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NWB66- Celestial Discovery Group, Part 2 – Session 8

1993-02-01-Celestial Discovery Group, Part 2 – Session 8

Sarasota #66



1Topic: Celestial Discovery Group
2Group: Sarasota TeaM
1Teacher: Rayson
2TR: Unknown
3Session 8

Topic: Celestial Discovery Group

Group: Sarasota TeaM

T/R; Patije

Teacher: Christ Michael

Session 8

  •  FEBRUARY 5, 1993

Patije: Dearest Father, I come to you with wonder and awe at what is happening and recommit myself to loving service in all that I do.

CHRIST MICHAEL:  You do well, Daughter. I am well pleased.


Celestial Impressions and Celestial Discovery groups: Why have you cancelled your meetings this week? Could you not work around the inconvenience and conflict? Where are your priorities? Think about this. I tell you truly there is not much which causes you to fall upon the Pathway. All is in your hands and by your free will. You can choose to be about the Father’s business in all that you do. It is your choice.
It is often when my mortal children look away from their focus upon the higher goal of cosmic life. When this occurs one can circle in the byways of the imagination looking again for the straight forward path when one awakens to the error.

Your community is out of balance. One among you has dropped a seed of negativity and others have nurtured it. One has become emotionally out-of-balance and this has been like a rug pulled out from others who were not sure-footed as they walked the pathway in the light that that one was carrying for them. One has become dependant on the others and must learn to consult with that one’s personal teacher when in doubt or in confusion.

Remember, you are building a community of fellowship, to work as a team in this Correcting Time. Each must be aware of the needs of the others and make time to help where their talents lie. We do not judge the value of the need – only the value of the willingness to help. Success and failure are not important, only the intentions and effort. Remember this. I tell you truly, much of value passes you by while you are in the unbalanced state. Look to yourself for answers. Choose to find the answers. Look within and know that you know.

For those of you who are overextended in time and stress, list all of the items causing this according to your perceptions. Put them in priority of their importance. Look again. This time cross out the one you would choose to do without if you had no other choice. Go through the list and do this over and over until you have only 1 or 2 items left on your list.

Now, look again. Which activity enables you to grow towards your perfection in Truth? In Beauty? In goodness? Which activity enables others to grow towards their perfection in Truth? In Beauty? In Goodness? Which activity helps the entire community grow towards their purpose? Which activity helps other communities grow towards their purpose? Which activity is most important for the overall purpose of service to mankind?

Ask yourself what is most important in the overall purpose of the Correcting time: Personal activities? Group activities? Personal service? Group service?
If working on a team, how can you contribute to the potential of the entire team’s purpose? How can you help others on the team to also contribute to this potential? Are you contributing to the efforts of others on the team or causing conflict and more work to accomplish the overall goal? Think on this carefully.
By this process of elimination and illumination, you should have your activities down to less than 6 primary important activities. Do these first. The others will be taken care of on a need to basis. You will see.

Be of good cheer. As you give with your heart you will receive with love energy empowering and enfolding and uplifting you and your efforts. Give of yourself. Be what you were made to be. Put aside the old lessons of material value and begin to evaluate your progress and your talent according to your celestial citizenship. Allow the demands of the material experience to fall away. Detach yourself from the emotional envolvement of fear and resentment and darkness. Move towards the light of truth, beauty and goodness. Allow those around you to move thus also. Help each to do their best in every way you know how. Inside the community and outside of your circles. All are to know me and live their potential.


All consciousness is to move into higher realms. You will see what men call miracles everyday if you but open your eyes and know. Plant yourself upon the pathway of service. Give of yourself in all that you do. Hold back no gift given to you by faith. If you have a talent or a means and a member of the team needs it, offer it unselfishly. If you need a talent or a means which anotehr member of the team has, ask freely. It will be given freely. All work together for the good of the planet during this correcting time upon Urantia.

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