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NCO79 – Planetary Rebirth

– Planetary Rebirth
– January 29, 2006

Northern Colorado TeaM, #79
Boulder, Colorado

Teachers: Zarath and Ana

Topics: Planetary rebirth
Progress can be seen
Troubles ahead will require more effort
Being the Vanguard of Light
Q & A Progress of other nations and cultures
Some personal growth questions
Raising consciousness level
Communication techniques
Techniques of sharing the Revelation

TR: Jerry Evans

ZARATH: Good afternoon, this is Zarath. It is such a pleasure to be here again with you, you individuals who are so trustworthy and reliable and here to work on your development and faith and spirit. I have been anticipating this chance today to come and talk to you about the beauties of the universe and the activities that I have been able to participate in on this side.

You have no idea how much enthusiasm and joy we experience in the realization that so much good is happening on your planet. It has been in the throes of a “rebirth,” if you will; many disturbances are being experienced. This may be hard for you, as you are involved in it, to realize how much is being accomplished by the Most Highs and by all of the spirit teachers. We see much chaos in various [areas] of your countries that cause you worries and concerns and raise the level of effort necessary to try to deal with it. Out of this will come even more effort and pain for some in the short term, until that point is reached where many will recognize the error of their ways and respond to the light.

But we can see many involved in these areas, who are raising their efforts and their spiritual light to bring about peace and understanding and goodwill that so many are searching for. So, though we see and foresee troubles ahead, we encourage you to be of good heart and know that the Father’s will, will be realized and that Michael’s efforts will not cease until this world steps into Light and Life.

You are the vanguard, the ones we count on to hold the faith, to show your love, to show your understanding and goodwill, to be the emissaries of the Light. Your day-to-day actions are more valuable than you can possibly conceive. Your example ripples through the whole universe. We are so encouraged by so many of you, who are diligent and loving and caring, who do their best to carry the message of courage and hope to those around them. Again, I congratulate you and try to express again the immense love we feel for you. That essentially is my message for you today. If you have any questions, I will be happy to answer them for you if I can.

Student: Can you tell us anything more about other groups in other religions and faiths? We feel confident that the Correcting Time and the teachers are reaching out to many different faiths around our globe, other than with people with a background in the Urantia teachings. Can you share anything more about that?

ZARATH: There are groups of teachers established for each of the major religions of the world, and the major nations, language areas. Michael has spared no efforts to bring sufficient numbers of teachers to make contact with all those of a spiritual light, exhibiting and wanting to live the laws of the spirit. Does this answer your question?

Student: I think so . . . it just seems reasonable that the teachers would reach out to people whatever their language or culture or their religious views and symbols and things like that, as you speak to us, often referring to our text, the Urantia Book. We would assume that the teachers also speak to people in spiritual ways they understand.

ZARATH: Indeed, that is so. The teachers can make contact within the context of the person or group that has a “one God” concept, and they reach out to those in different religions, which have not advanced to that stage yet, but have a sense of the Creator, regardless of the name they give it, for Jesus does not exclude any being—all of whom he loves dearly—as the Son of Man, as well as Christ Michael.

Student: Thank you.

ZARATH: You are welcome.

Student: Zarath, would it be possible for me to have some personal questions answered by my teacher? Is she available?

ZARATH: What is your teacher’s name?

Student: Ana.

ANA: This is Ana. May I help you?

Student: Yes, I have missed you tremendously and I would like to get re-acquainted. Rayson tells me that you are still my teacher even though I haven’t had any direct contact with you for a long time, so I would just like to have perhaps a little input from you on the direction I have been going, and what I still need to work on.

ANA: I will be happy to assist you. I have missed our discussions, and yet, I have been close to you through all this time. Your consciousness level needs to be heightened, to make the connection more clear and direct, so that we can converse directly.

Student: And how can I work on that to increase my level? Is it a matter of vibrational frequency, or just a matter of my controlling my thought patterns?

ANA: I have a suggestion that may help. When you go into the silence, consider that you are able by your intention—your stated intention—to increase your consciousness level, to raise it toward the Mother Spirit and toward the Father. In this process, as you intentionally search for that higher level, with the intent also of making contact with me, that will increase the circuit connection that we can mutually share. Practice will allow that to happen, and I think you will feel that connection actually taking place. Does that help?

Student: Yes, somewhat. I still am having a difficult time trying to stop my mind from getting off track. It is very difficult for me to calm my mind down for stillness. Sometimes it feels like it is a total waste of time because I do not achieve the quietness that I wish for.

ANA: That can be helped by the concentration on the “light” technique. As you seek to go into the stillness, visualize the light in front of you, of the Father and the Mother Spirit combined, and let that be your focus, with the intent of reaching toward that light, almost as a journey, gradually increasing your concentration upon it, with that desire. And if your mind starts to wander, return to it. There is nothing more desirable or important than reaching that light, and the ability then to communicate with the mind—and I will be there.

Student: Thank you. I have another question: When I am journaling at the computer and I verbally invite my celestial friends to eavesdrop or read over my shoulder, are those messages that I write about getting through, or is there a better way I can communicate with you?

ANA: That is a true response, and you will be able to tell and sort out what is a true response from your own imaginative reactions. When you can reach a point where you feel that you are not interjecting your own thoughts, and just let the thoughts that come be recorded, they are very truly your helpers trying to assist you.

Student: So, are you saying that my helpers have actually been able to get through to me, and that I have then acted on their input?

ANA: Yes, I will validate that.

Student: Amazing! Is there anything else that you would like to share with me, based on your observations of my growth and where I am headed?

ANA: You are a beautiful carrier of the Light, and we love you so deeply! Sometimes we tremble at the feelings that we would like to impart. Each person has a different physical/chemical makeup, making it more easy and simple for some than others to respond in one way or another way, to these circuit capabilities. Be not disturbed, for your intent is so pure. Continue your search, but be not concerned, for we love you and the Father loves you and you definitely are growing.

Student: Thank you. I greatly appreciate your words.

ANA: You are most welcome.

Student: I have a question for Zarath or Ana—whoever is available to it. In our relationship with our church organization, I recently received a request, you might say, from someone who would like to know more about the personality of Jesus, and would like to know and have access to a good bibliography of Jesus. And I thought, “Wow! We have that information; we have it in the Urantia Book.” And I would love to be able to share it with this person, but this was written on a survey, and so I don’t know how to find this person and say, “If you are truly interested in knowing about the personality of Jesus, this wonderful passage on the balance of Jesus’ personality, as noted by the Apostles would be appropriate,” and I am wondering if you have any suggestion how I might reach out to this person, or find out who it is, and perhaps expose him/her to some of this vital information that was given to us so beautifully, and which really isn’t very much available in the Bible?

ZARATH: This is Zarath. Your question is intriguing to you, I can tell, as it is to us. The interest in Father Michael/Jesus needs to be satisfied. I am not able to identify the person for contact, but suggest that in the programs that you are developing, there is an opportunity to bring forward other sources. Just as they look to different books on theology and on Christianity, so other sources can be introduced—just a part, as a teaser—to cause them to open their minds and hearts to other possibilities. Is that sufficient answer?

Student: I think so. Someone has mentioned that some author has written a fictionalized account of Jesus’ life, and I think, “Huh! For pity I have to go there,” when we have the Urantia Revelation, which gives us such a beautiful picture of Jesus’ life and all those so called missing years, and the richness of his teachings given to us so much more directly.

There is this other book too, where Jesus appeared to this artist, and so it occurs to me that it seems as if there are some statements in that book that are enlightening and may be indeed, directly from Jesus/Christ Michael, and so maybe I could share something from that source and something from the Urantia text, and look around and see if there are some others that are—you might say—are consistent with the Fifth Epochal Revelation. Is that the kind of thing you are referring to?

[[Ed. Note: The book referred to here is “Love Without End: Jesus Speaks,” by Glenda Green.]]

ZARATH: Those are rich thoughts. I encourage you to continue with it.

Student: Okay, I’ll do that in my daily meditation and stillness. Thank you.

ZARATH: You are welcome. I think this subject is growing tired, and so, I will be taking my leave. It has been such a pleasure to be with you today, and to discuss the ideas that will help us all. I leave you with my love. Good day.

Students: And we send you off with our love! Thank you for coming, and thanks also to Jerry.

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