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NSH202- Working with the Spirit

2004-07-18-Working with the Spirit
Nashville #202


1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Working With the Spirit
o 1.2 Group: Nashville TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Ham
o 2.2 TR: Rebecca
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Working With the Spirit
Group: Nashville TeaM
Teacher: Ham
TR: Rebecca


HAM:  Greetings my friends, I am Ham and I am happy to have this opportunity for discussion once again. Let us discuss the progressive process of allowing spiritual invasion of your mind and body. All spiritual progress depends upon the assenting personality, the willingness to allow spiritual saturation, the willingness to open the doors of one’s heart to the Father’s gentle being.


HAM:  Sometimes the mind can be like a rebellious and high spirited horse who bucks and flees in rebellion without reason, without provocation. Sometimes the mind can be frightened easily and recoil in fear closing down the avenue of spiritual contact. But, as you grow in the spirit, you find ways to tame the mind and to bring the mind into a more docile posture in relation to the spirit. Like the horse that is ready to flee, the mind also must be coaxed, reassured, and made more gentle through sustained contact with the spirit.

Most human beings are afraid of the spirit more than they admit and the mind must be gradually disciplined in order to receive the spirit without rebelling or in some way going in a fanatical direction which is a way of controlling the spirit input. It takes a balanced personality to maintain constant spiritual contact. Human beings tend to fear the loss of control which spiritual dominance engenders.

If the Father were to say, “I bring you peace, joy, spiritual freedom, and happiness, but to receive these things you must trade control”, it would be difficult, indeed quite impossible, for most people to assent to this trade. But, look again, and you will see that fear is what drives control. And so to trade fear and control, together, is really the issue.

The outward control exerted by religious conformity is not the spiritual control the Father has in mind for his children. The Father transforms from within and righteousness is born out of love, not fear. The Master never preached conformity and he often broke with the traditional conformity of his faith in order to illustrate the great difference that exists between the two motivations of religion. Fear always drives conformity, love always fosters individuality and freedom.

The Master made it very clear to his associates that the Father’s will is not found in the rote repetition of ritualism. His mission was very plainly laid out to be one of granting increasing freedom and for each person to find God in their own hearts first, and that good spirit would then foster righteous behavior. But even now, some twenty centuries later, your religions are still struggling to free themselves from fear.

What mankind has not understood is that when you give up individual control, you are stepping into greater levels of freedom. You should not step into a situation where there is church control or forced conformity for this is not true to Jesus’s own message. Tragically, many people trade that God given freedom for the chains of religious conformity. But this will not last. The fullness of the Master’s message is still opening and bearing fruit and gradually the religions of fear are losing the battle over spiritual progress on your world. The only power fear can have is the power you freely give it. Love is power. Fear is based in nothingness and has not power of its own.

Have no worries my friends. Fear can cause great havoc. It can cause your world to step backwards, but it cannot ultimately prevail. Be completely at peace as you struggle with your own inner rebellion, your own inner fears. Know that following God’s love is the only right direction. You need not have any worries for your futures and as you grow in the spirit, you will naturally become more and more confident in the Father’s guidance.


Q: To let go of the fear and stop rebelling, is this a process that we can accomplish in this lifetime or is it likely to take much longer?

HAM: : The actual process of growing older is a great aid in taming the rebellious mind. The wisdom of the age comes slowly to most people, as control slowly ebbs away during the declining years. Yes, many people come to experience great peace during those years and the fear of death lessens its hold on the mind as the event approaches. Yes, I would say it is certainly possible to achieve a good strong balance predicated on the overcontrol of the spirit during this life. Yes.

Q: Ham, could I have a message please?

HAM: : Certainly. My daughter, you are doing very well. You are making strong strides in the spirit as you gradually release the fears which have held you unconsciously over many years. You are learning the art of facing the worst with grace rather than the grip of fear. Do not worry my dear. Continue with the program you have begun. Move forward even as you are examining the past and remember that fear only has the power you give to it. Continue to be moving forward on the little things and the big things will take care of themselves. Be at peace my dear.

Q: Ham, do you have a message for me this evening?

HAM: : Yes, my daughter. My daughter, you are doing well. Do not worry nor have any fear. Your heart is continuing to open and you are learning how to rely on the spirit more and more. We are very happy to see you regaining your balance and your inner strength which had been dealt some blows. And so as you have recovered, more and more you have drawn on the spirit and this has been a very valuable time period for you. Have no worry, my dear, you are doing just fine. Relax and be at peace for all is well.

Q: Do you have anything for Rebecca?

HAM: : Yes, my dear. Do not worry about what you should do, where you should go, or what you should say. All these things you should rely on the Master’s strong hand for he will open doors, he will close doors, he will give you the words that you need. Realize my dear that through this growth and learning, you will have all that you need including all the opportunity, all the work, all the means to carry forward your efforts. Find your great purpose holding closely to the Master’s hand. He will guide you, so relax and enjoy the process releasing control.

Q: Jarad?

HAM: : Yes my son. You must also realize how you are being guided and given work for the future. But it is also for you to enjoy your life and to release some of that drive and push that was largely fear driven. Embrace the attitude of profound happiness and the depth of appreciation for that happiness. Embrace the feeling of truly contributing and being part of the great spiritual awakening which is the mark of this generation. Relax and allow the natural God-given outcome to be revealed and rejoice in this. Shift your focus from the driving push to the calm acceptance and let this strength of character gradually take the place of previous insecurity. In other words my son, you can coast a while in freedom, happiness, and security. You will have all you need.

Q: Can I have a message Ham?

HAM: : Of course. My son, be at peace. You too are grappling with finding a balance between the fear that drives you and the love which beckons you. Relax my son for all will be revealed in time. You will have what you need as you move forward. Have no fear or any worries. You are coming along just fine and your way will open as you take each step. Sometimes you can wear yourself out trying to anticipate several moves down the road. This life is an adventure. Enjoy it. Accomplishment will come along the way, but do not have any fear concerning these things for you will be able to handle each problem, each step as it comes. Don’t worry. Be at peace. You are doing just fine.

Q: From Wendaring. Please ask Ham for a message or guidance.

HAM: : Certainly. My dear, you are doing well. You are growing more stable and less fearful every day. All things are truly becoming new and as you grow in the spirit these changes will come even more rapidly. Relax and embrace change and realize that you will have all you need at every step.

Q: Personal message for Norbert.

HAM: : Yes my son, you are doing well. You are endowed with a very good mind and a very healthy body. You have great blessings bestowed upon you very often and are surrounded by love and loving support. Why then do you fear, why are you anxious? The roots of fear are often very deep and require you to follow those feelings ever deeper into your unconscious mind and into your past. My son, your mind is like the bucking horse, afraid to adopt the master’s easy yoke. Have no fear, for the Master’s gentle hand is upon your shoulder and his fatherly voice is within your ear saying, this is the way. Trust and have faith.

Q: Ham, Howard wants to know if you can tell him anything about his skin problem and what to do about it?

HAM: : Yes, my son you have a form of radiation poisoning. Your body is rejecting this exposure and your immune system is going into overdrive thinking it needs to slough off damaged skin. There is no instant cure. You are doing right in your therapy to help the skin slough off. Once this occurs, you are likely to remain very sensitive to solar radiation and other types of ultraviolet radiation as well. You will need to take precaution as far as exposure to the sun for quite some time.

Don’t worry, though, you will get through this and will recover just fine. Spiritually, my son, you are doing well. This period of physical problem and confinement will be good for you in the long run. You don’t need to flee from yourself but, are finding ever greater levels of quiet self-acceptance. You are increasingly able to absorb truth and this is worth every thing. So, be of good cheer for you are doing well.

Q: Do you have a personal message for Charlie B?

HAM: : Certainly, my son. You are doing very well. You have come to tame your own mind over a long period of time and much trial and error. Gradually, you are coming to trust the Father’s direction and his angels. Remember, always, the Master described this trust as that of a little child. Embrace this position. Embrace your own helplessness and find greater levels of spiritual satisfaction.

Q: Do you have any feedback for me this week, Ham?

HAM: : Certainly. My son, you are doing very well. You have come through some difficult maneuvering quite recently and you are continuing to embrace the Master’s love and his presence in your life. In all things, you are finding strength and fortitude through the gradual relinquishing of control. In general, the greater control, the greater the need for control, the weaker the character. Self-control comes naturally and in harmony with the very relinquishing of control, the very embrace of the greater self without pressure or fear. Think about the grace of God and how this grace touches your life and allows all things to become new. Rejoice, my son, and be exceedingly glad. You are making wonderful progress. Have no fear whatsoever.


HAM: Any further questions? My children, you are all doing well. Relax and be at peace. Your way will open and you will have everything necessary for your journey. Let the love of God rest upon your hearts and the praise of God rest upon your lips. Farewell until next week. My love and my prayers are with you each.

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