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PBG40- Comfort, Presence, Dreams

1996-10-24-Comfort, Presence, Dreams
Pittsburgh #40


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Comforting Presence
o 1.2 Group: Pittsburgh TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Tomas
o 2.2 TR: Gerdean
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Comfort, Presence
o 3.3 Dialogue
 3.3.1 Discernment, Urantia Movement
 3.3.2 Dreams
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Comforting Presence
Group: Pittsburgh TeaM
Teacher: Tomas
TR: Gerdean


TOMAS: Good evening, group. I am Tomas Group: Good evening, Tomas.

TOMAS: How are you this evening? Group: Great. Full. Full of mischief.

TOMAS: Have I not dubbed you “little rascals”? Group: Um-hum. Yes you have.

TOMAS: Actually, your behavior is improving. For a moment there I felt like a true teacher, one who comes in and raps on the desk or on the blackboard, so thank you for that flash of awareness of how it is in your literal classrooms. It is a pleasure for me to be here with you as always, and my pleasure grows as you grow, individually and as a group. It gives me pause to celebrate when I perceive the growth of the greater community, as well. It is easy to become single-minded in your own realm/ in our own realm, so busy are we at our sundry tasks, but the plan is all-encompassing; the growth extends far beyond this teacher base.

The experience at the Grailville conference was a small sampling of the actual spiritual awakening taking place all around you. Other groups are coming into being; other teachers are coming on-line; all of these advances are made possible because of Michael’s dedication to calling you forth into a living loving ideal of personal spiritual experience.

Comfort, Presence

TOMAS: Well, let me give my lesson and then we can discuss some other things, which I know you are eager to put on the record.

I am going to continue in my program of discussing fruits of the spirit, but this evening I am going to introduce a fruit which is not listed as one of those designated fruits of the spirit, as we have been discussing and assimilating into our life’s experience for weeks now, that being the fruit of “comforting presence.”

Before I delve deeper into this fruit, I am going to comment to Leah that I have had a chance to study the painting which you painted recently describing the vine as faith and the fruits of the spirit as the branches, and find your picture analogy to have great worth, for without faith none of these fruits are possible, and so in introducing “comforting presence” it assumes, again, that you have known living love through the Master, from the Father, that you are now putting forth His presence through you in your very life.

In addressing presence, you well know that you are indwelt by an aspect of divinity, your faithful Thought Adjuster, whose presence brings you into the family of the gospel, the family of kingdom believers. This presence has been also referenced in the phrase, “The presence of God surrounds you.” And so it is true that as you walk in the light, you are a living presence, a vital and dynamic personality presence, because of this indwelling God Fragment, this spark of divinity which you are making your own by your soul-ascending decisions.

Your presence, then, affects people. Let me say, while I am dwelling on the presence of God, that in your comings and goings it behooves you to recognize the presence of God in others, to recognize when it is that the mortal being who provides the tabernacle for this Living Presence, is functioning in cooperation with its Indwelling Adjuster or not. Let me now return my focus of attention to the qualifier, the descriptive qualifier of “comforting”. It has been said and it is true that only the Father can provide true comfort, that even as those who practice merciful ministry — care-givers, mothers, and others who provide succor and nourishment — are in truth only acting as a vehicle for the comforting inherent in divinity.

The Comforter is one of the designated names given our Creator Son. And so you, his child, are able to provide comfort to those in your life, as you pass by, since it is from Him. This new fruit of comforting presence is available to you as a son, as a daughter, of God, and as you remain close to Him, you then can provide a comforting presence to your peers. I would like for you, this week, to think about your relationships. First, about the relationship between you and the Father. See and feel how it is that He provides you with His comforting presence, and how meaningful it is to you when you thus bask in the knowledge that He is there to comfort you.

Think also of your relationship with yourself and how it is that your presence is comforted by the understanding that the God of all is present with you and comforts you.

Having now taken this as a, reality for yourself, turn it outward toward service in terms of those with whom you have contact, with those with whom you have relationships and associations, and portray yourself as an embodiment of comforting presence. In the prayer of St. Francis, he asks, he seeks, that he may comfort rather than be comforted, and I ask you now this week to take this fruit and savor it and to feed His sheep with the fruit of your understanding of comforting presence. Report back to me then and to each other how it has affected your associations. Dear ones, I am eager to interact with you. I offer myself as your friend and servant. How may I help you this evening?


Leah: Tomas, I’d like some help in this response to Judy Nyland. It seems that their group is interested in the Teaching Mission but it also seems that they’re going through the wondering and exploration process and I’d like to send her an answer she could understand, so any inspiration that could be given to me would be appreciated.

TOMAS: I will be happy to provide you with a response. I would appreciate if someone could succinctly state, for the record, what it is that I am responding to, Abram, would your logical mind allow for that service?

Abram: I don’t think so. I’m not sure exactly what this lady in Canada is after. The only thing I picked out of the information related to us was the fact that she’s afraid of the transmitters and all the other information being received is from Caligastia, and the only thing I can see is a response to that. That’s all I can say.

TOMAS: Thank you. Leah?

Leah: Yes?

TOMAS: What is it that she says? Read the . .. quote.

Leah: In regard to Caligastia?

TOMAS: No. In regard to what she’s asking for.

Discernment, Urantia Movement

Leah: “I am full of questions.” She wanted to know . .. she just mentions that she was in a Martha syndrome, that she was not able to spend time with us at Jesus’ birthday party but she wanted to know “if the lady (Gerdean) in the red blouse was a T/R. Please enlighten me. What is going on? And indeed, if the Buffalo group is having meetings like that,” she feels that certain members of her group might like to be present and feel the atmosphere. I believe she is a Reiki person and that’s why she made that comment.

That’s just my opinion and conjecture. She writes: “Have you entertained any doubt that it might be the works of Caligastia, the wily one?” and she puts this statement, “who caused the shift between the Foundation and the Fellowship by working on their egos? I feel I must be totally clear in my intent and integrity, to be without a shadow of a doubt. Too much is happening on this planet. We cannot afford another screw up. Please find time to answer my questions.”

TOMAS: Thank you, Leah, and thank you, also, to the lady who has inquired. What is her name?

Leah: Judy Nyland.

TOMAS: I remember when Teacher Ham spoke to the General Council of the Urantia Fellowship several years ago, and I remember after he had introduced himself there was a long silence wherein everyone present asked these same questions. I remember vividly that Teacher Ham addressed the group and said that no matter what he said, it would have to be the decision, the determination of the individual as to whether or not he was real, and so, truly, this is a singular moment in time for you, Judy Nyland, and no matter what I, Teacher Tomas, may say, it is your free will that makes an experience worth while or not,

I will add that when I began transmitting through this receiver, Gerdean, her immediate concern, before she would even allow my words to pass through her, was precisely your concern regarding Caligastia, for she, like you, feared influence by the evil one, and also like you, was concerned about the possibility of yet another default on Urantia, having to do with the unfortunate schism between the Fellowship and the Foundation.

I can only convey to you, my dear, my understanding of the quandary you face, and urge you to listen in the Stillness of your soul for the guidance of the Spirit of Truth. You might take a lesson from one of the more experienced Teachers and ascertain for yourself our purpose, and determine for yourself if it is in alignment with your ideals for Michael’s gospel and his kingdom here on Urantia.

We eagerly anticipate your acceptance of our association. We are a wondrous family indeed, and if I dare say so, have robustly infused the beloved teachings of this primary Epochal Revelation with living love, with vitality, and with a reality which pleases our Master, Christ Michael. Ask for guidance. Be assured that love is more contagious than hate, that Caligastia has no more influence over this realm, and that you as a sincere daughter of the living God are protected from even the residue of that debacle in time and space.

Work with us now in the loving spirit of the Lord to begin bringing in the new age of light and life for Urantia. Should you, as a group, discuss what is going on in what we call the Teaching Mission, which is part of what we call Correcting Time, ask for a Teacher to be assigned to your group and wait until one of you is advised that you will be brought on-line through a transmitter/ receiver who will serve in that capacity. Good luck! And peace be upon you.

Abram: I think that’s a great explanation. Leah: Thanks very much.

TOMAS: I told you I am happy to serve … as are you all. I am going to begin to reference the fact that we have soon been together for a full year. As we come up to our anniversary date, which is Thanksgiving or thereabouts, I will ask you to begin to think about our next year’s agenda. I would like to begin to see you take a more active role in our community. I would, therefore, like for you to begin to ponder in your heart how you might bring about that which you perceive yourself or this group as doing.

Do not get hung up on it at this point, but we cannot sit forever in the lap of comfort and truth and not ultimately feel compelled to go out and proclaim, publish, this good news. It is to that end that I ask you to consider this in the next month or so along with all the other things that I have asked you to think about and ponder.

Elizabeth: Well, I already have been thinking, and I know you don’t want to entertain these things right now, but we just have this wonderful Border’s Book Store and they will do a book fair for us, and it will feature a book in that certain way that they do, but I will let that hang. But I have a question or two.

TOMAS: Please.

Elizabeth: I would love to call Theresa, who has such a wonderful spirit, by her spiritual name. Maybe she will someday ask to know what it is, because I’m dying of curiosity myself.

Theresa: I thought maybe it was the same thing.

TOMAS: Indeed, my dear, it is the same thing. Your name is Mary Theresa. I have not made a deal of it for you have not, and it is so close to your natal name, it was only natural for me to call you Theresa, but I tell you I always had to pause and delete the Mary, for you were not familiar with that, but now we know who you are.

Mary Theresa: I am very pleased because Mary was my mother’s name and we named our first child after my mother and my husband’s mother because they were both wonderful women, mothers. I am very pleased to have her name. Thank you.

TOMAS: You are welcome.

Elizabeth: I have another question. I don’t think I got much understanding of courageous loyalty, is that the term?

TOMAS: Are you referencing this evening’s lesson?

Elizabeth: No, no. It was another lesson but I never could pick up on that very much, I didn’t think. Maybe everybody else did.

TOMAS: Courageous loyalty, yes. Elizabeth: Maybe there was a big long teaching on it. I . ..

TOMAS: There was.

Elizabeth: Okay. I’ll find it. Thank you.

TOMAS: You are welcome.

Elizabeth: I have another question.

TOMAS: Yes. Elizabeth: You will probably tell me it’s a curiosity question, but it’s really not.


Elizabeth: It has something to do with life and death and how much control or right we have to exercise over it, and I really would like to know if you could give us any input on Dr. Kavorkian.

TOMAS: I have discussed him as well. Elizabeth: Okay. I’ll find it.


Beatrix: Tomas, I got a call from a radio station yesterday morning inviting me to interpret some dreams for people over the radio. I accepted it. I’m just counting on faith that I’ll be able to do it because I have not practiced doing that very much, but I’m going to do that in November. In the past when I’ve done that people dig holes in their spiritual journeys when I do that.

TOMAS: Might I suggest that you take with you a celestial artisan or two, for this dream interpretation is artistry at best, and although they are bringing forth questions about their spiritual nature, their spiritual understanding, in response to their spiritual hunger, if you are speaking through dreams, it is very likely a garbled message from the Thought Adjuster and so I would suggest you take a creative approach and utilize the services of a celestial artisan in helping to fill in the blanks, to color in those visages that they present, that you might adeptly and creatively infuse in them some real truth.

Beatrix: That’s a great idea. That’s wonderful.

TOMAS: I am delighted with your opportunity to broadcast, Beatrix. Your gifts are being well used already. Remember who you are and whom you serve.

Beatrix: I will. I had, I thought, a very unusual dream myself. It was one of those that I don’t try to interpret because it didn’t seem like I could interpret it, but it was unusual because it was something like the air, where there was like a space opened up above me, to the right above me. I can’t explain, but the air just opened up and this stuff just flew up, out, down, and in the dream I did recognize this but I have no idea what it was now.

And then next it actually went down into this grassy indentation in the ground a little bit and I actually took it out and looked at it and then this, right next to me, it was like the ground went down in a circle, kind of like those crop circles you hear about. And it’s kind of — I’m not sure what to make out of it because I couldn’t interpret that even to myself too good.

TOMAS: I am not going to be any fun here, I’m afraid. Dream interpretations are, as I said, a creative endeavor. It is perhaps great fodder for a psychologist and I know there are mortals who have elevated dream interpretation to a high art, but as a Teacher of your soul, I cannot contribute to dream interpretation.

Perhaps your personal teacher might spend time with you helping you analyze the symbolism of your dream. These are some of the uses a personal teacher can be put to. It is good companionship for you in attempting to ferret out true growth from the underbrush of the subconscious and many submerged fears and anxieties, some of which are not even your own. I am glad to see you back with us, Jude. I understand you had a difficult furrow to plow.

Jude: Yes, I sure did, Tomas. I was looking forward to making the trip to Cincinnati, to Grailville, and in the meantime I got sick and missed more than half of it. I came home and remained sick and I had a visit from — I’m not sure who it was yet, but I rebelled against everything that was said with my mission, what I am to do. I rebelled against everyone. I’m afraid that I hurt Christ Michael, Daniel who trusted me, you Tomas, and all my brothers and sisters in this room here. I rebelled with anger against Gerdean who you know I love very much. And I have never been a quitter or a coward. I felt like I was both this time. I need everyone’s forgiveness.

TOMAS: Jude, my son.

Jude: Yes, Tomas.

TOMAS: It is not necessary for you to seek forgiveness from your brothers and sisters nor from me, for you have truly done us no harm. You have not hurt Christ Michael, you have not hurt the Teachers, and you have not hurt your peers in the Mission. You have only temporarily hurt yourself and even now you are growing stronger in your own living faith.

It is not uncommon for the animal mind to balk when it is spiritually provoked to growth. You have not even rebelled. My son, you have no concept of rebellion. You are harmless, trust me. I say that lovingly, for I have seen true rebellion.

The sickness of Urantia has been because of rebellion and all life hereon has been affected. You have merely balked, and you have not taken others down with you. You suffered alone, except for your stalwart spirit companions who have faith in you, who, like myself and Daniel and Michael and even your friends here, have faith in you – more faith than you have in yourself.

Lift up your chin, Jude. Lift up your eyes to the glory of God who seeks for you only joy and freedom in the spirit. You have not been lost, and yet it is good that you have been found, and so I say to you, again, that we are glad that you are back among us.

Jude: Thank you, Tomas. My heart has been heavy since this happened and you helped to lift it from me. Thank you.

TOMAS: You are welcome. Growth is difficult, but in the kingdom there is always a happy ending. It may not be what you expected, it may not be what you thought you wanted, it may not be what you had imagined in your wildest dreams, but it will come to pass and it will satisfy every longing of your heart.

Jude: Thank you, Tomas.

TOMAS: You are welcome, my son.

Hunnah: I appreciated Jude’s confiding trust.


TOMAS: He is a good student, you see. He is sincere; he admits his struggles; and he celebrates openly his joys. He is a good kid. All of my students are good kids. All of Michael’s children are good kids. Little rascals or little angels, it matters not. You are all enveloped in His comforting presence. And now that I have been comforted by your presence, dear flock, I leave you to comfort one another. Until we meet next week or in private session before that, I leave you.

Group: Good night, Tomas. Thank you.

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