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NWB68- Celestial Discovery Group, Part 2 – Session 10

1993-02-06-Celestial Discovery Group, Part 2 – Session 10

Sarasota #68



1Topic: Celestial Discovery Group
2Group: Sarasota TeaM
1Teacher: Alfana, LorEl, VanEl
2TR: Unknown
3Session 10

Topic: Celestial Discovery Group

Group: Sarasota TeaM

T/R; Patije

Teacher: Alfana, LorEl, VanEl

Session 10



Patije: Dear Father, thank you for a marvelous day and such good friends! I affirm them as friends who come to help whenever they see me sinking without my even having to ask! It is good. I send my love and support to each individual of our little community to help them retain balance in their life experience and to return to our circle in active service quickly! Thank you for the health and happiness of all who come into my life experience. Thank you for your guidance and your loving energy in all times of our lives -the brilliant high energy times and during the walks through the shadows of darkness too. We are your children and we intend to serve you always. Allow our wills to be your will for us and our purpose. Thank you, Father.

Praise to you for all of the unseen helpers and bless them for all the work and patience they have with us as we neglect them and hear them not clearly! It is my intention to hear and serve with their guidance for this correcting time upon our planet. Thank you for hearing my prayer.
Have you or your helpers any messages for me today?


ALFANA:  The Light of the Father surrounds you and His Love enfolds, uplifts and empowers you as you go forth in service to Him. Good morning, Dear One.

Patije: Good morning, Aflana!

ALFANA: You know me well when I speak to you! LorEl and I sometimes try to confuse you and we have succeeded only when we both give parts of the lesson which you receive through your fingers. That is good. Your capacity for transmitting is quite efficient. It is always good when a TR – as you all call it – can transmit several different entities without excess confusion. You do well, Dear One. I am happy to be a part of your training and your progress during this correcting time! Thank you for working so hard with us and for your team of the Corps of Destiny.

You do well. Michael also tells us he is quite pleased. I have received Michael’s acknowledgment for the work we have done together to bring others on line. It is quite humorous when I think of your beginnings as an oral transmitter. Even today, you are much more comfortable with the keyboard, but you are quite proficient orally also. It is highly hailed- as far away as Edentia and Salvington -your faith and willingness to be of service to Michael, Machiventa, Ham, and all of us during this correcting time.

LOREL: I, too, wish to great you, My Friend. As Aflana says, your cooperation and faith filled willingness to be of service is greatly appreciated and respected on many levels. It is with great joy that I serve with such a diligent worker/student as yourselves. Your community is building a good foundation. Erroneous thinking and character shortcomings as well as misunderstood choices are coming to the surface to be dealt with among your family “team” at this time. When you all have reached an understanding of each one’s role and are in consensus about behavior and perceptions you will be ready for the next level of service.

ALFANA:  In the meantime, it is a delight to work with new transmitters and new groups around the globe and be able to guide them to the Sarasota transcripts of our work here. Thank you for your work in having them available and feeling free to share them.

Patije: We are in consensus here about sharing the transcripts. None of us feel they are ours to hide. Each one was a lesson in working through our doubts and misunderstandings of the process and know these can be a help to another somewhere. Consequently, we have given them to the teachers of this Corps of Destiny to use where needed or desired. It is in your hands. I know without doubt that you will protect us if it is necessary and that you will enhance the teachings where needed to reach some remote person somewhere. I give you that permission. As well, as permission to constantly, or consistently attune and adjust me, my nervous system and my thinking capacity to help me be of more service and to grow up the spiral towards my perfection. Thank you, all of you. Praise be to the Father and to Michael in this time on Urantia and in this universe.

ALFANA:  Your attitude has been a guiding light to many both at home and abroad. Think not that your time has been wasted with the phone calls and the hours of transcribing. You will never know the great service you have performed. It is regrettable that so many neglect their responsibility to help you. But this is free will and we work with it constantly. We can give only so much as those can receive by giving themselves.

Patije: Thank you for your words of inspiration. But, do you have a lesson for me today?

LOREL: Do you have a topic in mind? Of course you do. May I scan your mind for a moment?

Patije: Of Course. You have permission to do this at any time I desire to be of service to you. (All of the time!!!)

ALFANA:  We know, Child. But, still we must ask. You have the right to change your choice at any time you desire to do so.

Patije: Thank you. I will not change my commitment to you as I do so will that my will be as the Father wills for me! Always.

LOREL: In scanning your mind, I see that while you have many topics I could broach with you, it would be best to allow you to proceed with the backlog of transcribing the tapes which trouble you greatly. You know that you will finish this task if you continue to just do one thing at a time and keep at it. I bid you God speed as you tackle this mountain in your mind. We have learned that there is no putting you off, you just fill with stress and a feeling of unworthiness and guilt when you do not work at the monumental task we have given you to do. Balance is a nebulous thing for you in your perfection of service. See that you get enough rest and nutrition and we will allow you to complete this task and find freedom. So be it.

ALFANA:  Not many can discern the importance of the long range goal as you do. Give up your need to have all that leaves your desk be perfect. Your brothers and sisters who read and study the transcripts will understand small editorial mistakes and misplaced punctuation and spelling. They know to read the message, not the words. This is true in transcribing also. Type the message, worry not about the words. We will be with you.

VANEL:  I will attempt to keep your computer and printer working for you as you go about this task. Money to repair and replace these mechanical/electronic devices will be forthcoming before they fail completely. You will see. Have faith that as you need, your needs will be met. In the interim, I will oversee the usefulness of the equipment which you have.

Patije: Thank you, LorEl, VanEl, Aflana and Father! I know without doubt that my trust in you is complete and full of faith. Praise God in all things. I go now to work upon that which has been given to me to do.

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