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NCO81 – Fires Of The Spirit Manipulation

2006-04-02  Fires Of The Spirit Manipulation

– Fires Of The Spirit Manipulation
– April 2, 2006

Northern Colorado TeaM, #81
Loveland, Colorado

Teacher: Zarath

Topics: Fires of the spirit
Manipulation by the news media
Update on Monjoronson
Q & A Seeing with physical or spiritual vision
Personal questions on building community
Showing respect and honor vs. worship
Dealing with fear

TR: Jerry Evans

ZARATH: Good afternoon, this is Zarath.

(Group welcomes him.)

ZARATH: Thank you, so good to be here with you. Some of you have had to travel a long way to get here and witnessed the fire that is in the neighborhood; it is always disturbing to the many people who could lose so much. It seems to be more under control, so we will say “kudos” to the fire fighters.

There are many fires around the earth in the many nations, not only regular fire, but fires of the spirit, so many who are responding with cultural differences, misunderstandings and hate built up from centuries of these difficult associations. And yet, we here can see so much to be encouraged by, so much pleasure in seeing the increase in understanding and the development of souls, shown by the sparks of light that show to us, much as lights show to those in outer space, when the night is dark.

Your expectations lead to much discontent with the news that is progressively given to you each day. There is so much that one cannot know, that occurs across the world, leaving one open to being manipulated by the news into feelings of excessive fear and misunderstanding. Those who by faith can view the world with hope and understanding and compassion, will not be subject to this manipulation, and can indeed find happiness in their close associations and nearby community.

[[Note: The transcriber believes that in the previous paragraph, Zarath may have been skillfully responding to a discussion the members had before the session, concerning the validity (or not) of a “conspiracy theory” of a political nature that is making the rounds on the Internet and elsewhere, without making his comment a political response.]]

I have much to tell you about Monjoronson and his progress here in setting up his contact points. There are those who say they have seen him, and while they may have, certainly in their mind’s eye, certainly with insight, for he is close to us, though for most, yet invisible to worldly eyes. He is such an inspiration, such a joy to be around! We look forward with great anticipation to when more of you can see and hear and feel his presence. One is always asked, at the mention of his name, “How soon?” “How soon?”

That we all, here on this side, cannot say since so much depends upon your own efforts. So we encourage you to continue to spread the light, in your own individual ways, to share your beliefs and joy, your understanding and caring. And the day will come when he can announce his presence, and make such a tremendous difference in the beliefs and understanding of the population of the whole world. This is all I have to bring to you today, but I am open to questions if you have any?

Student A: Yes, Zarath, I do. I have wanted to ask this question for a long time, and something you said reminded me of it. When you talk about Monjoronson making his appearance, will that be only to those that see with spiritual eyes, or will he be physically observable by even non-believers?

ZARATH: That will occur in stages. Those with the spiritual insight to see will be blessed first, and then progressively, as more and more can announce their experiences, others can reach a higher consciousness, and then a “tipping point” can occur where that conscious acceptance level will be observed by Monjoronson and will be the trigger that he has said will cause him to physically materialize and be with us in the physical state. Is that sufficient?

Student: Yes, that does answer my question. Thank you.

Student B: Zarath, on the way over here, I meditated on the fact that I was sent up to Evergreen to build community, and now Daniel is up there, and I think the two of us should work together, and we have already started to plan how we will work together. Do you have any special advice for us?

ZARATH: Enjoy each other’s company, and I say that lightly, but with sincerity. You will be amazed at your success.

Student: Thank you.

ZARATH: You are welcome.

Student C: As you were asking that question, it brought a question to mind about whether your efforts might be more fruitful in a study group like this, or within a church institution, or perhaps some variety of what we might call intimate spiritual contact with people? I wonder if you could speak to that, Zarath?

ZARATH: I see some evidence of your thinking of building community. This is always a delightful concept to pursue, but there are many roads to such a community, many paths, which you must explore. We are not in a position to give guidance, but only encouragement. Your faith and your strong beliefs will lead you in the right direction.

Student C: Zarath, I was wondering too, when you were talking about Monjoronson’s physical appearance, and if he should appear to us before we pass on to our next life, I was wondering whether it was appropriate to show our respect and honor for him in a worshipful kind of sense, or would he more likely ask us to worship only the Father?

ZARATH: He reminds us that those same thoughts were associated with Jesus. He is a close resemblance of Jesus as a brother—a trinity brother—and would give the same guidance, that only the Heavenly Father should be worshipped. He is quite happy with love and respect, as we—each of us on this side are. We are all one family, one loving family. And as we greet each other with love and respect, we find joy in that association, as does he.

Student: Thank you.

ZARATH: You are welcome.

Student A: In the beginning, about January 2004, when we were informed about Monjoronson’s coming, some groups were led to believe that he would be with us within months—not years, but months—and other groups that it might be 100 years or more. Were those discrepancies meant to be kind of a winnowing out process, to see how many of us would stay the course if it turned out to be a long time, or was there some other reason for it?

ZARATH: Those who brought those messages, did so in complete innocence, and received and interpreted the best they could, matched with their own expectations and desires, and we are not to be troubled by them, but only try to look for our own reality and withhold our expectations. Wait patiently. That is the best that I can answer you in that regard.

Student: Thank you.

Student C: In one of our more recent sessions, the question was put forward about the best way to deal with “strong-willed children,” without squelching their good development and I think the teacher referred us to a Nursery Supervisor. Can you give us any more information about that, or put us in touch with that Nursery Supervisor, regarding that question? Or do we need to put that off to a later time?

ZARATH: If you will wait a moment, . . I am unable to connect. That question will have to be deferred.

Student: Thank you anyway.

Student B: Do you have any special advice for us in the next few weeks?

ZARATH: Live your lives with joy and expectation. There is so much for us to see before us, to be thankful for, speaking from this side and your side. Seek the joy! With that, I believe I need to close as this one grows tired. It has been a great pleasure to be here with you. I will say, “Farewell.”

Student C: Zarath, before you go, do you think you might be able to deal with one more question?

ZARATH: Zarath: What is it?

Student: Well, I was thinking that things happen in our lives that cause us to be fearful, whether it is illness among our loved ones, or concerns in world affairs, but when we feel kind of an overwhelming fear, could you give us a good suggestion about how to activate our faith and hope to the point where we are best able to deal with that fear?

ZARATH: Call on that courage that you saw in Jesus/Christ Michael, and call on him and Mother Spirit, to invade you and help you, to sustain you in that problem. They can always be counted on. Is that sufficient?

Student: Yes, that helps. Perhaps Mother Spirit, since she has already given us the Adjutant Mind Spirit of Courage. I could imagine that she could strengthen that and. . . .

ZARATH: You strengthen that by asking. And now, if we may, I would like to bid adieu.

(Group gives thanks.)

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