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OSC130508- Your Real Needs

2013-05-08. Your Real Needs

Alabama, US of A, May 8, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Your Real Needs.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “It is possible to obtain relative freedom from material pressures and false needs. Social influences push human beings to believe that they need to make, achieve, or obtain certain things that in the end are not necessary nor contribute to happiness or lasting satisfaction. Today there are many who place heavy loads upon their shoulders, struggling to obtain things that will not add any value to their lives. How can you break this vicious circle?

“The key is to focus on those things that really add value to your life, those things that truly provide a real and lasting satisfaction as a reward for your efforts. This is possible only when a human being explores her spiritual life thus discovering the real desires of her being. While a creature remains asleep in the material dream, she will feel like there is a void that she needs to fill, and this is truly the case because her spiritual needs are real. Connecting to the Divine Love is a real need because the love of the Father is the force that sustains the universes and all life.

“This exploration is an endeavor that human beings must fulfill in a personal way. There is a path to find the presence of the Father inside your being – the source of lasting satisfaction for your soul – but since each one of you is unique and original, this path is also unique. The experience of spiritual growth is unique to each person and even when the experiences of others can serve as reference, your Thought Adjuster possesses a plan that is perfectly adapted to your personality and your current state.

“The Will of the Father is that each and every child finds their way to perfection and eternal life, and he has provided everything that is needed to help you in this glorious enterprise. As you become closer to the Divine Presence within you, you will discover what your real needs are and where you should focus your efforts to live a happy and fruitful life, rich in spiritual experiences that will effectively prepare you for the next level of existence beyond this world.”

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