made, and it will be very meaningful in the course of fifty years. What is important is that this first generation, you, this older generation of parents and grandparents recognize what is happening and talk to your children and grandchildren about this even when they refuse to listen. You know and we know that when people hear something it is imbedded in their minds. In that situation you would want to address your comments to the child and to their Thought Adjuster and guardian so that they have the impetus and motivation and your urging to help invest these thoughts and values and this knowledge and wisdom in the young minds more deeply. Thank you.

Stephane.  So, our enthusiasm for this is contagious.

Machiventa.  Exactly. Thank you.

Stephane.  Thank you.

Pulling out all the organ stops in the Urantia cathedral.

Craig.  I was wondering if this sense of joy that you’ve had for the last 36 hours or so seems like it should be connected to something that’s happened. I’m not aware what that is, possibly because I’ve been too busy to follow any news or anything that’s been going on. Was there an event or something that we might have recognized?

Machiventa.  No, it is not an event. It is the alignment of many vectors that now are in alignment. They are working together that we can now drive this major vector forward so that it opens up the nexus so that everyone can appreciate it. It is what our friend from Canada, besides yourself, would recognize as a positive event, and that is good for everyone. You see, when I said earlier that we are not totally in charge I sincerely meant that. Mortals have an immense impact and influence on development of what occurs on their planet. When there is a vast majority of people who have no inclination of the light and the way of right thinking and moral thinking are in charge, then it is very difficult to make this change and this influence to have any meaningful significant end result.

However, as your friend has said, that this City of Kindness movement is a wonderful development. It provides a forum, an actual physical forum where people are present at a very definite event, and can recognize each other as they are, what they are, and their intentions for being there and their hopes for the future. This is all a magnificently coordinated orchestration of developments, timing, and growth and maturity in your culture and many people for this to occur. We have pulled out the organ stops to assist this, making a grand orchestral presentation in your cathedral of the earth that would make Johann Sebastian Bach very proud. Thank you.

Craig. OK, so when I have time to read peoples emails and follow some of the links then I’ll probably (especially that one about the kindness) I’ll probably understand more what’s happening.

Be kind in your daily lives.

Machiventa.   This is Machiventa. Remember you can be kind in your daily life. You, of course, even you in the backwoods of Haida Gwaii must go to the grocery store and hardware store once in a while, and when you’re there have a big smile on your face and look people in the eye and say: “Hello, it’s good to see you again.” And they may be amazed, astounded, and non-plussed, but nonetheless you present kindness to them in a palpable way that is measurable by other people who hear you say those things. Thank you.

Craig. OK, thank you.

Stephane. Machiventa, going back to what you just said about this event, you said it is a result of vectors coming to fruition, but these vectors are based of human decisions, aren’t they?

Machiventa. Mmmmm, this is Machiventa. You have that only partially right. Vectors can be deflected; they can be delayed. They can be sent into another direction and will never connect to the nexus. Does that help?

Stephane. Yes. But they are deflected based on human activity, is that correct?

Machiventa.  Human decision making. Thank you. Remember, human decisions are sovereign.  So, once a human makes a decision that deflects a positive vector then we have no authority to change the direction, to change it to it’s original direction. Thank you.

Stephane. Of course. That’s quite important and we don’t fully realize that as we make decisions.

Machiventa. Correct.

Jeff. Machiventa, this is Jeff again. The thought that came into my mind about that last discussion was that it was mentioned that with so many people on the east coast praying for the hurricane that looked like it was going to be a real disaster to turn north and out to sea. It was a comment I think that you made saying: “Of course, so many people with the energy of prayer can do such things and it was a factor in the mitigation of destruction.”  Is my memory of that correct?

Machiventa. Your memory is sound.

Jeff. I listened to a presentation yesterday by a man named Steve Quayle who lives in Boseman about, he’s doing a documentary describing what he thinks will be the full margin rupture of the Juan de Fuca plate. And he mentions in that the Ridgecrest area (I don’t know much about it), but I guess it’s an underground area of magma and he’s claiming that it is moving east and that’s part of a process that you had mentioned on events that will unfold eventually on the west coast. Is it possible that if enough people are – First of all if that’s true, and secondly is, if that is true is it possible that if enough people use their energy in prayer, that movement of magma could actually either be slowed or reversed?

Machiventa. This is Machiventa. Once again, I refrain from answering speculative questions. Thank you.

Jeff.  OK, I’m sorry.

Craig. I watched that too, Jeff, on Greg Hunter. [USAWatchdog on YouTube] I’m not sure how accurate that’s going to prove to be.

Dark night of the soul

Stephane.  Machiventa, going back to the topic of anxiety last week, as we learn to recognize the thoughts and behaviors that cause the anxiety, that triggers behavior change and thought pattern change, as you do this, this process, is there a danger for encountering, like a” dark night of the soul” at that point, or moments of depression as you are trying to change your anxious behaviors that trigger anxiety in your mind?

Machiventa. One moment. Yes, that is a possibility. It is most fruitful when it is guided by your Thought Adjuster. The “dark night of the soul” is a real phenomenon of the mind. It is particularly evident and observable to the individual who is undergoing that process. The individual who is undergoing the process is a spiritual person. They see that their anxiety is fruitless and that their depression is a vehicle for deep, deep inner connection of trust with the Thought Adjuster and God the First Source and Center. There is no refuge from dark night of the soul except in the conscious connection between the individual and their Thought Adjuster who is connected to the First Source and Center.

Anxiety is a human made phenomenon which has no potential for the individual to grow. It is once again essential that if this is a spiritual person that they see this process of anxiety as one that can be rectified by their own thinking, and their thought connection with their Thought Adjuster and the Presence of God within them. That Oneness that assures all possibility of good outcomes from thoughts of this moment. This is a reliance that surpasses all human circumstances that a person can rely upon. There is no certainty other than this for the moment of that individual. Anxiety is always future oriented, and which has no future. The present is a moment that is most productive, and in the moment one can feel “dark night of the soul” and feel this in the very depths of their soul. They agonize for surcease and help and support through these moments, and they crash the walls of the ego to become as nothing with the nothing at the center of the universe which is everything.

Montessori and Rudolph-Steiner methods.

Stephane. Thank you. …… Machiventa, there was a question that came to me and Roxie through an email that I’d like to ask. It’s about the Montessori method of education. Seems very valuable. I’m not sure everyone has heard of it. It’s about …. It’s based on two principals – Children and developing adults engage in psychological self-construction by means of interaction with their development environment, and then children, especially under the age of six, have an innate path of psychological development. We talk a lot about the family and the rearing of children in this forum. Do you validate this method of education and do you have any suggestions of additional information to compliment it?

Machiventa. This is Machiventa. Yes, and we have discussed this two or three years ago – the juxtaposition and the similarities between the Rudolph-Steiner method of education and Maria Montessori.  These are both beneficial avenues of instruction and ways of perceiving children and the ability to assist children in growing into a fully operational, functional adult.  The difficulty in both methods is in the interpretations that individual school managers, directors, principals, teachers and so on, who apply those theories. It works well when this is true to form and works exceptionally well when you have intuitive, insightful instructors and teachers, and someone who has been developing the curriculum for these children at various ages. It is not a one-stop-shop sort of situation, but one that needs to follow the evolution and the dynamic development of children as they age, particularly as they are in relationship with others. I will leave it at that.  Thank you for your question.

Stephane. Thank you.

Machiventa. Does anybody in Mexico have a question?

Like a steamship crashing into the docks – finally, we can do something positive.

Rick.  I actually was not intending to ask a question, but these questions today about the changing of the grid and so forth, it just seems like it’s a change of historical proportions. I guess this is more of a comment than a question. It’s something I embrace and look forward to, and I think probably I’m speaking for the majority of us if not all of us, that that is the case. Would there be anything, Machiventa, that you would like to take this opportunity to flesh out this huge transition that we’re…

Machiventa. Yes, certainly. I have and Rayson has and Monjoronson has in the past commented that the 50-year era from 1985 until 2035 is a most traumatic era for this world in all respects. From the energetic level, spiritual level, morontial level and the development and becoming of a new human civilization.  Many of you who are participating in this understand the togetherness of this effort – that we, together, co-creatively will [be fully initiated] for Christ Michael by 2035. Many developments and events have already occurred, some are waiting to happen, some will be a crash much as a steamship is moving too fast into the harbor and collides into the docks and buildings behind. That is the way it’s going to look to many people in the future. Those who see the togetherness of it all will say “Well, about time. Now we can do something positive.” This era is one which is historic in all proportions for all realms of human activity.

There is a holism of human activity on this world that you might call a general critical theory. That all human activity is bound together in one way or another and expresses itself in the fullness of all human activity. It is yet for academics to understand this holism and how there is a oneness of humanity that when you bend this one part it will change the future in the other part. It is important that you who are in the audience and those who read these transcripts in the future understand this holism, this general critical theory of the oneness of all human activity. It is inescapable, it is inescapable in the view that in the last 30,000 years all human organizations have failed in one form or another.

Whether they are a clan, a village or a dynasty that controls the lives of millions and millions of people over a broad swath of the planet. You are all one. And this oneness must come into expression in its wholeness, and the wholeness meaning the integrity of all human activity must come together to develop a sustainable civilization. Until that is recognized, there will be no whole civilization, and so as you see, and you alluded to this era as one of global planetary transition and importance to the future of this whole planet and to its civilization and its civilizations in the future. Thank you.

Rick.  Thank you very much.

Roxanne.  Machiventa, I have a question. I still don’t understand how we could agree to our life plan before we were born. Could you please explain to me how that happens?

Machiventa. Well, dear one, I cannot explain it to your satisfaction, so you understand it, it just happens.  Thank you.

Daniel.   Any last questions?

Solar minimum and the decimation.

Roxanne. I have one short one from a reader. They want to know: “What effect will the grand solar minimum have on the decimation.”

Machiventa. This too has been discussed at length in the past, and as an aside we will be very, very happy when there is a site that has a search engine that can search the database – particularly the database that consists of the NOCO transmissions. We are looking forward to that time when a person can write two words in a search bar “solar minimum” and up will come a page of references and the papers and dates and so on. Until that happens the answer is this: Yes, it will have a very powerful effect upon the world. Just as there is now a drought in some places in your world, a drought and excess heat, there will be in parts of the world an incredible coldness that will dip down into the…


[This is Daniel, what is it, Capricorn latitude? You know, 26 degrees above the equator?]


Stephane.  Horse latitude.

Machiventa. Yes, thank you. That it will dip down even to those places. Places as England, and Norway and upper reaches of Russia, Alaska and Canada will be in severe difficulty due to this cold. However, there are other mitigating circumstances that meteorologists have only surmised exist in a larger scale, planetary scale, and that is that this solar minimum will be very brief. I will add no further comments to that.  Thank you.

Roxanne.  Thank you.  Anyone else?

Liz. Well, brief is a relative term. Depending on whether you’re a mortal or not. I’m wondering if you could elaborate on the word brief.

Machiventa. This is Machiventa. Yes, brief in global terms and geoclimatic terms is 30 years. That’s sufficient to reduce the population immensely. Thank you.

Liz. Thank you.

Machiventa’s close – Kindness form spirit.

Machiventa.   This is Machiventa bringing our session today to a close. You have been very active in your minds. You have listened well, you have discerned well, you have reflected well, and now you have asked further questions. This is a wonderful process of lesson building and wisdom gathering. You will soon have a huge database which you can search online. It is immensely important that this database be useful to all people everywhere, and of course that means it will be on the internet, and it means it will have a useful search bar for those who are of the English language, and it will have a translator aspect that will translate into various languages – similar to what Google does with its translator. We are very much aware of these facilities and these technological abilities that exist. It is our wish that these be applied to this website knowing that it is an eventuality and not immediate. Our most immediate concerns are that the input be done and then second that it be searchable. Then the development from there will progress.

We thank all of those of you who are in the business of micro technologies and internet technologies to assist us in the spreading of this joy, this kindness around the world. It is important that people recognize that there is kindness from spirit. That this is not a wrathful spiritual process for anyone. It is one of joy and it is one of challenge as well. You know that you are here for lessons to learn, and not to be overcome by them so that you are destroyed. We are the hope of you and God the First Source and Center is our hope for the saving grace of this planet. We thank you for your attendance here today and know full well that you are assisting us in every way possible. Thank you for your kindness.  Good day.

Group: Thank you.


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