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NCO7 – Manipulating Universe Energy; Urantia Churches

Rayson – NOCO #7 – Manipulating Universe Energy; Urantian Churches – Dec. 30, 2001
(Old title) Rayson123001NOCO_MerkabahDiscussion

Northern Colorado TeaM, NCO #7
Loveland, Colorado

Teacher: Rayson

Topics: Practical lessons for manipulating Universe Energy
Double helix encompassing shaft of merkabah
Anchoring the merkabah permanently
Be in unison with the energy
The universe energy stream
Relationship of the breath to the merkabah
Auras and chakras
Individuals with dark consciousness
Life’s challenges
Open your mind to broader dimensions
More on Urantian Churches
Congregation as a community

TR: Daniel Raphael

December 30, 2001

From: Roxanne
Group: Northern Colorado Teaching Mission
Transmission Date: December 30, 2001
Subjects: Practical lessons for manipulating Universe Energy; Urantian Churches
Teacher: RAYSON (T/R Daniel)

 Practical lessons for manipulating Universe Energy

RAYSON: This is Rayson. Today we will take the lessons on energy and combine them in a more practical manner. And remember that these lessons are not only just for this group, but for all groups that wish to unite in harmony, in oneness, to become one with the flow of energy and light on this planet. It is a way of moving your group consciousness, your individual consciousnesses into an energetic process of moving energy, a way of processing/manipulating universe energy. In months past, weeks past, we have discussed energy, toning, group consciousness, individual consciousness and the intentional manipulation of energy. Today, we wish to assist you to create a Merkaba anchor in this geographic location, with this group’s intent of doing so. I spoke of it being a flow of energy in two directions, but if you were to look at the anchor, it is that and more. It is a flow of energy of the light-aqua blue/lime-green color—energy flows up and energy flows down simultaneously. In more thorough detail there is a double helix that also coils around this. And this double helix becomes part of the Merkaba ball of energy of the lines of longitude and latitude around the group.

You may have been wondering if you thought about the Merkaba, the lines of energy of latitude and longitude, how they meet in the middle at a single point if they meet in the middle of this shaft of energy. The refinement is in this double helix which encompasses the shaft of energy.

Let us begin now with the heart line, which we discussed last time. I believe you may have read the transcripts, and if not, I will reiterate this in quick fashion. It is a pinkish line of energy that moves up from earth center, into your right foot, up your right leg, into your chest, across your heart and down your left leg to earth center. And so, if you continue this, you will see that the line of energy is like a sewing machine thread mechanism that goes up and down, up and down and moves around to the left of you, clockwise as you look down upon the group. It makes approximately ten revolutions per second. As you do this, we also wish you to build a mind line between you.

This is a line of latitude—the mind line runs through from your left temple, through your mind, to your right temple and to your neighbor to your right. So that looking down upon the group, this line goes counter-clockwise and it operates at approximately ten times more rapidly than the heart line. Depending on the consciousness of the group, it can operate even more rapidly than that. It is not relevant; the fact that you build and maintain these in the group as such, is what is needed.

RAYSON: This is Rayson—as an aside, you may, as you do every session, examine and listen to the T/R that is coming through this individual. You are analyzing its quality, its quantity and so on, and its sharpness compared to that which you have heard before. This is always affected by the health of the individual, and as Daniel has a ‘cold’ at this time and feels a little fuzzy-brained, so too will you find that the sharpness of the T/R may be a little bit dull or fuzzy. Yet the quality of the material we bring through to you…we strive to maintain at a very high quality. This is part of your requirement as an individual to discern the spiritual environment that you are in at all times, whether you are at work or at a prayer session or a group such as this. You should be testing for validity and quality of the material that comes through. Let us continue.

We have built in this group a Merkaba that now has lines of latitude and lines of longitude, heart lines and mind lines. Now, through the invocation of the Mother Spirit of this local universe, Nebadonia, we call forth and invoke the anchoring of this Merkaba, at this location, with the invocation and flowing of the shaft of energy that flows up and down. And let it be so at this moment. Those of you who can see energy will see a fine thin line of energy moving up and down. It flows smoothly, you do not see it waver or flicker, it is constant. Now, as we come into oneness of thought and consciousness, let us make the Merkaba bigger. Let us now expand the boundaries past the outside of this group to now include it outside of the house. Do you visualize this now?

Group: Yes.

RAYSON: At the same time, the anchor in the middle, this fountain of energy, also grows in proportion. So that now, if you were to visualize it, you would see it as approximately one foot in diameter. It is rather large. Through your group consciousness this anchor now remains in this place; we dedicate this spot, this geographic location to the use of this energy through the consciousness of those individuals who are amongst us, and those who are not. This energy is available, this anchor is available to all those who hold this in consciousness.

You may be disposed to use this anchor for good of all mankind, for the healing of your planet, for the welfare of families, for one’s health or an individual wholeness, for your own or others. When you do so, you should condition this with the outcome being for the good of all, the ultimate outcome, or course, is the wholeness of the individual. As the individual becomes whole, they flow in unison with the consciousness of the planet and the universe. Your responsibility as manipulators of this energy is to yourself. Be in unison with the energy. This is a minded energy field; this is Creative Mother Spirit energy. It is manipulable by mind.

It is not something to be worshiped; there must not be any idolatry involved in this creative work, in this manifestation here; this is simply a tool, it is a manifest tool of consciousness, of minded action. Just as you have solemn control and manipulation of action of your own energy field, as an individual, and we hope that you would always do so in consciousness of purpose and thought. [And as an aside, you thought it was difficult to maintain a heart line and a mind line simultaneously. Well then, we upped the ante quite a bit by urging you to remain conscious of your mind energy flow as you direct flow of energy throughout your life during the day, here and there, near and far.]

I wish you to see yourselves as planets, so to speak, in orbit around this anchor. You are part of this Merkaba circle. You are your own energy anchors yourselves, but through your consciousness, your intention and the invocation of your lives to assist in this group Merkaba, it will remain here and be useful to you. We hereby recognize this as an existent vortex of energy in this location. I would dispel the idea that you may come here with a cup, fill up your cup and drink of it—this is not that sort of a ‘well of energy.’ It is something that cannot be kept, stored, hidden away, or given. It can only be used, created and brought to closure as well. The occupants who live here in this residence may use this as they wish to cleanse their house of all things that need cleansing to maintain order and harmony, to maintain an aura of peace, of love, of dignity, respect, and all the values that they wish to maintain.

You may visualize this rather holographically, as people coming to your home and being bathed in this, whether they are aware of it or not. Although this is not a sacred entity, it has purposes that should remain hallowed, respected. This energy can be used for malicious reasons, though it would not be wise to do so, not helpful, either in the short-term or long-term for the user or towards those whom they direct it. These energy fields can last an infinite period of time; the purposes are for the enhancement and use and operation of your planet and its people. The purposes for its use are infinite as well. You will find always that selfish, dark reasoning for using energy in an ill-mannered fashion are always short-term. Short-term results do not benefit the universe or this planet or the individuals. Let us now take a short time out for questions, if you have any.

Student: If you are alone, do you still have both the heart circuit and mind circuit operating?

RAYSON: This is anchored here. They both operate.

Student: RAYSON, I have a question about the shaft of light. Can you tell us its purpose and/or its….does it have an origin…is it like we have in the heart circuit, or does it…tell me more about that.

RAYSON: Yes, it is the universe energy stream. It comes from Universe Center. I could not tell you the amperage, voltage or wattage, however.

Student: It comes through the Mother Spirit?


Student: Is it en-circuited?

RAYSON: Yes. It is whole, complete and continuous.

Student: When you talk about the color of this light, and you ask if we “see it”, is that meant as “can we imagine it” or are we supposed to actually see the colors?

RAYSON: Yes, most of you will surely not see it—it is not a manifestation of the physical range of light frequencies. But some of you are sensitive to see energy manifestations on the inner level, the ‘psychic’ level, if we may use that word. The closest that you could come to this would be your imagination of it, and many who have seen energy forms, often think that it is simply their imagination. Yet, when they go to “look” to another form, whether a tree, a plant, a person, or some energy field, they can also see that. So, is that their imagination or not? It is for your interpretation, though these energies do exist on planes that you do not see with your eyes. You would see them easily on the Morontial planes.

Student: Is this energy similar to or different than the energy that was at Findhorn in Scotland, where so many remarkable non-latitude plants were grown for many years?

RAYSON: Yes. Though it was not a shaft of light there, it was a field, it was an environment, using this energy.

Student: Same with Sedona?

RAYSON: Sedona and other places upon the planet are ancient, natural manifestations of these energy forms.

Student: Rayson, you asked that I ask you again at a later time about the ‘breath’ in conjunction with the Merkaba, and I’d like to ask more about that at this time.

RAYSON: And your question is?

Stuident: How is the ‘breath’ related to the Merkaba?

[Hmmm…this is Daniel…sometimes they give you the neatest metaphors …(laughing)… this is one of them, which is applicable on many levels.]

RAYSON: Have you ever been to a smithy? A blacksmith shop? There you will find bellows. The bellows mechanism was used to draw in a huge amount of air into the bellows mechanism and force it through a small orifice into the forge, providing tremendous amounts of oxygen to the hot coals and charcoal in the forge. But in this instance, I wish you to imagine a centrifugal air pump, as is typical of many small farming communities and small blacksmith shops, where one would crank the handle and it is geared in such a fashion that one revolution will approximate roughly, one hundred revolutions of the air pump, so that you have a tremendous, centrifugal process of developing/generating huge amounts of air in a small device.

This is very similar to what you are doing in your body mechanism as you inhale breath on a forced basis, you are force-feeding the fires of your metabolism and also at the molecular level, these energies infuse your mind/brain mechanism. It is at the mind/brain surface….it’s not a surface, it’s not a membrane, it’s……I do not find the language to explain the contact place of mind and brain. But it is at that point at the molecular level, the quantum level that the mind is energized to a higher level. And as you do so, your own Merkaba, auric field, is enhanced around you. This quantum surface allows you to bridge the gap between your material existence and other dimensions and states of consciousness that exist in the universe. It is at this heightened level of energy activity that the Merkaba operates. And so your forced breathing can assist in this process and can enhance the Merkaba process, the Merkaba field. Is that a sufficient answer?

Student: Yes, I think so, thank you.

RAYSON: You’re welcome. I wish to expand on that just a little bit. I stated that it alludes to the quantum level of consciousness, and this is a field that will become more and more important to your technical, scientific fields in the future and too, when they make the connection with clinical psychologists as well.

Student: When you mentioned the ‘aura’ a moment ago, people who say that they can observe auras, often speak of colors like green, blue, or yellow…is there a significance to the different colors?

RAYSON: Yes, it has to do with heightened psychic consciousness—the higher the frequency of the color, the brighter they are, going from dark colors to ruddy-red, through the yellows through the greens and the blues, violets and white; these are all more and more elevated colors. And you will find that if you were to see those individuals who are evolved spiritually, and who live in greater universe consciousness, live or create an aura around them of the higher frequencies. These colors are also associated with relevant body function issues. You are aware of reflexology of the regions of the feet. Chinese physicians also associate this with regions of the ear and other parts of the body which are ‘mirrored replicas’ of the energetic fields of the body, and so the aura has its own replication of these body function fields. And the colors therein are affected by the health of the individual, in mind and body and spirit. Is that sufficient?

Student: Yes, that’s very interesting. Thank you.

RAYSON: You’re welcome.

Student: So the colors can be related to the emotional state and thought content at any given time within an individual?

RAYSON: Yes, it provides a rather three-dimensional readout of your functions of the being involved. All the various systems, much like an airplane, there is an electrical system, a hydraulic system, a pneumatic system and other systems within the aircraft. And so your body mechanism has its own various systems, and each system is reflected at a level within the aura. It is not dimensional; it is not as though it were layered like an onion but is… simultaneous?…..

Student: Observable? Is there a correlation between chakras and auras?

RAYSON: Yes, there is. This is another system within the being’s mechanism and those centers also have their colors, and they can be bright and they can be dark, or they can be black. They are also…let me just, to keep it simple…they are noticeable, observable, within the aura, but they are principally their own system. They operate on the same energy process, but they are separate ‘mechanisms’…I do not like to use the word ‘mechanism’ for they are not mechanistic or material, but they use the same energy platform, but express it in two different dimensions, so to speak. One is on the outside and one is on the inside. And what you see in one, you will see in the other.

Student: What are some examples of the best way for us to use this Merkaba energy for the good of those around us, and for the world? Can we, as a group, project such energy to Afghanistan, for refugees in need, as an example?

RAYSON: Yes you can…I will stop that answer at that point…and just say, yes, you can. However, I would suggest to you to condition the energy for yourself first. [‘You’ meaning the group.] Individuals, western culture, often see the use of Universe Energy as a selfish, self-centered activity. However, we are more concerned with you being in tune with this energy than you tuning the energy to others at this time because the quality of the sending energy is qualified. Excuse the double meaning of the word ‘quality,’ but the quality of the energy that you send towards others is qualified by, or conditioned by, your own capacity to send it. If you are an ill person and have pneumonia, you would not do well running the marathon, would you? You would be lucky to go to the mailbox and get your mail. So we suggest that you work on your own healing. It is not necessarily an activity of ‘doing’ but of remaining in consciousness. It is being conscious of your positive thoughts and your negative thoughts, the destructive thoughts and those, which are helpful.

Student: In other words, to use it for our own development process, to raise our own level?


Student: To perhaps, at a later time, to be able to project it?

RAYSON: You’ll always want to provide a service to others with those skills that you have already mastered. But, you have more and more skills to master, so do not fret too much about using them in advance. Wait until you have achieved a level of mastery over those skills of living, which you can then use for service to others in your conscious direction of energy. Do you recall the monk who worked in the kitchen during medieval times? Was that Brother Andrew? Who was that? He always did his work in the kitchen, mundane, trivial, seemingly monotonous work, drudgery of preparing foods and serving and cleaning up and preparing again.

Yet this wonderful monk remained in God consciousness all through the day, singing praises and coming to understand God and His miraculous ways, much more intimately than his brothers who were often serving in front of the altar. And this is as you could do also, wherever you are, is to remain in consciousness with the beneficence of God. So that your life becomes an expression of that beneficence, part of that spirit, being part of that flow. It is diminishing the dark thoughts of your mind and embellishing the positive ones. It is doing ‘good,’ with good words and good thoughts and good works. This is the first place to begin, with yourself.

Student: Thank you.

RAYSON: You’re welcome.

Student: You mentioned that the Merkaba could be used for wrong intentions, and I would like to know if there is anything now that the Merkaba has been established here that we, as its founders or co-founders need to do to protect it from these forces?

RAYSON: Well, there are not ‘forces.’ But there are individuals with dark consciousness. You have conditioned this space and this place for the work of light, to be filled with light. The way to protect it is to remain in consciousness, positive consciousness, as I was speaking of just a moment ago to the earlier question. This is the best way to protect this. There is actually no way to protect it other than to use it positively, to remain in positive consciousness, to be mindful. And this is a very key word for using these anchors is mindfulness, being ever mindful. You have raised children, you have children in your house, you have neighbors who have children, and children ‘learn to be mindful.’ “Where did you put your coat, Harry?” “I don’t know, Mom.” “Harry, you need to be mindful of where you put your coat, we cannot be buying you coats every week. Now, go find it, work backwards in your mindfulness and remember where you were and where you left it. You had it when you left the house a half-hour ago—where did you go and why did you take it off? It must be in the place where you had a reason to take it off, so mindfully, go back there and find it.” And so Harry goes out and he thinks and he recalls where he left his coat. This is mindfulness.

Many adults on your planet do not have mindfulness at all. They live spontaneously, impulsively, habitually from one moment to the next. But this is not a creative form of living. This is habituated living. What we ask of you to do is be mindful. And so when you are mindful of your day, this is to be aware of what you are thinking, what you are doing, where you are, and why you are doing these things. It begins in the early part of the day, where you are mindful of the day ahead. And so you sit quietly before you leave the house, before you have breakfast perhaps, and are mindful of setting an intention for your day, invoking that which you desire to come into existence, and invoking the energies to help provide that to happen. This is mindful living. You could call it consciousness, self-awareness, but mindfulness is a nice word too.

It is ever present, being present, living in the consciousness of oneness with your Creator, Michael. Knowing and understanding, accepting, using, and manipulating the energy of the Mother Spirit that flows through you. So you live as the child of these two Divine Beings. You are their Divine Child, raising up into that divinity in the eventuality of the infinity of time. You are learning your beginning lessons on this planet, as difficult as they are. So, you must be mindful of this process and who your Parents are, who are working with you. And you will find in the days ahead, the weeks ahead, that there are fewer things to fret about, because they fall in line.

Your mindfulness of being one with all provision, mindfulness of being one with all, wholeness, leads to completion on the ‘outer.’ ‘Inner’ must be manifest in itself before the ‘outer’ can be formed. Your Master, Jesus, was the Master Metaphysician, and he told you many times that the ‘inner’ must become clean before the ‘outer’ becomes so. When you begin to see the patterns of your life and the wholeness of your life come into being, you will begin to realize how subtly powerful this force is, this mindfulness is, this oneness that you live in. Things, events, situations, needs, become fulfilled and put in order without even thinking about them. They just ‘become.’

It is much like fishing. You go out and fish and you put the fish you’ve caught on a line and let them set in the water. And you will have lines here and there as the fish float in the water, staying cool until you take them home. But begin paddling your boat, and all of them fall behind you, in line. So, too with all the needs and provisions of your lives. The ‘fishes’ and ‘loaves’ of your lives will be provided in order, in a timely way, when you put your lives in order in mindfulness and in service of love to others and yourself. Do not be forgetful about loving yourself, caring for yourself, as you wish others would, as your Universal Mother does. If you have parents who were not loving nor provided for you very well, imagine your wonderful Spiritual Parents, Michael and Nebadonia who provide all to you. Would you be able to accept that?

Student: In the previous lesson there was a description about visualizing a mirror around you. You would be able to project love and light to another individual…(inaudible)…. I am aware of an individual who appears to have a lot of negative thoughts. What can I to do to protect this individual, to project a more positive outlook on life? Is it possible for me to do that?

RAYSON: Let us begin with a discussion of this other individual, because it not only involves the other individual but yourself as well. When we ask ourselves questions about others, we are also asking questions about ourselves, as the holder of those thoughts. For this is the frontier of service with others, the use of these energies for others and ourselves. This is where we wish clarity of thought for others, love in the lives of others, and therefore, we must also do that for ourselves. I am not questioning your situation, but raising this to everyone.

When you pray for another, you are requesting the universe to hold that individual in a particular way, to bless them with particular fulfillments, to see them living in a blessed way. Make sure that your intentions for this individual are also as clear as you wish them to be for that individual in their life. Ask, “Why am I praying for this, for this individual?” “Is it out of my own self-need? Or is it out of true altruistic caring about the other individual for themselves?” This must be answered and clarified first for your prayers and for your projection of energy to be truly effective. Having once done that, you realize that this person is greatly in need of much assistance, on many levels.

You also realize too that, many people need protection from the thoughts and projections, and words, of that individual. So, what you may want to do, is to visualize… you may visualize many things, and many things cross my mind at this moment….you could visualize choirs of angels, around this individual’s house, singing to them night and day, songs of the spheres, music of the spheres, filling their house and their mind, calming their tumultuous mind process. You may want to protect yourself from this individual’s thoughts or malicious words, hurtful words. And so you would place a mirror, around yourself to protect yourself from all those things that are hurtful to you, and this is where you need to be clear about yourself, so that you do not reject those things which are positive that come to you. And also do not allow energy to come through that would be hurtful to you, unconsciously. And I know that dealing with unconscious issues are most difficult for mortals, but you can take these in hand clearly, powerfully through your intentions and through your mindfulness, and they will take care of themselves.

That sounds awfully simple, but it is very practical. You would also want to protect yourself and others in another way, from this individual’s malicious thoughts and words, and that is to place a mirror around them, a shield, that keeps in all the hurtful things, and only lets through thoughts and emotions that are positive and constructive. Doing so will allow the flow of universe energy around them, providing a smooth flow of events and order of events, situations to come to their lives and to yours as well. For you know that when there is not order, there is chaos. And when you condition your environment so that you request/command universe energy to provide smoothness in your life, this is what you want.

But remember too, (I am reluctant to give you so many conditions or clauses and sub-clauses that it sounds like a very intricate contract, for it is not,) you also want to be able to work through those difficult situations. This is a learning planet; you came here to learn lessons, to grow. So if you live in this nice cocoon of insulation, you will learn nothing, you will never be challenged. So you want to accept challenges that you have the capacity to resolve positively. It may mean that this person has a lesson for you to work through, to grow through. It may mean that you help them do that. If there is no resolve, then you must resort to protection.

And of course, some situations are too difficult to deal with. To pet a kitten or a cat, one does not go out in the wild and try petting wild lions, do they? One begins by petting a tame cat at home. So you discern those issues and situations that are workable from those which are not, those which will harm you and those which hold potential for growth.

Student: Question?

RAYSON: Certainly.

Student: One possibility comes to my mind, is that such a person that we might have to deal with, might also have outside influences affecting them in a negative way. Seems that it might be helpful to also put a shield around them to allow only the positive to come through, and thereby giving them a little better base line or is this…?

RAYSON: This is possible as well. One does not want to interfere with the lives of others, because it engenders feelings of godful-ness and manipulation, so you would want to do this very carefully. It would also be helpful to know personally, first hand from that individual, whether they wish to have a ‘healing’ or are they open to the order of the universe, the order of events and the coherence in their life. For if they are open to this, much can be done because they have given agreement to these positive works. Whereas, if they are predisposed to accept their situation and live with it, and accept it, and are not able to work with it, then there is little that can be done for them until they come to awareness of the need to live in harmony.

Student: That’s the conclusion that I reached when I first read that transcript, that if you place a shield around them, it ‘feels like’ you are taking away their free will, in one aspect, and in the second level, how would they reach the point of “if the shoe fits so bad, they really want to change it?”

RAYSON: That’s true. That is why it is so useful to command these conditions for the highest and greatest good for all concerned. Let me continue with that a bit. People who believe in God often wonder why some situations go on as they do. They have prayed fervently in groups, maybe whole societies, communities, praying for the welfare of one individual, and yet no good comes to this, it seems. There are oftentimes much higher purposes involved than what the group perceives. We can recall an instance from Daniel’s past where his group of friends was praying diligently for the healing of a lady who was terminally ill. And their doing so only prolonged her living in agony. Finally this group came to the realization that divine order may mean that this individual pass from this realm on to the other. And surely enough, when the group did this, the lady passed on within a couple of days, and all was well. So, what is good for one may not be good for another. Therefore it is always wise to pray that the Divine Mind of Mother Spirit condition your prayers and requests for the use of this energy. Therefore, you have become the initiator and Mother Spirit and Father Spirit become the conditioners of the results for the invocation of the energy.

Student: I see that the energy could be used by the individual for raising the level of understanding of meanings and values, truth and beauty of their previous experiences. Am I correct?

RAYSON: That is correct, yes. They open their mind then to broader dimensions of understanding. They are then able, with their Thought Adjuster and their Guardian Angel, to re-interpret the experiences of their lives in new ways for greater wisdom. Truth, Beauty and Goodness are all around you, but if you do not see them, then you cannot appreciate them. So too, in the experiences of your lives, there is much beauty, truth and harmony that can come to you when you begin to integrate all the parts and pieces and experiences for the greater good of your life. But to do so, you must open yourself to an expansion of consciousness, must you not? Certainly. So in this regard, when you pray for this, request an expansion of consciousness and understanding in insights. Then those around you will be greatly assisted. And they work during your sleep and during your daytime, and during your meditation. Be mindful of this process and hold these sessions with intention, so that your consciousness will be broadened.

Student: Thank you, Rayson.

RAYSON:  You are welcome.

Let us be still for a moment.  Let us change tack a bit. I have mentioned the discussion of the topic of churches, and churches come in several forms. They come in brick and mortar and they come in communities. It is the church community that makes way for a true, functioning church. For without this, no matter how grand the brick and mortar and stone and glass, it can never rival the accomplishments of the humble group in a humble setting. These discussions, we hope, will help you understand the functioning on a deeper level, the energetic level for church groups. This can give you new purpose in meaning, direction, for the functioning of your church groups. We could use the words, “religious centers” as well. For these are religious activities, wherever they are done, no matter in what setting.

You should be mindful of this as you move forward, for if this group moves from five, to fifty, to five-hundred, where will you be and where will you meet, and what will you do, and how will it be different, and how will it be the same? You are the forefathers and the foremothers of the Father’s Temple, the Father’s Religion, the Father’s Church that eventually will come into being. Many of your generations have known truths and have passed them by saying that it is not for them to do, that was not the right time. But we wish you to open your consciousness to the possibility that this is the right time. And this is the right generation. And this is the right place.

When you do so, when you open that possibility, you open yourself then to a broadened, expanded process of thinking, of consciousness. For we have been building your group consciousness, this group Merkaba, with your acceptance for many reasons. And you all could walk away from this and never come back, and yet this anchor would remain. And you could gather again many times in larger and larger numbers, and it would remain. And how would you use it? And what would it be for? And how would it affect your group? And how would your group affect it?

For when you build a group Merkaba, you have really created a ….’temple’ is too potent a word, and ‘church’ is too meaningless… you have developed a community of spiritual, religious consciousness, a place of joining together for a purpose, an intent. And so you have begun to build a church. Think about these things, for this will happen many times over in your nation, and in this world in years and decades to come. There will be Merkabas planted all over your planet. And they will join together creating harbors of content, harbors of light, harbors where you can come to and worship. Now, your question, please.

Student: In the last session there was mention of possibly making use of the Merkaba as a group to explore other dimensions, other locations…what is there about that?

RAYSON: We would like to do that with you at a separate session.

Student: We have committed ourselves to develop a worship service for the Urantia community. We have had a great deal of struggle with this…

RAYSON: We know! [group laughing]

Student:…people have often been collecting ideas/perceptions of what’s appropriate, what they like and what turned them off in their past, in their experiences. Anyway, the last session you spoke of meaningful symbols and rituals that are needed. I wonder if you would discuss that further? How we might be open to suggestions that we not throw out the appropriate things that we have created. One in the group that has proved most difficult ……

RAYSON: Yes, I would be most glad to address that. And we will massage this as often as you wish until clarity is achieved. We have been very observant and participating behind your chairs, literally, at these meetings, [much laughter] and have witnessed you going through these gyrations, and feelings inside yourselves, the thoughts that you have about past experiences and it is such a cloudy, cloudy environment, that is difficult for you to find clarity when each of you has brought so much cloudiness to the table.

I am going to speak in general terms and not in direct, constructive terms. (Student: Could I interject something for just a second? I saw this Merkaba that we established today as the corner stone of a church, and that as it grows, and this is replicated over and over in groups, that we from this place, establish. That will be the church, it will be the Merkabas created by many, many people in conjunction with each other…and co-creatively with Michael and Nebadonia…and our unseen brothers.

RAYSON: For now, let us imagine a church. Let’s in fact imagine a cathedral. If you’ve ever been to the Chartres Cathedral in France, Notre Dame, or some of the other great cathedrals, they are massively impressive, are they not? For one, they are a material manifestation of the muscles and sinew and energy and sweat on the brows of many hundreds, if not thousands, of workers. You walk inside the massive doors and you are impressed with the grand spaciousness of it all. And you feel as though you have walked into a hallowed, sacred space. And so you have entered into a mind-set of worship, and that is why these cathedrals were built this way, it was to energize the worshipful, humble nature of each individual. It sets a tone; it is an environment. And so, when you build your churches, whether they are within this residence or a great church building or cathedral, the most important process, most important element is the mind-set of the individual, as this being a sacred, hallowed space, reflective of the hallowed, sacred space that is ‘in you’ as an individual.

An element that is needed is an ‘officiant’, one who directs the orchestration of the services that follow. And the acceptance of those who come there that this individual will lead you into worshipful, minded, hallowed presence. Then there are the services. The order of service, and if you analyze these elements, you will see in the very best churches lead you in a progression, an elevation of spirit, so that you have a feeling of spontaneous joy and ecstatic gratitude. In the worst cases, none of this is present. In that place in between, you may go to churches and find one part superlative, that leads you to wonderful joy and gratitude, and the next part of the service will take you to places where you are anxious and fearful.

The elements of both are known to psychologists, group dynamics experts, group process experts, and by church officials. It would be helpful to your committee to visit churches: Catholic churches, Episcopal churches, Methodist churches, Lutheran churches, Non-denominational churches. Find out what makes them tick, what works, what elevates people, what brings oneness of spirit, and then, do not be afraid to incorporate them into your new church service. One can do all of those things in that context, and achieve the individual union and point of contact with their Thought Adjuster, for really truly, deep, worshipful contact. The advice is to select the best processes and incorporate them, and do not be afraid to practice them, to use them, over and over again until you get good at that.

A congregation is a community, they are a working entity, and that is why this Merkaba construct creates a community of oneness. You now are bonded; you now have come here and shared this exercise, this energy, you are in oneness of spirit. And so you are also seeking that in your Urantia groups, if I understand you right. You are seeking oneness and harmony and flow of your service. A church service for regular worship is different from that of a funeral, that of a wedding, that of a baptism. Yet they all start with that community of oneness. You are habitual animals in many ways, so it requires the habituation of returning often to that site and doing these rituals over and over again, with the ‘intent’ of being ever ‘mindful’ of what you are doing, not forgetting why you are there. This is running two circles simultaneously, that is difficult, how to maintain spontaneity of worship and joy and gratitude, ecstasy—and yet do it in a venue that is habitual. How do you achieve that? Those are questions your group will need to answer. This is not an easy topic for you to accept or discuss, I know. To move ahead, there are different thoughts by different people of what should be done.

That is why this group here has as good a chance of developing a functioning, worshipful, spontaneous, joyful group worship service as easily as any others could do, and perhaps more easily. There is much work to do as you see. You are beginning to get to that place where you rub two hands together and feel the heat that is occurring. You are beginning to reach out with one hand and shake the hand of another person and engage them in new ideas. You are beginning to apply these principles of Universe Energy to very specific issues. And they will all come about in success.

We are very pleased that you are thinking about these things, that you are asking questions about them, and that you are striving for the best results. We suggest that you set your hurdle low, rather than in having to have the ‘perfect service’ immediately, to which you will always be disappointed. Begin practicing one part very well, and building from there. Begin with your intention of the group. Why are we doing this? What are the purposes involved? What outcomes do we wish? From there, your interests will become common, and your individual positions should dissolve.

Let us close today…..Very Good! I saw this minded arc of each one of you coming to center. As you saw, the oneness of the group form in this closure, and this is something I hope you see and feel as well. Once you have begun to feel this oneness, this bond, this commonality, this co-creative participation of each of you in the group, with each other and with us, you will experience something that will never be removed from your lives, during this lifetime and all others.

Blessings to you as you go forward in your week, be mindful of your lives, your thoughts, your actions, be of service to yourselves, as well as to others. Love yourselves equally, as you do your own children. Nurture yourselves in ways that are positive. And feed upon the love of your Father. Good day.

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