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OSC130522- Unleashed Potential

2013-05-22. Unleashed Potential

Alabama, US of A, May 22, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Unleashed Potential.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “The human potential is too great to be expressed during the span of a mortal life. However, the great creative power you possess is often restrained during your life in the flesh by false expectations and self-imposed limitations. These limits can be hard to detect since they originate on the false ideas you hold about reality, ideas to which mortals frequently and obstinately attach themselves.

“In societies of this twenty-first century, the main motivation to begin any task or create something new is almost always material. You always expect to get a reward for the efforts invested and if the reward is not immediate the ‘logical’ course of action is to abandon that effort and try something else. This is considered by the majority as the best plan to follow. However, when the main motivation for achievement are personal rewards and the exaltation of the material ego, the most important endeavors for the progress of civilization lose their value to the eyes of human beings and this is a sign of the impending collapse, stagnation, and cessation of progress.

“Many necessary endeavors do not fall under the classification of ‘immediate personal benefits’ to which mortals on Urantia have become so accustomed. Many of the complex problems in this world can be solved only through the harmonious efforts of many generations working toward the same purpose. Most likely, the first generations may not enjoy the results of their efforts, but mortal intelligence should be sufficient to understand that the sacrifices of today will bring about a better world tomorrow.

“The desire for personal rewards effectively limits the creative potential that resides within each one of you. Once human beings change their material motivations by the higher aspirations of the search for perfection and the understanding of the Divine Will, they will obtain the greatest and longest-lasting rewards for their efforts and the magnitude of their achievements will overshadow anything else that has been manifested in this sphere so far. It will be then when the true potential and power of humanity will be unleashed and they would have reached that tipping point that will promote the establishment of the age of light and life.”

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