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NSH199- Process of Personal Growth

2004-06-27-Process of Personal Growth
Nashville #199


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Process of Personal Growth
o 1.2 Group: Nashville TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Ham
o 2.2 TR: Rebecca
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Personal Counsel
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Process of Personal Growth
Group: Nashville TeaM
Teacher: Ham
TR: Rebecca


HAM:   Greetings, children, I am Ham and I welcome you each this evening. You are all showing great willingness to be given truth even that truth which creates an awareness of the need for change.


HAM:    Many humans wish only to find reinforcement for their own behavior and thoughts. It is the truly adventurous seeker who desires to change and to grow. Change requires the leaving behind of old thought processes, old self-image and these things must be relinquished before the new grows in its place. It takes great courage and character to admit you have been wrong or that you might need to change to adapt and to grow. But think of it as an adventure. Think of the times of fear as times of thrill instead. Think of the letting go as the thrill of letting go and falling into the unknown.

It is not fearful so long as you have faith. Faith in God gives you the certainty of knowing you will be alright. If all things earthly crash, including your own ego self, what does it really matter because the Father and the Master will lead you forward into new adventures, new lives. You can view the cataclysm of loss as the clearing away of that which was holding you back and in that way, you can begin to feel safe in the world. Losing earthly possessions is a small thing compared to the adventure of life as a whole. Even losing friendships, even losing reputations, even losing love temporarily, these things are tiny compared with the grand universe scheme of eternal progression.

When you are tempted toward despair, imagine yourself looking back on your life from the vantage point of the mansion worlds. From that perspective, the ups and downs of the moment are small things. Even if your earthly bodies fail and you must leave them behind, as you will, this is a part of getting from here to there, just like all of life. Life’s value lies not in anything the material world has to offer. Life’s value is above all things and all beings, for life’s value lies with God himself.

It is humanly easy to feel overwhelmed by some failure, to feel defeated, alone, and worthless. But the Father sees the same situation as your great test, your great opportunity. Your own indwelling spirit is like a proud parent watching his child’s first steps. Sometimes the parent withdraws his hands so the child can take a few steps on his own. Sometimes the Father removes some supports you have been relying on so that you can move beyond that reliance. This is not cruelty, this is not abandonment. This is the opposite of that. Many things happen in the material world which seem to be cruel and unjust. But from the vantage point of the Father, these things are preliminary tests to help you strengthen your faith muscles to give you courage for the effort that awaits you.

Every time your knocked on your bottoms by events, your angels, your indwelling spirit, the Spirit Mother, and the Master himself are all rooting for you to stand up. They want you to grow strong and fearless. Looking back over your lives, there have been many times when things seemed so hard that you didn’t know if you would make it. But each one of those things gave you something very valuable, even if it was only the knowledge that you could survive.
Your ways are never easy. Life is difficult, but it is supposed to be difficult. That does not mean that life should be joyless or that it is not worth it. From the vantage point of the mansion worlds, as you look back over your lives, you will decide it was all worth it. Enjoy the lives you are living.

Enjoy each day. Let yourselves appreciate the good in life. Let yourselves love each other with complete joy and abandon. Let yourselves be open to all the wonder, all the beauty and goodness of life that surrounds you at all times and understand very deeply that the little disasters and problems of living are just that, small and inconsequential.
Rapidly develop a larger view of your lives so that you are not caught up in the frustrations of the day. This will also help you to release your fears for all human beings experience fear, but you don’t have to get caught up in it and allow fear to ensnare you. Stay true to the Master, true to the Father’s spirit, and fear will touch you less and less as the spirit controls you more and more. My children, you are each doing very, very well. Let us go right to questions.

Personal Counsel

Q: Ham, may I have a personal message please?

HAM:   Of course, my son. We have spoken of second chances and of how good life really is. You have come through very much and as we have said, you are not out of the woods yet, but we see come encouraging signs in your blood. Continue to be gentle and careful with yourself. Go slowly and don’t worry about doing so. You will have all you need so be at peace.

Q: Can I have a message please Ham?

HAM:   Certainly, my son. You are doing very well. You have come through some real difficulties as well as some imaginary ones. You are a man of great focus and your ability to rise to a challenge is secure. Have confidence that you are on the right path, because you are. Think of your future as the beginning of a great adventure. You will have many ups and downs and twists and turns to go through. That is what makes life exciting. Don’t worry about what you should do or where you should go. Rather, dedicate yourself anew to the Father’s will then be willing to go through whatever it takes for his will to be manifest. My son, you do well.

Q: May I have a message Ham, please?

HAM:    Of course, my dear. You continue to strengthen in purpose and in character. You will continue to explore the past with the Master’s help. There is nothing hidden that will not be revealed and gradually you will come to a greater owning of yourself. Your spiritual path will continue to open and to offer you places of rest and recovery. You have to allow yourself some time. You want to get through it quickly, but that is not how this process will be. Relax then, and allow yourself the time, the effort, and the will to go through these psychological and spiritual traumas. Then, the wounds can heal and be cleansed. More and more, you are seeing ever more clearly. Embrace the truth for it is the only way to recovery.

Q: Do you have anything for Rebecca?

HAM:   Certainly. My daughter, you are doing well. You are letting go of the old and embracing the new. It will be important for you to continue in this process. This is not a matter of establishing something. This is a matter of discovering something. You are in the process of discovering great joy. This joy is what will lead you. Have great faith and courage as you move forward in this discovery. You cannot go backward. You cannot shrink back into the old self. You must continue expanding and so you will find an ever greater joy in purpose. Embrace this and give thanks.

Q: Jarad?

HAM:   Of course my son. You are also in a process of self-discovery. You are breaking out of the old and entering into a new level of reality perception. When the Master gives you eyes to see, truly you will see things right. More and more, you are spending your days in his company and this is as it should be. Seek him and his will in all things and in this way you will uphold him and you will be an example for others. There are many days of increasing joy before you. Be contented and at peace, for you do very well.

Q: Ham, I wanted to know if you had any counsel for me please?

HAM:   Of course my son. You are doing very well. Each day you are finding new levels of spiritual awareness to explore. You are going through a genuine spiritual awakening. So continue to follow after the spirit. Listen to his voice. You will hear him saying, “this is the way” during times of decision. Slowly but surely you are getting your feet firmly beneath you so that you are not off balance, leaning forward, and rushing ahead. Now you are much more at ease with yourself and this ease will grow over time as your security and your comfort with yourself grows. Remember, always, how much the Father loves you and how precious you are to the Master in this universe. Do not allow yourself to think of your life as cheap or easily spent. Come to value your life as the Master values you. You do very well my son. Be at peace.

Q: Ham I would appreciate any words you have for me.

HAM:   Certainly, my son, you are doing very well. All things are becoming new and you are now being called to move forward in your life and in the world. You are being called to increasingly represent the Master in this world and the Master’s love is beginning to flow through you and out and into the lives of others blessing all who know you. Understand that you are human and that you will make mistakes, but learn to be gentle with yourself and forgiving with yourself. Your way will open so long as you have faith to walk in the way the Master shows you.

Q: From Norbert: I would like to ask Ham if he can help me understand what’s been going on the last couple of days.

HAM:   Yes my son, you are doing very well. Sometimes a person is given glimpses into how to see the world more correctly. Sometimes, these efforts by the thought adjuster can be a little frightening. But overall, as your spiritual life expands, your perception of the world will expand with it. Your spiritual insight will be enhanced as well. Sometimes, along with this, there is some emotional trauma because the lower self rebels against the higher self, always. Be at peace my son, there is nothing to be alarmed at. Do not be in a hurry to make any changes. Walk slowly and things will be smooth.

Q: Do you have a personal message for Charlie B?

HAM:   Yes, my son. You are also finding yourself seeking the Master at all times and this is as it should be. Seek after him and you will find all that you need. The way for you is growing a little easier now. Enjoy your life. Take the time to enjoy things.

Q: Do you have any feedback for me this week?

HAM:   Certainly. My son, you are doing very well. You have an inner strength and courage that sees you through many difficult times. You also have the good sense to take things to the Master, to ask him for guidance and help and I say to you, seek and you will find, knock and it will be opened. Although at times, the spirit seems far away. It is never actually so. He is with you through every moment of every day, like a loving father watching intently over his small child. Be wise enough to know when to reach out. Begin relying on the Master’s spirit more and more. He will show you what you need and which way is best to travel. Have no doubt. Just believe. You are doing very well my son. Be at peace.


Are there any further questions at this time? Very well then, my children, go in peace and until next week my love and prayers are with you.

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