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OSC130529- One More Step in the Right Direction

2013-05-29. One More Step in the Right Direction

Alabama, US of A, May 29, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “One More Step in the Right Direction.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Individual spiritual progress is, to certain extent, independent of the collective progress – the progress of civilization or the world. Today, there are many individuals on this planet that have reached an intellectual and spiritual development that is not too different from the one of an average human being thousands of years ago. In contrast, two thousand years ago a man lived a life at the same level that is normally reached on worlds long established in light and life.

“Human beings are influenced by their environment. Culture and human relations are very influential factors to the degree of spiritual progress a person can achieve. Ideally, those who are born to families and in cultures where spirituality is considered important, will have more opportunities to find the Father in their hearts than do those born in societies without any religious inclinations.

“However, personal spiritual progress is always the result of human decisions. Human beings possess a will and if a person learns how to control this resource and becomes the master of her destiny, that person can be independent of her environment, her culture, her society, and the limitations of her surroundings to rise above mediocrity and come closer to her true essence. This act of courage represents true salvation, the effort of a man or a woman to be truly free and become the best they can aspire to be.

“Therefore, children of Urantia, do not lament the apparent lack of opportunities around you. Do not despair for the lack of spiritual progress or the regression that seems evident each time you watch the news. Do not let yourselves be overcome by sadness when you see how some rape and pillage your world as if it was only for them. None of that can stop a sincere soul that wishes to find the Father and understand His will.

“Inaugurate today the age of light and life in your heart and live as if you were already in the presence of the Father. Imagine the most beautiful person, filled with light, wisdom, and unconditional love for her peers and be that person. The things you create in your mind are the things you can manifest. Each human being living in light and life is one more step in the right direction – towards the elevation of this world. Only accepting and cultivating the light within you will be able to illuminate and guide others.”

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