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OSC130624- True Intelligence

2013-06-24. True Intelligence

Alabama, US of A, June 24, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “True Intelligence.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “A lot of potential exploration lies in reflection, introspection, and ‘thought experiments.’ Your potentials reside in your mind and your spirit. The way to access them is by dedicating some time to explore your inner world and get in touch with your inner being – the source of wisdom. This represents the union of intelligence and spirituality. When you open yourself to the flow of consciousness that pervades the universe you get closer to the intelligence that has created everything and you gain access to new ideas and inspiration to create, which is part of the purpose for which we all exist.

“For a long time, spirituality has been artificially separated from other disciplines of human endeavor. In truth, this is an arbitrary separation, since there is not really a way to separate a mortal from his or her spirit, unless by a conscious effort of the personality to ignore the spiritual impulses that act upon the mortal mind. True spirituality produces an enhancement of consciousness and intelligence, opening the doors to a higher capacity for creative expression.

“This is how the highest potentials of human nature can be developed and used. It is possible for a human being to possess a genetic combination to be the best athlete in a particular sport (a physical potential). It is possible for a human being to have special mental capacity to develop an idea that can provide him with fortune and notoriety (a material potential). It is possible for a human being to be able to use her mind to search answers to the greatest questions of humanity and this way promote the advancement and improvement of civilization (a potential of eternal value). A talented human would be greatly benefited by a healthy dose of spirituality and by an effort to get in touch with her inner Pilot, so the determination about how to invest her time and energy would become clearer and the co-creative results that this personality could produce would show her the wisdom of sacrificing the immediate rewards in favor of the treasures of eternity.

“Now consider the opposite, when human potential and intelligence are used only for personal benefit and with motivations that are exclusively material. Many of the great contributions and the great discoveries of humanity have been used to create weapons and situations that promote your own destruction. Many of the so-called great men and women offer myopic ideas, because the profit of today make them ignore completely the consequences for tomorrow, consequences that invariably will be negative for both the victims and the promoters of these selfish ideas. It took a very short time from the discovery of atomic energy to create the most destructive weapon in the history of your world. However, the intelligent and beneficial applications of atomic energy are still in the exploratory phase. Where is human intelligence in all this? The unbridled exploitation of resources is another example. The generation of today seems to happily ignore that fifty years from now there will still be humans in this world and they will find a very difficult situation thanks to the decisions of this generation.

“True intelligence is always illuminated by spirit and only this way it becomes wisdom. Each human being in this world can connect him or herself to the intelligence of creation through the presence of the Father within. Only this way your ideas and your creations will have the necessary enlightenment to have eternal value and be the best for all. The Father always works for the benefit of all His creatures and when you harmonize your will with His you become a participant of His creative power and can express this power in your reality. And what expression of intelligence could be greater than a creature that becomes increasingly like the Creator?”

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