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NCO91 – Child Rearing & Sustainability


Northern Colorado TeaM, #91
Boulder, Colorado

Teachers: Zarath and Monjoronson

Topics: Child rearing
Fundamental for sustainability
Raising children to “thrive and survive”
Public policies, practices & philosophies
Testing religious doctrine
Peace is a measure of civilization
Sustaining the power of families
How do technologies contribute to morals and ethics?
Suicide & abuse rates as a function of deteriorating society
Social brush fires
How are you sustainable as individuals?
State your intentions now
5-steps from intention to action
Life as an adventure for children
The new generation of children
A matter of soul value
Re-inventing societies in the new era
Q & A: Sustainable state of peace

TRs: Jerry Evans & Daniel Raphael

October 22, 2006

Prayer: Thank you Father; thank you for all your blessings—so many! Thank you for the love you give us to share. Thank you for the teachers that you bring to us. Amen.

Jerry: Let us rest and connect ourselves to the Merkaba. Connect the heart line and feel the pulse of love as it connects the circle. Connect the mind line and feel the oneness that it brings to us. Feel the extra energy that the Merkaba provides to us and makes available to us. We can use that energy for the benefit of those we love and for those in the world, and for the world itself. Let us take a few minutes to direct that energy for the over-all good of those we think of. Let us return now and collectively wait for our teacher.

ZARATH: (TR, Jerry): Good afternoon, this is Zarath.

(Group welcome.)

ZARATH: Once again, what a joyous occasion to be together with you and to be able to discuss world events and all the many happenings of this mission. We are so fortunate to have had our beloved Christ Michael initiate this for your planet; so fortunate indeed, for those of us who get a chance to participate. We experience the growth that each of us desires in our individual paths, and are given this opportunity to share that with you.

We hear of “wars and rumors of wars,” so often, and hear so little of the beauteous things that have happened within your world, by the many wonderful sparks of light, such as yourselves, as they advance the consciousness of themselves and this planet. So many beautiful stories to tell for those in the troubled lands, who have with compassion and love, helped others, as well as themselves, through terrible difficulties—stories that warm the heart, stories that should be told. Many should replace the front-page news that you so often see and react to.

Even now, when the world is in crisis, these events portend a change soon to come, a change for the better. Through all the momentous changes that will occur, the light will begin shinning brighter and brighter within the population, as they respond with the love in their hearts. I can only commend you who are here, on the paths that you have taken, and on the many joyous occasions that you are given to experience, as you live lives with love and joy and share that with those around you. For those—and you—it can truly be “heaven on earth,” as they say.

This in substance is the message that I bring to you today and with joy, I will retire and leave my love with you as I leave the platform open to other teachers. Good day.

Student: Thank you, Zarath.

MONJORONSON: (TR, Daniel): Good afternoon, this is Monjoronson.

(Group warmly welcomes him.)

MONJORONSON: It is good to be here, my friends; we have much to discuss. You recall several weeks ago, I gave you the illustration of the sand stylus—the stylus suspended above a bed of sand and once this is set in motion, it will scribe lines in the sand, according to the motion that was set in place to begin with. This illustration was used to help you understand the complexity, and the inter-relatedness of sustainability that must be achieved before the days of light and life can be inaugurated on your planet.

[[Note: You can view the pendulum and a “rose” inscribed by a Seattle earthquake at: ]]

MONJORONSON: These events must also be, in a large percentage, completed before peace is sustainable as well. And what is the initial line inscribed that connects all other issues of sustainability for civilization in a world, a world in peace, a world in the days of light and life? The prior lessons that were given to you concerning sustainability were primarily introduction, orientation, and initiation to assist you in the perspectives of a sustainable world. I have teased you a bit, telling you that I would share with you lessons that would assist your world in achieving a sustainable state of existence. That foretells us of the topic of today, and that is: Child Rearing.

Child rearing is fundamental to a sustainable family, a sustainable community, sustainable nation, and a sustainable civilization in the world. Similarly as justice and injustice offer insights to a nation’s degrees of evolution and development, a nation’s maturity can as well be determined by the state of its prisoners, so too can the future of those organizations, families, communities, states, nations, civilizations be foretold through the child rearing practices that are in place.

Almost in no place in your world are there large populations where child rearing practices suggest or lead to sustainable communities. A nation that is socially stable provides the technological and material supports necessary to raise children to become adequate individuals. But do they thrive? If I were to give your political candidates a slogan to use, it would be to, “thrive and survive.” And, to do that there must be a foundation of public policies that promote a sustainable environment. There must be a foundation of child rearing practices and philosophies in place and in practice in a majority of families in a nation in order for a nation to be sustained. These then connect all other sustainable practices, public policies, and social philosophies.

It is from this perspective of child rearing that all else is related—justice, governance, police coverage, education—all evolve out of your child rearing practices. The question that you must ask every one, at every level of organization, is how do these policies, how do the intentions, how do the functions of this organization support the rearing of children, so they can become sustainable individuals on their own?

There must be a way of examining your public policies, family policies, philosophies and religious education, that points back to some source, so your civilizations become sustainable. Yes, even your religions must contribute to this. This is a way of testing religious doctrine: How do they contribute to the individual, and the individual’s survival as a soul in the universe? Surely, fear and guilt have nothing to do with sustainable lives, the growth of souls, the increase of a soul’s weight and value after death.

The maintenance of nations is maintained—or not—through its practices of sustaining its citizenry. Citizenry is sustained by its practices and philosophies that are applicable to raising children to become loving, peaceful, contributing, constructive individuals in a society. Pluck any individual out of a society or culture, a community or a family, and you can examine the state of your nation and your world. You know that peace is the measure of a world’s civilization. Where there is peace, there is civilized conduct. Where there is sustainable peace, there is the advancement of society and the progress of civilization.

What practices evolve and develop to contribute to the development and sustainable aspects of a child? Moreover, as importantly—equally important—how do all the policies and philosophies support the sustaining power of a family to raise these children? If your technologies do not contribute to that, then they must be discarded, amended, or adapted so they do. When you examine your civilization with this touchstone, you will see how much and how immature your world truly is. You will see, you will measure, you will come to know with certainty that your nation may be a materially and technologically advanced, but morally, ethically, socially, familially, and individually, very retarded.

We are not talking about the mortality rate of individuals; we are not talking about the divorce rate of marriages—we are talking about the suicide rate among individuals. We are talking about the abuse rate of families and relationship between individuals. We are talking about measurable aspects that deteriorate your civilization. Hopefully, you can see them as obviously as we do. Why are so many of your people in prison? Why is it that so many people are socially aberrant? What is contributing to that?

I would now point you in a more profitable direction than putting out the “brush fires” that you see in your society. There are many aspects in your society that are working quite well, very well, exceedingly well, and some things that are not working well at all! I give you a metaphor: If you were a fire department and you found all these brush fires around in the suburbs happening, you would go around and put them out, and you would continue to do so until someone said, “Ah ha! There must be an arsonist here, causing these brush fires. Let us see what is wrong; let us see if we can identify this arsonist and anticipate their next move and remove them from our society.” Therefore, you joined forces with your police and find this individual.

You have many social brush fires occurring in your world, your nation. I speak largely to you now, in this nation, because this is the one you are familiar with, yet in other nations that are more advanced in ethical and moral ways, there are also problems there too. There are nations in your world that are so basically, morally, ethically and socially retarded that it could be millennia before they become productive and contributing elements to your world, though this could be shortened literally by millennia, if the right forces and the right thoughts of public and foreign policies were in place.

I speak broadly today and paint with a large brush for we will, in future lessons, deal more closely with individual and smaller perspectives of public policy, of child rearing practices. We will examine many elements of society, with this in mind. At no time is it my intent—our intent—Christ Michael’s intent, to give you the answers. You must be thoughtful, contributing elements of your society. Once again we say, we will not heal your world by fait accompli, by the grace of miracle, for that would not prosper anyone’s soul at all. Doing so would not contribute to the welfare of the larger universe; would not contribute to the completion of an evolutionary developmental universe, either on a material level or the spiritual level. This will be done with you, co-creatively, co-operatively, with people who are competent to participate.

You in this small group have stepped forward, as many other small groups have stepped forward to say, “Yes, we will contribute. We will participate. We will listen and we will apply these lessons to our lives.” Now the questions come back around to you –“How are you sustainable as an individual? What are you doing for your self, individually, to be a sustainable, growing, evolutionary soul in your material world, during your very brief material lifetime? If you answer with silence, I would wag my finger at you, if I were so inclined (chuckling), but I am not of the finger wagging type.

I am relying upon your sense of fair play and justice for yourself, to assist yourself in growing. I am not here as a reminder to you to awaken. I am here as a teacher to give you lesson plans to apply to your lives. You will, hopefully, read these lessons, wake up, and say, “I will do something, and more than I will do something, I am doing something now, this moment.” And so, you make your intention; and I call upon you in this moment, as you read this text, as you listen to this, to state your intention. I will give you a few moments to do so.

Intention is the beginning of a guided and focused life! You must then, with that intention, observe the choices that are available to you. If you are not aware of choices, then you cannot make decisions, can you? Of course not. You must become conscious of choices in your life: Some choices are “yes,” or “no.” Some choices are multiple—multiple reasons for yes, multiple reasons for no, multiple reasons that are all “yes” so you must choose. You choose one and then you follow that with a decision to take action, and then, yes, you take action. Decisions without actions are intensions that are never fulfilled.

You have a phrase, “Good intentions pave the way to hell.” This is old thinking. Good intentions are always good intentions—they always require action—so the old statement was never complete, it was only partial. It was partial wisdom. For you, the complete wisdom is intention, observation of choices, choosing, making decisions for action, and taking action—five steps. This has to do with your life, your life in relationship, your life for your children—or children who come into your life—this has to do with your participation in your family, your community and your larger communal existence, whether in a city, mini-communities, or state or nation or world. You do not live alone; you live with the entire world; you are in partnership, relationship with everyone. Your actions affect everyone; everyone’s actions and decisions affect you.

Once again, we are not asking that you all think alike, for this would be a grand error as well. You are each unique, and each has unique answers and solutions to your life’s course. This is what makes your life an adventure; this is what makes having a family an adventure, raising children an adventure. How do you possibly raise a child to become all it can become, expressing all its inner potential, at its greatest possibility, when you are totally in control? You cannot. You absolutely cannot. You have to be fearless to let them go, fearless to let them explore, offering them every opportunity to explore, safely, without injury to themselves, and without injury to others. Those are truly, your only limitations.

This lesson and the lessons that follow are doubly, trebly, and quadruply important, in view of the fact that you are in the generation of “new” children coming to your world. There are children of the new era arriving now, children who have arrived decades ago, who are similar to you but of greater potential. They have a greater depth of potential expression, a greater depth of resources that is innate in their being; these are coming into your world now.

Many of you have recognized that there are many children who are not the same as the children that you were, the children that you raised, or your grandchildren, but there are children among you now, who are extraordinary! How can they produce extraordinary results if they are allowed and afforded the opportunity and the resources to explore their potentials? They can only do that through you—procreative parents and protective and resourceful, generous grandparents, who encourage their children and grandchildren to explore avenues of expression and development, which may not seem typical to “let the brain loose,” so that they can run free to explore, again without injury to themselves or injury to others.

This is the foundation for all that will come in the new era. Your new era will only be sustainable if you have in place philosophies, perspectives, and public policies that support the existence and development of great potential in individuals. The new era will be de-populated, as we have discussed, before. People who remain are not “special,” were not “picked,” they simply remain—it will be a cross-section of your world’s population, and they will be all that remains to bring about, to bring into existence, the days of light and life. Only sustainable policies, philosophies, and applications at the individual level will do that. You must think in terms of sustainable lifestyles, sustainable economies, sustainable educations that provide educational training and technical basis for sustainable community societies that also, as well, provide fulfillment for the individual at their level of capacity and development.

Remember, there are soulful people who have less intelligence than you. There are individuals who are surely beloved by God, as much as you. There are those who are lesser intellectually endowed, but who are loved as much and cared for as much by the Creator, by Christ Michael, as you are, and those who are far brighter than you are. It is not a matter of intelligence, my friends. It is a matter of soul value. The lessons and wisdoms that these people collect may be few, but they are equally as valuable as yours. When all is said and done in the resurrection halls on the mansion worlds, you will see that they generally bring forth a humility that is innate in their own being, that some of you have yet to learn.

So, where does that lead us? Where does that lead you? Where do you stand? Where do you voice your opinions? The months and years are not far off when you must come forward, my friends. You must speak because the question of survivability will be in front of you, will be in front of everyone. The beginning of the New Era will be an opportunity to reinvent your societies. You will be asked to reinvent your communities, and you will ask yourselves, “How can I—how can you—reinvent our families?” Today you must ask yourself, “How can I reinvent myself to become sustainable, to become loved”—that is loved as a functional part of the universe, integral with the harmony of vibration of sustainability, which is integral, inherent and pervasive in all the universe. First of all, I would ask you to be at peace with yourself.

Shed fears that are not real, remove ego needs that require satisfaction for yourself, and live simply. Doing that, you will come to love others, as you love yourself. Good day.

Student; Thank you.

[[Daniel: He is not gone!]]

Student: Is he receptive to questions?

MONJORONSON: This is Monjoronson. Let us take a brief moment of stillness to come to center. I am open for questions.

Student: I had a situation this week where I lost my balance and thinking, and meditating about this it seems to me that my thinking influences my emotions. And if my thinking is not positive, but rather negative, and my emotions become more volatile or leading towards frustration, frustration leads toward anger, and then the anger results in behavior that is not acceptable to myself, unpleasant behaviors. So I’ve been thinking, how do I get back to the source of this disturbance in my psyche and my emotions? How do I control the redirect of my thinking to prevent things escalating through frustration, and anger, to behavior that I would like in myself?

MONJORONSON: One moment please. This, my friends, is a case in point of an individual seeking a sustainable state of peace in their life, in their mind, and their emotions. This person has already begun the healing, the next day step, today, and that is to be self-observing. I would advise that rather than taking a pathological approach and trying to heal what caused these things, which for some is to some degree useful and fruitful, but for the majority of the people, it is not. It is more productive to live in the now, to live with God as your ever present partner, to never be forgetful that you are in the company of angels—angels are in your company, and within your being is the Father fragment of the Creator.

You would not think this way if you remembered in whose presence you were. If you had the company of a significant dignitary with you at all times during the day, you perhaps would not let your mind wander and cause your emotions to erupt, but you would be more mindful of yourself. You would say to yourself, “I can’t be thinking these thoughts because that will enflame me and I will do something rash and say something, and act out inappropriately.” I know for you, material, mortal beings here on this planet, that you do not see—most of you do not see—the company who is with you. This is in some ways fortunate and unfortunate. You are your own parent in many ways.

I appreciate and respect how you have approached this, as you have not berated yourself; you have not scolded yourself and I do not detect that you have developed guilt, with a thoughtful, conscious appreciation for the negative energy that your mind has caused your emotions to spin. You know, as well as I do, that your thoughts would have no import or no impact if they did not have a susceptible target to hit and erupt, so you are a bit of your own worst enemy and you have taken the high course by being your own best friend, to look at yourself this way.

Truly, my advice is to begin to love yourself; be in harmony with the wholeness of your being, to love yourself in harmony as the Father fragment loves you, to be continually conscious of this loving presence within you. Your self-forgiveness is a wonderful start. Now try self-forgetfulness, forgetting that you have had these issues in the past, these issues, which lay at the doorstep of your unconscious, waiting for your mind to open the door so they can sneak in and hurt you. You must forget that. Your intention for your thinking can only be devised correctly by the commander of your being, the commander of your mind—your will. You must make a statement of intention for your thinking. I invite you to devise that today.

I must kid you a bit: Do not believe everything you think! (Much laughter.) There is great, honest wisdom in that statement. You—your commander—must not let your mind wander. That is why you must live by your intention, and think by your intention. Remind yourself daily of that intention for your thinking; only then will your life begin to bend to your combined co-creative, love relationship between you and your inner Thought Adjuster Father fragment. Only then, can you express moment-to-moment those loving thoughts, those loving emotions that support a loving social existence. I hope this has been helpful for you.

Student: Yes, thank you very much!

MONJORONSON: A few moments more. Are there other questions? (None.)

MONJORONSON: Now receive your benediction. May the peace that passes all understanding abide in you moment-by-moment, all the rest of your days. Then you will know the Law of the Universe, as it cares for you and as your Creator intended your life to be. Good day.

(Group gives thanks.)

[[Note from transcriber: This lesson by Monjoronson was delivered with much emphasis, passion and emotion. If I were to emphasize in the text, each place he emphasized, almost the entire document would be in bold, italics, or quotation marks.]]

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