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NWB46- Celestial Discovery Group, Part 1 – Session 46

1993-01-10-Celestial Discovery Group, Part 1 – Session 46
Sarasota #46



Contents ( (Julie impressions over 3 days – latest date used))

1 Heading
1.1 Topic: Celestial Discovery Group, Part 1 – 1.2 Group: Sarasota TeaM
2 Facilitators
2.1 Teachers: Michael, Aflana, LorEl, Rondel

Session 46
§ SUNDAY, JANUARY 10, 1993 (5 AM)
Patije: Dear Father, I have missed my time with you so much trying to get all of the 1992 transcripts together, printed and photocopied to give out. There is so much work to do and I keep plugging away at it instead of spending time with you, lately. Is this why I was awakened early this morning? I yearn with all of my heart to spend more time with you. However, I am beginning to become aware of a constant presence even while I am working at my various assignments and living my life experience. Is this what is meant by practice the presence? I sense your presence at all times. Thank you.

I know that my needs will be met and have no need to ask. It is all so close to coming to completion. I thank you for that!

Yesterday I received quite a few phone calls – from Florida to Hawaii. All of the calls were special, but the one from Hawaii caused me to tremble with knowing that once again one of yours has been called and has heard! His first message was directly from you! It is incredible that once again a new TR is listening to the doubts instead of going forth in faith of the fruits of faith-filled service and Father love energy. Thank you for allowing me to verify this for him. It was my pleasure as it always is. Since I am up, are there any lessons or messages for me from you, Michael or the unseen helpers? –Patije.

MICHAEL: My Child, you are uncommonly alert and come when called. I applaud you in your diligent faithful service. All is well. Do you not know them by the fruits? Doubt not, my Child. Many are beginning to be curious, many are hearing the call, some are frightened because they have not before considered direct revelation in their lifetime – although it is referred to often in the Urantia book, your textbook.

It is not without purpose that the UB states that balance is needed – balance between intellectual meaning and feeling, Truth and knowing, faith and recognition, heart and mind – both are needed to find your way to Paradise. You will begin to see more and more interest and receive more and more inquiries. Do not ever “sell” your convictions to another… gently reveal your inner most belief and allow it to plant a seed of awareness. I will do the rest. All can be known by its fruits. I am with you…never are you alone.

Patije: Thank you, Michael. I know that you are with me. I know that the Father is with me. It seems that more often than not, I am called upon to offer my opinion of what is happening. Always my answer is spontaneous and un-thought-out. I trust you to allow that person to hear what you wish for him to hear and not necessarily what I say. My intentions are to keep ego out of it and project only Truth, harmony and value in service to you and the Father.

MICHAEL: Your teachers wish to speak to you. You have been neglecting them lately! It seems that they certainly rely upon you to get their messages through to others. Heed them, Patije. They will not lead you astray. They, too, practice the Father’s will.

AFLANA: Good morning, Dear One. Where have you been? I know you are working hard at getting previous transmissions ready to disseminate which is good, but do not neglect us so!
As you have heard, I have been very busy with new transmitters. Pati and Sonny and the others in Hawaii are hearing the call very quickly. I ask you to please reassure Sonny that it is indeed the Father’s message that he hears. This is not his imagination! This is his intuitive knowing! Tell him this. His faith in the process will see him in good stead. Doubt only prolongs our ability to as you say break through his consciousness.

Faith is your hallmark. Faith is your energy. Faith is your state of attitude. Faith enables all things to work together for good – with “men and angels” cooperating in service to the Father. Doubt not what you hear from your faith-filled hearts. None will be allowed to stray in error too long. Only good will be recognized and followed. Did not our Creator Son release the power of the Comforter, the Spirit of Truth to be among you on Urantia to help you discern the truth from error? Rely on this Spirit of Truth! Rely on your knowing! Rely on the Father to bring your good to you. Know ye not that the heavens are open and pouring forth goodness and mercy and love energy for the up-stepping of Urantia. This is as it should be.

The Father stirred. The universe responds. The quarantine of Urantia lifts and all of the universe is ministering to the little blue orb in the sky respectfully referred to as the World of the Cross and delightfully served as Michael’s bestowal planet. This has been planned for a great length of your time. Could we give you the magnificent text book without coming to help you implant the seeds of Light and Life with love energy? Of course not.

LOREL: We are trained to come here. Volunteers and proficient specialists heard the call in Edentia and came from every corner of the local universe and some even from nearby universes. Even those on fact-finding missions and personal errands from far distant galaxies and superuuniverses who are in the vicinity of Urantia are stopping by to see what they can add to the dynamics of the uplifting energy and surging wellsprings of faith which are occurring in this small corner of the universe!

Think not that you are alone on a quarantined planet. This is no longer so. Awaken and lift up your hearts and minds to the incredible events which are even now occurring on both your planet and throughout the Master Universe. Did you not hear that the Father stirred himself. Does this not cause repercussions throughout all of creation? You are not alone in this great resurgence of love energy manifesting in all reopening of all circuits and communication channels. Are you not already aware of the various circuits which are coming alive – as you say?

The Son circuits enable communication amongst the sons of the Father in new and exciting ways for you who have been so shut off from life. The Spirit circuits – and there are many of them – are making the call to many mortals. Only the Archangel circuits of the spirit circuits were operative on Urantia during the quarantine. Now all are open! Rejoice! It is without precedence. Never before in the history of the superuniverse has anything like this happened before!

In addition to the circuits of the Sons and the Spirits, you have the circuit of Love energy which is the reality of all who lift themselves above the consciousness of the material mind. All will know of it, but only those who have traversed the spiral of higher consciousness will understand that this is a universal energy which is law and supersedes any material law in effect. As you grow in consciousness and awareness of your cosmic citizenship you will become less held by the material laws and move into this universal law which will compel you to live altruistically and serve willingly.

No longer will any be taught to sacrifice, or deny, or withhold the Father’s love. This concept will be freed from the shackles of mortal emotion and evolve through mortal consciousness into that which it is! No longer will it be adulterated and polluted and diluted and hidden. It is the fire which will light the lamps of the faith-filled. Once love energy is known, no longer can a mortal remain lost in the shadows of evil and error. Only that which is God-like can shine forth from the one who knows Love energy circuits.

All are called. Many are hearing. Some are answering the call. Few are resisting this call from the intuitive and instinctive centers of the material mind. More will hear. More will heed the call. Fewer and fewer will deny this call. Hidden within the genetic coding of your mortal form, and quiescent within the mind of each mortal is the ears to hear this call and a natural response will occur globally which will quickly move mankind through many millions of years of evolution in a few generations. You are seeing the seeds of this now. You will begin to see the fruits as the plants are ready for harvest. We must nurture with good will, honesty, sincerity, service and kindness.

Cast out all that is fearful. Fear filled thoughts are evil byways of true life. There is no need to fear anything in the universe or in all of creation – if you focus on Father’s love and desire that your will be His Will for you. Nothing can separate you from the love of the Father! Nothing, I tell you. And so the Father is. Where the Father is, can there be anything else? Where you are, the Father is. I tell you truly, you are lifted in the heavenly arms of Truth!

It is our assignment to awaken humanity to this truth. It is your assignment to begin planting the seeds of the truth and love circuits in your daily experiences. It is as it is. Think on this.

Later…. (10 pm)

RONDEL: It is about time that you returned to this task. I have waited all day – and for several weeks in fact, to tell you that you must contact Byron and tell him I am trying very hard to contact him. Please ask him to go into the stillness and make time for me! He is so busy procrastinating that he hardly offers me opportunity!

Thank you. And you, Patije, fill your time with too many things to do! Delegate some of them and you will find relief from the frustration you have out of trying to do it all yourself.

Patije: What would you have me delegate – the transcribing from the tapes? Who will do it? Allene must work and others have refused to work with this old equipment. No one else seems to know how to type, let alone type from the tape. Should I delegate my receiving/transmitting? Should I delegate my husband? Should I delegate the newsletter for the (statewide organization) Florida Students of the UB?

Should I delegate the numerous phone calls I receive which I enjoy the most of all? Should I delegate someone to eat my meals and get my exercise? Should I delegate someone else to make phone calls and coordinate Urantia activities in this home? RondEl, I would happily delegate if you will point out to me what I can let go of! Having Julie come 2 hours three times a week or more, is a real help! She can take care of mailing and filing and sorting and stuff. That saves a full day each week, I am sure.

RONDEL: I stand corrected, Patije. I see that you are really working alone much of the time. Aflana assures me as does VanEssa that help is on the way. You will see much improvement in quality of help offered to you.

Patije: Thank you, RondEL. I will surely take time out from my varied activities and let Byron know you are calling him! That will only take a few minutes – unless our enthusiasm causes us to talk for hours! Of course, I could just mail this transmission to him. Julie could do that. Perhaps I will do that.

Right now, I am going to turn off this computer and go to bed. I’ve worked almost all day Sat and Sun as well as every week day this week. I did finish one book – going through the Master file of all transmissions and verified that all the lessons and messages are on a floppy disk and ready to be mailed. I will tackle the other one tomorrow. IF you or my unseen helpers can do something to make time “stand still” for a few hours, I will finish and then Julie can make photocopies and we can get them in the mail.

Goodnight. Oh, I did want to tell the Father that I am grateful for the financial support I receive from some of those who receive these transcriptions. It is helping me continue this work without fear of running out of money to pay for it. Praise God for all who help me – in any way! Good night.

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