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OSC130503- Inner Growth and Outer Growth

2013-05-03. Inner Growth and Outer Growth

Alabama, US of A, May 3, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Inner Growth and Outer Growth.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “When you become ‘transparent’ – when you abandon your preconceived ideas based on your limited vision and experience – is when the Father can be expressed through you and when you can get a glimpse of your divine essence. This occurs more frequently with the practice of Stillness, when you consciously put your mind at rest and search for the truth within.

“How can you perceive the Father within you? You can observe Him by observing how you act when trying to express unconditional love. You can perceive the character of the Father when you offer the best of yourself to your peers without expecting anything in return. You can feel the love of the Father when you see it in the hearts of those who cross your path. The Father never hides from you. It is your low position in the universal hierarchy that imposes limitations on your ability to see the eternal and the divine, but the Father generously makes every possible effort to reach you.

“Do not be concerned because you don’t hear His voice inside your head. The work that your Thought Adjuster performs in your mind is constant. The Divine Presence does not require rest and it does not lose patience ever. Nobody knows you better and He can predict your thoughts and your actions better than you can – He is never surprised. However, there is a lot you can do to take advantage of His service and ministry in a more effective manner, by accepting that you are a creature in the process of reaching perfection; who needs to learn from the experiences of life and from mistakes, promoting in this way an attitude of exploration and service, where you discover the universe while experiencing divine love.

“There are two directions for spiritual growth: inner growth and outer growth. You achieve outer growth through the exploration of truth and increasing understanding of reality. This is when you attempt to know the plan and the divine will while you discover your position and your role in the creation of an evolving reality. Inner growth occurs when you experience divine love, when you let it enter your heart, fill you, and then let it overflow from you into others as loving service to your peers.

“Paradoxically, outer growth will fill your being with wisdom and knowledge, while inner growth will become a source for the fruits of spirit that are manifested in the lives of those who start to live lives of authentic faith and increasing progress. Exploring the reality around you helps your grow internally, while your inner spiritual experiences become the expression of your being to the rest of creation.”

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