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OSC130501- A Commitment for Each Human Being

2013-05-01. A Commitment for Each Human Being

Alabama, US of A, May 1, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “A Commitment for Each Human Being.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “We have earlier mentioned that this world will leave all darkness behind to move towards an era of light and life only when each and every one of its inhabitants endeavors to be better, to be what our Father desires you to be. This represents a commitment for each human being with his or her Thought Adjuster – with their Father in heaven – to receive guidance, to know the divine will and to align it with their own will.

“What is the role of spiritual leaders in this era? The new spiritual leaders will not be the guardians of dogma or fossilized truths. A true spiritual leader will promote personal exploration. A lightworker will always guide other souls towards the light that hides within their own being. A lightworker will work in harmony with his or her own Inner Teacher and the Internal Teacher of others. A lightworker is simply a facilitator, a host who introduces the student to the Teacher and then retires to let them know each other better.

“Remember that all of you are students on the same path. Every teacher shall always remain a student in order to keep their eyes open to new experiences and revelations of the truth, which may come from any of their peers, from the smallest to the highest. Those who once were guided to the light of salvation by you may well be the ones who later will provide the answers you need in your own life. Instead of students and teachers, consider yourselves as partners in an adventure, explorers who are discovering the wonders of the universe together, thanks to your individual contributions.

“Do not hesitate in appealing to the highest ideals of your peers. Often faith and trust is what a solitary soul needs to start offering the best of herself and to rise above limitations and prejudice. Even those you may consider physically, intellectually, or spiritually backward may be encouraged to be better once they perceive that others believe that this is possible for them. The presence of the Father resides within all of you and the noblest task of a human being is to collaborate with this presence to transform a mortal into a perfected creature with eternal life, whether this collaboration is with your own Divine Spark or your neighbor’s.

“Learn to have trust in your siblings and offer them your words of encouragement and support, because the Presence of God in them will echo your efforts and work directly toward the same goal in their minds, beyond all prejudices and fears. Every exhortation you make to your peers for them to rise above matter will be received by their Thought Adjuster and expressed to the humans in their care and in the best and most adequate terms, tailored to their personalities. There are always opportunities for improvement for all of you and those who really want to be closer to God sooner or later will find success in this adventure.”

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