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OSC120201- How is Life at the Next Level?

2012-02-01. How is Life at the Next Level?

Alabama, US of A, February 1, 2012.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “How is Life at the Next Level?”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Imagine a world where you will work for the pleasure of learning and to be useful in the implementation of a common and universal plan. Imagine a world where you don’t have to struggle to accumulate resources or fight so others don’t take away from you what you think you own. Imagine a world where everybody is your friend — actually your brothers and sisters — and each person deserves the best of you and offers the best of themselves to you. Imagine a world of total freedom, where everyone can choose to live their lives in the way he or she consideres to be the most adequate, within the infinite originality of personalities given by the Creator. Imagine a world where everybody thinks independently and in a unique fashion, but are also capable of finding common ground making their originality an advantage, not a hindrance for the advancement of civilization.

“Imagine a world of open doors and common good. You will not own anything but you will have everything you need, for your true needs and even for your pleasure. Imagine a world with no government as you have known it, because everyone is governed by the guidance received in their hearts from their Divine Presence. Imagine a world without haste, because those who come first will have the same opportunities as those who come later. Imagine a world where science and philosophy walk hand-in-hand promoting social and individual growth. For some, such a world would be a true paradise, but for others this may be a real hell, because they would have to abandon everything they believed to be true, their habits and the way in which they think they have to live in order to start anew from the beginning.

“Your efforts in the search for perfection may bring you human glory, but don’t fall into the trap of desiring success solely in the material sense. Those who have enjoyed this class of exaltation in this world often find it difficult to adapt to the equality and freedom they must accept and allow on the Mansion Worlds. Those who desire glory as a reward for their efforts would struggle when working in assignments where personal growth — the internal rewards — are the only motivation.

“Some human beings will find it easier to transition to this new way of living. Most of you, however, will need some time for adjustment and clarification, to get rid of the confusion you bring from this world. Others, when faced with the magnitude of the mental and spiritual effort that would be required to abandon everything they believed and try to live in a different way, may come to consider the task as insurmountable and just give up. This is more likely when the soul is almost dead due to a life dedicated exclusively to the material and the satisfaction of the selfish animal impulses. However, those who choose this destiny are actually very few.

“Now you have an idea of what comes next. If you don’t love your neighbor today — if you have not learned to consider each and every human being in this world as your brother or your sister — this will not happen magically in the next level. Trust and faith are habits that you have to cultivate here so you can use them going forward, because the lessons learned in this earth are truly valuable in the next level. It is easy for a mortal soul to adapt to a life of light when that soul has long desired it during life in the flesh.”

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