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MJS18 – Special18 – Charles Mortal Life and Mission Update

Special Session #18 – Charles’ Mortal life and update on Mission – Aug. 9, 2010

Teacher: Charles, a Mighty Messenger

Topics: Private versus public transcripts

Charles’ Life on a planet of Rebellion
How does Charles’ mortal life align with our work of today?
Genetic remediation
Planetary changes
Marriage and family life
The biggest challenges in working with our population
The humble individuals will make the greatest differences
in the world
What are the similar challenges between your world and ours?
Living in full consciousness
Update of new decisions made recently

TR: Daniel Raphael

Moderator: Vicki Vanderheyden

August 9, 2010

Vicki: Dear Father, as we engage in conversation with our unseen helper, we ask that you encircuit us with your light of purity, truth and goodness. And in so doing, we express our humble gratitude for the abundance of life and love around us. Amen

Private versus public transcripts

CHARLES: Good morning, this is Charles.

Vicki: Good morning! I’ve missed you greatly.

CHARLES: It is good to speak with you again, and it is good to speak with this one, as he has been ‘absent’ to a large degree. We have begun chatting again this morning and there is much work to do. I would advise you to separate your lessons that are public, and all of the information that is private. If you wish to record the private material, including this material from myself for your own use, that is your decision.

What I/we wish that you share with the public are the lessons and information that you would want the world to know, something that would be helpful to everyone. The inner goings-on of our relationship and the “nuts and bolts, the screws and washers, and such” are things that everyone knows about, but which do cause some people much difficulty to understand, whose minds do not accept the larger perspectives of a complex universe. So, once we have finished our private session, there will be an address by Monjoronson to provide the lesson on “Practical Spirituality” as you have discussed for a long time. That is due to be made public; that is shared.

Think in terms of private and public, as all of you sitting around at a Teaching Mission session at someone’s home in the evening. You have an appointed time and day and place to meet. You gather there, chitchat, have coffee, and buzz about and get over your social materials, and you also talk about your Teaching Mission experiences, the workings of your organization. You all sit down and wait for the teacher to present a lesson, and when the lesson is done, you all say “Thank you very much,” and the lesson is completed, and the recording is completed. You go back to your cookies and coffee, chitchat and eventually say good-bye and wait for the transcripts to come forward.

There you see a very clear-cut delineation between private and public. The public material is that which is useful to everyone. Organizational material, private meetings and councils and meetings between individuals can be considered private. And so, we wish to help you make this distinction, so that you can be more effective and there will be less confusion within the larger community of our work. Do you understand?

Vicki: Yes, thank you.

CHARLES: And I hope this is helpful. If you have any questions regarding this, please ask, but we see this as being very clear-cut, very straight-forward, so that we can move ahead. We do not want to get into politics; we do not want to get into organizational structure, position conflicts or conflicts of authority between mortals. Those things are passé and historic, so let us move on. Do you have questions for me to begin with?

How does Charles’ mortal life align with our work of today?

Vicki: Charles, I have two topics for today: one is to get to know your life as a mortal, and how that aligns with the work that you will be doing with us and our life as mortals here on our planet; and then the other piece, as you have already indicated, has to do with your concept of spiritual pragmatism, and so I have developed over the last weeks, some very general questions to enhance our understanding of that concept. I don’t know how you would like this organized; if you would like to start with the questions that I have about your life, and then when Monjoronson comes on, begin spiritual pragmatism, or vice versa?

CHARLES: I would be glad to address the issues concerning my planet of origin, and then the lesson by Monjoronson, dealing with the spiritual pragmatism, if that is all right?

Vicki: Okay. First of all, in understanding your life as a mortal, could you tell us a little bit about your education, your occupation and your family?

CHARLES: Yes, I hail from a local universe within Orvonton, [but] not Nebadon. This is a large and newly settled local universe. Our planet had been historically then in revolt, and our Planetary Prince as well had violated his authority and his privileges, and was in default. My experience comes from a long history of this evolving revolution of destructive mutiny from the Creator Son’s fold. By the time I was born on the planet, this was well settled, and were approaching the early stages of light and life on our planet. I had a full education concerning the rebellion, and researched it very earnestly, and thoroughly studied it, and eventually became well versed in the history of this experience on my planet. I was most fortunate to be in very close and conscious contact with numerous celestial beings who assisted my education. I was the only child of a pair of parents. (Disconnection of Conference Call—some dialog was missed.)

That era of my life seems so long ago, so far away, but yet in my development the memories of those events, those years have not faded; they are as fresh as though they had occurred yesterday. The wonderful part about being a fused Mighty Messenger, with advanced training, is that I have vivid access to my memories as I had when they occurred, fresh in my mind. This keeps events of the past relevant to the present, in a 1:1 perspective, rather than old historic memories fading away and being forgotten. This review can be done any time and the reflective energy that is given to it can produce new results, new wisdom. From my home planet in the local universe in Orvonton, I proceeded to the mansion worlds in my training. [My] fusion did occur before I left the planet, and so my mansion world experience was not as long as yours will be.

I have been called to Nebadon to participate on this planet until the era of light and life, to assist in the reclamation of your world and to assist in the assurance that your civilization will continue on, that the social progress that has begun will continue. Even as young as it is, it has begun. If you were to compare the development of your civilization and its maturation to that of a bean sprout that has broken through the ground, you would see that your civilization has achieved its first leaf. It still has the bean pod on one of the first leaves that came through, but one of the new leaves is there, receiving the light of God and Christ Michael and all celestial assistance in this metaphor, to help your civilization grow. We do not want to start over again with your world, with your civilization, as it would turn out to be a long, long episode with much great waste of souls that have grown so much, with so much potential.

It is now time to engage your world, your civilization in forward movement, allowing for individuals to lose themselves into the depths of the archives, so to speak, of the universe, and let those who wish to continue to grow to do so. The loss of souls would not be due to anything that Christ Michael did not provide. Rather it is important that we assist everyone who chooses to now move forward in the growth of their soul, into the afterlife and into an ascendant journey into the eternal embrace of the Creator. Do you have other specific questions concerning my life? I would be glad to answer them.

Genetic remediation

Vicki: Thank you, Charles, we are sorry for that interruption. How long did you live? Was your lifetime similar to ours?

CHARLES: No, it was approximately 238 earth years. We had long ago accomplished genetic remediation so that there were no inherent genetic flaws in the strain of the species, in the variation of our species. This was a man-made development with celestial guidance from the Life Carriers. It is important that individuals be able to fulfill their greatest physical, mental, emotional and spiritual potential that they are given, and is apparent in their genetic code. You have a tremendous amount of debris in your genetic code, which does not cause any great problems, but there are definite flaws which do cause tremendous retardation, mentally and socially of many of your population.

Planetary changes

Vicki: Charles, did your planet experience a period of geophysical and astrophysical changes during your lifetime?

CHARLES: Yes, they continued, not quite as violently as your own, but the later stages of geophysical upheavals were still in place. Tectonic movement was still occurring, but at a much slower pace, with the frequency of large scale tectonic [movements] and earthquakes occurring at a much reduced rate than your world, but with the same severity when they did occur.

Marriage and family life

Vicki: Were you married, and did you have a family of your own?

CHARLES: Yes, we have had a different form of marriage than you have. It is no less ceremonial, but we understand the necessities of relationships and of procreation, and there are differences between the various relationship foundations. I was in a procreation relationship which lasted a good many years—you would call it 20 or 30 of your earth years—which is not that long on our world, but sufficient to insure that our child was raised with the nurturance of father and mother in a community-based situation.

Vicki: This is somewhat personal, but did you, Charles, ever experience a loss of your partner, of a close family member, or was that experience of loss different than ours is here, due to the differences in the relationships?

CHARLES: There was loss, but it is far more predictable and actually anticipated than on your planet, because of the tremendous defects in your genetic code. You have, as in your own case, a husband who passed on due to difficulties in his body function. Those were almost rare to nonexistent in our population, as those deficiencies had been eliminated, and in fact, improvements in the genetic code for the functioning of organs had been made. Those improvements insured that the body lasted as long as it was meant to last. There is in all genetic codes of all mortals, an “end game” genetic plan, where the functioning of the being is not indefinite, but it is a very definite closure to physical life.

The losses that occurred to me, that were most significant, was from my daughter choosing not to follow the path of light, as the vast majority had. She was a rebellious child who had her own temperament and who exiled herself from our society. This had far greater social stigma to myself, and to my partner at the time, than any other kind of loss. The spiritual affection program was ingrained in our social structure; it was accepted, known and it was simply a part of life. There were very few who rebelled against this, who were anti-authoritarian and so on.

However, she was not antisocial, there was no social pathology to her—she had just made a decision that she was not going to be a part of the flow of life on our planet. This was a crushing experience to myself and my partner, and to my own parents and to my partner’s parents. We were beside ourselves, knowing what had occurred, [and] what we might have done or not done, which may have caused her to proceed that way.

Vicki: Thank you. I can imagine how that would feel very much like a tremendous loss.

The biggest challenges in working with our population

I’m going to move to a more general question. What do you see as some of the biggest challenges that you haven’t experienced, possibly, that you will face working with us on our planet?

CHARLES: I know already that it will be meeting individuals, such as my daughter, who choose to go the other way, even knowing the consequences. It is illogical, irrational and antithetical in the life a human being, to act this way. Yet, there are many individuals on your planet who do know right from wrong, who do know the best approach and the worst approach, and often times choose the worst approach and wrong direction for no known reason other than in] their capacity to make the decision to do so. This will create a very difficult situation for us, particularly when groups of individuals move to work against the right way. This is exceptionally selfish, arrogant, and it is behavior which works against the good of all humankind.

Vicki: I could see where that would be a challenge for you, and I could see the ramifications as well.

CHARLES: Yes, we see that that is almost an epidemic, if not a pandemic, of social behavior amongst your people of the world, from the individual level, right to the national level on a global scale. It is very, very difficult to understand this penchant for obstructive behavior. There is underlying that, of course, a sense of selfishness, a sense of egoism, which is vastly out of proportion to the consideration of all populations of the world. Yes, we could tell you that your world could make immense growth in the next ten years if everyone worked together, and understood the direction, the goals to proceed toward. But this will not happen as we have already experienced and in fact, there are many who we have striven to influence, who have worked against the efforts which we have instilled in them.

The humble individuals will make the greatest differences in the world

Therefore, we rely upon those individuals—literally individuals—in the background, those individuals such as yourselves who are essentially of no social importance to the [existent] world, to be the actors who will bring about the future for your world that is constructive, positive and grows towards becoming sustainable. It is so odd, is it not, that it is the humble individual who will make the greatest difference in your world.

This has always been true, and is particularly true now, where there are many humble, worthy individuals who are extremely capable mentally, emotionally, spiritually and socially to do so, and we encourage them and you, to unite, to find each other and work together towards the good, knowing that you will have differences, but if you are both heading in the same similar direction, you will make a difference. You will be offering Christ Michael, Machiventa and Monjoronson a positive support for their work.

Vicki: I’m grateful that you see at least a population of, like you say, people not socially known and in the limelight, but in the background, that there is a population there for us to draw from.

What are the similar challenges between your world and ours?

Charles, you may have partially answered this already, but from a different perspective. Can you tell us some of the similar challenges we face, that you experienced on your planet of rebellion?

CHARLES: The similar difficulties that I see again, have to do with those who are looking backwards to the “Good old days.” Truly, the good old days never were good, at the time. The fact of today is another day, which you could call the good old days in the future, when things will be even more difficult than they are now. If those groups of individuals who look back to the pleasures of their authority (…phone interruption)….

Yes, it is individuals who look backwards to better times, or think that they have better plans than those which are being used and implemented now, in the moment, yet they do not proceed to offer their plans in a constructive manner, or of constructive means that are usable to those who are moving ahead. In other words, they become “obstructionists,” and this is the biggest difficulty on your world, and which we saw on our world, though the numbers were far fewer on our world than here.

Vicki: Is there anything you would like to add about your personal mortal experience that stands out, that I may have missed in a question?

Living in full consciousness

CHARLES: The most significant aspect of my life as a mortal was that I was a conscious mortal, and that I was making decisions during the brevity of that mortal span that would have eternal repercussions upon my infinite career. It is to be conscious of yourself, living in the moment with an infinite life perspective. I was conscious of my spiritual career, and I was very conscious of my efforts to live a full life, a contributing life to my civilization, and to my family. As a mortal, one does not do one without the other. You must engage yourself in worthwhile activities of service or self-growth in your mortal lifetime, always making contributions to your spiritual development and your spiritual career.

Never, never, never in the long history of my life have I experienced such an intense series of events, of decisions and options and choices, actions and reactions as I did during my mortal lifetime. You live a lifetime that is less than half of the lifetime that I had, yet your lifetime now, dear ones, has the intensity of the difference between kite flying, and houses flying in a hurricane. It is fun to fly a kite in light breezes, but you live in a hurricane where houses fly by you and life is on a destructive course most of the time, it seems. Be aware of this and make your decisions carefully, not worrying too much about tomorrow, but being cautious to make good decisions today, therefore knowing your future will be taken care of, due to your present wisdom.

Vicki: Now, Charles, one last qualifying question. This session we’ve just had, talking about your private life, do you see this as something we should put out publicly?

CHARLES: Yes, you are most welcome to share this, as this is something that others would be interested in as well. It is public in its domain, so to speak, and it is generic enough to be useful across the world. You are most welcome to share it that way.

Vicki: Thank you and I think people will benefit from understanding your roots and where you’ve come from.

Roxie: Charles, we haven’t had much contact with you for the last several weeks, and I imagine much has taken place in terms of the Magisterial Mission’s plans, and so on. Can you give us an update as to where things stand now, what still needs to be done and things of that nature?

CHARLES: (Laughing.) What needs to be done? Everything needs to be done!

Roxie: Well, I guess I was thinking in terms of our little group here.

Vicki: Okay. More specifically in light of us. You know, Charles, we’ve all gone through some real changes lately.

Update of new decisions made recently

CHARLES: Yes, let us get on with the program. The various options for plans have been analyzed, examined; some plans have been combined; some have parts that have been deleted; decisions have been made from Christ Michael, Monjoronson, and Machiventa to now move ahead and to very thoroughly see action and development that is very noticeable and measurable in your terms. This began in earnest in January, and now, as of August 1st, it has begun to “draw power,” so to speak, from the universe grid.

It is as though the power plug had been plugged in, in January, and that there was a modicum of energy coursing through the machinery to ensure that all parts were “warmed” and ready to go. And now, as of August 1st, the rheostat of the variable control for energy has been moved ahead significantly, from one percent; now we are at ten percent, so to speak—it is all relative, of course. The Power Controllers are in—not only in touch, but in contact—and an integral part of these plans, that the movement of plans is moving ahead.

The downside of this is that you will continue to see great geophysical changes, which had been on hold for centuries, so that there is great change. This energy change not only affects planet earth in its entirety, but as well affects the astrophysical energy structure and flow in this solar system, and in this section of space, of the local universe, of which Urantia is a part. This movement will affect all of you; many of you have already seen… (phone interruption)…

You will continue to see greater change in all realms of your existence, whether it is geophysical or political, [and] social at the individual level or the global level. There is a tremendous flux now going on, which will not be settled for several years. Your world is in tremendous change; your social change is occurring even more rapidly. These are for some people not very good times at all, but for others who see the potential of change as offering the possibility of improvement, then this is a time to take advantage of those events. It is important that those who move forward have positive plans of how to move ahead. It is important that there be no dithering—dithering will not help; confrontation will not help; argumentation will not help; loose-lipped discussions will not help.

It is essential that plans be made, that plans be implemented, and movement be made ahead. That’s why you will see the work of Monjoronson and his staff be most effective as certainly they have written and developed the plans for engaging social sustainability on your world. These plans are already recorded, by yourselves in the Schematic For Sustainability and in the written materials that have been provided to explain it or to use it. This formula, this format is applicable to almost all realms of sustainability from the physical to the social, to the religious as well. Yes, we are looking forward to this small team of three, moving ahead. For your own lives, it is essential that your lives come to balance and peace soon, as you will need this reservoir, this reserve of energy and peace to augment the work that we will be giving you.

Yes, the passage of your beloved one was most unfortunate; it was a decision of his at the soul level, the unconscious, the superconscious mind level, together with his Thought Adjuster and Guardian. It was not a selfish act on his part, but very generous of him to allow the development of plans for others to move ahead. And you, dear one, who will have surgery soon, we wish you to sit in peace with the shaft of silver cord of energy, moving into your body in a lime-green energy frequency, to heal your body, to assist in whatever surgeries you need to have take place.

This is not a situation where a miracle will be performed, but that your healing will be very brief. Yes, you are a victim of defective genetics, and so you have these burdens to bear, as will your own children. These will be corrected in decades and centuries ahead, on your world as well as occurred on mine.

We are very much looking forward to engaging new groups, positively and constructively and moving ahead towards our energizing them as well. You will find that the magnetism-effect is in effect, so that when you approach a group, you will find a very positive response to those who are in alignment, even loosely, with our work. This is a time of tremendous organizational and developmental expansion, which we see as almost totally educational, rather than political or social. Yes, for an update, this is a major one that you can put in your books to remember.

Vicki: Yes, I think it was. We appreciate that; thank you very much.

Roxie: Thank you very much.

CHARLES: You are most welcome.

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