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NCO88 – Paradigm; Change; Transformation


Northern Colorado TeaM, #88
Boulder, Colorado

Teachers: Monjoronson & Zarath

Topics: Multiple aspects to Magisterial Mission
An opportunity for World Spiritual Enlightenment
A paradigm change with “heart”
Changes to be exponential
Multi-dimensional interlacing of best of mortals with spirit
World lacking a coordinating council
Nations completely unprepared for coming changes
Leadership awareness
Unique situation in Nebadon & Orvonton
Long term, long range, broad plans
Christ Michael’s plan for us
Capacity to communicate is important
Building responsible governance
Infrastructure vital to civilization
“Pandemic” of peace
New business models
Socially responsible global services
Q & A: Destabilization of large corporations and World Bank
Current era of exploitation of resources unsustainable
Appreciate the significance of your soul
Replacement of UN
Boundaries, borders and sovereignty
Holistic survival
Sovereignty must be dissolved
The end of “me-ism”
Need for leaders
Assertive participation
Internet must persist
Past lives
Life missions & destiny
Trans-personal experiences

TRs: Daniel Raphael for Monjoronson
Jerry Evans for Zarath

August 27, 2006

ZARATH:  (TR, Jerry): This is Zarath.

(Group welcome.)

ZARATH: What a wonderful pleasure to see this group together and to participate with you. Your synergy is indeed, beautiful to behold. Your lights are very bright and collectively send a true message of love to those around you. I am fortunate to be here today to welcome you, to advance the cause of the Teaching Mission, and to introduce other teachers as they decide to join us. You may feel many of them around you at this point, for they are here. The enjoyment is ecstatic on this side. Our love for you is so great, and to have you share it with us is such a blessing.

There are many events that will be brought to you today, and at this point I will leave the forum open to the next teacher.

MONJORONSON: (TR, Daniel): Thank you Zarath. This is Monjoronson.

(Group: Welcome.)

MONJORONSON: It is a pleasure to be here in this new location, though I occupy many locations during any given day. As I have mentioned before, the Magisterial Mission is multiple. That is, there is the saving grace brought with a Magisterial Mission, which imbues this world with a new spiritual ambience, a receptivity that people, individuals, will feel as they desire to connect with the First Source and Center. It is a privilege to be a Descending Son of that Source, a privilege to be here to learn so much in service to the First Source and Center and to you, individually, and to a world of people.

I have come here, first, representing the First Source and Center, the Creator, my brother, Christ Michael, and Machiventa your Planetary Prince. When I first came to you as a presence, a benevolence and a Son of what you would call “magnitude,” where you would feel my presence, my compassion for you, my care and my love for your lives and your futures. This is one page of a many-paged manual for my Mission. I have stated before as well that I am the Executive of the Magisterial Mission, the Administrator of the Magisterial Staff. My staff is almost complete; the ranks are almost completely filled out with those who will carry out my requests, and co-ordinations with Machiventa and the Most Highs.

You have been informed about the coming difficulties of your world; these difficulties are difficulties of mortality, of material existence, living on an over-populated world with diminishing resources. This however, is an opportunity for spiritual enlightenment of your world, a receptivity for the enlightenment by billions of individuals, who are then in transition to their next life, and those who will remain. It is also an opportunity for the . . . the words escape me or seem insufficient to say “healing, reformation, change, transformation” and such, for your world, for it is far more than that; it is far greater than any of these words can convey. A paradigm change is adequate, but does not convey the heart energy that this change will create in individuals and in your world, a change of consciousness in your world population, for it will cause a change of race consciousness on your world.

This is an opportunity for great, great changes. It is a change—for instance, going from the arithmetic increase, to exponential and logarithmic increase in change in your world. It will require the best minds, the best hearts, the best spirits, the best souls and your greatest wisdoms, to co-ordinate these changes into your personal lives and into your social, political, financial, commercial lives as well. This is why the Most Highs are so readily at hand, and so incredibly involved in the affairs of your world at this time. We work together, and working together does not adequately convey the multi-dimensional interlacing of the Magisterial Mission and the Most Highs, Machiventa and Christ Michael’s overall Correcting Time plan.

As this paradigm change occurs, it will beforehand require the best efforts on our part and on your parts to work together. You as individuals are mostly unprepared for these changes. Some will seem catastrophic, cataclysmic, and others will be ecstatic. You will be in the throes of great personal change, happy to see the old pass, but crying because it does. We know that your world is without a “World Coordinating Council,” to coordinate its own saving, its own healing, its own reformation, its own change. We know that your nations are completely unprepared, even to assist themselves in the great changes that will come. You have no contingency plans on hand, in any nation, to take on these immense changes that will occur in your world.

You are prepared for military confrontations, military wars, atomic catastrophes and such. The World Health Organization is unprepared for its challenges, as well as your nations’ healthcare systems, both preventative and the service care that you have. It is because of these great inadequacies that we will be entering into a multi-faceted, multi-paged . . .

[[This is Daniel. What I see here is like a manual, like a 100 page, 200-page manual, 8.5” X 11” big, and there are diagrams on all these pages.]]

MONJORONSON: There will be many—there will be a great deal of sharing of these plans with you. As we move from the leadership awareness that we have called to awaken in you, what will leaders do? How will they approach this? What plans will they invoke? How will they have prepared these plans—will they think of them ahead of time? No, you will not think of them ahead of time. When this happens to you and to your world, you will be unprepared. You will not have time to reflect upon the past or even upon the immediate moment. You will need to have thoughtfully prepared plans for your world. We can provide these to you, and will in the coming weeks. Yet, this means nothing without your willingness to become leaders, to be leaders, to offer these plans up when they are needed. And these are not plans of a mechanical, objective nature, but plans that are purposeful and long-range in their detail.

We cannot do this without you; you cannot do this without us. We will be thrown into this mix of the paradigm of your world because this is the only way that your world will be saved, saved in a way that coordinates the best of humankind’s activities on your world. What is needed for your future to come about is to retain the very best that your world and your people have to offer, and you have much to offer. Yet your world—even your religions are inadequately prepared to “save” you from the future. You must choose this for yourself, individually. It is not in the “old times religion” phrase, “I wish to be saved!” But “I offer myself to assist saving my world and advancing my soul’s career.” Being saved will take on a new meaning for you and for everyone who wishes to participate.

Christ Michael has struck to the core of your world’s saving, and that is through the co-creative participation of us and with you, and you with us. Your world offers a particular, and even peculiarly unique situation for the advancement of soul growth in Nebadon, even in Orvonton. This is a most remarkable enterprise that Christ Michael has entered upon, unlike any that have occurred in this seventh universe. It is not a game of Russian roulette, dice, or any other game of chance, but a plan of action that requires and will achieve remarkable results. I have been in tune and in touch and participating in these later developments of Urantia’s healing and transformation. I suppose we must stick upon a word that you recognize and can relate to—“transformation” is probably the best that we can do at this time, given that it has many, many, many layers to that.

Few of you in this room have any idea of the complexity of a nuclear, electrical, generation plant, similar to the many that are in the world and even in this country. They are immensely, immensely complicated. There are rules of operation that govern the opening of valves, the closing of valves, the closing of circuits, opening of circuits and such, and in particular orders and so on —operating manuals that occupy many megabytes, terabytes of data in your computers, literally an encyclopedic manual for operating them. You would be mistaken if you expect and anticipate that we will provide a manual, such as this, for this co-creative effort of healing your planet. Yet on the other hand, we are not going to throw you into an airplane and say, “Fly this!” “Here is the stick and pedals and throttle—go fly—and come back safely.” No, we will not do that either. We are going to provide you with long term, long range, broad plans for the healing of your world with the coordination of your existing enterprises.

This is where what you would call the “spiritual tire meets the material road of reality” on your world. This is the co-creative moment of contact between us, where we work together consciously to help you heal and transform your world.

Now, let us drop back a ways from this and examine Christ Michael’s plans for your world. Remember that you were first acquainted with some early earth changes information that came through many avenues, many channels, decades ago. This created an awakening awareness. Then Christ Michael presented you with the Teaching Mission. This is a process of making you aware of the interactive nature of spirit, i.e. celestial teachers, angels, Melchizedeks, Most Highs, Christ Michael and many others too, who have spoken with you through various TRs or channels. The foundation of all of this is as information from the Urantia Book, a broad cosmological explanation of how your world got to where it is. This is informational; it is inspirational; it is thought provoking and begs you to ask questions about your own journey with Michael, on this world.

What I wish you to begin to understand is that all of this works together, from the very first of the rebellion to now, this moment. Michael’s plans fit together extremely well. They have only been thwarted by the trio of Caligastia, Lucifer and Satan and their legions in the past, and by individuals in your world who wish to be self-serving or who have acted in fear. Michael’s plans, none-the-less go forward and they are incredibly successful to date.

I have the privilege of position and of faculties, to look backward in your world, from the advanced awareness that is provided by my own consciousness and from participating in the councils of Christ Michael, to see how these all dove-tail very closely, very fittingly, for the eventual total healing and saving of your world, with your co-creative participation. Why would the Teaching Mission come along? It came to you to help you have a “right now,” “this moment,” “now awareness” that you are not alone. You live with and in the presence of spirit: morontial beings, spiritual beings, and individuals from Paradise, that this is a reality that is existent every moment of your life, and all you need to access that is acceptance, consciousness. These are augmented by love, that harmonic of the universe, and of the oneness, inseparability among us.

There was also an ongoing desire—in fact a need—for individuals to become much more psychically aware, to be able to TR, to transmit and receive, to channel, to be able to dialog—consciously dialog—with these morontial realms of beings and above. Yes, there are genetic predispositions for doing this—some of you are almost bereft of these genetic abilities, faculties—and some of you are greatly imbued with them. In only rare cases, is there no capacity at all. This is a necessary faculty for the advancement and development of your world.

Look what happened in your world when the telegraph was invented and implemented. Few of you know or appreciate the magnitude of change that occurred in your world when that development became a reality, and this was long before radio became useful. You can only appreciate this incredible change by the use of computers and the development of the Internet that is usable by individuals from almost anyplace on your world. And this has brought about incredible, rapid changes due to the broadening of your capacity to communicate. Cell phones were only an idea in the times of your cartoon character, Dick Tracy—very humorous; you thought that was science fiction, but today, go down any street in a technologically developed nation and you will see literally dozens upon dozens of people in a short distance who are talking on cell phones.

What will happen to the enlightenment of your world when the majority of you are able to speak with us? And accept it with the same validity, authentication, as you speak with someone over a cell phone. You do not think this is “magic” when you talk to your loved ones on the phone or a business associate. You do not question it; this is reality. Call up and a half-hour later you have pizza at your door—this is your world; this is reality you accept, and this is where we wish to go with you. There must be a continuing development for individuals who are interested to develop their a capacity to speak with us, just as this individual assists you to speak with us. Do you see?

Student: Yes.

MONJORONSON: How can the Magisterial Mission succeed without speaking with you? Must we always speak one to a dozen, one to a thousand, through TRs? We surely hope not. It is our desire to speak with you individually, and the lower the ratio, the better this will come about, and more quickly as well.

We know that the charismatic side of all your religions is held at arms length by those who are in authority in those religions, fearful that their religion and their authority will run away when individuals make contact with the Source within themselves, the Source of Eternal Love, of unlimited wisdom and guidance.

All this, dear friends today is pre-amble to what comes later. We will be speaking in broad terms about your infrastructures, the hard facts of living in a technologically developed world. You may wonder why this is important—and it is vitally important—that individuals be supported through an infra-structure that works, whether this is water supply, electricity, sanitation, food production, distribution and so on, all under an umbrella of benign, loving governance. I say “loving;” I also say “compassionate” governance. This is essential! Not to go into anarchy, but to go into realms of responsible governance, where individuals participate knowing that they are as important as their elected officials. It will require you to re-invent many of your social institutions. The infrastructure is a reality that supports the development of civilization. You must have equity, equal access to opportunity for individuals to develop and grow into who they truly are, that the broad realms of spiritual enhancement, development within them, is able to do exactly that—to grow, to develop into Jesus-like individuals, capable of powerful, compassionate, loving—ones who are effective in life.

It is essential that your world get on with peace. Peace without fear, peace without ego involvement, peace without national pride, peace without dominance and submission, peace that allows everyone an equal opportunity to become all that they can become. Now this, my friends, is a broad—very broad—goal that must be achieved in part, before the very elemental days of Light and Life can begin. There will be no inauguration of the days of Light and Life without this “epidemic,” without the “pandemic” of peace.

These are not pipe-dreams; these are not plans without a base of reality, and in order for us to achieve that, we must work together, we must have a world that works in part, with models that promote peace, models that promote coordination, cooperation, and competent associations. You have read that the competitive business model is necessary in its earlier realms for the advancement of a civilization in the development of a world. But even now, you are seeing models for growth, for profit making that are not based upon true competitive edge, but upon the realistic delivery of services and products that are reasonably priced, reasonably available to individuals throughout the world, through their market regions. These are the new beginnings of commercial enterprises on a global scale. Already, many of your global commercial institutions have this capacity, but are still in the old mode of excessive profits, unreasonable competitiveness and domination through market share and beating down of competition in unreasonable and even unethical means and ways.

The new model will include a socially responsible, global responsible service. Business as a service, whether it is products or whether there are services, business serves the needs of the advancement of your world, advancement of nations. Where corporations now see third world countries as a grab-bag to be taken quickly, without responsible care of the population and of those resources, it will become necessary to see that these are created compassionately, carefully, supported, and nurtured—to nurture those who live in those lands, to use those resources responsibly—take and give—this is part of the cost/profit package of large corporations. It will be a cost of doing business and not unreasonable but globally responsible. [It] will, in the end, stimulate these corporations to become sustainable organizations through decades and centuries — to become totally adaptable to the needs of the populations where the resources are available, and eventually distributed and sold to users.

There, my friends, you have one model for the future in business. This does not negate or abrogate the necessity of “Mom and Pop stores,” hardware stores and services as that at the local level, certainly not. There is always need for local businesses where individuals can grow and develop and prosper. With a large brush, we have made a brush stroke that is very broad and very wide, through power generation and distribution, to global, commercial enterprises. Is this too much for you to embrace today? For some of you it will be; for others it may whet your appetite. I would be open for questions concerning this, immediately, and after these questions are addressed, then let us entertain broader or more open forum of questions.

Student: The association of some of the local, national corporations, in collusion with the World Bank and some of our US Government, seems so strong and is so destructive of true helpful relations to smaller countries, how can that be destabilized or directed?

MONJORONSON: Truly, this equation of government, of media, of business will be destabilized almost completely and totally during the transition years, when the cataclysm occurs on your world. You will be able to look back upon this era, this commercial, neo-colonialization of third-world countries as an era similar in some ways to the era of the robber baron corporate heads of the early 1900s. This is an era of rapid and immense and detailed exploitation of your world’s resources at all levels and in all locations. It is occurring almost simultaneously worldwide, and this is unsustainable as it exists into the foreseeable future. By foreseeable, I mean this will not last fifty years, but will come to a rapid close in the next twenty to thirty years, even without the cataclysm that will occur.

Yes, it is despicable; it is irresponsible; it is selfish; it is abusive; it is a horrendous development for your world. And it is not without conscious awareness on the parts of those individuals to promote this exploitation at the fastest possible rate, in view of the fact that they know that these resources will not be sustained, exploited at this current rate. Yes, the rate of exploitation will occur more rapidly within the next five years, but this will be decreasing in the years after that. This is all in awareness of those in power, governmentally, financially, and politically throughout the world. They are “getting while they can get.” It is selfish, it is arrogant, it is hurtful to many millions of people. It will have a huge impact, and complicate the lives of billions of people, in the remainder of earth’s/Urantia’s future.

Your question is one that goes to the agenda of the Most Highs. Most assuredly, they are aware of this. This is an issue that they are working with, dealing with and involved with, as you might say, “up to their eyebrows.” How to take advantage of this for the best results of your world, without abrogating individual self will? I say “individual”—I put emphasis on that—as corporate boards are not individuals, are they? That is why the Most Highs can participate so powerfully in all the affairs of humankind, because associations, boards of trustees, boards of directors, councils do not have self-will. They have no soul; they have no eternal future, as you do. The worth of you individually, your soul, far outweighs any council on this earth!

[[This is Daniel: it makes my insides wiggle when he says it!]] (Laughter.)

MONJORONSON: This is Monjoronson: Can you my friend, you individually, appreciate the significance of you, your soul, compared to that of all—ALL, not just one, but ALL—boards of associations and councils. Your soul has far more worth than any of those, and all of them! [Note: Monjoronson was quite emphatic and passionate when delivering these words.] You have no idea, no way of estimating the value of you, individually, in Christ Michael’s mind, his “heart,” and his life and in his service to you, and your world. What are all his plans worth if they cause the failing of you? They are worth nothing! Because if they would jeopardize your soul’s eternal existence, then they jeopardize all souls’ eternal existence on your world, and in all the other worlds in this former quarantine, and in all of Nebadon.

Christ Michael’s plans for the Correcting Time are without compromise for the individual—total, without compromise for the individual. Each one of us has sworn our allegiance to Christ Michael’s plans. We totally, completely, are committed to this goal. You can rest assured, my friend, that yes, I, the Most Highs, Christ Michael and all his legions of angels are deeply concerned about this very problem that you speak of. These are heinous, social, economic and political involvements by a few mortals. Yet, what they are doing is not without value to some degree and in some meaningful way. Without a miracle, a fait accompli of participation of Christ Michael to rid your world of this pernicious influence, the wheels of time must continue to rotate. We will participate when and as we are able, making influences as capably as we possibly can to assist in the Correcting Time in the completion of Christ Michael’s plans to bring your world into the days of Light and Life. Thank you for your question.

Student: Monjoronson, is the United Nations worth saving, or is it better if we just start from scratch and develop something new to work with all the nations together for peace?

MONJORONSON: I hear three questions and the answer is yes, yes and yes. That is not facetious at all, but yes, your United Nations is worth saving. Yes it is worth being replaced. And yes, it will be replaced, and there will be a new enterprise of nations. Your world will come into an era before long, similar to that of an individual who is in immense crisis. It is as though your world is a cul-de-sac of houses, people living close by, each living unto their own, going their own way every day. Yes, caring somewhat for their neighbors, but individually doing what they please, with the resources they have, when they wish. And yes, there are times when an occupant of one house will become greatly ill, or have a traumatic divorce, loss of finances, loss of employment, and everything goes to smash in their life. And it is a journey for individuals; your world is in a journey.

There is such self-serving centeredness, even the causing of fear in neighbors for self-advantage, among your nations. There must occur a joining together for survival, to overcome their boundaries, a willingness to share sovereignty, a willingness to co-create together to overcome common difficulties. Boundaries and borders will cause the demise of whole nations. Those who survive will share resources, will share capabilities, will share talents. Working together will be necessary for your whole survival—holistic survival—it is not a play on words. Nations must not only realign themselves —that would give the wrong impression—they must coalesce; they must willingly share a oneness on new levels, in new ways. Already, you are seeing the beginnings of this through the European countries. Already you are seeing this in these two western continents where water knows no boundaries, it flows from one nation to another; electricity is developed in one nation and transported over power lines to another, and sold. Nations agree to this. Why cannot they agree to many other things, as well?

Sovereignty will be a major issue that your nations will work with. If I may use your question to expand and expound upon, this issue of sovereignty, I will. Sovereignty is one of those huge, huge global issues that must be resolved. Not ignored, but consciously and carefully dissolved. We are not talking immediately of having one world government, one voting system, or anything similar to that, but simply the tearing down of non-essential walls of sovereignty. This will begin through the dissolution or diminishment of your military forces, those bodies that act to reinforce, to hold boundaries and sovereignty together.

The “me-ism” of your world must give way to the “we,” to the “us,” to the “and,” rather than the “but,” and “except.” As leaders in your world—yes, even you—you are leaders; you have much to offer; you have much to give. Your ideas are valuable. Someone must speak up! There are no leaders without followers, competent, capable followers. You are needed; you are needed to speak up. There will be a time to speak up, and my friends, you can rest assured that your Guardian Angel, your Celestial Teacher will nudge you to speak up. You will become aware of this inner urging, the necessity of speaking up. What you have to share will be needed, even when you speak of national sovereignty. Some of the problems and difficulties that will evolve will come upon your people rapidly, without anticipation. The issue of sovereignty will be one of them.

Student: May I ask a question about leadership?

MONJORONSON: Most certainly.

Student: Is there anything specifically that we can do to help prepare ourselves, or that we can help to engage others in training, to prepare them for the vast array of leadership that is going to be needed in this new transformation?

MONJORONSON: Yes, most definitely. And your question is eagerly anticipated. The first necessity is to approach the future of leadership on an individual basis without fear—fear of the cataclysm, fear of criticism, fear of your own self, fear that you are not capable enough, adequate enough, to participate as a leader. Do you receive that well, sir?

Student: I understand that.

MONJORONSON: Okay. It is necessary that one approach the future without fear. Approach the future as a participant, without fear. The next is without reservation, but with wisdom. The second is to realize, to appreciate that you are already a participant. In the future, there is no hiding. You cannot stand behind the door and let responsibilities fall on others. Lose your fear; be willing to participate. Willing to participate means willing to speak up when there is a need, willing to accept that you are as good, as great, as anyone. Some of you may see yourself as the “little Dutch boy,” who put his finger in the dike to stop it from eroding the dike. He did not think about that, he simply did it.

Imagine yourself at a public town meeting, you accept that you are a participant, but you reserve yourself from participating because you “think,” you “believe,” that others have a better idea, or the same idea, and that you are shy and retiring and that these other people who are assertive, even aggressive, will come forward with your idea. In the future, do not hold these reservations to participate. Be assertive in your participation. If you do these two things, move forward without fear, and be an assertive participant, you will be a leader. Were there other parts to your question that I have not addressed?

Student: What about helping to train other people? Is there anything there we can do?

MONJORONSON: Yes there are already several, many capable, non-profit organizations that are more than think tanks; they offer operational guidance to governance, agencies, for their best operation. There are citizens groups, which are available to aid you in this future. They are in many ways, yet not anticipating the level of service that is going to be required. Many approach the cataclysm with great trepidation as a make-believe scenario, but you can assist them by asking them these questions about the decimation of your population, which will diminish the ranks of every corporation, every government, every agency, every community. How can they respond?

You . . .

[[This is Daniel: He just kind of opened up the book here.]] .

MONJORONSON: . . there is in fact, far more information available than can be applied. There are so many agencies that are thoughtfully in operation, and thoughtfully governed inside their roles, as to be over-whelming to you. I am struggling to address your question, yet what I am trying to overcome or help you see is that there will be a necessity for pragmatic application of their approaches, quickly, without case studies, without environmental studies, without impact studies, without long range implementation. This is going to take the very best hook shot that capable individuals can apply.

How to teach people is a difficult problem on your world, as there is so much separation, so much competitiveness, so much compartmentalization within your nations, your communities. Your leadership is as though someone raises their hand amongst this town meeting and says, “ Who has something to offer here to help?” and many hands shoot up in the air. This is an open question that seeks answers from many sources, without competition, without boundaries and barriers of participation.

You can do much already, to assist individuals through simple awareness, that your world is in change, and that the needs of the future must be anticipated for best results. Remember, my friend that the “web” will still exist in the future—it will not die. It is the one “saving grace” that will/must persist in your world. It is a resource that is equitable, and available to everyone, and must be available—even more so—to more people in the future. There are enough solutions available in your world now, to bring your world into the ages of Light and Life, for technological equity, but there is not the capacity or willingness to share resources to do so. Were all the military budgets of your world combined to aid everyone equitably, in farming and development of infra-structures throughout the world, there would yet be a surplus of resources that could have put so many people, as you would say, on welfare or on retirement, almost immediately.

There are resources—financial, and material—to bring about this equity throughout your world and bring about the healing of your world. It is simply the awareness and the willingness to share them. How to educate people? That will not be possible fully, until after the cataclysm begins. This is neither pessimistic nor cynical, but simply an open appraisal of what is possible and what is not possible. You have already demonstrated yourself with a willingness to share and educate others, when they are open to these ideas. There will be necessary resource to address this as well, on your web sites, your world web sites, without extremism, without phenomenalism, without fear, without a political or religious agenda—simply an awareness that there is something coming and we need to work together.

We are here, educating you. You can emulate this in some way as well, a smaller way in your own world, without extreme feelings of crisis or necessity, or mission, simply as a willingness to work with this much as a passionate hobby.

Student: Thank you.

MONJORONSON: You are welcome.

Student: What you speak of reminds me of some stories this week on the radio, about people who were leaving New Orleans with the hurricane Katrina, and moving to a safer place, and they were under great stress for food, for gas, for water, for finances—and they were shocked at people who were so kindly to them, and went to some considerable personal cost to share resources with them. In what you are saying reminds me that it seems like it takes some big event for we human beings to realize how connected we can be to one another, and how we can assist one another in times of need.

MONJORONSON: You are exactly right. Extreme conditions as this, removes all barriers and boundaries, and can bring out the very best in humanity, those ennobling qualities, which are so sublime. On the other hand, others will reach into the pits of their being and act as evil, selfish individuals. In the end, only unselfishness, loving participation, compassionate caring, and more than sympathy, actual participation will overcome those evils. The evils of separation are horrendous. The passions of integration will become desperate to express themselves. That may seem odd, but that is much the way that you will overcome your separations in the future. It is simply, that simple: Separation causes the demise of people. Oneness brings wholeness. Thank you.

(Group: Thank you.)

MONJORONSON: Let us have any closing questions if there are any at this time?

Student: I have one question, Monjoronson. It’s about a specific business model, it seems to me that you are hinting that there are organizations, and even entities that exist right now that are working toward a much more cooperative form. Is the network marketing business model a specific example that exists on the planet now, as a model that has the potential to work in different format?

MONJORONSON: Yes, exactly so. There are worse case scenarios which you have seen with multi-level network marketing, that bring about its own demise, its own diminishment, and that comes from a selfishness of using others to embellish ones income and elevation in their organization. Yet the network marketing offers a wonderful model that will assist organizations and corporations and businesses, whether multi-national, global or local, to exist and exist well.

Student: So is it in the same sense you were speaking of before that, major corporations are unsustainable, so they will inevitably collapse because they just have to? And it’s the same thing that has happened with marketing models but at the same time the model itself has a much more cooperative seed inside of it?

MONJORONSON: Yes. They must reinvent themselves. They do not necessarily need to change their size, but change their goals from being singular to being multiple. The bottom line is only one measure; the sustainable bottom line is much different and requires that corporations and business models be multiple service venues and layers of delivery. They will need to reinvent themselves; the multi-national exploitive corporation is close to its demise now.

(Group: Thank you.)

Student: May I ask one more question?

MONJORONSON: Please. And let us use this as closing unless it springboards to another.

Student: During the past few years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with a number of people, who had a whole variety of experiences with non-humans, with spirits, with celestials—these experiences are different than what I’ve read in some of the material of the Teaching Mission. I am wondering if you would comment on such things as these people recall a number of past lives, they recall information—very important information that they received in dreams—they see themselves as having chosen a particular role that they have come here to play on this planet, and they present their birth as a conscious entity, which is in the process of transforming itself. I’d appreciate comments on any of those that you care to.

MONJORONSON: Certainly. Your planet is a living entity. It is an energetic system that is cooperative, coordinative and conjunctive. Consciousness: it operates in a way that would suggest consciousness, yet this is the system’s model that it uses to coordinate all of its energies. It is more than the sum of its parts. It would not be a leap of the imagination to suggest that it has consciousness, yet it is not a conscious being. It is what you may call a self-monitoring, self-regulating entity of many energy systems that are dimensionally measurable and empirical, yet operate on the non-dimensional planes as well. The energy that sustains the universe, sustains your planet, and your planet has a circuitry involved in it, which receives and uses, manipulates that energy. This energy is endemic to you, to each individual here. You would not exist and sustain yourself without it.

As for the experiences of individuals, these are legitimate individually. Your “beingness” is most complex, compared to what you have been told. You are a complex, multi-layered, multi-level energetic being, whose origin comes from the Creator—specifically from the Creator. Your documents speak of you as a personality in nebulous terms, which are confusing to you—it was well written, and should remain that way, as too many of you dote on this afterlife business and life purposes and do not get on with the aspect of the mission of your life, and that is to live it to its fullest, to express all the capacity of your innate potentials, at the many levels of your consciousness. Your capacity to willfully, willingly invoke the Creator’s will for your life, is the most powerful statement and command you can ever make in your life.

Many of you are urged to this willing level, through this awakening of the many facets of your lives. The many lives that is spoken of in Buddhism and Hinduism is not without its reality, but to dwell on this is confusing. You have seen and heard of individuals who do not regard the significance of this life in meaningful ways, because they say, “Oh well, I will come back again.” Surely, that is a grand waste of this life, to pass by opportunities for making decisions about this life and how you live it. I will not offer much clarity to you, though I have authorization to say much about these things. They would be best left to a later time, for you individually, perhaps, and for large groups of people, much later. I am not here to bring confusion to your minds, but clarity, not separation in your thoughts between yourself now and the Creator, Michael or the First Source and Center, but integration.

Many of you have lost contact and contexts in your lives through your economic desires; this is a parallel, an analogy for you considering this aspect of multiple lives, and life missions. If you ask, “Do I have a life mission?” I will say, “Yes you do!” For surely, you do, and each individual here as well. Do you have a destiny to enact? Some of you do; some of you do not. It is enough challenge for some to simply live their life peacefully, significantly, and to make a contribution to their soul—let alone to their society, to their world, and to humankind.

Remember too, sir, that it is most usual for people to have trans-personal experiences, multi-dimensional thoughts, which appear to be those of their own. How do you accept that which you have felt as one with another, as not your own? There is no way for the human mind to separate that. Many of you have a mind that is quite developed, even as human beings on this world—yet simple creatures compared to others in Nebadon. Nonetheless, the complexity of your minds is beyond your current grasp of understanding. Ask a question; get many answers.

There is much wisdom available in your world and in the dimensions and planes of your world that is accessible to you—to many of you. When it aids and supports your life, the fulfillment of your life plan, use this wisdom. That is very pragmatic. If it aids to confuse you, then you should move away from it, not incorporate it. For some of you, this awareness of many lives, of sources of wisdom, which are not your own, is a wonderful occupation of your time. It is benign; it is not evil; there is much goodness in this. Yet, do not spend your time spinning away in this realm; you have a life to live: Make decisions and act. You must act in your world, to give significance to your decisions and your choices.

My friends, we have covered a lot of deep territory today. I hope this is thought provoking to you, I hope you come away with many questions; I hope you are willing to participate actively as passive and active leaders in the future. I know many of you have already made that decision. With my brother, Christ Michael, and Machiventa, I wish you well today. Good day.

(Group gives him thanks with much appreciation.)

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