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OSC130329- The Progress of Civilization

2013-03-29. The Progress of Civilization

Alabama, US of A, March 29, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “The Progress of Civilization.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “What better example can you offer to your children and your peers than to be a person whose peace and happiness does not depend on any external circumstance? This is the promise of the Father to all who learn to trust in His Divine Providence, and His Spiritual Care. This is what a normal human being achieves by establishing an increasingly closer relationship with his or her Thought Adjuster.

“The reason why there is no peace extended over this whole world is because there is no peace in the hearts of its inhabitants. Many are victims of their own fears and materialistic tendencies. Many fear losing the things they think they need to live a full life. Many are always in competition mode, under the false belief that resources are scarce and that there is nothing that is enough for everyone. Many driven by this fear dedicate themselves to the accumulation of wealth and goods that are wasted because then no one else has access to them.

“Consider, for example, what is the use of owning several houses? It is completely acceptable to make a living by renting out houses for others to live in but, owning several houses for a single person or family does not make any logical sense. It is not possible that you can live in two places at once and that other house – or houses – that remain unoccupied are simply a waste of space, a selfish accumulation of resources that is ultimately a waste, because these resources cannot be used by anyone else. Similar arguments can be offered for money, vehicles, clothes, etc.

“We are not suggesting that communism and giving others the goods that some have earned with effort and discipline is the way to a better civilization. A world in which every human being becomes a dynamic and valuable participant for society is by force a world where everyone has the discipline to work with joy, faith and dedication in the solution of personal and group problems. The man and woman of spiritual insight must learn to identify when they have enough of the world’s goods and then devote their efforts to the pursuit of eternity.

“This planet needs human beings who are willing to sacrifice a little of their comfort and their false sense of security in order to explore a better path for the achievements and discoveries of a higher civilization. Man must be able to earn a living by his work, but instead of turning work into a shield against the possible catastrophes of the future, human beings of an elevated civilization will make work a means of personal expression of the intention to be more and more perfect, more like God. It is possible to use your work as an offering of loving service to your fellow man and thus the routine tasks of each day become the experience that spiritually elevates the human being to the heights of a service like that which the Creator Father offers to all His Creation.

“In a world established in Light and Life – the same destiny that the Father has decreed for this world – its inhabitants bear on their shoulders the burden of responsibility for maintaining and procuring the progress of planetary civilization. However, this load is rather light when the weight is distributed among all. The benefit of all is invariably the best for the individual. In a world of Light and Life, competition and fear have no meaning, which makes life, a joy where an elevated form of service and spiritual growth is experienced; this effectively prepares individuals for service and participation in eternity.”

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