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NCO61 – Review Of Year, Fulfilling Life Plan

2004-12-26  Review Of Year, Fulfilling Life Plan


Group: Northern Colorado TeaM, #61
Loveland, Colorado

Teacher: Rayson (TR, Daniel)
Zarath (TR, Jerry)

Topics: Holiday season-contrast of lights and darkness
Review of year’s developments in the Teaching Mission
Analogy of the wedding party
Preparation for the Magisterial Son
Major planetary ages
Providing excellence
Practicality of spirituality
Detrimental emotional & mental states
Fulfilling your life-plan
Jesus & Nebadonia as role-models
Realizing the power & influence of Thought Adjuster
Teacher assignments
Using contemplative time

December 26, 2004

RAYSON: Good afternoon. This is Rayson. It is a pleasure to be here with you. We are grateful for your attendance, your support of this Merkaba, the energy of this session today.

So, did you enjoy this holiday season?

(Group comments on joy, lights, food, and children.)

RAYSON: It is a time of awakening, is it not? And what do you awaken to?

(Group: Christ Michael, Peace, Spirit of Giving, Appreciation of how much Christ Michael has brought to our world and Greater Understanding.)

RAYSON: Yes, these are very important times, not that former times or future times are less important, but these are important times, my friends. What we see upon your planet are these points of light, these areas of light during this season, where good will is in the hearts of many, yet these lights are contrasted by the darkness in so many areas. The diversity of your planet is immense, simply immense! You perhaps do not appreciate that there are more religions on your planet than there are in [whole] systems of planets in Nebadon. And yet, there is the thought, the belief, the knowing that within many of these groups they “know” what is right. And of course, this simply creates a more jarring separation from others.

We, too, revel in this holiday season with you, for we revel in the unity that is here. We also revel in the potential of greater unity, as the years and decades unfold. And though you may see great division between yourselves and other beliefs, even within your own faith, we see this as an immense reservoir for eventual commonality, which can only develop through a growing consciousness, a broadening consciousness, a tolerant consciousness. This is a theme that you will hear for the rest of your lives, and we do not say it over and over again to make you tired of that, but to make you aware that this is an important facet of your world.

This is close to the end of the year, is it not? It is almost the turning of the calendar year, as you celebrate it on your world. Yet, for us, those of us who are used to the calendar of Nebadon, it is another day. The celebration of the passing of another year has yet to develop and yet to come into existence in Nebadon. In some ways, you are fortunate to celebrate the passage of years so quickly, and you have these wonderful seasons of your solar year to celebrate those quarters of the year, particularly in the north and south latitudes. Tropical latitudes are much more like living in the worlds of Jerusem and Edentia and Salvington, surrounded by light, evenness of temperature, where you are not urged by the elements to move about or to huddle from the cold or to go out of doors into the brighter, warmer sun.

So let us review this past year of developments in the Teaching Mission, as far as you have experienced it. You will mark this year as most exceptional, we are sure. For many developments have come into existence. We have answered the “why” of that before, and have made you aware that all the pieces fit together. These pieces are great puzzle pieces that fit in the larger picture of the arrival of the Avonal Son. Much preparation is yet to be developed and revealed to you. And those will come in coming months and years. You have seen the preparations made in a city for the arrival of some dignitary. There is usually an advance team that comes, spends time there and prepares with the local people for the arrival of this dignitary. So too, our work in the Correcting Time, there is the advance party for the Avonal Son and we are preparing for his arrival.

You recall the wedding party that Jesus spoke about, where invited guests did not arrive, where the head steward was asked to go into the streets and invite everyone who would come. Many declined and some accepted. Now, can you imagine the wedding party that is going to occur when the Avonal Son is joined in union with your planet in a manifest way? Imagine a large—very large—building where every possible diverse group—ethnic group, religious group, political group, national group, racial group—where everyone is present and representatives are there. Can you imagine the scurrying about of the stewards and the people who are waiting on guests, as they strive to make everyone comfortable and prepare for the arrival of the wedding couple? How many—and beforehand—how many different kinds of invitations would be sent? How many different languages? What kinds of bells must chime and peal in bell towers, to bring people to this wedding? What kind of clamor must be made to entice the reception of individuals, so that their invitations would be fulfilled? Who will raise their hands with their RSVP’s and say, “I will be there”? If you can imagine this, then you can imagine the preparatory work that is going on for the Avonal Son’s arrival—the Magisterial Son’s arrival. This is no small project! Even for Midwayers, Celestials, Angels, Melchizedeks, and many other orders of beings, this is a large undertaking. A difficult one, but one that can be fulfilled.

Now imagine that some of the guests have sent in their RSVP’s and said, “Yes, I will be there” and the host and the Chief Steward say to you, “Go out, please, before you arrive and invite others to be with us. Do not make a big thing of it, but please let people know that the wedding party is to begin and everyone is invited. Please go out and invite your friends, without being offensive in doing so.” Well my friends, this is your call and what we have called you to do months and years ago, as you have participated in our co-creative effort in preparation for the arrival of the Magisterial Son, the Days of Light and Life and the return of Christ Michael. Now imagine this wedding party that could be so clamorous and so riotous, but there is a smoothness to this, an elan that pervades throughout the arrival of guests and the ceremonies, the dinning and conviviality, socializing and the toasting.

How many years, how many decades, how many centuries perhaps may be necessary to bring about this smoothness, or something that even approximates this smoothness in the social receptivity of your planet for a being as the Magisterial Son? It will take a good long time, but do not feel forsaken, for there is assistance here and as you know, the Magisterial Son is here in spiritual form, and transits between here and Jerusem frequently. This will be done with thoughtfulness, deliberation, care, compassion, and as we said several weeks ago, it is as though this planet is a broad, golden field of wheat, where not one kernel will be lost on the ground during harvest. That is the care that we will, and are applying, to this co-creative effort, this part of the Correcting Time, which is not coming but is here now.

So when you look back upon this year, as so many emanations that are so new to your thinking to the Teaching Mission/Correcting Time, these my friends, are simply small, necessary, reasonable and logical increments of development that are essential for the reclamation or the healing of your planet. What we find jarring, is the complacency of so many people, the shock of so many people who believe that this is not the time for this preparation, this is not the time for the arrival, this is not the time for anything this dramatic to occur, but that it is continually business as usual, a staid pattern of entrenched mediocrity.

Because of your brief lifetimes and your—for most of you—your lack of appreciation for the historicity of your planet and the development of civilization and culture, most of you fail, or have failed to give appreciation to the immense and dramatic changes that occurred on your planet from the Dark Ages to the awakening, to the era that led to the Renaissance and Enlightenment, the Age of Reason, the Age of Machines, the Age of Information, and now the Age of Mind. You are not serfs in some forgotten fiefdom in the Middle Ages, in the Dark Ages.

You are not unconscious and unaware of the larger parameters in which you exist. You are not disconnected from your neighboring villages, but rather you are completely connected to well over half of the population of this world, and can be in that connection within seconds. And it is not that you are unaware that your world is a material world, invested with spiritual energy in its inhabitants, and its place in this universe. And it is not that you are unaware that you are uncared-for by the Creator of your Local Universe. And it is not that you are unaware that he invested his final bestowal upon your planet.

We do not often exhort you, but I do so today, and from those of you who have this awareness, we have no less expectations than [that] you provide your most excellent performances in your lives. We know that you will provide this for numerous reasons: Primarily you should think of it in very personal terms, as the contribution that you can give to the growth of your soul, for this is the primary reason for the existence of the Correcting Time, and that is you! Secondly, you will do this for your children and their souls’ growth. And thirdly, you will do it for your extended family on this planet. The reward today, tomorrow and throughout your lifetime is that your lives will be forever changed. And this leads us to the second part of today’s lesson. First, let us take a pause for you to refresh yourselves, if you wish.

Now, moving from this heady presentation to you, let us move into practicality of your spirituality. The lessons that we have taught you are not something to be forgotten once you leave here, or [have] put down your transcript and go about your business and tend to the day’s activities. Certainly not. The spirituality that we are teaching you is incredibly functional and practical. It is a pragmatic aspect of your daily life. We wish you to approach your life in pragmatic spirituality. This spirituality that we are teaching you, have been teaching you since the inauguration of the Teaching Mission on Urantia, is not a “la-la-land, fairy tale, fantastical, magical fairy tale”, but a real, functional, practical, pragmatic way of approaching your lives on the material realms.

You have discussed the rather incredible life of Tonsah on his world, and I say to you that you are no less multi-dimensional beings than he and his kind on his home planet. If you say you are not, then my friends, that truly ends it! If you say anything about the possibility of it occurring, then all possibility is open to you. Many of you call this metaphysical thinking, that what you form in your mind is out-formed in and manifest in the world around you. We do not identify it as that, though it works very much like that. There is truly a connection between yourself and the manifestation of what is around you. There is truly a direct connection between your life-plan and your will, your active powerful will to do the Creator’s will in unfolding that life-plan, when you call that into existence.

The chores for that manifestation require you—necessitate—that you rid yourself of your harmful, detrimental, emotional states, your detrimental mental states, and erroneous detrimental thinking patterns. And my dear friends, that is no small chore for you, but truly a lifetime of activity to be honed through all your decades. It is true on one hand, that truly powerful minds can bring into existence that which is in their mental pattern, their mind pattern, without doing the background work. But this is much like building a house of cards: it is pretty to look at, but when it is shaken, it will also fall and collapse. By engaging the beneficial thinking patterns in living and speaking, supported by decisions that ground that into reality, you in effect, bring the future closer to you for being an effective manifester of good in your life. There are few boulders, turns, and rapids in the flow of your life, to fulfill that good for you. This to some of you is not a new lesson, but it is a lesson we reiterate again and will again in the future, a number of times.

Your course in life is benefited by two activities… by three activities:

  • 1. First is the elimination of negative thinking, negative detrimental emotional states;
  • 2. Second, by the replacement of those with positive thinking, positive ideas, positive emotional states, which are reflected in your thinking, speaking, your social activities, and your decisions. And;
  • 3. Thirdly, by actively calling into existence the enactment, fulfillment of your life-plan, according to God’s will, and practicing the out-forming of good in your life as you perceive it. It is that simple.

Jesus’ example in the flesh, the teachings that are existent in the Life and Teachings of Jesus in Part IV of the Urantia Book, are your examples; he is your role model; he is your big brother. He is the one to call upon when you succumb to negative thinking, negative emotions, and have not the strength to act in the mature way that he did. You have at hand as well, the grand influence of Nebadonia to work with your mind, to pattern your mind after Mother Spirit’s Mind, so that you think in benevolent, compassionate, tolerant, caring, patient, loving ways, about yourself first—not selfishly—but as self-regard, about others and about your planet. And then, to grasp the reins with your Thought Adjuster for the co-creative development of your higher being, through these outward processes.

As your Celestial Teacher, this last part enacts a mystery that we, which I, have not fathomed, and yet which I know is so intrinsic to my own being, as a fused individual. There is occurring in your lives with your will, your concurrence, your agreement and your empowerment, awesome development of the inexplicable good in your life. There is developing within you, a spiritual being, yourself, in preparation for fusion that is being crafted by your Thought Adjuster in your life. It is so profound to have had this exist and develop in my life, and to look back at these thousands of years of my existence, and see my track record as it has developed, as though it were with no consent or agreement of my own. It is as though this has happened without my participation. As I perceive this in my life, I am sure you will perceive it in yours in years to come.

Even during this lifetime, it is possible to realize the power and influence of your Thought Adjuster to enact in your life, through your living day-to-day greatness of your life, and that you will look back and realize in profound humility that you had only one-tenth of one percent to do with it. And that, my dear friends, is the crucial aspect, of not only giving assent and agreement, but also willing to do God’s will in your life, to willfully will God’s light to be done in your life. And then responsibly making decisions to fulfill that, as best you can, without beating yourself up for your mistakes, but learning and recognizing from those mistakes, that this is not the way, and then trying again. I share with you these things, in reflection of the past year and the Correcting Time, to help you gain a perspective—an appropriate perspective—for your place in all this great undertaking on your planet. You may feel small, but your Thought Adjuster does not feel that way about you. That is why we exhort you to excellence and know that you are fully capable of performing at the excellent level in your lives. And always that forgiveness is there when you miss the mark.

Blessings to you. Realize that as you stand here at the gateway of this New Year, that you cast a long shadow behind you in the months past. When you come to the closing hour of this year, we would like you to appraise your own growth in your life. Give yourself credit for the growth that you have seen in your life, and we know that each of you will see much growth in your life as you look back at only twelve months. So salute yourselves when you toast the New Year coming in. This closes our lesson for today and if there are others who wish to TR, or if there are questions, you may do so at this time.

Student: What can we do at …(inaudible)… out the complacency that we’re surrounded by? What can we do to help rid that?

RAYSON: Simply and quite easily—and the emphasis is on the “easily”—by being the shining beacon of wonderful smiles, that you are happy within. We wish you to recognize that you cast a lot of brightness ahead of you, wherever you walk. And when you walk into a store, when you walk into someone’s home—think of Christ Michael and his awesome brilliance of light, behind you, and you move forward with the confidence that he does. When your friends ask you, “What are you smiling about?” “Why do you have that grin on your face?” then you will know that you have made a great impact on your area; it is as simple as that.

Student: I have a brief question. What has happened to Gerahdt and Bob from the other Colorado groups? They were such excellent teachers and I miss them.

RAYSON: I am glad you have asked—we thought you never would! (Much laughter.) Do good friends just drop out of your life and you just say, “Ho hum?” Well we hope not. Yes, they are good friends. They are still about, they are on your planet, they are teachers and they are elsewhere due to reassignment. We have had them and others experience briefly the dynamics of various groups. Some of these teachers come from planets where there is not the variety, the cacophony of voices in groups as there are on your planet, and for some teachers it requires much exposure to many groups [for them] to become more effective.

We appreciate the lessons that they provided, and we are glad that you have acknowledged their value to you. Their reassignment is no reflection upon you or your worth; it is no reflection upon their worth or their effectiveness as teachers. There is an administration to the assignment of teachers, those who are helpers, novices, apprentices, journeymen, teachers and masters. The progress from one to another is part of their growth. The administration in their placement is measurable, it is incumbent upon us to assist each teacher to become the most effective teacher they can become, and to assist in their transition through the lines of teaching, to greater authority, greater responsibilities. The same care for them individually, as we have said, is also given to you. It is remarkable, but this is the same care given to everyone and is available to everyone in the universe. Wherever there is a Son-filled, or Spirit-filled, or Father-filled individual, there you will find individual support, individual caring and a life-plan that has many facets for its development and expression. Thank you for your question.

Student: Thank you, and tell them “Hi” from us.

RAYSON: These teachers follow the groups in Colorado closely, as closely as they follow the other groups they have been with. They, too, are interested in knowing what mark they have made upon the lives of individuals and the groups of individuals, not as an act of pride, but as a measure of their teaching capacity and capability.

Jerry: Rayson, my teacher would like to say a few words.

RAYSON: Certainly. Begin when you wish.

ZARATH: (TR, Jerry): Good afternoon. This is Zarath.

(Group welcome.)

ZARATH: I am very happy to be here with this group and to be able to participate, to bask in the glow of my senior teacher, Rayson. This is indeed a beautiful, wonderful time of year; the spirit of the season is existing throughout the world in many, many locations, calming and beautifying the lives of many people who have been in distress. So it is with pleasure that we can see these results and help them to continue by spreading the word of Michael’s increasing presence and [spiritual] pressure and love. We hope you will continue to work in this regard and …(tape turned)…. I will close for now. I just wanted to express my love and appreciation. Thank you.

(Group gives thanks as well.)

RAYSON: This is Rayson. When you sit as observers of a new TR in the group, there is a contemplative time where you are in repose in your mind. It is during this time of repose that oftentimes your teacher or a Melchizedek, or Christ Michael, or some other will come to you and say to you, “It is I, Michael. I wish to speak with you.” And at that time, we invite you to dialog within your mind with that being whomever that may be. This is a time where there is much energy in the group and your surroundings that supports this meditative, quiet activity. It is a time where there is great respect for this development, and though there may be a voice come through your ears from one who is speaking aloud, continue your dialog with this unseen visitor in your mind.

This is good practice for your eventual TR’ing, in your Stillness at home, in your writing, on the keyboard, or with a friend—or aloud, as you walk outside in a quiet, serene place. Accept that you are worthy of this contact. Appreciate your worth that this has occurred. Appreciate how this can be of great assistance to your own growth, as you become more acquainted with dialoguing with a teacher whose capabilities are a greater aid to your own. For some of you, this will come soon; for others, it has already arrived; for others it may be a ways off. Do not be deterred or deflected from this quiet solitude of these moments of potential union, dialog with one who cares about you and wishes to share with you.

We will take a moment now before we close today’s session, to give you time for this activity, and then I will close it formally in a few moments.

RAYSON: Go forward with peace in the New Year, for you are the center of peace in your world. Good day.

(Group expresses thanks.)

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