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OKL1.0- Oklahoma Sessions 1-5

1993-01-16-Oklahoma Sessions 1-5
Oklahoma City #1.0  Sessions 1-5


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Oklahoma Group Collection
o 1.2 Group: Oklahoma City TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teachers: Foehn, Malaventa, Anelia, RondEl,  Josephine, Michael, Zion
o 2.2 TR: Ellen
• 3 Session 1
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Note
• 4 Session 2
o 4.1 Opening
o 4.2 Dialogue
• 5 Session 3
o 5.1 Opening
o 5.2 Lesson
o 5.3 Dialogue
• 6 Session 4
o 6.1 Opening
o 6.2 Dialogue
o 6.3 Closing
• 7 Session 5
o 7.1 Opening
o 7.2 Lesson
o 7.3 Dialogue
o 7.4 Closing

Topic: Oklahoma Group Collection
Group: Oklahoma City TeaM
Teachers: Foehn, Malaventa, Anelia, RondEl,  Josephine, Michael, Zion

TR: Ellen

Session 1
Inaugural Transmission Vian, Oklahoma — January 16, 1993

FOEHN:  Foehn (pronounced like “fawn”)
Notes were taken by hand. Some fragments are missing because of the pace of the transmission. Reconstructions from memory are in brackets. The fragmentary nature of some of the notes required light editing for clarity or continuity.

FOEHN: ….I have long awaited this meeting, and look forward to working with this unique collection of minds. My goal is to establish unity among this group. I would hope that all barriers [arising from] your concern for technique and precision of the transmission be removed from our meeting. My name is Fon, or, I am known by that name by Helen, with whom I have been praying. Although our progress is encouraging, the technique of this communication is not yet perfected.


FOEHN: Prepare your minds, assemble your thoughts, put aside your opinions and projections as to what may happen here, and concentrate on the circumstances that brought together this collection [of people]. The great love here is exceeded only by great faith. You are being observed by many….A union of minds is necessary for the further enactment of Michael’s plan….I am one of many assigned specifically to unification of minds in preparation for the unity of Teachers, which is something I can’t further explain [at this time]….It is necessary to capitalize on the talents of individuals in the Teaching Mission, as recognized by Teachers, in an organized effort [to] assign to appropriate individuals those tasks which they may best accept.

It brings me great pleasure to see this circle of friends working, overcoming barriers which still concern us and which prohibit growth….These barriers must be overcome….Through stillness of mind your fears and concerns will diminish….My message to you is to assimilate the collection of thoughts you have received, take them into the stillness, and allow them, like incense, to steep; let them settle in your mind, and intermingle with love, humor, and praise. These thoughts are valid, but your concerns are human. Trust your faith. Commit to finding the time during the day to communicate your concerns.

This collection of minds has such potential, yet this potential is limited only by the perfectionism you demand upon yourselves. Your errors will teach you, and [they] are inevitable. Your fear of these errors hinders the [[[realization]]] of the potential. Realize your faith is all that is necessary…..
It is our goal to unite the minds of teachers and receivers….I am specifically assigned to the unity of minds. [This work] is evolving as we speak, and is dependent on you, as we speak. At this moment, other groups are participating in this exercise in unity. Other teachers have also taken this opportunity to practice [this linkage]….This is a learning process [for all of us]….[This experiment] is evolving in ways even we are not sure of. Again, this evolution depends on your experience.

Reliable documentation discontinued here. The meeting continued for approximately 30 additional minutes. Individuals asked questions, and an experiment in group unity and group communication with Foehn and the other celestial observers was conducted.

Session 2
Transmission on 2/14/93

[Greeting….] We are [concerned] about the group conscience…


Are you referring to the Oklahoma City channeling group?
Specifically, Helen is vital to carrying out of the mission here in Oklahoma City. She has received many teachings that are important for the three of you to hear.
Are these teachings that we have not yet heard?

Some, but more yet to come. Be at peace, for there will be time Byron….RondEL awaits contact with you. He has tried to contact you, yet he has met with difficulty. There will be resumption of his contact….Continue to practice the stillness.

Do you have any comments on my stillness practice, especially with regard to contacting RondEL?
…..[Do] nothing different. There was more that needs to be communicated, for as the Teaching Mission progresses, we have lagged in our part of the Mission….Our group is….When we made contact in Oklahoma City, there was much excitement and enthusiasm, and yet [it appears] that the group [may have] dissolved. It is vital to maintain the group or there will be difficulty in transmitting. We have chosen [help] through Ellen’s voice to communicate this concern for we are lacking in other forms of communication at this time.

Please be advised that your group was chosen from [among] many, and to lose this contact would be a great defeat for the Teaching Mission. There are many lessons yet to learn, although time [is or has been] lost. We are looking forward to a time when we all will meet again. It is vital….we reach [?] greater numbers, and we are hoping, because of earlier successes, to continue to transmit information later to be used in the Mission. Many of you us you have not yet learned of, and we are awaiting your readiness. Please be made aware of the tenuous circumstances.

You are loved by the God our Father and let it be known that this love is constant regardless of any action you may choose. Know now that you are loved by us and as well and we hope to make further acquaintance with you on a most personal and intimate fashion. Who am I now speaking with?

Present are Josephine and RondEL [and others]. RondEL would like to speak with you…. The remainder was a personal message from RondEL to Byron.

Session 3
2/28/93 Transmission Norman, Oklahoma

FOEHN: Greetings children.

B: Is there a lesson for us today?

FOEHN: Indeed there are many things to discuss today. You are in the presence of myself, Foehn; RondEL is at hand for questions….We are not in an observational session. Personal needs may be discussed. Needs for spiritual growth should be the limitations of this discussion.

B: Do you have anything Foehn you would like to say to us today as an opening, either to the group or to an individual?

FOEHN: Anelia would like to step forward today. Go ahead Anelia….

ANELIA: ….My name is Anelia. I am in partnership with Foehn. I am to carry messages regarding the logistics of your plans.

B: Yes Anelia.


ANELIA: You have done well in your communications with one another and you are to be commended….Your minds are gradually being prepared for more direct communication….Indeed there is a measure of discrepancy between our true impulse to you and what you may perceive. However, trust your perceptions, and go with the inner voice. It would be wise to listen intently and trust what you hear.

Do not concern yourselves with discrepancies in interpretation. Discrepancies have been measured and are part of the plan….

Do not be afraid to ask questions that will rely on faith in the interpretation of the answers that are given. Time-space relations are complex; you will never be able to ask questions within the limits of your language that could allow for the complete understanding of the answer, even if I was able to find ways other than verbal communication to answer these questions.

You will have to rely on faith that through the progression of growth prepared for you after your completion of your walk on this planet that you will indeed graduate into understanding the interrelated activities of the Paradise ascension. Trust and faith and hope in the knowing must be the motivation in the growing.


B: Anelia, I have been trying to write on the subject of growth. Using the language of the Urantia Book, progress is defined as the addition of new meaning to experience; growth is defined as felt perception of value, and the perception of new meanings of these values. Could you say more about the feeling dimension, the notion that quality or value is something that is “felt” as is said in the Book. This is an ongoing question for me and for many. What more can you say about the role of feeling in soul development?

ANELIA: I will turn this question, which is not a logistical one, over to a woman, a feminine presence. Josephine has been prepared for such an occasion….

JOSEPHINE: ….As I look upon you I see one who has a great deal of respect for the impact words may have on one another. This respect is one of the values to be discussed. Yet the emotion resulting from respect is fear. Fear is the emotion which interplays with the value of respect. Many of you could do good to contemplate on the times that fear keeps you from respecting others. The differences in your approach to situations is one of values.

Remember that values are interplayed with culture. Your value system keeps the people on this planet at a level of conflict. Yet the emotions that make you brothers in this world result from fear of the loss of respect for each other’s values. As diverse as the cultures of your peoples are there is a goal to reach a level of respect on this planet in the diversity of culture, not however in the diversity of values….

B: I understand you to mean that values are something apart from culture. Culture is an arena in which individuals discover or select values, which they embody in everyday life. But the values are something that comes from above, that are from God, that are self-existing; they are not invented, they are discovered. But there is a differential in discovery across cultures and of course across individuals. Is that at least a partial restatement of what you mean?

JOSEPHINE: Indeed, perhaps if I draw you a picture. Consider the seed — the soul — planted in the soil of oneness. As it takes root, it branches out in many directions. As it comes across a rock, it is forced to choose another path. As it searches for nourishment it grows deep and wide, and occasionally it tops the surface and must resume its search in another direction as it realizes the error of its growth.

As the seed flourishes into a young plant it is faced with the influences of its environment. Not only must it endure atmospheric influences, it must fear the feet of those who tread upon it, and it must offer itself as nourishment to those who may need it. But yet it continues to grow, protected by the elements of chance that it will become a fully mature plant.

The roots symbolize your planet. You have areas of fertile ground, which offer good homestead for your families. As the plant grows, you can see it is merely a development of its seed. It is not miraculous that it grows; growth is merely part of its make-up. The shape of growth, however, the bend of the stem, the number of its leaves, its color and its fruit, however, symbolize the many aspects we must understand in the makeup of your people.

Consider the stem to be your body. You have been placed on this planet and you must grow. As you reach out, you begin to express yourself in the culture that you have been planted in. Yet, within you feel a need to stretch one way and seek sunlight in another. This is the value I express in this analogy. Plants search for sun; you search for truth. As all plants search for sun, all men search for truth. This truth-seeking nature is indeed one which sources itself from spiritual fertilization.

The value-system is intertwined with your own capacity to interpret the will of God within you. Indeed it is a fine line between the inherent capacities of your genetic make up and the spiritual capacities of your worshipful nature. Values are not totally spiritual as a result. Yet within them is a fragment of superimposed manifestations of God’s potential for you.

The fruit of this growth is what we as a body are trying to nurture. It is not the kind of fruit, or the taste, that is our goal. Simply, we must want [?] for the productivity of your beings….we simply cannot allow growth without fruit.

E: Josephine, that was beautiful.

JOSEPHINE:  My child, when you listen to my word, do not fear that you will fail me. Your respect for my communication is indeed noted. Your culture has taught you this. And this is our dilemma. Although you may choose words that were not exactly mine, your mind and mine are attuned to each other.
The feelings that I have been chosen to try and teach are indeed very much felt by the feminine race on this planet. The differences between the sexes are considered in great depth and it is true that those of those who have felt the emotions can best describe them.

Many men do not allow these emotions to be felt. It is not because they are men that they are not chosen to approach this topic; it is because they must be able to relate the expression of this wordless language in order to best teach. When you listen to my word it is nice that you want to be exact in your interpretation, but it is not necessary, for it is truly a language without words. Your feelings and mine are in tune.

Do not be overwhelmed by the outflow of these emotions. Many of them are necessary; some are not, though, however. It would be wise for you to find ways to express these emotions productively. Trust your sense of my presence through emotion, for this is what you truly are gifted with. This blessing will serve our mission.

E: Ok, thank you….

B: I wanted to say hello to RondEL, and welcome you and see if you have teaching for us, or for me, or have comments on our discussion today.

Son, you have indeed done well. In this past few days I have been pleased with your progress. I must apologize for the impact I had in my last message. [This refers to a previous transmission to the group that was not taped]. I have been inconsiderate in conveying [tape ends here]….I am at one with your thinking and have prepared answers for your question. My emphasis on the need for organizational preparation was perhaps too strong, considering your current state….Your questions are many. Please begin.

B: When I address you in prayer, may I assume that you are aware?
The Father has chosen me to help many like you. I have been assigned to work with those who have the capacity to see plans set in to action. You are a steadfast personality. Although you may waver in temporary confusion, your underlying goals are in tune with the Father.

When you pray, you may ask of me. However, I am not always present. Your words are never lost. All aspects of your experiences which deal with this Mission are precious. I do not have a place in your personal experiences, and I have limits to the amount of information I can provide you above and beyond what is necessary for our specific assignment. In answer to your question, at times, yes, I am present and hearing your prayers. However, I am specifically only allowed access to what is necessary for my use in this assignment….

[Remainder of this session includes private counsel from the Teachers which is not included herein.]

Session 4
4/4/93 Transmission Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

ZION: …I Zion, am here to speak to you of matters of great importance. I am beckoned to your side to assure you of your purpose in this mission, the coming of Michael to Urantia. I am here to assure you of the gifts that are to come which will be beheld by all who care to join. We are here for a great purpose. Individually, we bring to you inspiration and beckon you to listen. I bring riches in the form of words; however, let it be known that these words translated into feeling will become your personhood, will last throughout eternity….

E: I feel the presence of Josephine, and Machiventa — who’s Machiventa? — and RondEL, Zion, Tomeray, Thomy, and Marcel…and Jared….and something like Peter….trying to transcribe celestial names here….it sounds like Peter but with a “ph” sound…..

ZION: Many are waiting for the Chosen One to speak….We are present and waiting. Patience…..Your own thoughts may be searched at this time for concerns or questions. We will inform you when He is ready…..[long pause]

E: I am in the process of visualizing to help open the channel that is necessary. So they are working with me to try to cleanse and open me up in a way that will allow this to happen…..

ZION: We are free to speak….All questions will be answered.


JOSEPHINE: Many hours have I waited for this moment to address your concerns. Feel free to ask any questions that you have, and I will do my best to answer….

C: I have been trying to understand the difference between faith and trust. I understand each at the extremes but there is an overlapping area that seems to cause me difficulty. And there are times where the words seem to be interchangeable. Would you speak to us about this, please?

JOSEPHINE: Trust beheld in one’s heart includes faith, this is true, for when one trusts, faith must ensue. We are here and you ask of us questions which demonstrate your belief, your faith in us. You are trusting information received through a channel and distributed to your ears. A connection is found here — faith equals trust; trust is not distant from faith. When one brings into any situation love, there one finds the highest achievement of trust/faith. Carry faith with you my son, and trust will follow as a close companion. Any other questions?

B: Josephine, this is Jacob. I used a concept to guide me today from the Bible, in which Apostle Paul says to “tell the truth with love” — something one might call “tough love”. You may scan my thoughts with respect to this interaction today. Do you have any guidance on the relationship between truth-telling and love?

E: RondEL wishes to speak.

RONDEL: My son, truth takes many forms […faceted], it illuminates many areas of your life. When one is informed of a truth hidden previously, it may bring anguish, pain and discomfort. It is known that some truths are better withheld, yet how does one determine this? It is in one’s prayer life that this is determined….[Ed.’s note: hereafter, personal counseling that has been edited].

E: Josephine is back…..

S: Last week I had a most extraordinary experience. I laid under a pine tree and I felt I received guidance from you, and the guidance was that there would be a channel that will open in my head, when the time was right. And I smelled a most wonderful smell, I think it was a sweet pea smell. I have two questions. The first is, what may I do to help facilitate the opening of the channel? And the second is, I would like to know my teacher’s name.

JOSEPHINE: We are indeed pleased by the joy you have experienced over the last few days. We have been observing, guiding, and contacting you, at times that you been aware of and other times not. This channel that you speak of, that will indeed open in your body, will facilitate much extraordinary learning in you in days, weeks, months and years to come. How to facilitate this? Indeed my child it has been facilitated and there is no need for you to do anything further other than to remain open, pleased with the ever-expanding vision of your universe.

You are a delight to all of us who watch and observe. We are in anticipation of great love from you. Teachers have been assigned to you at a variety of levels. We are not ready to disclose names and places at this time. However, it is known of your wishes and we will gladly anticipate the introduction of your special teacher to you in days forthcoming.

S: Thank you Josephine….

B: Josephine, is Machiventa still in observance?

JOSEPHINE: Machiventa is prepared to speak after all questions have been extinguished.

B: Here is a question for extinguishment. As a group, would you give us some counsel, as to the group activity, how it is progressing, how you see us in the near future, and any assignments you might have for us as a group. And in that connection would you amplify your statement to Ellen “to leave the door open for others to come in or to leave”.

[This 4/2 private message also included the following statement by Josephine: “….I beseech you remember that this group is one of love and the qualities of God our Father. It is not of your making to determine who shall enter or exit the group. Be assured that all is well. Welcome Susan into your group and others who wish may participate….”]

E: Josephine wishes to speak….

JOSEPHINE: Imperative it is that you require of others only interest in what it is that you are offering. The bottom line is love — always, only, without exception. Judgment is not inclusive in this, the Teaching Mission. Release fear, judgment, turmoil. Be bonded with your own hearts. Know faith, know trust, and you will know love. RondEL is here.

RONDEL: Jacob, we have observed you over the past few months and are aware of changes occurring within and without your group. We are observing, channeling, and entering others’ consciousness in order that they may be prepared to join and be a part of the Mission. If you were to forbid or in any way dishonor one’s interest, or curiosity, in exploring what it is you offer, then others may be lost. Do not bar doors. When we speak of love, we intend for love to be heard clearly, resonating, in your hearts, so that others may be attracted.

If you were to convey disregard for others’ interest in this love, it would be unpardonable, for this is why we are here. Mention not to others of your concern of their entering your group. Mention only your willingness to welcome and participate with all who wish to bask in God’s love. Our Father commands this. It is your responsibility as a willing participant, in this, the Teaching Mission. Therefore, allow for others to be advised of your progress. We are pleased with the progress we have seen in your group.

B: RondEl, in following the Father’s commandment, as you say, and in view of the possibility that my actions may be barring others, would you suggest that we now make a simple announcement that we are here and that we are participating in the Teaching Mission?

E: Josephine wishes to speak…..

JOSEPHINE: Announcements have been made around the world. Trumpets have sounded: the Lord cometh. When one speaks of contacting others, it is only through our hearts that this is accomplished. Once contacted, a person never forgets, feels, to the marrow of his being, the rightfulness of his place in the Mission. Calm is in order, for it is not an anxious choice. It is one of glory. Behold the spirit of others cupped in your hands, like a fragile image of God. [Note] the nurturing required for enhancement of the soul. Open like a vessel to the needs of others in this way, for you know we have helped you as we have helped others. Guide them to us. Gently, let them know…. [end tape]
…..Grant each man his right to behold the image of God….

[Problems with tape recorder locking up……apologies from BB]

JOSEPHINE: . …We, too, are communicating at levels which are equally disorganized at times…Rest assured that these messages have been received regardless of the typewritten word…. Each of you are cherished children of God, and therefore bring much peace and happiness to the Father, who holds you in his image to be loved, and to be united with your brothers and sisters. Therefore, quiet year minds and hear now….the distant echo of your Father….

[Long period of meditation]

JOSEPHINE: We are here to counsel and advise you…we are the forerunners of more yet to come; many more have arrived since [inaudible]…..

E: I feel like I’m in a different energy state, now, a place of extra great peace and calm. I am on a desert at night feeling shifting sands as the wind blows….

JOSEPHINE:  [Continuation of earlier story]….[inaudible] a long time since we fought many wars as brethren to those whom we wished to injure, or, was it to protect ourselves from…. [inaudible]….We rode camels in the sand, plodding through hot dry desert turf, searching for a homeland. We brought with us our children….

We searched for our place in a dry land of no inhabitants. Where were we to find the crystal of God’s love in such a forbidden location? How were we to survive such a long absence from our loved ones? We ambled aimlessly for many years, toiling in the desert of our forefathers. We reached out to the future, praying for release from bondage. We brought with us many concerns and cares of losing our sustenance.

We hold on today too tightly to the material world. We assume it brings comfort and joy, yet still many are lost in the desert of our forefathers….

Do not lose sight of those you can help. Do not be dismayed at those who choose to be lost in the veritable dryness of a world without love. There will be some who will perish, [while] others may be helped. Reach out and assure those who are lost that an oasis exists filled with unrelinguished beauty, praise, and gold-filled caches of love. Await a drink in the desert of our forefathers; may you find peace and offer this cup to others.

[…..Transmission interrupted…..During a break, transmitter reports on her experience:

Ellen: At the beginning of that transmission I saw images of great beauty and power. I saw myself on the edge of a cliff looking over an extraordinary region of land — the wind blowing, a clear blue sky above. I was a Native American, in a ritual outfit, a warrior, and in the vision I leapt off the cliff and become an eagle soaring out, and then returning. Then I was human again. Then an image of a horse arose, in white clouds. It was suddenly right upon me. Power filled me as the horse rushed over the top of me. He left behind, in his wake, a sparkly dust, and as the dust hit me I was overwhelmed with the fact of a love that came through me.

Then the horse came to a mountain. Now it becomes an immense and very powerful white figure at the top of the mountain, ready to speak, and at the base of the mountain are all the Teachers. During the transmission Michael is at the top of the mountain and the Teachers are at the bottom. I also felt that there was a wire hoop or ring, going up the mountain perimeter, and then I felt it going through the group. Every time it passed around, I would get a new word. The ring was like an exotic metal, very light and strong with three knobs on it, which were cylindrical. (Account edited)]

  •  [Return from break.]

RONDEL: We are here to present to you a unique gift of beauty and love as a token for your efforts, praise, and faith in us. We now bequeath to you the honor of beholding the image of the Son of God, [a] presence relished by all who seek to find the truth and glory [inaudible] which is the love of Father. I now state the presence of Michael, sovereign ruler of a universe, keeper of light….

MICHAEL: Yes, I am here. I am Michael. I am. I exist. I see beauty unforeseen by those who have merely glanced in its direction. I am the keeper of the cross, the cross which bears the burdens of your souls. I beg of you to release suspicion, doubt and fear surrounding the truths found in the universe of love.

I am here to fill your hearts with joy, spilling out all doubt, fear, casting away the [inaudible] that carries with it dust of the ages, bringing only love that incorporates more love, wide and [inaudible], yet not filled with particles of fear or worry. I resonate with a deep heartfelt…spirit. Respite from care is your concern. Release your fear like baggage thrown to the stars for I have believed in each of you regardless of your standing. I am within each of you, regardless of the shape you are, held in our Father’s love.

I am here within each of you. I exist. No doubt at this time will erase this truth. Deity is forgiving. Love bears offspring to itself. All who visit this mountain of love, all who come to surround and embrace the whole….will be rewarded. Come now, to the base of this mountain, my children, and I will raise you to the heavens for the peak on which I stand is eternal. I am here. I am one. I believe in each of you as you must believe in me. For I could not arrive without your faith. I [inaudible] with the preciousness of your steadfast faith. I exist. I am because of you, your faith.

RONDEL:  Michael is open to questions.

C: I would like to ask about truth. I feel that I am missing something in my efforts to understand and describe it. I know it is probably beyond understanding, but I feel I have missed something–I sometimes have a difficult time discerning the difference between facts and truth.

MICHAEL: My son, truth has a beginning as it has an end. Facts come from the mind of mortal man who must differentiate between a world which they don’t understand and a world which is created by them. I am here to say that truth occurs only when love is present. Facts are a mortal way of learning in a limited fashion of his world. Ever-changing are these facts, yet truth remains a constant.

C: Could one say that facts are man’s attempts to dissect truth and look at the little parts because he can’t see the big picture?

MICHAEL: Truth coming from the hearts of mortal man requires facts only in the sense of perverting truth for if one can only see a small/minute portion of truth then, is it really truth at all, or has it become an aberration?

Truth exists only in your heart my son. Fact’s are a function of the mind’s purpose in utilizing truth for potentially negative purposes such as the dissection of society in to factions and groups differing in religious decisions/choices, religious beliefs. Many religions believe in truth based on what may be perceived as fact, however, fact cannot be contained in a book and then illustrated as truth. This cannot be, for truth precedes all knowledge, and therefore we must be concerned with unifying symbols and languages and the matter of truth rather than in…factual responses to an extensive universe.
Are you clear on this point?

C: I will need to think about it for a bit but I thank you for that beautiful answer.

MICHAEL: You are welcome.

B: Michael, I know that we are to be heralds for your return to Urantia. Do the Christians have a privileged role in heralding your return, or it is to be proclaimed to all religions world-wide? How can I work with my Christian friends, now or soon, in heralding your return?

MICHAEL: Jacob, you have addressed a very potent concern. I am the [inaudible]….I am here to bring gold and riches in the form of my love. Men have chosen to turn away from this love in order to maintain servitude to their wealth. Christians are not excluded from this menagerie of experience. Many have fled my love in search of alternate forms of comfort so that I am forgotten in their hearts — almost forgotten.

I am here to resurrect the Spirit of Truth in those who wish to seek. I will assist any and all who are willing to respond to my call. When you confront those who view me as the Christ, you may acknowledge their right to see me in this light, and continue then to assure them of my love for them. Do not be dismayed at those who may wish to chastise or criticize your well-founded truth in my arrival.

Many are afraid and will not come forward for they fear my wrath. As you speak, [I also] search for ways to reach those who are in fear. Will you join… assist those who cannot perceive the gifts [inaudible]? When you speak I echo your concern, and walk with you in your prayer.

B: Yes, master, I will, with all my heart and mind and soul assist you. Show my how, when, where. I will go.

MICHAEL:  My son, you are worthy of great love. God bless you. To others who walk in the shadows of fear I raise my hands in the glory of our Father’s love and rain down upon their hearts waters which sift through gently, cleansing, purifying all the way down, raising up to the heavens their faith [with a] prayer that all life shall be rekindled on this planet you call Urantia. I am here. I am one. We are unity…in spirit.

S: Michael, this is Susan.

RONDEL:  RondEL speaks…we are here to assure you of Michael’s love and request you direct questions to Josephine or other teachers at this time.

S: It is hard for me to find the correct–well, not the correct, but the most precise words to use so I hope you will be patient with me in formulating this question. As I walk through my life, each person that I see I try to love them to the best of my ability and see the image of God in each person–and sometimes it is more difficult with some people than others. And I find with a certain type of person, a person I believe, I perceive, to be afraid, I become angry at their inability at that time to be able to receive the love that I have to offer them. I

feel that this is a mistake on my part and I would like guidance to know how to fully open my heart to people and give them the love that I have without demanding or expecting anything in return or feeling hurt when they are not able to receive it. I would appreciate any guidance you have to offer me on this matter.

JOSEPHINE: I am Josephine of the feeling world. I am here as an expert in this matter and will graciously assist you in understanding the consequences of confronting —

[E: she wants a stronger word] — bashing others with love.

At this level I often experience much frustration with those who I wish to help, but are unprepared or unrevealed in the gifts that love can offer. I am instructed however to exercise much forgiveness in this experience….For those who are in pain, in turmoil — those who are stuck in fear — truly deserve much more unconditional love and forgiveness, for they require healing beyond those who have already accepted and learned the ways of love. I am also advised to speak [end of side one of tape]….I am free to say at this time that self-forgiveness facilitates healing. Embrace your own spirit, then continue to love others, as it should be.

S: Thank you Josephine.

JOSEPHINE: You are very welcome. Zion is here to wrap it up. Are there any dangling questions?

B: A dangling item is the question of what, teachers, is the role of the Urantia Book in the Teaching Mission? I have become confused because of a statement that was printed somewhere that the book is not necessarily central or even germane to the Teaching Mission. Is there anything that you might say to help me in my confusion over that — either now or later?

RONDEL: To address the issue of the Urantia Book, Michael has returned.

MICHAEL:  My son, make no excuses for excluding others [inaudible]. Urantia has followed many courses, one of which includes the Urantia Book. It is essential to remember its beauty, its simple message…. And yet, be reminded that it is only a source of which there are many others. If I were to entrust all of my teachings only to those who knew of the writings of the Urantia movement, how quickly do you believe my message would spread?

B: Indeed slowly, as we have seen since the book was brought here.

MICHAEL:  Then you see my intent is to hasten the message. Many have found peace in alternate ways created by the stirrings of their individual spirits. There is no separation nor distinction between those who seek God’s wisdom and those who seek God. Rest assured I am in charge of channeling the message in the most desirable and influential manner.
I must speak to Susan at this time to let Susan…. I must know your intent for this mission. I am here to embrace you in love, and yet, I ask you of your intent.

S: My intent has been and will always be, to serve God and follow his–to do God’s will and follow his commandments. You may sense in me confusion as to my perception of who you are and my absolute determination to follow only the person I know as Christ or Jesus or Michael. My confusion after all these years of who people told me that Jesus is and my determination to only be true to the true son of God. I ask that you help me understand your relationship to that person that was Jesus and also help me understand–I’ll say it again. I pledge myself body, soul and spirit to God and the true Son of God. I have heard so many different stories for so long, about who Jesus is, that I have never been able to completely pledge myself to the idea that people have of Jesus, I would ask your help in this matter.

I am the son of God, born of an angel which fills the sky.
I am, that I am, that I am you.
I am love, simple and pure, bright and shimmering.
I am, that I am, that I am you,
for I am crystals of sunlight dipped in dew.
I am, that I am, that I am you,
for I am the rivers that flow to the sea.
The ocean that brings fishes to be.
I am, that I am, that I am in you,
and you and others that see right through
the love that exists in each of you.
I am that I am that I am you,
created of an angel that fills the sky.
Clear as the moon and light as the sky.
I am a being that extends through and through.
I am that I am, that I am you.
Believe in me child for it is true–and I believe in you.

S: I thank you for that beautiful poem. I have one more question to ask you.

MICHAEL:  Yes, my daughter.

S: Are you the spirit that was Jesus? And, if so, why do you now call yourself Michael?

MICHAEL:  I am simply created from God your Father, my Father, completely and wholly filled with his love. I entered your planet as man to fulfill the destiny which rules my existence. I permeate the heavens. I touch the essence of who you are. I bequeath you…. Hear my sound. It is of harps playing in the heavens. Finely tuned to your spirit I sing. I thank you for your integrity and courage my daughter. Please forgive me for I must answer one more question and then be absent from this communication.

S: I do not mean to be rude or unthankful in the slightest way, however, I’m not sure if you answered my question. I would not attempt to confront the Son of God; on the other hand, I feel that I must have courage to ask you again, were you that one we call Jesus Christ?

MICHAEL:  It was indeed I…..Jacob, have you another question?

B: Yes, Michael. What can I do now in my most immediate circumstances, especially regarding my work, to serve you and to regain the balance I need to love those around me.

MICHAEL:  I am here to hold with you, in my hand, a package made of the finest gold. This package is soft and sweet, and gentle, and whispers into your palm the truth and glory of our Father. You, my son, have shown extraordinary courage and faith and I beseech you, take my hand, walk with me as we find the gates that open to the glory of the Kingdom of God. It is yours to behold as it is with all others. Walk with me my son and you will find peace. That is all.

B: I will Master. I will. Thank you.

MICHAEL:  To Chet, I must say I command you to continue flourishing as you have for it is in your flourishing that I see the beauty of the flower, that I smell the blossoms of spring. I ask of you to continue as you have, embracing those who come to you by my design. Open your heart, let them know I exist. I am here to love, to help, to bandage the wounds suffered by the infliction of doubt and fear. I am here. Feel my love. I am here. Do not forget. For I cry with loneliness of abandon when my children forget. I am here to serve. I am the Son of God.


MICHAEL:  Blessed be He who has created the heavens and the earth, enriching our lives and making them whole. I am here to spread his word. I am the taskmaster sent to spread evenly among all peoples….Embrace me as I embrace you. All can be restored. All can be restored. It is possible. It is fathomable. It is.

Session 5
4/11/93 Transmission — Easter Sunday

[Special Easter transmission from a neighboring planet].

…The hands of your Savior are healed. Let us rejoice that he who cast light on this world must now shield his eyes from the light we cast back upon him. Truly the love of the people for your Savior is remarkable….We speak of light in terms of faith. The intensity of faith is blinding on occasions such as this. It is little known to us, and we speak in unison from afar….We know not of the equivalence of this faith, and truly are not prepared to deal with you in a manner which is deserving of this faith.
Our Father, our paternal savior, as we join you in fellowship, finds it necessary to proclaim this day as one worthy of our attention in the observation of this planet. He feels the pleasure of acknowledgment of his existence through the light cast to us and it is in our records but it is not understood completely. You know not of us to this date. We are mentioning through your teachers that we exist and take pleasure in recording the faith noticed through light on this occasion. A record of this day will bring us together in time. You will know of many who have been observing this work. Proceed.

B: Which of our celestial friends is speaking to us now?

E: Anelia steps forward to answer questions as she was instructed to proceed.

B: Happy Easter Anelia!


ANELIA: Great joy to you my children. Are you aware of the complexities overcome today? We have established a new precedent in communication through this message — a message from another planet through us to you! It has been observed, as they share your Father and are rewarded in watching your growth in Him. He has instructed them to take note of this occasion and observe the light.

They are not aware of your history yet; they are trying to understand the nature of the preparation of His kingdom on your planet. Their Kingdom has been established, and is underway…I am very moved at this moment, although the experience of emotional enthusiasm is new to me. I must express my lack of words on this event. I have seen the reward of a few weeks of preparation for this message and I am pleased that systems of this nature are involved.

We feel a new encouragement by the numbers who are asking for involvement in this epochal revelation….You see, there are many here who must proceed on a short-term plan as we know not of your temperament in ways that can be projected productively. It is unfortunate that we are in such an era of preparation. Impending plans must be enacted, and yet, as you are aware, there is much organization needed even among us. We have noted your amazement at our difficulty — and yet we are similar to you in many ways. We have not the whole picture in our hands either. We must constantly discern through our experiences, what might be taking place here. I simply need to… step aside.

E: Josephine is here….

JOSEPHINE: I wish to inform you of our plans for this day….Take my hand [inaudible]…inform you of Michael’s concern for your fortitude and wisdom. There has been much disarray and problematic [inaudible] that needs to be addressed. When one ventures thus, on such an important, outstanding mission of the Lord, our God, the Universal Father, much order is lost temporarily and I am here to regain a sense of order among us.

I am Josephine, queen of emotional response, dictated [?] by humor at times and yet also by release of fearful anxiety and overwrought concern for mismanagement of resources. When I speak, I wish to commend all of you — each of you — for your efforts, and your faith. When I see each of you trying so hard to keep up with what is being requested of you, I am joyful and at the same time, wanting to grant you relief. Ask of me now your concerns as I try to address each of you individually. Helen would you like to begin?


H: Josephine, I don’t know if you are aware of our discussion, if you were present to hear our concerns about how to proceed and what is important and what is not. We are, well, at a loss, and yet we are compelled forward to gain strength and courage without haste or anger. My question is about our responsibility for sharing this kind of communication with others, above and beyond just trying to become spiritually mature. What would you have to say for your plans in relation to what we perceive as our responsibilities?

JOSEPHINE: RondEL steps in to speak.

RONDEL:  It has occurred to us that difficulty in transmitting this information to others is a valid concern. We have approached many of you personally without your conscious appreciation or knowledge of this event. In this way, you have been touched without controversy, moved by prior consent to dwell in the teaching of Michael and his Mission.

Now that others are being contacted by each of you, it is imperative that a loving and gentle nurturing approach is taken. For others to climb aboard this ship on somewhat rough waters is an invitation to a journey which they may or may not be prepared for. Having taken into account all factors, it is our belief and wisdom that as each of you approach others independently, you pray for guidance from Josephine or myself [….E: He is impressing on me “any other teacher”…] This is imperative and strongly suggested before addressing an individual outside of this group.

H: When we pray for guidance and wisdom to Teachers, I don’t understand what you mean when you say that. I pray… could you expand on that… are you specifically waiting concerns through prayer that you have been assigned to deal with?

RONDEL:  We have approached each of you independently in our own mindful way and are acquainted with techniques necessary to reach those of you potentially open to the Mission concerning Michael’s return. Gifted are we with experience and wisdom and hence we will offer guidance when requested. When you reach out to share your experiences with this channeling group, we can assist you in all manners of speech, intellect, and emotional well-being, in order that clear pronunciation and adequate emotional presence is communicated in order that to the highest degree your speech is not impeded by fear, doubt or misconceptions on the part of the other party. Is this clear?

Helen: Yes, I believe that you are asking us not to pray to you but to ask of you in relation to knowledge and wisdom pertaining to the return of Michael.

RONDEL:  I appreciate the distinction made here in regard to prayer, for truly we are not prayer objects. I delight in your acknowledgment of this factor.

H: RondEL, when we feel Michael’s presence, it seems that he is already here, and yet we are preparing for His coming. I understand that it’s just the acceptance of this event that we are preparing for, but when we feel His presence…is there something that we don’t know yet about the way He moves through us, fragments of His existence? We feel fragments of His presence and yet await His potential. I was very confused when I felt the experience with Ellen. I felt concerned and in danger and yet I felt overwhelmed with a new fragment of something. I really wonder if there could be some explanation maybe, because I really was affected by that experience and I don’t understand all of these energies and how to channel them effectively.

JOSEPHINE: When we walked upon the deserts of Egyptian soil, many came to request of us truth, and answers to fear and to harsh doubts of the existence of Michael — truly the existence of universal unblemished love and beauty. One may experience a new fragment of which you speak. One may choose to see light in forms other than what is normally expected. One may choose to accept Michael into one’s heart and yet the full realization of Michael’s power has not yet been known….

H: Thank you.

RONDEL:  We are free to answer any other questions. [Long pause] Jacob, are your prepared to ask of us anything in particular?

Jacob: Yes RondEL….What are we really doing…is my question. There are so many levels, even in preaching the gospel. There are many ways to preach Michael’s gospel and I feel moved to proclaim the gospel. And I feel that a new tool or a new form has been presented here, that is, your presence to assist us. I see the Urantia Book and the Urantia movement as a medium, a mode of transmission of His gospel to the planet. It is important not to get in gridlock with the Urantia movement. Yet it seems to me that the teaching Mission is being addressed to the Urantia movement. My question is: in presenting the Teaching Mission to our friends in the Urantia movement, what is the purpose of the Teaching Mission — in your words?

RONDEL:  How is it that you’ve come to the place you are in today? We have arrived through passages, channels to greet the One who will bring ultimate peace and harmony to your planet earth, Urantia. I am well-versed in the passage of time and events and foresee a time and place for you which includes the existence of joy and open reception of love in your life. If this were all, would it be….I mean to say that you, my son, Jacob, are relinquished from struggle if you so choose.

One man, relieved from the burden of the ages, is reception of God’s desire for each of us. I am here to assist your relinquishment of burden and you, my son, have to choose which angle you wish to project into your future livelihood. The Mission as it has been called, only asks of each of us, that we may continue to open more extensively to the ultimate love and wisdom of our Father, God in Heaven, in order that others may then be free, free to choose as well.

J: Well, I choose not to struggle any more. I would be relinquished of a burden that is of my own making. I would be happy to carry a load, a burden, effectively and with ease and grace — as Michael put it to me — and I ask your assistance in relinquishing the false burden and in finding the true work and joy. It has truly been a learning experience. I have no more questions at this time.

C: RondEL, We have been debating whether we should make a written announcement or whether we should talk to people individually or how we might best go about sharing the news of the Teaching Mission. Would you comment on that please?

RONDEL:  Yes, indeed. We are now addressing you in your spiritual name, however let us continue our dialog and return to offer this to you. The Teaching Mission, as it stands, is one truly for the masses. The matter of timing is a valid interest and we now perceive that few others are prepared to enter the realms of discussion which we experience here today. Follow your heart, your instincts…. Lead, and others shall follow. Go to the masses revealing the name of God in His Glory.

H: Foehn would like to speak.

FOEHN: Silly ones, how we have tried to broaden your thinking. Let me take this occasion to further your insight. Truly, we watch you grow and laugh and love together. You spin your circles to music and dance with joy in your hearts….[This alludes to an extemporaneous circle dance the group had done just before this session]…and yet you truly are torn among yourselves. The cloth that tears you does not exist, it is like the curtain of your ancient temples. It has no power, it is merely woven by hands. Bring down this curtain. Find a way in your heart to look up into the skies and see the clouds part. Prepare your hearts for the coming of Michael.

Don’t even try to begin to comprehend this communication, for you cannot. How many times have we told you that we are not aware of its….

[H: I have no word]

FOEHN: ….We have problems too. We have concerns, and yet you are merely wasting time in trying to outguess us for, we cannot begin to fathom your concerns and answer your questions. Think of the day when all will be able to meet for coffee and update each other….through their sources. There will be an occasion when all will be able to share the impact of their Teachers through the week. You are not to be concerned with the occasion of its eventuality. We can only proclaim of its existence….and its perfection to come.

Know, in your hearts, through the faith that we are in awe of, that there is no limit to this endeavor. You have no idea of the communicative powers available to us that we cannot disclose to you.
Your communication skills among each other are limited, yes, indeed, but they are very powerful. You have love in your hearts and souls in your eyes that can be detected through the simple discernment of your indwelling Thought Adjuster which is in all of you, and yet you fail to look in to each others’ hearts and see what is belonging to all of you through Him that loves you and allowed your life to be enabled on this planet. When you look into your brother’s eyes look not for doubt or discredibility, for you shall not see, through the soul, these emotions.

You will come to know the look of brotherly understanding, as we do. You shall come to expect to hear the truth in each others’ spiritual growth, and yet this day may not be in your capability of understanding. We only have this to say: [We] look down upon your planet and see your sources of great light — equally projected above the continents….There is no need to proclaim His great power for all who know Him truly feel this power. It is felt and understood. Merely all you have to do is walk in the shadow of His light. You must conceive of His love. You must allow the child in you to mature and grow….You are asking of yourselves to bypass the necessary spiritual growth needed in order to understand things of the future….

Children, you are complicating this matter in trying to understand it. It cannot be understood. There are no answers for questions like those of which you have asked regarding the means of communication and the events of its denial. Let your souls move you and move with the souls of others. We simply enjoy the dance of the movement and you would be wise to find pleasure in its occasion and not burden yourselves with the struggle of its implications.

I need to tell you that I have been with many of your fellows and have observed the beauty of their souls. Do not underestimate what I see, for it is truly moving to all of us who witness this planet’s love…I can only say to you that there is fun and adventure and yet love and responsibility in what you are doing. There should be tears of great happiness, and yet the pain of the history of this planet deeply [jerks] us into facing the responsibilities of our message….There will be nothing that you are not protected from that could endanger this Mission. Do not even concern yourselves with its potential failure or your mistakes. Simply walk in the shadow of His light and believe that all will come to love Him in the way which He loves them.

E: Foehn, may I ask a question of you at this time?

FOEHN: Certainly.

E: I have tried to find my true sense of peace and happiness in my day-to-day life. I find that I’m trapped in past fears and anger. And I still try to… I want to release myself from those negative, heavy ways of the world and increase my receptivity to the teachings and to the love that’s offered. I find myself stuck, stymied and I’m wondering if you could offer some counsel, some advise of how to move out of this spiral?

FOEHN: Climb a tree and take authority of the gravity that pulls you down. You must swing as a child against the weight of this world. Apples must fall from the tree as they are pulled by the scientific laws of gravity, and yet, you may swing and dangle your toes and take authority over this force. There is great delight in understanding the magnitude of this planet as it spins in defiance of its history. There are pleasures that you will be exposed to in a short time that will allow you to enjoy your place in this world, and yet temporarily you are struggling through many details to be simply taken care of.

Find time to defy the weight of the burden on your shoulders. Jump in joy against the heaviness of your load. Dangle upside down and let your hair blow in the wind as it tries to sway you. Blow against it and exhale in delight. You are truly a child of great strength, as many have noted. I seem to think that you are worried about failing, and yet you have no need to concern yourself with anything other than taking care of what is essential and finding time to sway in the wind.

E: That is beautiful. Thank you. It brings me great joy. As I listen to you, Foehn, I want to say to you that not only for me but maybe for our group that would also be a wise counsel for all of us to sway in the wind.

FOEHN: I truly acknowledge your appreciation of my participation in this group, for I have missed you. I have been forced to stay in observational mode as you battle through your torment. I have no place for this torment. I truly have only good in my life and avoid conflict with this type of distress for I love to have delight in the pleasures of this world. I avoid things that cause me to worry and I have avoided you in that respect.

I have others who nurture you through these phases and I have other places to go where I may find myself more entertained through other means. When you are of like humor, I will be at your side and I will poke my finger into your ribs and tickle the delight in you, but truly I am gone when you are not in this frame of mind, for my specific nature is to reside in pleasure, and I am grateful to be here today.

E: I am so happy to have you. I feel a lot of love for you.

FOEHN: Anelia, unfortunately, is the one who takes on the burdens while you see to the details of this Mission. There are also many others who have these specific attributes who have not yet revealed themselves and who are either not yet needed or are lending themselves in other areas. It will be my pleasure to introduce them as becomes necessary.

B: I’m so delighted to have you back, Foehn. I have missed you so much. Your mind is so beautiful….I would like to ask you or RondEL a question. I seem to have waves of “dutification”, as Josephine called it , where I “dutify” things and make them into more work than they need to be. Then, after a phase of that, I become really laid back and I can’t really do much. I seem to have spurts of enthusiasm and then almost laziness. I would like to get your guidance on that characteristic.

E: RondEL wishes to speak to this issue.

RONDEL:  My son, Jacob, forlorn are we when we see your caches of gold diminish to pardon areas of discomfort. Are we to guide you in ways that will facilitate the actualization of your goals? Is this preferable to you at this time?

J: I don’t see how I could say no.

RONDEL:  If this is indeed so, what I would like to do for you at this time is prepare for you a Jacob doctrine. (Laughter)

J: I would love to hear it.

RONDEL:  First and foremost is a great necessity that you nurture the spirit within. There are characteristics of your individual spirit that require maintenance. These are as follows: The adjunct spirit which necessitates the pooling of new information. Next is the nearness to one’s fellows in order that you remain connected to those who offer nurturing and compassion for your efforts. Thirdly, that you may see the desire for healthful living, including therein, the practice of eating nutritionally balanced meals which provide sustenance for your physical body.

Also in this regard is the necessity of taking adequate fluids, which facilitates the ventilation of these nutrients. When required, physical exertion can and may release ample chemicals which, when stored in the body, create turmoil. This is an awareness of which you have spoken of previously. So, follow through with this suggestion….Crying or other performed emotional release is requested, for it allows for the induced state of receptivity that allows the formulation of God’s love within your indwelling spirit-heart.

J: Thank you, RondEL….The first plank in the Jacob doctrine…I didn’t understand some of the terms such as the “spirit adjunct” and the pool of information…Could you amplify on that first item?

E: Lori, are you ready to hear RondEL?

L: No, I am hearing something on the Urantia Book.

E: Why don’t you go ahead. What I am hearing is that it is your turn.

MALAVENTA:  Today’s discussion has brought to our attention a need for further understanding on discerning the difference between spiritual experience and spiritual existence. Existential attainment, understanding, is fully disclosed in writings you have studied and differs from an experiential attitude, which we are trying to teach.

There is a teaching today, both for us and for you. Study the writings on experiential living….The existence of spirit life is fact. Our presence is fact, however, you are experiencing [inaudible]. What causes you dilemma is the lack of division between experiential and existential living. Try to not worry about the things that will happen and only enjoy that fact that they are happening.

My name is Malaventa Vorondadek and I will be brought forward on occasion to expand on some of the teachings that apply to the discussion at hand. Today I ask that you read these teachings and take them to prayer with you. [There will be] occasions to condense a discussion into a teaching. This day has been good in this respect, as you focus on the task at hand. The problem arising from this confusion is simply and basically an overstepping of your boundaries concerning what is and what will be. You have not the power to affect what is, and yet you hold within your faith-filled hearts the manifestation of a fragment of what will be. It has been my pleasure to bring this overview to your attention.

B: Thank you Teacher. Can you be more specific about the papers on experiential living? Perhaps we could explore it without more information, but if you have more information that would help.

MALAVENTA: In two weeks, I will return and ask questions after you have studied the Forward of the Book on this aspect of God’s nature, for there would be redundancy in approaching this topic at present.

JOSEPHINE:I am Josephine, Queen of emotional feference. We are brought here on a holy day to request the almighty presence of our Savior, our Creator in Heaven, and as facilitator to relinquish your fear and doubt — if only for a second. At this time, open your vision to a new dawn. Blessed be the King of the Ages, the History Maker, for truly he is King.

H: I feel the Teachers are preparing to leave… Is there anything else?

B: We join you in worshipping our Master, who was resurrected on this day. Glory be to Him and thanks be to Him for being present, and to our teachers for being with us today.

C: Thank you for the wise counsel you have given us today. I pray that we will be able to understand what it is that we need to understand.

E: I wish to join in gratitude for what we have learned today and to extend forth my heart and my life and look forward to another time where we may speak.

H: I too am very grateful that God has allowed us the opportunity to not only know and worship His Son and take part in this preparation for His second coming….


….Joining of hands….

JOSEPHINE: This is Josephine….Feel the ring of love as it extends from one of your hearts to the other in ever-increasing velocity as the circle of love continues around and around until it is not a pulse but a stream, rising up to the heavens, rising up to the heavens. We are in receipt of your love and shower in a rain of petals upon your shoulders… praying for you that your burdens be released, relax in the care of the Father’s love as we embrace you and hold you in highest esteem. Amen.

Lori: May the circle be unbroken, by and by Lord, by and by.

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