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PBG51- Pope Paul & Mother Theresa

1997-02-01-Pope Paul & Mother Theresa
Pittsburgh #51

• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Pope Paul & Mother Theresa
o 1.2 Group: Pittsburgh TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Tomas, Tarkas
o 2.2 TR: Gerdean
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Light and Life
 3.2.2 Growth
o 3.3 Dialogue
 3.3.1 Victimhood
 3.3.2 Ascension Career
 3.3.3 The Teachers
 3.3.4 Solitude
 3.3.5 Teaching Mission
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Pope Paul & Mother Theresa
Group: Pittsburgh TeaM
Teacher: Tomas, Tarkas
TR: Gerdean


TOMAS: Good afternoon, dear friends. I am Tomas, your teacher and your companion, your guide in your growing, in particular in your growing experiences as they evolve from our studies in our formal gatherings. It is worthy of note that those lessons which have been given in the past, and which you assumed to know, are then given a chance to be experientially worked out through your life in subsequent times.

And so, many of the experiences that you relate among each other as being a current experience, reflects upon your recent thought processes having been stimulated by our gatherings in which your soul’s needs have been addressed. Therefore, as your soul needs to develop, you reflect that need to your spirit helpers who in turn attempt to bring to your cognizant mind that lesson as set forth in the Melchizedek curriculum which will bring into effect those experiences which will manifest that truth for you experientially.

I will tell you, before we settle down this afternoon, before this portion of your agenda, that I and my fellows in the spirit realm who attend, are much like those who investigate the delicacies of an operation by your surgeons from the glass-enclosed aerie up and out of the way of the operation which is your interactions at your table with one another, and we are amazed at the process, amazed to see, in fact, how it is that your growth is manifested in your human experiences and how you then reflect your understanding of your experiences to your co-workers and peers. It gives us great satisfaction to see you interact thus. Indeed, your scholarly study today was a hallmark of invigorated learning.

Light and Life

TOMAS: The everywhere-ness of God was certainly evident in each of you today in your sharing of your understanding of your experience in and with and through the Universal Father, our creator — our ultimate creator. I will borrow, indeed, upon the lesson from today to convey some words to you as a microcosm of the Upholder of the Universes, for as He indwells each of you and as He guides and directs your life, as He is the driving force in your existence, you then, in conjunction with Him and in cooperation with Him, represent in your sphere a microcosm universe.

As we teach, as we plant seeds, and as these seeds develop in your reality and as you manifest this reality, you adopt and adapt sufficiently to carry Light and Life into your environment. As each of you allows the infinite First Source and Center to be the First Source and Center of your temporal reality as well as your spiritual reality, we will have succeeded in bringing about Light and Life for all Urantia.

And so the challenge is for you to maintain your own sphere of relative perfection, by and through your relationship with your indwelling God Fragment, aligning your will with His to manifest His divine perfection in your singular sphere of influence, your own personal orb of light and life.

We found your dialog today to be most revealing of the human condition, and the grappling which takes place in comprehending who you are, and how you are, and how you are to comport yourself in certain specific and general circumstances affecting your peace of mind and well-being in terms of your relationship with spirit, and I am returning again to earlier lessons having to do with the unified personality, the substance of your growth here on this plane of existence; for whereas you have been born of the spirit and seek comfort and strength in that spirit, you also have a tabernacle of flesh and its many demands and habits to consider, to take into account, to hold in balance of your triune growth of spiritual, mental and physical harmony and ascension.

As you exclude one, you throw the system off balance. It is always necessary to incorporate your entire being into your reality and into the reality of others. Easy for me to say! (Group laughter) But I have already experienced those growth struggles that you today experience and I am now without the primary considerations of the corporeal form, but I am still envisaged as an entity, and as an entity, a personality, I am still learning how to adapt to other personalities while maintaining my own identity and while operating at my capacity as an adjunct of Our Universal Father.

My “light and life” harmonizes more readily with my peers, for we have attained a certain degree of modus operandi, and whereas you grapple with your human experience, we are heartened by your courage and by your dedication to the task. As you are devoted, so are we devoted. One cannot want for someone what they do not want for themselves. It is a fruitless exercise to want or wish for someone else to embrace your understanding of truth, beauty, and goodness, but as they understand truth, beauty and goodness, then you are in harmony, at least in understanding integrity of intent.


TOMAS: Mortals spend an inordinate amount of time trying to convince each other of what is right for everyone because it would appear to be right for them, and this is a result of in your microcosm universe you have not allowed the Universal Father to be the First Source and Center but have allowed your ego, your human-based reality, to be the center of that universe.

Before you assume that as a criticism, I hasten to clarify that that is a natural part of the growth process. As you might say, “I’m only human,” and this is understood, but as you allow your humanness to be guided and directed, indeed led, ultimately controlled, by those forces of good which are greater than you, you have indeed “let go and let God” and you have done this willingly of your own free will — spiritually, mentally and physically.

That is a tall order for what began as an animal of the realm! It requires many surgeries, many adjustments, many operations to convert your will into a working harmonious arrangement, a collaboration, a co-creation with divine will. Be good to yourselves in the process, yes, but be good also to those around you who, in their own way, are struggling for perfection. “Judge not lest ye be not judged.”[1]

Many, many of your recent growths have become actual. Potential has become actual. There is an accelerated process, and as you continue to hunger for truth and thirst after righteousness, you will continue to multiply your desire to do his will and to bring prevailing harmony into your sphere of influence, that you might see the Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. This lofty ideal and this noble goal is the challenge of the age, and you are not alone.

We are working with you, we are assisting, we are companions with you, guides, teachers and friends, as you question your experiences in life, as you wonder about your reality understandings, as you grow through these adaptations to other personalities, others’ values, meanings and truths, consult with each other, consult with your supernal helpers and consult with Jesus through the Spirit of Truth, for it is the Father’s will that you know happiness, that you bestow His goodness.

You have been working hard. Recently there was a session of believers gathered here wherein we discussed the merits of appreciating a plateau of growth and attainment, an evening of praise and confirmation. It is always a good idea to, as you say, “stop and smell the roses,” knowing full well that in due course the momentum of ascension will return, luring you ever forward, ever onward. Trust that you will be led Home, and that as you are led you are given many stopping off places to experience, to learn, to grow, and to savor en route.

“In my Father’s house there are many mansions.”[2] There are many mansions even before moving on to the mansion worlds, for in your microcosm of universe experience here, even now you know the many mansions of your life’s plateaus as you have ascended from darkness and from childhood into understanding and light, into comprehension and cooperation, into new challenges and experiences. Appreciate your experiences. Not only for the lessons you learn and the lessons you teach, but for the fact of the experience itself, for the understanding of the microcosm of divinity which you participate in by being an offspring of the Eternal Parent.

And so this week enjoy and savor the experience. Enjoy and savor, in fullness of understanding, that “all is well.” That you are only a microcosm and not the universe itself. Beloved children, noble sons and daughters, dear friends, my peace I wash over you. Am I to be included in your growth this afternoon through questions or commentary?


Celeste: Those of us that are here can no longer say, “I’m only human,” but we can say, “I’m human with God, which is in me, with the Thought Adjuster.” I love that! It’s such a big difference.

TOMAS: It certainly elevates you from a mere puppet of societal conditionings, social responses and biologic urges, yes, for you have the status now of the dignity of sonship/ daughtership, your human-ness and divine-ness in one.

Celeste: When we were all going to church or Sunday school, we learned that God is within us, and I always loved that, and I thought it was very nice, but I didn’t think much more about it. But now it’s kind of nice to know that you can actually work with your Thought Adjuster, and it’s asked that you do!

TOMAS: Indeed. There are many half-truths, untruths, partial truths that have been embedded in your growing, and even today as you assimilate new truths, they may or may not be construed at their highest potential, but this is part of the scaffolding of your growing process. In terms of the phrase “I am only human,” you truly need to perceive as best you can the motives of the speaker, for are they trying to convey their willingness to learn more? Or are they using it as an excuse to not try? You say it is the second one; I trust you are thinking in terms of a particular context.

Celeste: Well, I do think that when we fail to do something we should have done, that’s usually what we say.

TOMAS:An understanding of one’s smallness in humility is a response also of saying, “I am only human. I am not yet completely spirit, but I am working in conjunction with spirit to the best of my ability, comprehension and commitment.”

Celeste: Well, thank God for that because I always heard it — when it’s been used in my presence, it always sounds like such a weak thing to say. But it’s entirely different today.

TOMAS: It goes from being a “cop-out” to a reason for compassion.

Celeste: Yes.

Hester: Tomas, could I ask you . …

TOMAS: You well know you can.


Hester: I don’t know how to phrase it. What can I do to help the police in this recent robbery that we had happen, totally innocently relieved much of our fine arts, and I don’t mean arts in the sense of pictures on the wall, I mean some of our wonderful things that have been in the family for over a century. Some of our possessions that are most valuable to us. We need to find — The police are having difficulty finding out who and when. Is there any possibility that you would know, or could describe any people, any involved in this situation?

TOMAS: Daughter, even if I could, I would not, for that is not my job. It is not my purpose in being here among you. I am not nor ever will be a psychic in terms of my abilities to make contact with mortal human beings. I am not a seer in that sense. I understand that you believe there to be available those entities who have that quality, but I am not among them. My purpose is to help you grow in the spirit, Hester, and I would answer your question by saying that what you can do to help the police is to allow them to do the investigation and answer them any and all questions that they present to you.

I am not involved in the organizations of your planetary government and its agencies, and I am not given authority to “see” where you lost your keys or where they buried the body; that is not my purpose. I am sorry to disappoint you, but if you have a question for me about your soul’s grappling with the situation of the theft of your history, I might be able to help you there.

Hester: That was my primary question. Why … what part in this I play, beside the victim of the loss of personal belongings.

Hunnah: Before you answer her, could I combine her question with … if she had access to her personal teacher, would that be of a comfort to her?

TOMAS: Hunnah, I will take that up separately.

Hunnah: Okay .

TOMAS: And returning now to Hester’s concern, let me expand your understanding of your history and your realm to include all of your understanding of materiality, your Max, your heritage, your planetary identification, your natal world even. All of that which is material is here only to serve you temporarily, and as you have learned from it, as it has provided a foundation for you, it is called upon you then to release it that you might ascend to the next plateau of functioning and understanding.

It comes to my mind a. quote from the life, and teachings “What does it matter if all things earthly crumble to those who love the Lord?” (100:.2.7) and you may remain in an attitude of “victim” if that is your decision, but that is assuming your experience from an exclusively mortal point of view. If you rather, consider that the value of the experience of having known this heritage, this beauty, this gift of life, you will take these experiences, this knowledge, these learnings with you throughout eternity, is part of your reality that will live far beyond your confines in the flesh and in this material realm.

I would therefore advise you to incorporate into your appreciation of your situation the farther view, and see that the divine plan will bring you into yet more riches and treasures, a greater history and finer works of art than you have yet beheld. This, my dear, is my service to you.

Let me now return my focus to Hunnah’s suggestion that Hester and/or anyone be able to consult with their personal teacher regarding these things and would that be an advantage in the thought processes of the individual, and certainly it is. It is beneficial always to discuss your heart’s concerns with someone, be it a fellow human being, your personal teacher, your understanding of a celestial personality, even God himself, and as you ask for clarity in sincerity, and as you are open to the response, the response will be forthcoming. Perhaps not from the source that you thought it would come from, but if you indeed hunger after truth and thirst for righteousness, your answer will be provided. This is a promise to you.

Celeste: We are so happy to have you, Tomas.

TOMAS: We are very glad to be part of the reclamation of Urantia. We who volunteered to take on the assignment of the Teaching Corps are also very grateful to you who hear us and who are willing to allow your lives to be impacted by your association with us.

Ascension Career

Celeste: After you left your earthly life and traveled far beyond, was there ever a time when you said, “I can’t handle any more,” or “I don’t want to go any further,” or “Do I really have to stand what’s happening to me?” Does that happen? Or…?

TOMAS: I am smiling, and I am admitting readily, that yes I too faltered, but I never faltered so hard and fast that I gave up the struggle entirely, for it reached a point, as it does with you, [tape turned]. It is only the imperfect part of you which has grown weary, but that in you which is the gift of the Father, that Mystery Monitor that seeks to return to Its Source, that will pick up the pieces tomorrow, that, through the ministrations of the Third Source and Center, puts it together in such a way as you can think you understand “why” and then go on.

Always, too, when you have made the decision to go on, even though you may be weary, you are assisted. You are given a boost. You feel a surge of reality that confirms the direction in which you are going. It is not unusual to grow weary, particularly in the early days of your ascension. We have often compared you to infants and toddlers, which, although they may manifest bounteous energy, also collapse on the spot when they are tired. And when you run out of steam and collapse, you, like the toddler, want only to rest and be fed and be taken care of. And yet that energy that bubbles forth within wants also to play, to experience the adventure, not only to run home to the sanctity of the Parents and the security of Paradise, but for the experience itself.

And so we encourage you in your efforts to take care of yourself, to take care in your dealings with others, and to care also for others, for it is this caring of the human aspect which makes the path more palatable. If it were truly a march toward Paradise without an opportunity to drop your knapsack and appreciate the plateau of the mansion that exists around you, it would be a dreary ascension indeed, but there are so many gifts and so many wonders to the child of God who believes that there is a new view on the horizon, that there is a new understanding with each experience, that there is new worth in each value lesson, and new wisdom to impart for the Supreme, that makes us all continue.

Celeste: Thank you, Tomas. That sounds wonderful.

The Teachers

Mary Theresa: And I wanted to ask you, Tomas. I guess it’s kind of a personal question. Whenever you left your earth realm (and I don’t know if your earth was above ours, or what) did you have to go through many other realms before you could become a teacher? And I’m wondering if there’s anybody on our earth now at this time that would be able to, say, advance as far as you are now, simply by leaving the earth plane?

I’m thinking of two beings in particular that I think are pretty highly evolved on our earth and that would be Mother Theresa and the Pope. After just reading this book about him and what he has attained to. Of course, I have no idea what’s really in their hearts and what’s in their minds, but I’m just kind of curious how long it takes to get where you are and was your planet more highly evolved than we are to begin with. If that’s too personal, it’s okay.

TOMAS: It is not particularly too personal. It is certainly, to a great extent, a curiosity question. And I will begin by responding that your mortal co-workers Pope Paul and Mother Theresa are indeed a qualified son and a qualified daughter of the living God. Their credentials speak through their fruits, and “by your fruits you shall be known.”
As you well know, God is no respecter of persons, and so he does not favor one over the other, for all are loved in his eyes, but those who have certain capacities and certain experiences are better suited to serve in certain situations, much as you, as agondonters, will be highly qualified to serve in certain as yet unknown situations in time to come.

I have knowledge, yes, and wisdom, yes, but I am not in any position to say that I am superior to anyone of you. I am only more experienced. I have lived longer, and of course, longevity has its rewards that can only be known through the experience of longevity, but even so, I reserve my right to remain a peer and not superior. Even the Pope and Mother Theresa ought not be looked at as superior beings, but they can certainly be admired for their dedication, their work and indeed their inspiration to those of you who see in them those qualities that you aspire toward in yourself as an example of one who lives the fruits of the spirit and is recognized by those fruits.

Now as for my background. I indicated in my introductory remarks to you many moons ago that my planet of origin was in part settled in light and life and also in part quite primitive. I was a resident of the more advanced portion of life on the planet and my work, my mortal career, involved me in those other realms of life on my native sphere, and so I worked with the more primitive races and peoples of my time on my planet.

That was a long time ago. I have since worked almost exclusively with peer groups. I have assisted and been assisted by loving beings. I have been most fortunate in my experiences, as you are and as you will come to understand, and I consider this assignment, to work on a world torn with isolation and rebellion and disease as an opportunity to again help understand the behaviors of a backward society, not in order that I might categorize you and study you and take my findings back, as if you were mice in a laboratory, but to appreciate the religious and spiritual qualities of a people who have opted to know God even in extremely adverse circumstances.

It is difficult to describe the experience that I have as a volunteer in this Teaching Corps, working as closely as I do with you, but I am amazed and astounded each time we have an encounter, for I learn more, not only of you but of my God who works and plays so lavishly in you and with you and among you — even to the extent that I can study Him, my God, as He works through you — far more easily, readily (and more entertaining I might say) than the vantage point that I have in looking up to Paradise and seeing him upholding the universes.

I cannot say if this is true for all of my fellow teachers, but we do spend a lot of time discussing you and your perceptions and our perceptions of you as well. It is a “fun” assignment, albeit a worrisome one on occasion. I will not bore you with my worries, however.

Mary Theresa: Are you able to tune into us at any time you and your fellow teachers– I’m curious to know– What do I want to say? That you’re aware of our comings and goings all the time? Or is it just like whenever the T/R tunes into you or whoever else makes the contact. Are you permitted to be constantly — monitoring, I guess, would be the word I’m trying to find — monitoring our world?

TOMAS: You are constantly monitored, Mary Theresa, but I am not the one assigned that task. Your Mystery Monitor has its eye on you constantly, and from that vantage point, It translates its information directly to Itself in the person of the First Source and Center. How it is that I have relations with any of you has to do with your . .. shall we use the analogy of the light? You may walk around with your light on and I can therefore see you because your light is on.

Celeste: Are our lights on very often?

TOMAS: Yes, your lights are often on, but they are too often off. [Group laughter] It is when your light beams directly to the desire to make contact, that you are hovered over and sought, for you are truly part of the greater universe, and as you allow yourself to be encircuited and made aware of your literal connection to the life in the universe — and I mean all sorts of life: energy as well as personalities — you become more readily willing and able to leave your light on night and day.

We do not invade your minds, as some have perceived. We do not invade your privacy. But trust me, it is very evident. It is easy to see what you think by the way you act.


Leah: Tomas, I’d like to reflect upon a question that we had at the table today, and that some of us stated our annoyance that we were interrupted in our meditation time. I would like to know if it is our responsibility to state to other individuals who are more than likely to interrupt us — not that we’re going to meditate but that we need to take some time for our self and that we do not wish to be disturbed. Is that our responsibility to relay to another individual? Or can you give us any advice in regard to this?

TOMAS: Yes, and I want to say that I appreciate your asking for my advice for I will begin my response by saying that one should never give advice unless it is asked for. I hide behind my credentials as a teacher to justify how much I must presume to advise you, but you among yourselves would know that the wise one will not give advice unless it is asked for.

And now let me commence with a response, and it depends a great deal upon the circumstances in which you are operating. The ideal circumstance, of course, is that the other individual and/or individuals in your immediate environment are so in tune, so sensitive to the vibrations, the spiritual vibrations of their self, their peers, their environment, their microcosm of light and life, that they would sense that one was in need of prayer, would avail the time and space for prayer and meditation for their companion, completely appreciating the session, to the extent that they well might also share in worship at the same time. This is an optimum circumstance.

The antithesis is perhaps unworthy of discussion. But somewhere in there is to be found something that works for you, and if it is necessary, in order that you have and secure that time and space, yes, by all means, establish that time and space by making your needs known or your demands met. It is necessary for you to keep in contact with your indwelling God fragment.

If you are in a position where you have time alone, then you have not the constraints of the interference of another individual. By the same token, child, do not wait until you are around other people to discover it is time to talk to God in order to generate stress in your life and in theirs. If you can pray without disturbing anyone, there’s the time to do it. As it says in the scriptures “go into your closet.” And yet if you are around people sufficiently enough that you need to separate yourself from them in order to go apart by yourself to commune with the Father, if they are insensitive to your need, then you must tell them, yes. How it is then that they react to your need is another matter altogether. Has that answered?

Leah: Yes.

Teaching Mission

TARKAS: Good afternoon, everyone. I am Tarkas. I am in your neighborhood today and saw your light burning. I am here at the request of your teacher Tomas; he has invited me to your meetings on a number of occasions and I have, indeed, been here, but many times there has not been enough time to come on board, and so I have enjoyed his platform and you before, and of course, on that monitoring system of observing that was alluded to earlier — the circuitry.

Well, how are you today? I see your group is alive and well. I see you are all flourishing. I want you to know that we are doing well in Cincinnati. Indeed, we are doing well in Ohio, for Anatolia is teaching there [Ed: Columbus’ new teacher] in bits and pieces, waiting for her steady voice. But we are quite heartened to have a fellow teacher here, a feminine presence.

Many changes and growths are taking place in the Teaching Mission and certainly in its participants. In the beginning Ham said, “Welcome To Change” and we are so happy to have evidence of your willingness to change, not just for change sake, but to change for the better, to change for good, to change in terms of growth. As you are willing to grow and willing to advertise your growth, you feed the growth of others.

The benign virus begins to spread, and the benign virus of the love of Jesus is spreading like wild fire across a dry prairie. It is not only the love of Jesus, however, that is blazing a trail into the millennia, but the understanding of a dynamic creative energy force, an impersonal and yet positive force, that is enabling the East and the West to merge, that is so contagious in its drawing power that many are investigating what is going on — even when they are not aware that something is going on, because, my friends, we are all lifting together, and as we all lift together, the entire plane of consciousness is elevated.

In the process of elevating the collective consciousness, there are many molehills that are disturbed in the process; much rubble will be disturbed and would make your surefooted-ness uneasy, but we ask you to not let your feet touch the ground, that you in fact soar over this rubble, that you not trip on that which is merely small and falling away.

Rather focus your eyes, your intent, upon that which is blazing a trail into tomorrow, today, with such vigor and strength that it will catch us all up in its aroma. I heard someone say to “stop and smell the roses” and so I thought I would tell you how it is that the roses have arrived.

I will take my leave now, my dear neighbors. My best wishes are with you in this configuration of believers, my steadfast neighbors. It is good to have Tomas here as a steady comrade. I have enjoyed the camaraderie of all of your interim teachers, but I went to school with Tomas and so we are old friends. It has been my pleasure to be with you. I will come back and say hello again. I will now take my leave. Adieu.


TOMAS: I am Tomas. I am back. Thank you for your kind attention to our visitor, our temporary host, Teacher Tarkas, whom I have admired for a long time. My vessel tires, yes, but there is one thing more I would like to say before I shut this off for today, and that is that I have been advised that our Teaching Mission efforts have reached and are reaching those among you who are critical of our existence.

And I would ask that each of you, without alarm, without dismay, embrace your faith in the Fifth Epochal Revelation and your faith in Christ Michael and ask for the over-care of the divine Trinity on all of us as we aspire to bring about the early stages of light and life on Urantia. It is in love of Michael and in devotion to his love for you on Urantia and throughout his local universe that we devote ourselves, that we rely upon him for our very being. Bless us, one and all. Amen and farewell.

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