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NCO69 – Mentors, Guidance & Service

2005-06-12  Mentors, Guidance & Service


Northern Colorado TeaM, #69
Loveland, Colorado

Teachers: Zarath (TR, Jerry Evans)
AhmaNiden (TR, JoiLin Johnson)
Group of Mentori (TR, Daniel Raphael)
Zarath: Encouragement for individual development
AhmaNiden: Individualized methods of guidance
Allow for expansion through openness
Mentori: Work with the ideals and goals of Most Highs
Relationship between Mentors and mortals
Types of service available
Gaia is a living entity
Coordination between all efforts of the Correcting Time
Aspire to great service.

June 12, 2005

Prayer (Jerry): Heavenly Father, we give thanks for your teachers, for Christ Michael and Nebadonia. Hear our thanks, our appreciation and our love, with a small part returned to you for other service. We will now prepare ourselves; take some deep breaths and take time in meditation to still our bodies and let our consciousness come closer to Thee. We would like to connect to the Merkaba; first the heart line, and then the mind line, and join the energy that we may share. As we continue to go deeper, closer to Thee, we will wait for our teachers.

ZARATH: (TR, Jerry): Good afternoon, this is Zarath.

(Group welcomes him.)

ZARATH: Thank you. It is a pleasure to be here with this new sized group, with those who have returned and a pleasure to be here among other teachers, who are on stand-by, also anxious to talk and to participate. I feel quite honored, being a more junior teacher, to be hosting this occasion.

There are many things of current [import?]; I had a chance in the last session to describe a little bit more on the national scene, in the hopes that this will provide encouragement for those who are uneasy about the progress of the Teaching Mission around the world. The main emphasis, however, needs to be on your development, your desire to accomplish what you can, within the mission itself, to in quiet ways, demonstrate the love of Jesus, each of you showing that love and consideration, that acceptance of others.

These lessons have been variously given to all of you, in different phases, at different times. All I can do is encourage you to remember and to refresh those lessons in your own life, in this time. Are there any questions? If not, we will open the floor to other teachers present.

AHMANIDEN: (TR, JoiLin): Greetings, students. It is I, AhmaNiden, come to speak with you once more.

(Group welcome.)

AHMANIDEN: Thank you. I would like to put a question on the floor, if I may, to each of you. How is it that you, individually, sense the guidance you receive? On what levels do you receive and recognize this guidance? What do you do to prepare yourself for receiving? In any order, please.

Student: My calling it seems, is to work with energy, to be a conduit for energy to come through me, and I have an open door policy mentally, making myself available to transmit or to shape or to form in kind of a three-dimensional shape of energy, sometimes as a central light shinning out on all that is within this radius, and sometimes to lift it up, sometimes to encircle the group, and I sometimes just feel it in terms of how and where I should move my arms and let it go, and at other sometimes I have an image of the way my hands should go. And I gaze up as long as I can, to allow as much energy to come through me as I am capable of. There is nothing verbal; it is much more in [through] my body and into them.

AHMANIDEN: Very good. And so that is one level, or one facet of the guidance that is being sent to you, if you will. Are there any other levels that you perceive?

Student: At other times, I will ask for guidance on how to let my energies come out in business, and what ideas are there available to me to pursue when I am ready, so that I can shift from one mind-set into a higher…that’s not quite the right word… but a broader perspective, I guess is a better term, on a business rather than [personal level?] and I do get that in definite words, definite images and ideas, and I am also reminded of thoughts I have had in the past and other [experiences?]

AHMANIDEN: Excellent! And so you are open to receiving guidance that would lead you to give service to your brothers and sisters, and at the same time, you are also moved into asking for guidance for the specific issue, that would serve you.

Student: Yes.

AHMANIDEN: That is good. Excellent! Any others?

Student: I am minded to practicing stillness every morning and reading of the transcripts, and I try to still my mind and get rid of the chatter. I’ve been journaling, and I have been re-reading my journal these last few days, and I have been so pleased at what I have been receiving. I think, wow! That’s really great, and it seems to me that as I look back on this, I think, well, I must be growing.


Student: It is interesting to see how my thinking has been tweaked, adjusted. I am very pleased with this!

AHMANIDEN: And we are pleased with you.

Student: I did come up with one question: I was thinking when Monjoronson had given us a lesson about the fact that until we give up every bit of anger and resentment toward those who are in leadership positions, whether of nations or science, or institutions—whatever—and I thought that until we forgive all these leaders, that we will not be in an environment of peace. And then I had to ask, “Am I going to have to forgive Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Mugabe, and the former President of Iraq?” And the answer was, “Yes.” Wow! That’s a big test! So I have had to work on that.

And then there was a statement about forgiveness and compassion and understanding, so I had a question: Which comes first, the forgiveness and then understanding and compassion, or is it understanding and compassion first, and then forgiveness? I haven’t resolved that question.

AHMANIDEN: That is an individual movement of will. For some, understanding comes first and that moves into forgiveness. For others who are more emotionally grounded, forgiveness will come first and then understanding.

Let us move back, if you will, to ways that you experience your guidance. Do you ever have a sense that you have just received a kernel of wisdom, during your day?

Student: AhmaNiden, I’ll use an analogy. It is like an inner well, and should I think I am thirsty, I can go to the well and have it quenched; it is continuously there. I never know if it is my indwelling Father or my teachers, or other guides, but it doesn’t matter, I don’t ask; it’s not important.


Student: But it’s there! Everything is there and the more I access it, the easier it is to ask.

Sometimes I need to sit down at the keyboard, because that’s how I am worked with quite frequently. That’s why I am nudged to be on these lists. As I type things out, I get a lot of insight—I don’t know about the other readers, but it works for me. And occasionally as I type something, I will get, “That’s not quite the word; you want this word.” And dialog does go on in my head, but I am so close with it that I—and it’s very subtle—that I don’t always catch it, that it is not my thoughts.

I think at one time, you explained to JoiLin and I about vibrations, and when your vibration is raised—if I understood you correctly—it is a new experience, and so you feel this new tingling of energy within, but as it levels off, as it becomes a part of your energy system, the tingling dissipates, you become acclimated; it’s normal, it’s how it is. And so you don’t notice it any longer; it’s not something that stands out, and so I am not noticing spirit working with me as a distinct event; it is a continuing event; I’m in the flow, so I’m not feeling the water, I am just in that flow, so It’s working for me.

AHMANIDEN: Thank you. Anyone else?

Student: I get my guidance mostly from the transcripts. If I am working on a problem of some sort, I seem to automatically pick up a transcript to read that helps me with that.

AHMANIDEN: Amazing is it not?

Student: Yes. There must be something intuitive that is going on within me that guides me to take the time to sit down and pick up a transcript or two.

AHMANIDEN: That is a given.

Student: I would very much like to move to a more intimate contact with my angels and teachers.

AHMANIDEN: And that will happen as a matter of course as you gain greater and greater …”expertise” is not quite the word I want, but it will do. It involves practice as you become more grounded and steeped in that vibration. Usually that will happen as a matter of course.

Student: Thank you.

AHMANIDEN: You are welcome. Anyone else?

Student: I request guidance in prior meditation, at the start of each day and at the close of each day. I give thanks. I’ve been able to get messages that pertain to different events that come into my life. I feel like I am getting guidance to give them energy in the right direction, to solve problems or to assist others in solving problems through love and caring and kindness.

AHMANIDEN: Good. Anyone else?

Student: [Too faint to transcribe.]  [Note: Some students chose not to participate in the dialog.]

AHMANIDEN: As you can see, it is a highly individualized practice of receiving, each individual mortal of the realm will receive his/her guidance on different levels, dependent upon many different factors, some of which are hereditary; others have to do with an individual’s environment, whether it is loving and supportive or more negative. How high an individual’s vibration or frequency has been able to be elevated also enters into it. But of the most importance, or the most important factor is ones willingness to be open, to receive on all levels of being; to receive on an intellectual level, on a spiritual level, the physical level and on an emotional level.

All these levels are different ways that individual humans can receive guidance. Some receive it through transcripts—this is a combination of intellect and heart, working together as one. Others receive it energetically and feel it in their physical bodies. Many ways can you receive our guidance; others see themselves as a vessel and receive what comes through, on whatever level they are into receiving it.

Be open, dear ones. Recognize that you are but children, beginning this journey inward toward Father in Paradise and have many lessons to learn, while you live this life of mortal flesh. It is within your wherewithal to open yourselves in expanding the levels. At first, quite small, but as you work with the energy and as you work with your will, and channel your will toward Father, and allow his will to mingle with yours, you will discover a more open, more expansive ability to receive his blessings and his guidance, as well as those who work with him and with your angels, those who you will receive as guides or teachers—all working together in a symphony to help you extend your ‘being-ness.”

I encourage you and challenge you each, to go into your day, as well as end your day, opening yourselves to the extent that you can, receiving on increasing levels, with your awareness, your intuition, your God. And now I will step back and allow other teachers, perhaps, to speak. I bid you good day and leave you with the knowledge that are ever held within the Father’s embrace, ever guided by him through those fragments of himself into all you each. Shalom.

(Thank you from students.)

MENTORI: (TR, Daniel): Good afternoon, we are the Mentori.

(Group Welcome.)

MENTORI: Thank you. I speak on behalf of the group that I work with. We are an association of various orders, who work in conjunction and in concert with mortals of your planet. We are an experimental group that seems to have had great success among mortals we have worked with. We are a composite group of midwayers through Melchizedeks, including celestial teachers, those of the angelic corps and others. We are goal specific; we are working with the Most Highs, and with those individuals whose life work and service is in concert with the Most Highs’ goals for your planet.

There are individuals who do not know that we are assisting them; in fact, there are few that do know this. We are aware of many individuals on your planet who have dedicated themselves to great good for humanity, for civilization, for the generations to come. Our work is to assist in those long-term goals. The immediate is being managed effectively with mortals from other groups of individuals of the realm. We are of assistance to all; we are available to those who have what you would call, high-minded ideals and goals for themselves, for their lives and for the service of their planet.

We are available to you; we have not made ourselves known heretofore, as it is not an issue of the personal nature. Our assignments do not come from individuals, but come from the planetary liaison with the Most Highs. We wish you to know that we are here, that we do work among you, with you, though we oftentimes do not work for you. We work for the goals and outworking of the good, which we wish to bring through in your lives. Some of you have short-term goals, which aid these ends. We are available for you, to assist you, to assist the right working of the good of your planet.

You might say we are part of the orchestration of good, of light, on your planet, what others in olden times have called “providence.” Our work is the outworking invisible hand of God, of good, of light, that occurs on your planet. Know that there is no magic in the universe, that where good occurs, there has been good effort by those who are mortal, and those who are not, to bring about the good that is needed for your planet to survive. We wish you well in all of your endeavors. Do not be of low-minded nature, but be willing to have high ideals, and to strive to fulfill them in your lives. Seek for greater energy [from] that which is outside yourself, which can assist your energy within. Know that you have inner guidance, which is supreme and superb and perfect. Be open to it; be willing to challenge yourselves to be of service to your world. Good day.

Student: Many I ask a question?

MENTORI: Most certainly.

Student: We are informed in the Urantia Book that inhabited planets therefore have a planet that is, itself alive. In old times we have named that Goddess, Gaia. Does Gaia have a personality and is she a part of the group?

MENTORI: We do not affirm that Gaia has a personality; Gaia is a living entity, much as you would call energy controllers. They are beings, they have individuality, they have purpose and function, and they have what you would call life. Gaia is not part of our team; we are a small group of individual beings—less than fifty—although there are multiple groups of us on your planet. Does this answer your question?

Student: Yes.

Student: I have a question as well. I have been studying for a number of years—a lot of years in my mind, but a drop in the bucket in terms of years to you—to begin a healing practice, and for the first time, whatever blocks existed in my life have been lifted and I am beginning to practice. And also, for the first time, I find myself wanting to embrace helpers in this endeavor, because my heart simply wants to help my siblings in whatever way I can—help to heal whatever pain, be it emotional or physical, that they experience. Is that too small of an effort for your group to work with, or not?

MENTORI: It is not too small. We would be glad to assist you in the development of your practice, both within your mind and without in social and in organizational ways. Your efforts are of a larger group of efforts that are ongoing on your planet to bring about alternative healing techniques, besides the traditional allopathic medical arts that are practiced in your country and in other places. You are reawakening the Gaia healing arts that do exist. We do acknowledge and affirm that they exist, and that they are efficacious. There is a group of healing artisans of celestial and angelic natures, there is a mission involved to address, if you wish. We will assist you, because you have requested our assistance, although this will be short-term and temporary. We advise you to seek out the mission/project as it may be called, that has a support team on the angelic and celestial realms to assist you.

Student: Is Marleena a member of that group?

MENTORI: We do not speak about individuals at this time.

Student: Thank you.

Student: How does your work as mentors coordinate with the work being done for Monjoronson’s arrival?

MENTORI: Closely. You will find that in all efforts organized by Michael in the Correcting Time, that all efforts coordinate and work together, though there are projects that we know that are on-going, which we have no association, we know that our work supports them and theirs support ours. I would like to point you to a closer question, and that is the work of the Thought Adjusters of individuals we work with. Is it all right to address this, since you have not asked, but it is an accessory question?

Student: Absolutely.

MENTORI: Our work supports the highest values of the Thought Adjuster for the individual, to allow the individual to express themselves in concert with their life plan and the goals of the Thought Adjuster, for the highest soul development of the individual. The calling of the individual is such that their calling has brought them into the higher realms of service for their lives. This is in concert with their life plan and the goals of the Thought Adjuster to assist in their soul development.

This is one of the criteria for our working with individuals on the planet, is that this be in concert with their life plan and the highest achievements that their Thought Adjuster can assist them with. Of course as always, it is always the individual’s decision to participate or to take action for these goals. This is oftentimes most difficult, as your planet is difficult to live on, but there is not a corps or organization or staffing at the mortal level to assist individuals in this way. So it is a matter of their will, their decisions, their fortitude and perseverance to have these goals be achieved through them.

We see our work as a blessing, a wonderful adjunct to growth to the individuals and to the work of the Thought Adjuster, and to your planet. We hold this as an ideal for our work.

Student: Is there a format for receiving guidance in this fashion?

MENTORI: Yes, there is a format, though consciousness, awareness of the individual may not be existent. Does that satisfy?

Student: No. As an individual wanting to receive guidance from the Mentors, for my healing practice, will I receive that guidance on a conscious level, or do I look to myself as I do for communication with my teachers and receive guidance that way? How will I experience the guidance?

MENTORI: You will experience guidance as others have in history, through the acts of “providence”; you will be led to others and others will be led to you. There will be serendipity and coincidence of a higher order, occurring in your life.

Student: Oh, I love it! Thank you.

MENTORI: You are welcome.

Student: May I ask why are you announcing the presence of the Mentor groups? Is it so that people will call on you, although what I am hearing is that it’s not really “personal” growth; your goals are more for humanity? Am I correct?

MENTORI: That is correct.

Student: And is this just to plant seeds, or is there a purpose, a higher purpose that I am missing?

MENTORI: You ask a very astute question. Our announcement is for the purposes of individuals to aspire to great service, of great dedication, knowing that their work will be supported in perhaps invisible ways and those which come to them through “miraculous,” in your terms, of processes. Service by individuals, choices of service, are necessary for planets to evolve and to grow. Your planet is in need of great service from individuals. It is as though “drops in the bucket make oceans of love.” Service underlies and is the foundation of much love—coordinated efforts of good. Do not be afraid to aspire to high ideals of service, knowing that they will be supported in mysterious ways, personal ways of opportunities. Does this answer?

Student: Yes, it does. Thank you.

MENTORI: : You are most welcome. I will retire unless there are other questions. Thank you.

Jerry: Are there any other teachers who would like to be acknowledged? If not, we will close this session with our appreciation to the teachers involved, and with love to all.


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