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MJS13 – Special13 – Various Q&A

Special Session #13

– Reply to questions from another group
– Jun. 11, 2010

Teacher: Monjoronson

Unification of diverse global groups
Emotional reactions to NOCO #117
The “old matrix infrastructure” or race consciousness
Identifying values, beliefs and expectations
The irony of stasis vs. evolutionary approach
The attrition of natural resources
Adaptation to change
The way of God
Wisdom is gained through the experience of making choices
The role of UFO’s and ET’s in our rehabilitation
Why does Monjoronson not speak of Esu?
Why does Monjoronson not stay in Esu’s headquarters?
Melchizedekian schools
Daniel’s dilemma
Monjoronson’s name when he incarnates

TR: Daniel Raphael

Moderator: Vicki Vanderheyden

June 11, 2010

Vicki: Dear Father, as we find ourselves on the brink of much change and suspended once again in unknown waters, we ask that you encircuit us with your Divine Truth and Light. Though we may be challenged by the diversity of our beliefs, we ask that each individual be assisted in the discernment process, as we seek validation and guidance within. As our Magisterial Son, Monjoronson, unfolds for us a picture of what to expect in the immediate future, as he outlines the needs for his impending incarnation, and then identifies possibilities for our co-creative roles, we pray that many will find the courage and strength to respond to his calling, and contribute in a unified effort to his mission of rehabilitation on our planet, and in so doing, we express our humble gratitude for the efforts of Christ Michael, Nebadonia, Monjoronson, Machiventa and all other unseen helpers who assist us in this process. Amen.

Vicki: Good morning, Monjoronson.

MONJORONSON: Good morning, my dear children.

Unification of diverse global groups

Vicki: As I understand it, today’s session is designed to answer questions presented by a group of brothers and sisters that are somewhat independent of the Urantia Movement, and in some cases, have some very different impressions of future events. It appears that part of your work and ours, will be to clarify and in turn unify diverse groups around the world, so that we can establish some common ground of understanding. Is that correct?

MONJORONSON: Yes, this is correct; this is what we are striving to do as we move ahead in time. We will need to gather those who are like-thinking into our group and assist all in being consistent in our language.

Vicki: Some of these questions, Monjoronson, may have been answered in previous sessions, however, to maintain the integrity of the question being asked, wherever I can, I will begin by asking the primary questions as they were presented and follow through with additional questions or discussions as needed, or as they arise. Is that acceptable to you, Monjoronson?

MONJORONSON: Very much so. Thank you.

Emotional reactions to NOCO #117

Vicki: First let me say that these questions and concerns surfaced after these individuals read the NOCO #117 transmission. They described their reaction to this piece as “discouraging,” “disappointing,” and felt it did not contain much hope or inspiring energy, nor did it align with some of their beliefs of future occurrences. Do you wish to comment on this part first, or shall we move to the specific questions?

[Reference location for NOCO #117 transcript: ]

MONJORONSON: Please move to the specific questions. We will address this as you move along.


Vicki: One of the first questions that they asked had to do with the concept of “stasis.” They said, “Why does Monjoronson never mention the “stasis” as an important instrument for propelling human evolution, and for the cleansing of humanity and Urantia herself, as we think we must also consider the well-being of our planet.”

There were times when you talked about the fact that some of us anticipate something that is going to create an instant, collective consciousness and you have encouraged us not to think that way. So in filling in those pieces that I have found in statements you have made before about stasis, would you like to comment on this?

MONJORONSON: Yes, definitely. Stasis as a global program is one that is optional and which has been considered. The revelation of that program was to an individual who made that widespread, and gave hope to those who wish to see this type of program occur. Stasis is a program that we have felt would not work well for the co-creative and experiential development of wisdom in your population. It is most desirable that individuals have the experience of evolutionary and progressive change, and that they are responsible, co-creative partners in the decision-making to have that occur.

We have always had these programs in mind; there is an agenda of programs that could be installed, some of which are more remarkable than the program of stasis. Christ Michael has said that he wishes Urantia to be a world of experiential and developmental and evolutionary change, the total experience of which would provide a model for other worlds and groups of worlds who are in or could be in rebellion. There is a universal and infinite contribution from this [evolutionary process] which is far past most of all of your thoughts, and that is to God the Supreme, the cumulative experiential wisdom of the universe.

Stasis is a program that has been accepted by many groups around the world as a wonderful option to the progress of this world. We do not wish to promote that, as it does not contribute to the welfare of those souls who are here, and the option of those souls who may yet make decisions to opt for the highest standard of the universe that is the ascendant career of contribution and love.

Vicki: That confirms my insights that it is an option in the toolbox, but not the one we see now, and not the one that Christ Michael has chosen for us.

The “old matrix infrastructure” or race consciousness

I’d like to move on to another question here, that is somewhat tied to this concept of stasis from our friends. It has to do with what they call an “old matrix infrastructure,” that is apparently entangled with much of the corruption that we see in our world today. There appears to be some confusion regarding what our friends call this “old matrix infrastructure.” It is tied to their beliefs that stasis will just remove this infrastructure, and we will start with something fresh. Can you comment on that?

MONJORONSON: Most certainly. All of you will have differences of language, though if you are to examine the foundation, or the operational definition of your words, you would find you have much in common. The matrix to which these individuals refer to, is what we might call, “the race consciousness, human consciousness,” which includes all forms of corruption, corruptive thinking patterns, as well as those which are in alignment with the universe. Because of the long duration of the quarantine on this planet, and its absence from the healing circuits of love of the universe, your world has developed a very strong matrix of race consciousness that works against the progressive good of your world and its evolution towards the days of light and life.

Identifying values, beliefs and expectations

The language concepts that you have used among you are very similar, though you do not recognize the underlying definition of these words. As all of your various groups come together, it is important that you validate your values, and then your beliefs, and then your expectations. Going backwards, you would find that you have an expectation for healing of this world—this is common to all of you. One group has the belief that this will be done instantaneously through a process of stasis, while the other group has the belief that it will be done through developmental and evolutionary processes, for the gathering of great wisdom and knowledge and experience. Underlying all of this is the continuation of life, that there would be growth, and that everyone would be treated and see the world equally in the future, as it is sustained into the indefinite and infinite future.

This matrix is one that we will bring about consciously, co-creatively with you; and you, through the projection your consciousness of love by yourself and in groups with others, can and will heal this world. You, through your consciousness, already have made a tremendous difference though it is not measurable by you. We have seen the course of your world in the past, without this influence by yourselves and your world would be much darker than it is now. You who have held this consciousness, and those of you who have come on line to hold this consciousness of Divine Order and Divine Development and of love of your world, will have made a tremendous difference. We ask all of you who have similar values and expectations for the future, [to] look to your beliefs and do not become too strong in upholding them in opposition to others, for you will find eventually that you have far, far more in common than you have in differences.

Vicki: May I comment on this, or ask a clarifying question?


Vicki: So basically, Monjoronson, what you are asking us to do—like you have with the sustainability model that you have given us—is to identify our values, and let those values be our unifying piece, and then, in identifying those values, we define our beliefs, and from there, we then look at our practices to see if they align with our values. Is that correct?

The irony of stasis vs. evolutionary approach

MONJORONSON: Exactly so; yes, it is for those who hold that this will be [a] developmental and evolutionary process, you know that your diligence and the utmost of your energy is required every day to apply your love to your world. We are not saying that those who hold to stasis would not do this, though there is often a tendency of human mortals to wait for the good times to heal all these problems, and not provide due diligence of the application of love, through the projection of their consciousness, into the world around them, and to practice this in their everyday lives as they interact with others.

You are requested not to withhold all the good that you could possibly project onto your world now. If stasis were to occur, [the act of stasis] would actually be delayed because you had not applied yourself. And were you to believe in a developmental, evolutionarily uplifted world, you would make this occur more quickly. It is an irony of sorts, and we wish to remove this irony from your belief systems.

Vicki: It’s kind of like putting all of our hopes into a futuristic basket, and not doing the work that needs to be done now. Is that correct?

MONJORONSON: That would be a worst-case scenario, yes. Wishful thinking does not heal an injury; if you have a broken bone, you will need the assistance of others, besides your prayers, to heal that. You must apply yourselves to your world as you can.

The attrition of natural resources

Vicki: I’m going to have to pull away from the actual wording here, to tie this together. The impression I received in reading these questions and comments from this group is that they feel in some areas that we are ready for things that you said in NOCO #117, would ‘not’ occur. One particular concern was over the use of oil, as opposed to bringing on the zero-point energy resources, that some are familiar with and have actually developed technologically.

We have talked about zero-point energy within our sessions for quite awhile, and from what I understand, it’s not [that] the technology is not developed or ready, but it has more to do with the unstable and often greedy atmosphere on our planet that does not allow for the implementation of a safe and free application of its use. Am I correct in this? Is this just a timing issue we are talking about?

MONJORONSON: Yes, it is a timing issue. As I said in NOCO #117, oil will continue to be used. As society needs to adapt to an evolving world, the resources of oil and other natural resources will decline. There must not be a sudden sociological and civilizational change on your world, for this throws people into chaos, and many societies disintegrate due to that. You will live through the decrease of the use of oil and other natural resources, naturally, through the attrition of those resources. Your societies will become used to that, they will develop new technologies to take their place, and these will become tremendous assets for your population.

Likewise, there are no scenarios of wishful thinking that we have in hand that will resolve the overpopulation of the world. Through the decrease of natural resources, through the increase of natural calamities, there will be a decrease in population. These are all natural processes, which must expire themselves. You live on a world, as [an] example of other millions of worlds, which go through very similar processes. It would be our wish that you had access to the reflectivity process, to see the history of other worlds that have gone through these natural developments to understand how and what your world will become through this process.

Suddenly switching from oil based energy systems to a zero-point energy system would throw your world into chaos. Even were you to be in a state of stasis, you would be in awe, wonderment and tremendous confusion when you returned to find that there was no more oil available for your use. These things are done gradually for the health and welfare of the human psyche, as a collective. Your human race has a mentality of its own, and now at this time a rapacious appetite for all the resources of Mother Nature, of Gaia, of Earth, your home, your Mother to you.

Adaptation to change

You must amend yourselves and your beliefs about your world, slowly, though we wish that many of you—billions of you—would come to embrace your earth with the same passion [with which] we love her. These changes are a natural development, not instantaneous. The development to adapt to this takes tremendous courage on your part; we are talking about courage expressed by the best of the ancient gods of Rome and Greece; the very best of their strengths, the very best of their powers. You are going to go through this naturally.

We reveal these things because we want to be forthright, authentic and honest with you. You do not live in a regime of love that fabricates fairytales to make you feel better, and then as you grow older, you become disappointed, disillusioned, and spiteful of the God that created this world and this universe. Your world did not come into existence instantaneously and it will not exit instantaneously as well, but through the slow developmental and evolutionary growth that is natural to the universe.

Vicki: And so this would also explain why you told us in NOCO #117, that the stock market would continue, and we were also told that there would still be some war, which was very hard for this group to accept. Am I correct about that?

The way of God

MONJORONSON: Yes, you are correct. Let us take the example of war: When I arrive and am in bodily form on your world, this will not presage the exit or demise of those who hate God, those who cause war, those who create murder and crime. Christ Michael, God, myself will not destroy these people. This is not the way of God. The way of God is love, and that is through the development and the evolution of wisdom and grace through time. To bring your world into peace instantaneously—universal, global peace—would mean that many individuals will have their ‘will’ changed, without their permission. As you know, your ‘will’ is sovereign.

The decisions you make are marked in the history of the universe in all time; they are there forever. Your ‘will’ decisions made by your choice, by your ‘will,’ are forever durable. Your ‘will’ will never be overcome by anyone, save/except yourself. To have instantaneous peace on your world would mean that God, Christ Michael, myself and Machiventa would violate the ‘will’ of millions upon millions of people on this planet, who wish to do evil, who wish to perpetuate sin, who wish to cause war and hurt and kill others.

We will not do that, as this would be a violation of the very tenets which uphold the endurance of the universe, its very creation. Likewise, peace will not be made instantaneously, but through the change of minds of individuals, who will then ‘will’ to love others, graciously and generously and benevolently, from the sincere authentic, genuine decisions that they have made, and not against their ‘will.’

Wisdom is gained through the experience of making choices

Yes, the stock market will continue; it will have had its cataclysmic ups and downs, which will continue in the future until there is a joint waking up of reasoning of investors to desire a sustainable economy, globally, that sustains growth and returns, rather than forfeiting that growth and returns through the upheaval of the global market. This is a learned process. The wisdom and experience of a civilization is not learned easily; it is done day-by-day, decision- by- decision and the conscious changing of choices of options for the future.

I am sorry for you who are disappointed that there is no “Candyland” in heaven. The way to infinite life is step-by-step, decision-by-decision, day-by-day, within the context of your societies, within the context of your world. It is most unfortunate that on Urantia, on earth, your decisions, your lives are most, most, most difficult, compared to those lives and civilizations on other planets. You have the unfortunate opportunity to live on a world where much experience will be had by you. Make your decisions well, make your choices well for yourself to live in peace and abundance, and this is available to you now, through alignment with the energy course of the universe, which provides only abundance and only good through the use of your free will.

The role of UFO’s and ET’s in our rehabilitation

Vicki: Thank you, Monjoronson. And they mentioned something else that we’ve touched on in our other sessions, but again I think we came to different conclusions. They see the UFO’s and ET’s playing an active role in our rehabilitation. In fact, some consider being not of Urantia origin themselves, and feel that Starfleet will play a role, so they were really troubled with that comment that your presence would be similar to how UFO’s and ET’s are handled today. There is some confusion for me in understanding this logic. Do you wish to comment on this?

MONJORONSON: Yes, I do. We affirm that ET’s and UFO’s are involved in your world. They are obligated to abide by the rules of the universe, not to abridge your will. The decisions you make are your decisions; no one, not even the ET’s will change your mind, though they have the capacity to do so. Their technologies are far, far advanced of yours and even to the degree of mind manipulation by some species. Yes, they have been involved in your world, and they have been active in the promulgation or maintenance of peace. They have done so through their interference with the tools of war, which you have at your disposal and which some have used. You have instances where there is inexplicably a malfunction of a nuclear device to explode in space, or on the surface of the moon. There are instances where rockets have failed and there has been no explanation for this.

Yes, they have been involved in this; yes, they have our support, and yes we affirm that they have done good for your world. This is not abridging your decisions; this is simply interfering with the course of a material object through your atmosphere and into space. They will not be involved in car accidents for people who make bad decisions; they are not part of a conspiracy; they are here to assist in the mega-decisions that affect the outcome and direction of your world. You have much to be thankful for, for what has ‘not’ occurred. Where they are involved are the—what you see as omissions of completion, of action. They are not involved in the commission of harm against you. Do you see this?

Vicki: Yes, I do, very much.

MONJORONSON: Does this answer the question or the situation that the others have raised?

Vicki: I believe so. Like I said, Monjoronson, I am a bit confused about it myself. There was a disconnect between how you would be perceived, similar to a UFO and ET, and how they responded to that. I don’t know if I am explaining this very well.

MONJORONSON: I think I understand what you are saying. If ETs were to land on the plaza in front of the Capitol, they would be seen as hostile and the military would come against that object. If I were to do the same thing in awe and power in the same plaza, the military would also arrive and perhaps strive to capture me and take me to laboratories and test me. This is the similar treatment I was speaking of. Do you see?

Why does Monjoronson not speak of Esu?

Vicki: Yes, I do, and that does then answer what I feel was the concern.


Vicki: One of the questions asked has to do with a personality, “Esu.” Our friends in their group communicate with Esu. In the past when we’ve talked about personalities with celestial beings, such as you, Monjoronson, they’ve been hesitant to define or qualify [or validate] those personalities. I’m not sure how you feel about this next question… I will just ask it. It says, “Why does Monjoronson never mention Esu as a Planetary Prince on the material level? As he does well mention Machiventa Melchizedek on the spiritual level, and Christ Michael as Sovereign of Nebadon.

We think that it is important that in the public work of transmission, the importance of cooperation is being pointed out, as well as the grid and the networking between all the celestial VIP’s.” I have to say that Esu is not referenced in The URANTIA Book, or in our movement, and many people within our movement are confused as to the role and function of this being. Could you clarify all of this for us?

MONJORONSON: I would be glad to, and thank you for the question. The Urantia Book is used as a primary reference as it is a dedicated document that offers a great cosmology—though simplified—for your human understanding. Many names of other belief systems are not mentioned in it, as a way to provide consistency. When we speak of spiritual beings in these transcripts and these sessions, we use the consistent language of the reference source, as we have in the past. Others could be as offended as this group, as we do not mention those of the Hindu faith, or the Brahmans, or the Essenes, or other belief groups around the world. There are many names for Esu, and we do not use them. It is not to be taken offensively that this omission occurs, as there would be dozens upon dozens of names from other religions and belief systems, which would have a similar functional entity.

It is important that consistency be evident throughout these discussions, and that we have kept this as simply put as possible. There are many beings in the God’s pantheon of Gods and spiritual beings who are not mentioned in the Urantia Book. Hundreds upon hundreds, if not thousands of orders of spiritual beings are totally omitted from discussion. Only those which are relevant are mentioned. Esu is an important character in this work that we have. We know him by another name, and we will not share that with you at this time, as it would perhaps cause dissent and disappointment by other groups.

Keep to the same focus that you wish to expound and express love in your life, in your world and in the universe, and truly all of these beings—Esu included—contribute to these ends. Do not magnify the differences between you, but that of similarities. You have so many worthy purposes to align with among yourselves. Do not take the difference of names to find difference and argument.

Why does Monjoronson not stay in Esu’s headquarters?

Vicki: I appreciate that advice. There was also a question related to Esu, which was, “Why does Monjoronson not stay in Esu’s headquarters, and prefers a private domicile to live at?” I wondered if you wanted to address that?

MONJORONSON: I would be most happy to. It is important in my incarnation, that you feel at peace with me, that you feel at oneness with me, that you recognize the similarities, rather than the differences; that you would approach the continuum of spiritual development in a natural and eager way, rather than seeing obvious differences. To live in grandeur would set myself apart from you and says immediately that there are differences which cannot be overcome by yourself, ever. While living in a domicile with you, you come to appreciate that there is an approach of the divine with you, in your daily life, that the holiness of the divine is approachable, and that there is no separation, no cause of separation on the part of God or Divinity, to keep us apart.

We have far, far more in common than differences. We wish you to appreciate and understand that your spiritual development is not remote from you, that it is progressive. My coming [will be] as a humble individual of your realm. Many of you are far too in awe already of the divine to humbly accept that the divine rests in you. Many of you are in awe that God wishes to speak to you, and therefore you do not engage God within you in conversation. Many of you are humbled by the fact that you are approachable by God, that God can be in your presence, and so you withhold yourself.

My presence in your domiciles will be one which tells you that, “Come on over and have tea or coffee with us, enjoy a peaceful afternoon by the lake, beside the ocean, feel the breeze upon your face as I do, and you will know that I am human, as you are human, that the divine in me is the same as the divine in you, though you must grow into the boots that you wear, to walk the path that I walk.” You are told and shown, and will be so, by myself repeatedly, that I am here; God is here; Christ Michael is here; Divinity is here, it abounds with you and it is approachable.

There is no separation and I will do everything in my power to remove any thoughts of separation between you, myself, Machiventa, Christ Michael and God. I will do everything in my power to empower you to speak with me, to speak with Christ Michael, to speak with Machiventa, and to speak with God. Being in a magnificent residence would be something that would be quite natural to do; it would be easy for me to assume that, and to have that created for me, or to live in one that already exists. Where is Esu’s palace, my friends? Find it and I will be there. Go to your home and meditate, and I will be there as God is there. Where are you most comfortable to receive me? Surely it would be in your own home, would it not?

Melchizedekian schools

Vicki: Thank you, Monjoronson; that speaks volumes to me. You know, Monjoronson, we are all very excited about the possibility of Melchizedek schools on our planet. This group has some questions about this, and I will present these. “How will the teachers for these schools be educated?” Will teachers of the old system be accepted for teaching in the Melchizedek schools, and will there be special kinds of re-education for them by the Melchizedeks?

MONJORONSON: In many regards, the infrastructure for the Melchizedek schools has already begun. You are learning the way of light, the way of love, to amend your thinking to that of peace, of harmony, of lack of judgment—not judging, not holding a bias or prejudice, or even opinion about others who are different. Those of you who aspire to a life of peace, and who have the capacity to engage others, to persuade others, to engender optimism and motivation in others, are already teachers. There will be no instantaneous staffing of the Melchizedek schools. You are already in training for this. My presence on your world will be a confirmation that the schools have already begun. I will visit areas and ask you to then formally organize a Melchizedek school, and Melchizedeks will already be on hand, as they are now.

You recall that Sondjah was a part of the local experiential co-creative design team. Sondjah is a Melchizedek teacher, and in some regards that was a Melchizedek school. It was not a formal Melchizedek school, but it was simply an experiment with a Melchizedek teacher, teaching mortals. Tremendous amounts of experience and wisdom were learned from that process, that brief encounter with those mortals. So, too, we have invited you to begin to establish co-creative design teams.

You could as well, establish a Melchizedek school, with a TR and a Melchizedek teacher, working through the TR. There truly is not much difference, my friends, in the process of a co-creative design team, and a Melchizedek class. Schools organize by the work of numerous Melchizedeks, teaching various classes and various courses. A co-creative design team could be one of them. You could have a Melchizedek class on social ethics and morality, on school building, of teaching, of child-rearing, and so on.

The Melchizedek schools will have everything to do with social sustainability. We have urged you to engage these topics. Many of you are confused and do not know how to start, but we urge you to simply start. You must begin by having several who have a common intention, and someone who has a capacity to TR. We know that this is a tremendous impediment across the world, as many of you do not know how to TR.

[Note from transcriber: What follows is a discussion centering on the conflict of interest of Daniel as a TR who brings through Monjoronson, who then promotes Daniel as a teacher and workshop leader. In his 16 years as a TR, Daniel has striven NOT to raise or become involved in any conflicts as this. Monjoronson understands the conflict, but must contravene as there is a serious global need for workshops to teach others how to TR, which will be essential in the early Melchizedek Schools.]

MONJORONSON: It is difficult for this one to bring through this news to you, as it compromises the integrity of the TR process for him. We have, with the assistance of a special angelic teacher who has worked with him for several months, completed a program for teaching others how to TR in a far more progressive and gentle manner than before. He [Daniel] is available to teach this across the world, and waits for your invitation. We provide this information, not as an accretion of aggrandizement to his ego, for that would surely thwart our efforts and sincerity in the humility of our program, but of necessity to invite those who are capable, and who have demonstrated their capacity to teach.

[Daniel: Vicki, this just totally compromises myself. I just really feel put between a rock and a hard place, here.

What he’s trying to say is that I’ve been invited to teach workshops in other countries. Gosh, it is just hard for me to be self-promoting here. It compromises all the integrity I have ever striven to establish with our audience. I really feel pressed to the wall.

Vicki: Talk to him about it; ask him now. Tell him how you feel, and see what he says.

Daniel: Okay. I don’t know how to handle this, or how to do this—it’s a real experience I’m having, with a sincerity of what Monjoronson is talking about—I mean, who else in the world has ever done a co-creative design team, and had a Melchizedek like Sondjah working with us, and then publish these results? No one that I know of.

Vicki: Well, I think that’s the problem, Daniel. You are at the apex of this pyramid here, that is just beginning to grow, and there is a population of “one” of you. The sooner that this can be resolved, the less heat that will be placed on you. That’s how it looks to me. Ask Monjoronson—let’s see what he has to say about this.]

Daniel: I’m going to dialog with him out loud.

[ Monjoronson, this is Daniel. What you are saying compromises sixteen years of integrity that I have striven to build, in establishing myself as an uninterested bystander in the process, without self-aggrandizement, without self-reference, without directing other people to myself, but to direct your work to the world, to assist others in doing this. Yet, as I look out upon the world and the history of the Urantia Book, Teaching Mission, and Magisterial Mission, I have not seen anyone else across the world, who has worked so intimately with you and Christ Michael and Machiventa and the Melchizedeks, to develop Melchizedek schools within the framework of co-creative design teams. I am stymied as a participant of yours, to have your messages come through me that promote me! It is just incongruous to me. Can you comment on that?]

MONJORONSON: The last thing we want to do is compromise your integrity and never will we compromise your humility. You are needed to move forward; the momentum has built; through you we have demonstrated that this process is possible, and that we now ask you to move forward to a global scale. You have been called to Belize next March, in 2011, to conduct a workshop there. We are also in the very early stages of devising and developing workshops to be conducted in Norway and Sweden, through our associates and friends there.

You have, through your—who you call “Triple A,”—the Angelic Administrative Assistant who has helped you rather assertively in developing this program of teaching, which we now are asking you to carry forward. This is not a perfect process, as you see. Yes, we are compromising your integrity tremendously, but we ask you to do this as there is no capable TR in your vicinity through whom we can speak clearly and confidently, [who] can dialog with me directly.

We ask you to do this with confidence, that we know what we are doing, and that you release the process. No, we are not going to aggrandize you; no, we are not going to allow you to embellish your ego, but ask you to curtail any embellishments which you may feel. We as well ask you to curtail any sacrifices by withdrawing yourself from this program, to maintain your integrity, as that will express in a selfishness, which is fairly intolerable to us at this time, as we have few resources of similar nature to use. Do you see our point?

Daniel: Yes I do see this clearly. (Loud sigh.)

Vicki: Daniel, can I comment? (Please.) We are going to be put in some of these situations, which we may not be very comfortable with, which may cause us some difficulty. We’re going to be caught in the middle somewhat, and we’re going to be caught in what appears to be compromising to other people. I guess what we are being asked is to “buck up!” —it’s that important! To withdraw would be harmful and in many ways, would be much more of a selfish reaction. If I’m right, we are being asked to exercise some real courage and strength right now. Am I correct?

Daniel: Yes, you are correct. (Another heavy sigh.) It would be tremendously selfish of me to withdraw from this process, but it would also appear as being selfish to others if I remained and to have this work for my benefit. I guess, in the end it would be best to let time and experience provide the proof in the outworking.

Vicki: He’s asking you to step forward courageously. Would you ask him if that’s correct?

Daniel: Yes, I will ask… actually, you have already asked him.

MONJORONSON: Yes, we move through the resources that we have available. There is no other available conduit for us to use at this time. Many others have in the past stepped forward to be “used,” even to become self-aggrandizing, and we have used them nonetheless, as there was no other way to do so. In this case, Daniel is not self-aggrandizing, and he is a way for us to move forward. Our moving forward through him does compromise his integrity as he sees it, though this is a “must” at this time. These large programs that Christ Michael has established will founder in the waves if we do not move forward.

It is essential that as more people seek God within them, that they have a means and process to dialog with God, and eventually with us. The way forward to teach others how to TR, and to become active TR’s within co-creative design teams, is through these Melchizedek schools as they become available to us. We do not want to be put off by humility on the part of one who has the capacity to emplace the teaching procedures for this work.

Let us move forward, Daniel, and do not be withholding of yourself from this process. Accept that you may be pointed at. You have received some finger pointing in the past by those who have steadfastly pointed their fingers at you, [and accused you of] “making all of this up.” They will know in the future that this is not so, as they begin to see these schools being established through those who have learned to TR, at which time you can retire if you wish. Until then, we ask you to walk the path, and steadily so. Thank you.

Vicki: Thank you for that, Monjoronson. Daniel, are you comfortable with that now?

Daniel: Oh yes, this has just been bugging me for years! I’ve always hoped that someone would step up to the bar and do what I’m doing, but I haven’t seen anybody do it.

Vicki: Until we get to the point where people are trained to TR, there will still only be you who has the experience of facilitating and TRing co-creative teams.

Monjoronson’s name when he incarnates

Vicki: This is my question for you, Monjoronson—it has to do with names. I know that you are referred to by many different names on our planet. It would seem in the human form, you would need one “tag,” so to speak, on our planet to avoid that kind of confusion. I understand that we call you Monjoronson, however it is not your actual name. Is that correct?

MONJORONSON: That’s correct.

Vicki: I guess I’m wondering if it is an accurate assumption, that down the road here, you will be known by one name, when you incarnate?

MONJORONSON: When I walk upon your earth, and I knock at that door, at that residence, and the homeowner answers the door, I will say, “I am ____,” and then I will say my name. That will be the name by which I will become known on your world, around the world. It will be at that time, that all of those names which point to me, will be attributed to me. I will be the “Anointed One;” I will be the “Messiah;” I will be all of those figures and those titles that religions have been seeking and which have named this person, this entity, through their own language. I will be the accumulation of all those names, and I will give clarity to all of them through my presence there. Does this answer your question?

Vicki: It does, Monjoronson. Thank you for that. I know it was somewhat of a curiosity question, but it was one that was continually coming up in my mind. And just one other thing, I’m wondering how your incarnation and your presence on our planet will affect our modes of communication with you. Will there still be a need for TR’ing? Will we still be communicating through stillness? How will that be affected?

MONJORONSON: Yes, those practices will not stop. There will continue to be a need for you to do that. Your connection is with the Creator of the universe, a fragment of which is within you—each one of you. You will continue to need to communicate with that fragment of God within you; you will continue to TR; you will continue to work in your Melchizedek schools and your classes as though I were not there. My presence on your world will give clarity and pull all of the fragmented parts into a wholeness and oneness, so that your individual beliefs and your group beliefs will become far more effective and homogeneous.

Vicki: Okay. First I want to thank you for being very candid with us, and helping us build bridges with our brothers and sisters in other groups on our planet. And with that, unless you have something else to share, I say this is the end of our session.

MONJORONSON: I wish to close by saying, find the commonalities among you that engage the belief of love and the oneness of the universe and the Creator. You will find that you have much to work for together, and that you will become far more effective in union with others. The integration of all your fragmented groups begins by the intention of finding oneness of belief among you. Thank you and good day.

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