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NSH182- Using Spiritual Achievements

2003-11-23-Using Spiritual Achievements
Nashville #182


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Using Spiritual Achievements
o 1.2 Group: Nashville TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Ham
o 2.2 TR: Rebecca
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Personal Reviews
o 3.4 Dialogue
o 3.5 Closing

Topic: Using Spiritual Achievements
Group: Nashville TeaM
Teacher: Ham
TR: Rebecca


HAM:  Greetings, children, I am Ham and I am happy to have you here this evening.


HAM:   Tonight I want to give you each one further words of praise and comfort. All of you have been diligent in your efforts to live a life of the spirit and to grow closer to the Master and to our Father in your personal life. This is not something that can be faked or that you can deceive yourselves over for spiritual experience is real and it is profoundly personal.

Those who achieve these spiritual levels do not claim it as a badge of authority. The Master did not make his mission about himself and his own spiritual authority. Rather he made his mission about the Father and the Father’s spiritual sovereignty. Never did he proclaim his spiritual power in order to claim earthly power. And to the end of his earthly sojourn always at every step did he defer to the Father’s will rather than his own. Never did he request special treatment or exemption from earthly conditions. Never did he claim power for himself. Always he used words such as, “The Father has already forgiven you”, or “Your faith has made you whole”. Never did he say “Follow me for I am a great healer”, “follow me for I am the most spiritual man on earth”. No, always his approach was, “let me tell you about my Father”. Never, “let me tell you about myself”.

Each of you are reaching new spiritual levels and at these levels you must learn to continually defer to the Master’s spirit of the Father’s spirit. These are the levels where it is extremely important to learn that deferral and to practice it. Those human beings who claim spiritual power for themselves have immediately lost it. But those who humbly defer, always, to higher sovereignty, to higher wisdom, are truly following the Master’s way and this way is truly to doorway from this life to the next, from this level to a higher level. And so, your lights will shine so as to give illumination upon other things not to be a focal point for others to follow but rather to be a way shower which illuminates the path for others without requiring them to follow your path. Remember, there is only one source of spiritual sovereignty. If you, like Jesus, continually defer to that higher sovereign, then your lives will be according to his will. But if you should claim yourselves to be a source of truth or a source of spiritual wisdom, your way will be lost.

Personal Reviews

HAM:   Let me begin with Jarad this evening. My son, you do very well. You are finding it easier and easier to defer to God and to trust in him even as a child trusts in his earthly parent. None of this has been easy for you but it is becoming easier all the time. All of you must remember that turning your lives over to God is a process, not simply a single decision and the more you can do this quickly and easily, the more you will find peace. Remember the Master said to train your lower nature to follow your higher one and my son you are doing this in all areas of life. Be at peace, for you do very well.

Brodan, you are also doing very well. Gradually the chains of self-doubt are loosened and you are becoming ever more at ease with your life in general and your direction as more and more of you trusts your life to the Father’s good keeping. And again, this trusting has not come easily for you either. You have always been very self-reliant and this very self-reliance can work against the daily surrendering to the Father’s will. The ego says we must control this or we will die, and yes, the ego does gradually diminish as the Father gradually enlarges. So worry not and compel this part of yourself that is fear based to constantly defer to love for as love enlarges, fear diminishes. It is good to see how far you have come my son, understand this and be glad.

Rebecca, you do well my dear. Gradually you are also releasing your fears for fear has been a great limiter and stumbling block for you for many years. But you have found that a life dedicated to spiritual service removes the burden from your shoulders and places it on higher ones. When you release your fears, you are not losing anything of value. At times, my dear, you have been afraid to be without fear and this is now coming to an end and a life of freedom is beginning. The Master said I have come to free the spiritual captives. I have come to comfort the fearful. Fear is the great human enslaver. Fear of God leads to the slavery of tradition. Love of God leads to freedom from fear. Go then in perfect peace my daughter, for you do very well.

Amalain, my daughter, you are likewise wrestling with some deep fears but you must realize that you are enough just as you are, that God loves you for who you are, right now in this moment. In your early experience, you drew the conclusion that parental love was connected to what you could do and so you were constantly trying to prove that parental love by accomplishing certain things. And so you must now understand that God has no requirement of you other than that you love him in return. There are no tests to pass, no hoops to jump through that will release his love upon you for his love will never be lessened nor made more. His love for you is infinite now and cannot be changed. In the back of your mind, there is something that says the Father will be disappointed in me if I do not . … blank. So, this is an important juncture in your spiritual life, this letting go of trying to earn spiritual love. Is this making sense.

Q: Yes, thank you.

HAM:   My son, Ricallo, you are also finding new moral levels in yourself and you are finding these levels through love. Sometimes it is good to be involved in that searching moral inventory of the past. Other times it is best to disown the past, to let the past die and to allow yourself to buoyed up by the power of love alone. Humility comes naturally in the God knowing life. Strengthen your relationship to the Master’s spirit and naturally your humility will deepen. There is a difference between humility born of spiritual wisdom that is the continual deferring to the Father’s will and the humiliation of the past which can keep you tied to it.

You are a person who has come to God through great tribulation and that tribulation, while it required you to seek the spirit, once you have entered the kingdom you also enter into a new life. Find joy in this spiritual connection, this newness, this rebirth and give over the past to the Master and let him sift through that which is valuable to be kept and that which is the chaff of life, the old things which can fall away and not be missed. Develop your trust in God. Rely upon him ever more completely and above all be at peace and allow the old fears and anxieties that have made you a slave to your impulses to gradually melt away. You are doing very well my son, go in peace.


Q: This is from PZ. Ham, last year I asked you your thoughts regarding our aunt-stepmother. You answered me by saying to have love and tolerance for each other and to show forth the fruits of forgiveness and forbearance. We have and needless to say, there is no answer on her part. We hope that she is doing well and that she has made the right decision in her move with her daughter. We wonder if she is happy and is her health any better? Thank you so much for your prayers, and I pray for you and hope that you are well.

HAM:  My daughter, be at peace. Accept that there are many things in this life that you simply cannot control or influence. You have done right in giving this woman her own space and her own decisions. You must trust now that the Father has her in his hands even as you are in his hands and you must release your worries to him.

Q: (To Ham please from Wendaring:) Thank you for your guidance a couple of weeks ago. It has given me much strength and healing. Do you have anything further for me? Thank you.

HAM:  Yes, of course. My daughter, remember that those who know God see him in all things. He is not far off but rather surrounds you and invades your mind with his love at every opportunity. Allow yourself to be secure in his arms and know that whatever should befall you, his love surrounds you and protects you in a way that is beyond understanding. Have complete faith that his love will be accessible for you at all times. Tap into his love and peace will follow.

Q: Do you have a personal message for Charlie B?

HAM:  Yes. Yes, my son, you are doing very well. You are following the leadings of the spirit and you are having faith in ever greater measure as you do so. Look not to the left nor the right, but rather focus on your spirit leading and follow in the way that he reveals. Go in peace my son, you do very well.


HAM:  Until next week my friends, my love and prayers are with you each. Farewell.

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