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OSC120206- Human Expectations

2012-02-06. Human Expectations

Alabama, US of A, February 6, 2012.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Human Expectations.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Human expectations are the cause of the communication problems between the Father and His children. All those legends about voices sounding like thunder from the sky and bright flashes of light have made a big impression on your minds. So much so that a simple internal and personal dialog with your Creator seems ‘insufficient’ and it is discarded because it does not come framed in special effects.

“The reality is that every day your Father communicates with each and every one of you. Sometimes His words even reach you with complete clarity, more clearly than the words of those with whom you talk every day. And yet you find excuses to discard this divine inspiration you receive, because you believe this is not possible and because you believe you are not worthy.

“This is the beginning of a new era in which human beings will strive to reach their position in the universe. This is the time in which the idea of God as a Father will stop being a beautiful theory to become an every day reality, because it is so. Your Father is the person who is nearest to each one of you. Your relationship with Him is personal and individual.

“Another idea you should leave behind is that our Father chooses a few to become His spokespersons. The words of our Father have been distributed among humanity since the beginning by writers, artists, philosophers and scientists. However, these words can also reach every human being through the help of those around him or her.

“Human beings in this world determine their importance according to what they do in the world and based on the way they imagine how others consider them. You can’t conceive your real importance and even those dominated by the wildest illusions of their ego have failed to grasp their real worth, which is well beyond what they have imagined. Similarly, it is hard for you to consider that all have an immense value. It is hard for you to comprehend a universe where everyone is important and there are no real hierarchies. Of course, there are different tasks based on the abilities and interests of each individual, but you are like the colors of the rainbow, each one unique but necessary to make up the totality of light.

“This is why Michael, during His time in your world, developed the highest form of humanism ever displayed in this planet. Michael was sure of His own importance because He knew with all His being that God was His Father. Michael also understood the importance of each and everyone of His mortal brothers and sisters. Thus He endeavored to do the best for them, because each human is a project of glory, truth, beauty and goodness in development. Michael dedicated His life to His siblings because He knew that among all the things in this world human beings — and their immortal souls — are most important and most valuable.”

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