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NSH200- Power Of Love To Change The World

2004-07-04-Power Of Love To Change The World
Nashville #200


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Power of Love to Change the World
o 1.2 Group: Nashville TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Ham
o 2.2 TR: Rebecca
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Personal Counsel
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Power of Love to Change the World
Group: Nashville TeaM
Teacher: Ham
TR: Rebecca


HAM:  Greetings my friends, I am Ham and I welcome you each this evening.


HAM:   All of your efforts to make spiritual progress do truly bear fruit eventually. Sometimes the immature mind is impatient and wants to see immediate, spectacular results. The way of the spirit is the way of natural growth and time is required in between the time of decision and the eventual flowering and fruit resulting from that decision.

Staying with this gradual program of spiritual lessons, implementing them in your lives and the gradual results which come about in years, rather than days, is a testament to your dedication to truth and the spirit. It is human nature to be discouraged. It is human nature to be put off by the effort required when so many other enticements abound. But you my friend have set yourselves upon the spiritual path with a quiet determination and a steadiness of focus.

Each of you has certainly experienced the flowering and fruiting stages of the spirit. You are gradually becoming aware that you have more and more to offer others in terms of this fruit. Furthermore, you are each beginning to pull in the wisdom that comes from experience and you are truly achieving greater and greater spiritual status through the tests of time. Increasingly you are growing steadily more confident and more at peace with yourselves.

Certainly you are each experiencing a gradual reduction of fear and this can be said to be a measure of growth. As you grow in the spirit, fear will lessen and love will replace it. This love for your fellows is also a measure of your growth. The less you love the more you fear. The less you fear the more you love. The two go together. Oftentimes when you find yourself not loving someone it is because they unwittingly trigger some inner fear. You can experience this reaction as a personal disliking, but it is fear.

Hatred and fear are two sides of the same coin, like the Master said. Hatred is simply a mask of fear. You my children are experiencing and helping to create a world order with its basis in love. You are attempting to make service and love the basis of your social order. And this is truly part of the flowering and fruit of the Master’s message. The freedom from fear is the goal of the spiritual life. To be entirely dominated by love and motivated by love is the essence of the Master’s gift to your world.

Freedom and equality can only come into existence where there is loving trust among the people. Even now fear is the primary motivating force throughout much of the world. It is the basis upon which all authoritarian systems are constructed. Replacing fear with love is the cause of your generation and your country. Truly on this your independence day is a time to reflect on your heritage and to find there inspiration for your future. As you citizenry plots the course your nation will take, it is best to trust each other and to refrain from the sowing of distrust, for the basis of your republic is the trust in its citizens.

Each of you in your lives has experienced a great deal of turmoil and change, and it is your own steady hands that will guide your country’s future. My little children, though you may disagree over one thing or another you must never be tempted to lose trust in your fellow citizens. Always must you defer to the common wisdom and accept victory or defeat with grace and calm. This great step forward in human achievement will continue to bestow its blessings for many generations. Human freedom, in increasing measure, is what will prepare the way for entry into light and life. Your world cannot enter light and life half free and half enslaved to authoritarian systems.

All the world must eventually embrace free self-governing systems and religion must be an inspiration and a guide. When love is the dominant motivation for all human society, culture, prosperity and progress will truly bloom. The Master truly came to free the spiritual chains and his spirit is still working for that end. Love is the most powerful force on earth. Love will not be defeated by the forces of fear and of hatred. Truly you are helping to bring the Master’s world into the Master’s fold within the universe.

As you work and worry, as you have success and defeat, as you strain against seemingly unsurmountable odds and obstacles, know that love will make for you a pathway. And know that you will find the very best way forward for the Master’s spirit is leading you and showing you where to put your feet. You are an example not just for this world, but for many, for you dare to believe in his promise. You dare to gamble it all on the promise of love not just once but many times.

The Master’s spirit will guide this country forward, as you fulfill the promise of its founding and as you trust in his good guidance for each step along the way. Deepen your faith my friends. Deepen your trust in God and trust in your neighbors. Deepen your love of God and your love of your neighbors. Have peace in your hearts.

Personal Counsel

Q: Rebecca?

HAM:  : My daughter you are doing very well. You are growing in the spirit every day and so you are finding ever greater courage and confidence for your task. You have always shown great courage my dear and we are very happy with your progress and your work. Have faith moving forward for at each step along the way you will have what you need.

Q: Jarad?

HAM:  : Yes my son. You are also being carried forward and you are learning to relax and to enjoy the process much more than you have before. You are learning to trust the angels and to release anxiety and concern. Have peace my son for you are doing very well.

Q: Some counsel please?

HAM:  : Of course my son. My son you do well. You have peace and a measure of contentment now that has eluded you all your life. Gradually, you are slowing down and you are beginning to plant your feet more solidly in reality and its slow movement, rather than fleeing into fantasy and its instant gratification. Grounding yourself in the now time through meditation and quiet reflection is very important for you. It is also advised that you begin to give prayers of thanksgiving more consistently so that you are more grounded in reality and what is good in the now. My son, you are continually beginning to experience greater measures of love. Allow yourself full surrender to this love. You are doing very well.

Q: Counsel for me tonight?

HAM:  : Yes my son. You are also doing well. Have tranquility and gratitude together in your heart. Little by little the old fears are dissolving into the background as you find greater and greater measures of love and wonder in your life. Gradually it is beginning to dawn on you that like the prodigal son the father has prepared a banquet upon your return. You have thought of yourself as one of the Master’s black sheep, but this is not so. You are coming now to see yourself as fully welcomed, as fully accepted, as fully embraced, not only by the spirit but by his other children as well. Gradually as your sonship sinks in you will feel ever more at home in this world and society.

You are making the transition in your mind as a person on the fringes to one in the center, from someone looking in the window to the honored guest at the party. This reorientation is a blessing for you. Continue to make this spiritual change and the way will open for you. Continue to be immersed in the living water and you will be a source of refreshment for all. The Master said many time “I am the vine and you are my branches.” Come to see yourself as a visible representative of that which is invisible. Be true to your inner most self and you are true then to the Master, true to the vine.

Q: Personal message for Marije.

HAM:  : Yes my dear, you are doing very well. It is wonderful to see motherhood blooming so beautifully. You are doing just fine in the spirit and you and your husband will continue to grow closer as you experience the greatest of human joy and fulfillment, the raising of your children. Don’t worry my dear but continue to grow in love and continue to forge the greatest of human partnership through good times and bad. For it is all part of your spiritual journey.

Q: Personal message for Norbert.

HAM:  : Yes my son. Gradually you are growing in faith and you are coming into greater awareness of love as time goes by. Love your brethren even those who create hardship and trouble for you. Loving human beings in spite of their human tendencies is the great gift of Christ Michael. Follow him and you will never be lost.

Q: Virginia Kelly asks about her swollen, tingling hands.

HAM:  : It is advised that you should take up exercise to strengthen the heart. A regular walk for thirty minutes or so a day will much to increase your circulation and decrease swelling in the extremities. It is time for you to make your health a priority and so regular exercise is an essential step. This is not a serious problem yet, but it will develop without steps to correct it. The Master is with you my dear. Let him help you in this effort. You are doing very well.

Q: Anything for me?

HAM:  : Of course my dear. You are truly making wonderful progress. You are finding the way to be easier and also somewhat harder than you had imagined. The important thing is your dedication to moving forward. Yes it is wise to work on therapeutic writing, this will be a great help. You will have all you need moving forward my dear. Have faith and trust in the Master. He is there for you at all times. Trust in him and all is well.


HAM:  My love and prayers are with you each, farewell.

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