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MJS2 – Special2 – Monjoronson

Special Session – February 5, 2010

Teacher: Monjoronson

Topics: Justice and vindication
Forgiving energetically
Practicing the presence
Directing energy with intention
Energy centers and chakras
The complexities of our bodies
How will Monjoronson’s presence benefit Urantia?
How does a Divine Son “grow?”
Perceiving and appreciating Monjoronson
Monjoronson’s safety on Urantia

TR: Daniel Raphael

Moderator: Vicki Vanderheyden

February 5, 2010

Daniel: And so we become still; become centered and grounded as we rest in gentle humility in the presence of these wonderful spiritual beings who love us so much, and who wish to guide us in our individual journeys and our journey as a planet and a civilization. We give great thanks for this and we wait in patience for the revelation of new insights and wisdom. We give thanks.

Vicki: Welcome to you, Monjoronson. I am coming to this conversation, yes, still with a bit of awe, but with a little more comfort due to your sincere effort to put me at ease in our first session together. Thank you for that.

MONJORONSON: You are most welcome.

Vicki: I’d like to begin today’s conversation with some follow-up questions from our last session, for continuity and clarification purposes. The topics will meander a bit today, because as I am sure you know, and I am learning, that the discussion of one theme leads to questions about another.

MONJORONSON: That is fine with me.

Vicki: The first question is this: Many individuals find the truth and reconciliation process unresolved in the area of justice, in that many who were guilty of horrendous crimes were not incarcerated or punished, but allowed to go free. They felt, as did some of the victims of these crimes, that they were not vindicated. Those of us who are students of the Urantia Book know that on a universal level there is indeed a system and place to enact justice, and that universe administrators see to the justice due to each individual, so that it is absolute. We’ve also been told that justice is not merely about passing on a guilty or not guilty sentence, and then exacting punishment. So it seems to me, that in the full act of forgiveness, as you described to us, Monjoronson, that there is really no reason to feel a need for vindication. Could you elaborate on this concept of justice and vindication?

MONJORONSON: Most certainly. The prescription that we have given you for this process requires you to forget the past knowing that justice will be meted out in the eventuality of time for each individual. It is important for you to let the past go, simply because of the echoing effect of vengeance and justice, vengeance and punishment, as this can never be done. It is much like a feud between clans that one takes someone else’s life and it repercusses back and forth so that it never ends, that true justice is impossible upon your planet at this time.

Your courts that you have in these nations of immense violence could not possibly see the end of the justice process to enact true reconciliation through the retribution of punishment, the elimination of individuals for horrendous crimes that they had done. Therefore, it is essential that you learn to forgive, though you do not forget, knowing that the way forward is for you, as well as for the others, and that the “you,” (put that in quotes) is applicable to each individual within that social equation. You must forget, you must forgive, and if you cannot forget, then forgive and move on with your life. Does this help?

Vicki: Yes, I believe so, and I am glad that you addressed our inadequate ability to exact justice on our earth, within our own courts systems, because it does seem to be something that troubles me, the lack of justice that we see, and even the amount of corruption that we see within our court systems. So for me, it is comforting to know that though justice may not be fully served on earth within our mortal lives, that it will then take place on a universal level in the correct way.

MONJORONSON: Yes, and surely divine justice is thorough; it is complete. It does not miss any one individual, for in your justice systems on earth, the courts and justice system often miss those who are guilty, those who have perpetrated crimes but were never detected. There is no “missing” of these when the tally is added up for each individual. Thank you.

Vicki: Thank you, Monjoronson. I’m going to move on to another question also related to our last discussion, and the topic is energy. Part of the reason I have a few questions on energy is because I feel that we mortals, and I speak for myself as well, really lack understanding of and experience with the energy we have at our disposal. So the question is related to one that I asked before, and it is related to your response: In our previous discussion about forgiveness, you stated—and this is paraphrased—that if we do not know how to forgive energetically, we can call upon Christ Michael, our Lord and Teacher, and ask him to receive this unforgiveness that we have in our hearts.

That is indeed a petition that many of us use. I’m sensing though, from your response, that we have many more lessons to learn about our energetic abilities at a spiritual level. I know that at the heart of this is the need to continually engage in the practice of stillness or meditation, so that we can attain this. And so in this context, I ask, how do we forgive energetically? Are there techniques or practices that will help us within our practice of meditation?

MONJORONSON: To forgive energetically means to neutralize a hostile or an unforgiving energy within you. If you have an energy of loathing, hatred, animosity, regret or resentment—any of these negative memory, energetic constructs in your being, then you must remove them. When I recommended to you to take on or request the presence of, and forgiving activity of Jesus within you, this is the request that you make of him. However, if you were to forgive energetically, you would assume the Christness of Jesus to forgive and remove that energy from your mind and from your body.

The emotional, energetic supports for those memories would be gone; you would have removed them. This is the step that precedes your assuming the “Master position,” that of the Master, where when something is directed to you for which you would have to forgive, you in the master position do not even accept that into your body or your mind. You simply recognize what this person is saying, but do not have any negative investment of their action in you, whether in your body or in your mind.

To forgive energetically is to release all energy within your mind and your body. You do this through your consciousness; you do this by becoming aware of yourself in a much deeper and complete level and depth, than you have heretofore. You become more aware of yourself as a growing, developing and evolving spiritual being. This requires you to sit in stillness and reflect upon yourself, how you feel. And when you review a memory that is negative in nature, where you have a need to forgive, you would review this to see where it resides in your being. If you react in your body and your blood pressure goes up, and your heart beat increases, and you feel tense in your muscles, then you must forgive this energetic memory in your body to release that, so you are at peace.

And though you may not forget it, you have no hostile feelings [energy] about that memory of the incident that occurred. So, your forgiving energetically is a thoroughgoing process of greater personal self-examination, without being analytical or without being linear in this process. You are heart-centered; you care for yourself as a spiritually growing individual to nurture yourself with the fruits of forgiveness, which are love and patience, tolerance and forbearance and all the other wonderful attributes of a master personality. You grow, so that you remove the negative; you do not allow the negative in your body. As you rise in your consciousness and your maturity, less and less of the exterior negative influences to reside in your mind or in your body. Does this help?

Vicki: This does help. It brings to mind something that I find myself doing: Let’s say that throughout the day, when a negative thought enters my mind, a lot of times I will just say verbally, “I’m not going to give any energy to this thought,” and oftentimes it requires almost a physical shift; I might get up from the couch and move or I might head in a different direction. Is this helpful? It seems to stop that negative thought from growing, but I am not in a state of meditation at that time. What is your perception of that?

MONJORONSON: You need not be in meditation all the time. You are a conscious being who has many activities to attend to during the day. When you are not in meditation you can “practice the presence.” You can practice the presence of God, your Thought Adjuster, Christ Michael, Jesus, Nebadonia, and the other Masters in your life, while you are doing activities, whether you are peeling potatoes, cooking, cleaning the house, or sitting on the couch. You can practice the presence at all those times, and this is how you make your life a living meditation. It is very, very exciting to see this development in individuals, who become God centered and practice the presence from moment to moment during the day.

When your mind wanders to the negative, you are conscious of that wandering and you divert your mind away from that, and you do something else. In addition, you also affirm something that says, as you said, “There is no room in my mind for negative thinking.” “There is no room in my experience for hostility that originates from myself.” “I am a loving, peaceful individual.” “I assume the Master position of Jesus,” or some other master whom you admire. Does this help?

Vicki: Yes, it does very much so, very thoroughly.

I’m going to move on to another question that I experience in meditation that has to do with energy. I sometimes question the effectiveness of my efforts to manipulate and direct energy. A perfect example of this is when I wonder, when I am in meditation, if I am truly effective in my intention to direct light and energy, toward a region of people, to facilitate healing on a planet. I might participate in this exercise with a group of people, and there are times when I’m wondering, am I in a deep enough state; am I doing enough to be effective? Therefore, my question is: “Is intention the key element here, or is there more?” What can we do to become more effective in the direction and transfer of energies, so that we can contribute in this way?

MONJORONSON: Your activity is important and it must be coupled with an intention. It is much like being an archer: You have the bow, you have the arrows and you have the target sitting in your closet, but you do not hit the target until you activate your intention to practice your archery. Therefore, you set up your target and you grasp the bow and arrow; you draw back and point to the target and you release it. So too, must you work with your intentions and your energies for good, for the outworking of service for the benefit of others and your whole world. Intention is paramount, that you know what you are about to do, and what will occur. You visualize this—what will occur—in your mind. It is not only the intent of doing the activity of sending this energy, but to also “see,” to be conscious of your energy, moving forward towards those people. Do you understand so far?

Vicki: Yes, I do.

MONJORONSON: And then you actually engage the whole process; you sit in quietness, you are conscious of the target, you want to send your thoughts and energy and consciousness to that target for good, and then you project that to the target. You ask this to be conditioned upon the divine and right and perfect outworking for those involved. You also condition it by stating that you have no self-interest in this. Just as with releasing the arrow, you release your energy as you project it to others knowing that your intention guides it to the target. Do not fret about your effectiveness.

Part of your wish to see an effect is also part of your inexperience and immaturity, to feel that you need to know about what occurs. We, however, see this very clearly. We see you sitting in meditation; we understand your intention—that is like a bright light that is backlighting your words on a piece of paper, so to speak—and we see you project your consciousness towards these people, and we see a desired effect. So we know that this does occur, and we do know that your participation with others is multiplied many times.

The great difficulty with most mortals on your planet is that they do not know how to pray effectively. They do not know how to hold intention, project their consciousness and see [in their mind] the desired outcome, without their subsequent awareness of what occurred. Do not tie your interest or your need to know what has occurred, to what is occurring, for you should leave that up to us and the angels and midwayers to figure out. Does this all make sense to you now?

Vicki: It does and the part about conditions was enlightening. Thank you very much; it does.

MONJORONSON: You are most welcome.

Vickie: This whole concept…

MONJORONSON: Pardon me, let me add that you can—let us say that you are preparing for dinner and you are actually peeling potatoes—and that a thought crosses your mind that you would like to pray for the people in some other country, or some other nation, an ethnic group or a family that you know: You simply stop peeling your potatoes, hold your thoughts in mind and project your consciousness to these people with a desired outcome that you wish to see occur. You do not have to take a special time out and sit in your chair and meditate for 20 minutes before doing this. You are effective wherever you are. This is part of living in the presence, holding the consciousness of the Christed Mind within you. Holding the presence can be exercised at any time. Thank you.

Vicki: Thank you. That is tremendously comforting, because it is a practice that I participate in, and now I know it is effective. It means a tremendous amount to me.

I’m going to shift the gears a bit, still talking about energy, but I’d like to address this whole concept of chakras that has been introduced and is now practiced within our western culture, that professes that there are actually energy centers within our body that facilitate certain psychological and emotional functions, and when they are balanced, they lead to our well-being, but when they are blocked, they can often lead to illness. Could you speak to this concept of energy centers, energy transference into the practices that facilitate an energetic balance within our bodies?

MONJORONSON: I would be glad to try, to your satisfaction. The energy that emanates to all, originates from Paradise. Each individual is invested with an energetic connection with Paradise, which enters through the top of your body (crown chakra) and exits your base chakra, and grounds itself into your planet’s center, thus making the circuit of energy that flows from the Source and back to the Source. What makes your body other than simply material is the living force within it, which is energetic, that it is manipulated by your mind. The chakras are the “transformer” locations—I will use these words very loosely, as there are not sufficient descriptors to describe these centers and your body system adequately, but I also want to make this understandable to those who know very little about energy and chakras.

The energy enters through your crown chakra at the top of your head, and moves through your body core. At this time, at this moment, when this occurs, it is moving through an energy system, which interfaces with your body mechanism, through the manipulation of your mind. You are a working, mobile body of transformers that transform the energy in the various centers of your body. These centers are manipulated and controlled by your mind; these are mind function centers that interface, interact, with the universe energy flowing through your body, through the chakras.

These areas have been noted by various cultural healing traditions around the world, through the millennia of human existence. Your western civilizations, technologically oriented, truly do not appreciate the multiple layers of activity in energy that courses through your body, which is controlled, manipulated by your mind. The simplicity of a brain that only controls the functions of your body is an absurdly simple mechanistic explanation for something that is grandly intricate and which is beautifully assembled and balanced. The Life Carriers, who designed your body, have done so with infinite care, and have done a wonderful job for this decimal planet. The chromosomal gene patterns that bring about the design and fulfillment of the design of your physical body, are wonderful constructs made by the Life Carriers.

What is also missing within that molecular construct is an overlay of the multiple energetic “DNA” and “RNA” that course through your body. You do not see this; your scientists do not see it, though to us and the Life Carriers, it is very visible if they were to look at your body and go within to see the various layers that are working. Your mind controls the various chakras, and how they perform. If you were raised [by your parents] to feel powerless and incapable, then your power center, your third chakra, would be shut down to some degree.

So how you manage the energy that comes to you is a matter of learning and what comes with you in your temperament before you were born. There are many layers that affect the functioning of your chakra and how you project yourself. If you feel inadequate and powerless, inferior, then you will be incapable of projecting your consciousness effectively to help others. You would be doing that out of an inner need, and the effectiveness of your prayers and projections of consciousness is most effective when it is not done as a compensation for your limitations that you received in your learning environment. Are you beginning to appreciate the complexity of your living-ness?

Vicki: Oh, absolutely! In fact, this will take me some time to digest this. Thank you for such a thorough explanation on many levels and in much depth. That has been truly informing; I am looking forward to reading this transcript over again and pondering everything you’ve said.

MONJORONSON: Let me put a capstone on this, please. From the example of your power chakra, your third chakra, you can also find a similar development within the other chakras of your body. Your seventh (crown) chakra and your sixth chakra (inner eye) have a tremendous power upon your ability to engage your universe as an equal with others. Now to tie the lessons together: When you do not forgive, you tie up your energy in “knots” of emotion that you hold as unforgiven memories. This limits your ability to powerfully engage your social environment, and limits your capacity for spiritual growth. So it is important for you to forgive. Now do you see the more complete picture?

Vicki: Absolutely! How interconnected our systems are, is what comes to my mind; how important it is that we address all those systems in a healthy way. Yes, thank you very much.

I am again going to shift to a different topic, this being one of a more personal nature, Monjoronson, having to do with you. I am just beginning to grasp the magnitude of the gift we’ve been given with you in our presence, your spirit and your soon to be personalized [form] in the flesh on earth. I feel this tremendous love surrounding this gift that your presence endows upon us, and also a tremendous amount of humility. Much of this has come to me since our last session. I truly hope that others will feel and understand this as well. If you don’t mind, I am going to indulge in a few questions that might fall in the category of curiosity, but that I hope may extend our understanding and acceptance of who you actually are, and how you may function. In doing so, I truly respect your decision as to whether you will answer these or not.

MONJORONSON: I would be most happy to answer your questions, for these are not truly curiosity questions without an end, but they are to make a connection to myself, between yourself and others. Is this correct?

Vicki: Yes, absolutely, and that was very much the message that I wish to convey and my intention.

The first question is: Your personalization from spirit to flesh will bring with it certain potentials that I am sure we have not considered, or are not aware of. And, though some of these potentials, for different reasons, must remain a mystery to us, there are possibly others that may broaden our understanding of your work on our planet, and in turn assist us in our co-creative work. So I ask this question: How will your personalization change your ability to function as our Magisterial Son, and how will this benefit us?

MONJORONSON: My materialization will be very much like what occurred for Christ Michael, where he became a “captive,” so to speak, during this era in his material body. There is a giving up of the divine personality, the self, to move about in the universe, though there is complete access through the activity of mind. What you and the world will gain is proximity to me in a meaningful way, where I am visible, I am there, you can touch me, you can converse with me, I am not removed.

And, I will remain day-after-day, year-after-year, decade-after-decade, century-after-century, until my work is complete with you. What I give up is my ability to traverse, much as you traverse to the store, to the beach, and to the mountains, for instance. It is much like being a paraplegic, confined to your home, to your room, though there is still the capacity to think and create and to be of influence to those around you. For myself, I would be confined in similar ways to this planet, though there are still great avenues for me to explore and use, as I am needed about in this local universe and beyond.

It is essential that each planet have a meaningful connection to the Divine, that there is an acquaintanceship—and not only an acquaintanceship, but a friendship—a familiarity that is filled with awe and respect, which states to the mortal, “there is more.” This is the life you will engage and enjoy eventually in the infinity of your ascendant career. There is life beyond this material mortal existence, and I represent that completely. It is important—my life in the flesh—will be one of the most important developments and revelations of all the history of Urantia, and the whole population of this world, in the present time and in the future generations.

I will remain long enough that your history on this planet will be indelibly inked with the fact of my presence and the impact that presence has, will have, and has had upon your world in all realms of human life and living. Nothing will be untouched by my presence.

Yet, I will also be your neighbor; I will be available to sit down over dinner, a drink—tea, coffee, water or wine—with you, and enjoy life as a mortal with you, so that you can know me as a friend, for in the universe, all are friends. We are all neighbors, though there are many that you will not see for many, many lifetimes into the future in other realms of your ascendant career; they are nonetheless friendly and amenable to you, if you are able to see them and relate to them. So it is necessary for a Divine Son to make the descent to this mortal realm, to be with you so that your journey becomes more real to you, more personal, and that your decisions and your actions and your thoughts become more in alignment with your ascendant career, and that you begin to contribute to the ends of your ascendant career, right now, in this moment. I am here to help you individually, and as a civilization. Thank you.

Vicki: Thank you. That was very thorough, and I can truly see the benefit in the length of time you will be with us, and how that will maximize and increase your ability to affect our civilization. Thank you.

MONJORONSON: You see what effect Christ Michael had in the flesh as Jesus, for his stay of 36 mortal years here. What would the impact be of my life upon your world and your history if I remain for three thousand years, for example? It would be tremendous.

Vicki: It would be tremendous, for sure. My next question has to do with the confusion [of] what a Magisterial Son is, even with the information that we receive in the Urantia Book, it’s still quite confusing to many of us. And so my next question has to do with one area of confusion for me that has to do with understanding your growth potential [as a] Descending Son of God. It is my understanding that as a Magisterial or Paradise Son you are a fully unified personality, conceived in perfection, but with a growth potential. In other words, you function within the experiential realm of the Supreme. Am I correct?


Vickie: As a mortal then, when I think of growth, I think of a trial and error experience, and it is hard for me to grasp how one grows, who is within themselves perfect. My question is: how can you add growth experience to perfection? Can you explain how your growth is similar to or different from our mortal experience of growth as ascending sons of God?

MONJORONSON: The kernel, the seed germ within your question is the statement about trial and error. My participation, for example, in your world is not a matter of trial and error. It is truly the expression of the development, much as viewing a flower bulb that is planted in the ground that sprouts in spring. It is a dormant bulb in the chill of winter, [then] puts down little rootlets, receives nourishment and begins to grow and push through a first sprout into the sunlight, showing, “this is the way.” As you see this bulb develop into many green leaves and finally a center shoot, which is the stem of the flower and the opening of the petals of the flower, the stamen and the color of the bloom, this was not trial and error, was it?

Vickie: No.

MONJORONSON: But truly the expression of a known and given plan to begin with.

Your world has not experienced the full and perfect bloom of growth. You have, even as individuals, used trial and error to grow; this is the beginning of experience, reflecting upon experience in getting wisdom to guide future decisions. Your civilizations have not had the wonderful opportunity to grow into perfection, into sustainability—never in the history of this planet has any civilization ever survived and sustained itself and bloomed further. All have died, withered and succumbed to the rigors of history and the weaknesses of humanity. I am here to help unfold the perfect plan of development for your world.

How I “grow,” (and put the word “grow” in quotes, please), is through the addition of experience of unfolding this perfect plan for Urantia, for your civilizations, for this world, and for individuals who can grow into perfection more easily than they have in the past history of your fractured and tumultuous planet. My addition to growth is the addition of experience to God the Supreme, that experiential element through a Divine Being, who adds and augments the completion of the Supreme. Yes, I am perfect, I am Divine, yet experience is something I gain in living this way.

I gain experience though—at this moment—when I am not materially manifest on your world, I gain experience and a contribution to God the Supreme by being physically, corporeally present on your world and experience the difficulties and rigors of being a mortal captive, a mortal material captive on a planet. This is—though I have experienced that before—completely new, for this world, for this planet. So there is something new to be gained for God the Supreme, myself, and in turn, we give so much to you in doing so. Does this help?

Vicki: Yes, it does, it does. Thank you.

In thinking about Michael’s bestowal, there were times when it appeared that individuals were unable to perceive his Divinity, which is surprising to me, and so I’m asking when you personalize and people come in your presence, will they always be able to perceive your Divinity, or is there more to this that I may not understand?

MONJORONSON: Does a rock perceive the seagull? No. Individuals who are more dense will have less capacity to see me, to appreciate the Divinity that I bring that then surrounds me. Those individuals who have pursued a spiritual life of right decisions and right service, who have desired to grow into the fullness of their ascendant career, will truly see me. The more evolved you become, the more you can appreciate my presence. You will understand what it is you are in the presence of.

The more you are able to see, the more you will be able to perceive; it is much like looking out from a cliff, across the ocean, into the sky beyond. Were you to have a large telescope on the same location, you could see everything that you see with your eyes, but into the great depths of the abyss of space beyond. So too, you as a spiritually evolving individual, will have the capacity to appreciate the Divinity within me, to the capacity that you have grown. Those who have not grown will not see me; those who are soulless and who have no Thought Adjuster in them due to their own proclivity for erroneous decisions and commitments, will have no appreciation of my presence and me.

Vicki: That makes sense. It does make sense. Thank you for that.

And last, this is a question that you might have answered already, very briefly, but I feel, Monjoronson, to serve you, we need to bring it back to the forefront, because I think people are still dealing with it. We know there are many who will misinterpret your function and purpose on our planet, due to possibly their fear, or threat, or their misconceptions within their own theological beliefs. Though personally I have faith that it will be within your power to protect yourself, I ask this for those who continue to worry with genuine compassion and concern. When you personalize, will your safety be insured from those who may wish to harm you?

MONJORONSON: Most definitely. It is a matter of right time, right place; it is a matter of awareness. You have many mortals on your planet who are already able, and have the capacity, the ability to see into time, to see the future; they are also intuitive enough to be aware of the motivations of other individuals around them, and to feel harm, before it occurs. My capacities as well, as a mortal on your world, will be thoroughly invested with morontial senses of all capacities, and my presence then will be aware of all that occurs around me. Be assured, my dear friends, that I will use these incidences for our highest mutual good. Thank you.

Vicki: Thank you. And unless you have something more you would like to share, that concludes our session.

MONJORONSON: I am most pleased with the tenor, content and sincerity of this forum. You have proven yourself to be of good capacity to engage that which you only surmise. Your questions are insightful; know that they are guided by those who counsel with you throughout the week, in my absence. Trust those higher leadings to assist you to ask meaningful questions that reveal various layers of awareness to those who read these words and who hear this speech. Thank you and good day. I project my blessing upon all of you, who are present here today, and who read these words. Know that even though you see the ink on the page, and the black letters on the white paper, the meaning of these words comes through to you, and enters you at a level, which is far beyond the material. Thank you.

Vicki: And thank you, Monjoronson. What a wonderful statement. I think we are done now.

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