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OSC130611- A True and Beautiful Purpose

2013-06-11. A True and Beautiful Purpose

Alabama, US of A, June 11, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “A True and Beautiful Purpose.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Sometimes you can feel the deep peace that brings about a complete acceptance of yourself. These are the moments when you see yourself as the Father sees you, free of defects, pure, and completely worthy of love. It is then when all the appearances and limitations that you have placed on your personality vanish for a moment and you perceive your true essence. This is you, a beloved son of the Creator, a creature created to fulfill a true and beautiful purpose.

“Those moments of revelation and enlightenment are a gift from your Thought Adjuster, a small sample of the reality that awaits all those brave souls who decide to accept the adventure of the journey to perfection. Your being is pure, but the expression of your being is not. You can have influence over creation only using the will associated with your personality, which is a gift from the Father and it is completely free of bounds and limitations. You are free to do whatever you want with your life. You can choose to use your will to express the beauty and the talents that have been provided to you, thus achieving harmony with the will of the Father and becoming a more complete and original expression of His being.

“Imagine how you would live your life if you didn’t need anything. What would now constitute your priorities? How would you invest your time and resources if you already had everything you needed to live? What would you fear if you knew that nothing could really hurt you and that your life would never end? What would motivate you if you knew that you are loved beyond measure and that you are a fundamental and important piece for the establishment of a higher reality? Consider for a moment your answers to these questions. Your answers would reveal the best way to live this material life, because everything you need to live a full life, rich in learning experiences, you already possess.

“Just like human beings watch sympathetically when a bird keeps hitting the window glass without understanding why it can’t escape, many watch from above how human beings get lost in the labyrinths of their own creation, when only a bit of faith and a little effort to be better would bring one the solution to all one’s problems. It is true that life is a school, but many of the difficulties you face are complications created by you. Give yourselves the freedom to reclaim your spiritual heritage and start enjoying the life of the true children of God.

“You are truly loved by all beings and by your Creator-Father above all. However, sometimes you forget that the Father and His numerous agents in all universes also trust so much and had so much faith in the wonderful things you could achieve – the magnitude of love and wisdom that your perfected personalities could manifest – that they work tirelessly to ensure your success and promote your growth in your journey to perfection. For Celestials, the higher form of love is service, which is offered to you daily by the Father and His children beyond the material realms, and they take advantage of every little spark of faith in your souls to hold your hand and guide you towards your eternal goal.”

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