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PBG3- First Session

1995-11-25-First Session
Pittsburgh #3


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: First Session
o 1.2 Group: Pittsburgh TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Tomas
o 2.2 TR: Gerdean
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: First Session
Group: Pittsburgh TeaM
Teacher: Tomas
TR: Gerdean


Mrs. H: Now?

TOMAS: Precisely.

Mrs. H: Welcome! Group: Welcome!

Mrs. H: Welcome to Pennsylvania. Mr. L: Welcome to Pittsburgh. Mrs. P: Where God stopped and still is.

Mrs. H: And thank you for bringing Gerdean safely to us. I hope that she will settle in and find her niche without any difficulties. Do you have any particular specialties? By the way, hello, I’m Mrs. H. Is there a specialty that you are bringing with you? Is it a big broom or a board? (laughter)


TOMAS: My specialty has yet to be developed, for each day is a new opportunity to become more specialized in any given facet of service ministry and truth-seeking. I have many specialties; I have varied interests. There are many lessons I have given in bygone times. We have spent much time in the mission as a whole in:

a – Acclimating ourselves to you and you to us;
b – Assuring you of our reality and the infinite love of the universe;
c – The various and accessible personalities which have availed themselves of those circuits and avenues of contact which provide healing, creativity and other forms of upliftment.

Many hours we have spent in the realms of the emotions, in the feeling places of the human condition and what to do with emotions and feelings as offshoots of the mindal spheres. Also, we have delved into social fragrance, which is part of the art of becoming a larger family – that “unity in diversity” thing – and getting along with the many differences, the many personalities available.

My former co-Teacher Daniel had what I would call a specialty. He referred constantly to the practice of stillness, and this is a (certainly) theme which concur wholeheartedly: that through the practice of stillness, you calm all those otherwise complicating systems that can be a bar against intimate contact with your own Indwelling Spirit, your Mystery Monitor, and in the end it is this God Fragment within which is your most Eternal and Faithful Guide.

Never are we Teachers to replace your own integral relationship with your Indwelling God Fragment. The Father who indwells us all is the origin and answer and destiny, and so for many reasons, the focal point of stillness has been and will continue to be stressed.
But I am a chatty fellow and I enjoy discussing your situations at work; I enjoy discussing your emotional condition and the dramas and poetry of all facets of your life. It is your life, after all, that is in the throes of this life experience and which we hope to aid in its march forward. And as you march forward with some understanding (and even without understanding), it is our goal that you bring others forward with you. Your growth will be as dynamic and actual as you allow it to be.

I am a bit of a worker, boys and girls. I am quite determined, as are other entities, that our Mission not fail, that we tilt the world on its axis, that we herald the era of Light and Life in the face of tremendous fears and all indications to the contrary. The effort required to be of good cheer and, indeed, walk in living faith in the face of such a condition as is in and on Urantia [this planet] at this time does require concentrated and focused devotion. It is therefore an underlying reality of this teacher that we are embarked upon a very serious undertaking.

Even so, it is my hope that we will know great joy and share great laughter. The beauties of the Kingdom are sublime, and in your knowing these things, these realities, and knowing them as your birthright as sons and daughters of the living God, and your acknowledging and commending them in your peers, gives you strength of many, gives this light in the environs of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where, indeed, God has not gone from, a light which will glow not only around the world but throughout the universe to Paradise itself. My friends, I am so happy to be here with you today and for this period of time to come, it is very gracious of you to accept me so willingly and also to be so wondrously neighborly to this mortal companion of yours and mine. We all here rejoice in the furtherance of our Father/Brother Michael’s work as a result of our combined commitment to truth, beauty and goodness, to the furtherance of the glory of God.


TOMAS:  I would like to close our session today, if you will. I do not do this normally but I would like for us now to hold one another’s hand and I would like to lead this group in a closing prayer. Father/Brother Michael and Mother Nebadonia, these, your children, today have extended their hearts and souls to You for Your care and guidance.

Our lives are focused on You today, for we know the love and mercy which You personify is our birthright. We teachers and students alike are Your children. We come to You for the sustenance and nourishment which will feed our fledgling souls, to raise us up to become noble spirits that honor You, our beloved Creator.

Our thoughts and aspirations go even beyond, to include the growth and ascension of our Perfect Creator through the Evolving Supreme; to fall under the purview of our Universal and Eternal Parents; that all the seven superuniverses and the vast cosmos fall graciously under their purview; that we are smiled upon; that in the vast wonder, we are Your infinite and precious children, whom you care for, whom you care about. We are honored, Parents, to be part of Your Family. Be with us as we go our many ways in honor of You. Amen.

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