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PBG58- Keep Truth Alive

1997-07-03-Keep Truth Alive
Pittsburgh #58


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Keep Truth Alive
o 1.2 Group: Pittsburgh TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Tomas, Merium
o 2.2 TR: Gerdean, Hunnah
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
 3.1.1 Transmitting
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Marriage
o 3.3 Dialogue
 3.3.1 Eugenics
 3.3.2 Home
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Keep Truth Alive
Group: Pittsburgh TeaM
Teacher: Tomas, Merium
TR: Gerdean, Hunnah


Group: Good evening, Tomas.

TOMAS: I have been away, and it is good to be back. My associate, Merium, has held down the fort for me and made my rounds and so I have been apprised of anything pertinent, but it is, even so, noteworthy that I have been gone and I am back.

Often you say, “Tomas, are you there?” and I tell you, “Of course! I am always there,” and yet I have been away. How is that possible that I can be in two places at once? Well, it is because of the inner workings of the association of teachers and other spirit helpers. You have not been alone and I know all about you.
I have a personal greeting for each of you, in fact. I would like to begin these personal commentaries with my transmitter Gerdean, and convey to her that her apology is not necessary. [T/R choked up] This is not going to be easy, so … I will skip her.

I am happy for you, Celeste, for the experience you had in making contact with your spirit reality. It is a cognizance of your association with the spirit worlds. This cognizant awareness, in and through realizing the intelligent and loving presence of something good above and beyond yourself, is the first step in associating yourself with the Kingdom of Heaven in its totality. Welcome to the neighborhood, my child. Allow this truth to foster.

Celeste: Thank you, Tomas.

TOMAS: Jane, your desire to serve will be met. That you have been simplifying your life on one hand and focusing your goals inward in terms of your spiritual reality and your desire to be of good to God and your fellow-men is a sure-fire indication that it will happen. It is always invigorating when these attitudes are voiced, allowed, in company with your peers, for they will one day then be able to turn to you and smilingly say, “You’re the one who wanted to be of service!” (Group chuckle), for surely, as Michael has said, this spiritual path is “the sure pathway to trouble.” Adventure and opportunity abound.

You are being readied. Not only are you being readied, but the circumstances and the situations that you are ideally suited for are also being prepared. You are feeling the swell of the tide, which will surely meet the shore. When you caress the shore, my dear, bring back your experiences and share them with us for our entertainment and edification. Also, it is a group reward to be able to work together in those avenues of service with each other in the spirit. We are your support system, we in this room, both finite and morontial.

Hester, I have news for you. I live in Salvington. That is my home address. You had asked me that, and I recently went home. I didn’t stay long, in your terms, but inasmuch as time is different there, I was gone adequately to be properly satiated and renewed and readied to return to my assignment – this crew of mortals that is my privilege to serve.

One day I will, perhaps, tell you more about Salvington, but not today. I did however hear you inquire and so now you know.

Hester: Thank you.


TOMAS: Hunnah, you petulant girl, I perceive that you need a boost. You have sulked enough for one day and I know that it has to do with that dreadful experience you had today, for you have been doing stalwartly well. You have been striding right along, and as for your practice in providing service as a transmitter/ receiver, I will also tell you that in spite of your own judgment and criticism, you are doing admirable there also.

It is a process. You are willing. You have much to learn, but who doesn’t? Be gentle with yourself and even your most avid critics will ultimately confess that whatever it is that you emote is comprised of and born in truth, beauty, and goodness. If [you feel that] all of your transmissions sound like the same tune, it is because they come from the same Mother. Eventually the refinements of personality will clarify. The roles of the teachers also will define themselves, and you will readily recognize one from the other. Even if you do not, those of us who know the teachers are already recognizing their unique aspects. Personality is developed as you spend time together. Merium is very happy with the product.

Elizabeth, I need for you to know that I am not perfect, and that I do get impatient, and I have manifested what you might construe as anger. I will also remind you that the same could be said for the Master himself when he, in trying to make a point, would say, for instance, “How many times do I have to tell you!?”

I understand your stance that surely it was the transmitter and not the teacher, but be advised that when we work together we are one, and my attitudes are hers and vice versa. If they did not work harmoniously, we could not communicate in this way. Indeed, I cannot convey what she will not allow, and if she tries to run the show I will leave. Fear not. You fully well understand in your deep heart that I am a loving and compassionate personality, but I am also imperfect, and that really makes me a better friend, don’t you think?

Elizabeth: (Chuckling) Absolutely.

TOMAS: Leah.

Leah: Yes.

TOMAS: I would like to just spend a moment with you. I cannot think of anything profound to say except, perhaps, “Happy Anniversary” and that is a peculiar celebration, and so I will sidestep that and go back to your most capable globetrotting ventures. The reading public, you see, appreciates that the [Pittsburgh] Pumpkins have such an aerial view of what goes on in the rest of the world through the eyes of Leah the Traveler. It was Syracuse and Buffalo last week, London the week before, tomorrow it is Ohio en route to Vancouver Canada. My, my! Is it any wonder that your husband and yourself are celebrating 22 years of 4 1/2 years of togetherness? (Group laughter) Perhaps that is the secret of your success.

Leah: That might have something to do with it.

TOMAS: I have enjoyed my personal chat with you each. I am going to give only a brief lesson.


I would like to call to your attention once again the reality of living truth, that when truth is crystallized, it dies. This is true in your most intimate spiritual life, your prayer life and your worship life, your friendships, your work, your very existence. When the truth becomes crystallized, it becomes dead. In order for you to keep truth alive, it must be approached each day as something new: a new day, a new face, a. new facet of growth.

Your prayers are not to be a repetition of words and attitudes, but a fresh conversation; and your worship is never going to be attained if you approach it as a duty to perform. Your friendships will not flower if you assume that they are the same persons today as they were yesterday, for the truth is alive and growing, changing, all the time. Begin to appreciate the fact that there is something new going on all the time, and if you allow yourself, you yourself will be renewed with each new day, even several times in the same day.

I am going to settle down. I would like to see if Merium would like to say a few words. No, I would like to ask you if you would like to pose a question to Merium, that she can have an opportunity to speak, to greet you, to teach and also to provide our associate Hunnah with the opportunity to practice her skill as a transmitter for your teacher and my co-worker, Merium. Are there questions?


ELIZABETH: Well, yes. Merium, we were reading about married life and I was wondering, what do all of you teachers think about what’s happening to the institution of marriage on our planet right now? I’m surrounded by people who are in pain, and I don’t think our society is helping. I wonder if you could comment.

MERIUM: Good evening. First of all, I would like to thank Tomas for being so diplomatic and gentle this evening. I think he’s been spending too much time in my company. (Group chuckle)

Regarding marriage. Let us first regard relationships as partnerships. The times are not the same; the individual needs have changed. Materialism has a great deal to do with the effects of the need to be married. Never before on earth in its civilizations has being single, being physically single, been as provided for in every way. Never before has it been so glamorous and never before has it been so easy to be comfortable. If you have the material needs and you have friends, then the need for that one relationship is not what it was many years ago.

And you must remember, if you look at the book, it will give you fresh reminders of “why marriage?” Marriage can be an attitude. Any partnership and any relationship is a marriage, it is an interaction. In Hunnah’s immediate situation she has young people who are both married and not married and she is able to witness the fears and the challenges of both situations, and it has made her uneasy because it pulls her down into fearfulness for them, and in that fearfulness she is receiving the exercise of reminding her where she is supposed to be in that judgment.

Marriage will not go away, but the kind of marriage that you are seeing is becoming a partnership. Perhaps you see it in the eyes of a negative view. The people are living in different versions of cooperation, but they are hiding within those relationships the same way some people hide within “legal marriage.” Some people are in marriage because they feel secure. There is someone that Hunnah knows that says he loves being married because when he doesn’t want to do something, he can say that his wife would not approve, (group giggle) and therefore he is using this relationship socially to protect himself.

So I cannot tell you that there are any less opportunities to honor and obey, but the format of whom they are honoring and whom they are obeying has perhaps changed. These young people are, in spite of appearances, in touch with their inner feelings and choices. They see the error of the ways of the past. They see the artificial, the shallowness of many relationships, and they also see the stubborn staying together in bitterness, and yet the lack of self-fulfillment within that framework of marriage.

There is no right answer to this question because what it all is is a poultice of sorts. To bring out the longing for the recognition of what you are truly seeking, you may choose to celebrate your fullness within the framework of marriage or you may do it equally well within the framework of communal life or a single life. Let us remember that there were many people that hid in the churches in the secular orders who were feeling misplaced in their social circumstances; they retreated to convents and to the priesthood to seek fulfillment, shelter and social fellowship under the reigns of religion.

There are those who go undercover, who become rebellious and choose to stay with the “underdog,” so there really is no right answer to your question and I do not want you to feel that I’m avoiding it. I want you to see that any exercise and any choice in your human situation is an opportunity for you to live it well, and that at the base of this, you will and have to eventually seek the one God, seek the truth of yourself, and therefore set out onto the wonderful adventure of knowing who you are and who your fellow beings are. I hope I have not disappointed you…

Elizabeth: No. No.

MERIUM: . .. but I would like to see you observe what you feel is the breaking down of relationships that are close to you. It hurts you. It is hurting, because you don’t want anyone to be suffering. You want children to grow up in a hope where they know that their parents love each other; this is only right in the role that you are playing.

Tuesday evening we had a wonderful interaction on this subject of role-playing. In spirit you are always the same: you are brother and sister to each other, (this will be in the paper that you have just received) but in your humanness you will be playing roles and you play many at one time, remember. You go to the office, you go to the store, you are someone else, a different identity to everyone you meet. So it is up to you to bring the best to that one identity, the truth of your being. Live out from it and let others discern who and what you are about. Thank you.


Elizabeth: Thank you. TOMAS: Thank you, Merium.

Celeste: Tomas, I get concerned about the marvelous young people who are not marrying and not having children and yet there are all kinds of children being born today that people don’t really want, and so I’m wondering what that means for the future of our country.

TOMAS: “Have you heard of The Bell Curve?”

Elizabeth: Oh, yes. I’ve heard of the Bell Curve. I thought it was a pretty important point that somebody was making recently, in the last couple of years.

Celeste: Explain it to some of us.

Elizabeth: Well, the Bell Curve was saying that there’s a difference between the ethnic groups insofar as their ability to be intellectually challenged. There is a difference between these ethnic groups and we should actually be kind of cognizant of it in order to help them be more effective, in teaching the different ethnic groups. They learn differently. That’s what the Bell Curve said.

TOMAS: All groups have to learn how to produce intelligently . .. Elizabeth: Oh, boy, yes.

TOMAS: . .. for if we do not reproduce intelligently, we will be producing mental defectives and heading downhill, and that was my reference to the Bell Curve. It is not necessarily an ethnic situation, but it is a racial situation, and as the human animal propagates as a dog has puppies, there will continue to be difficulty in developing a solid society.


MERIUM: We have a generation that is growing up, coming in, that is, has a tendency to be newly more enlightened. We have a society coming in that has had a divided home, that has had a mother who is never there or a father who is never there, and it weakens a need in them that states, “when I find my friend, and the one I choose to love and share with, we are going to talk about the importance of having someone home when my child comes home from school.”

Materialism is going to meet its challenges. It is always changing. This whole society is constantly living in change. The young ones growing up today are constantly experiencing change. The generation that is sitting at this table is experiencing what you might call “having had the opportunity of remediation and a repetitiveness in the development of new ideas.” The children of today have been living at a very fast pace. They are like little sponges. They will absorb and learn, and when they are entering their 20th year, they are going to have quite a portfolio of reference material to help them make their decisions.

In the meantime, let us not forget that this light of truth is here and it will be compounded and compounded, and that it will be here to assist them with their decisions. A teacher that Hunnah heard many years ago gave the metaphor of making jam. She said, “when you turn up the heat, the impurities come to the surface,” and indeed these young people today have been living in a state of having the heat turned up, listening to the ugliness of the narrow-minded opinions of people who are in their lives.

There is a television program of many years ago that Hunnah at first was very offended by and then she realized that it had to be aired because it’s nearer to people, the sound of their own voices, and that was the one that had Archie and Edith, and the contrast in their attitudes about life, and that family had a great impact on people because they stored this in themselves and realized that they did not want to be an Archie and be ignorant and obnoxious and illiterate, or totally an Edith, who was not strong enough to take the best that she had and to apply it in a more creative way.

I am reminding you one more time of some brilliant scripture of “taking no thought.” That does not mean to hide your head, but it does mean to rest in the truth of your being and let it develop, and become your new reality, and as you do this, everyone in your world and in your community will be affected, and the poultice that is being applied is on many people of misery or conflict of ideas.

Our young friend Jane spoke of having to simplify her life. You people find yourselves literally toxic from an overload and they suddenly will reach out and accept that Helping Hand, and It is always there for you Inside, and It will pull you aside and let you simplify your life and make finer decisions, unselfish decisions.

Elizabeth: That’s good.

Celeste: When I think of beautiful marriage, you never overload! And so many marvelous young people choose not to marry some day for some reason or other. I don’t understand it.

Hester: They feel unready. They feel they’ve been . .. not too much . .. In the last few years there’s been very little emphasis on good marriage. And the children, all they had was the pattern they grew up with. I was an orphan from the time I was seven years old on, and I had the advantage of having friends who were wonderful people and I could compare them. If I had no mother and no father, I could compare them as against somebody who didn’t quite meet their standards. And it was up to me to make the decisions. From the time I was seven on.

TOMAS: Marriage remains an ideal. Even those who do not make that decision or those who cannot find an appropriate partner, still maintain an ideal in their heart, in their minds. Always will these partnerships emerge, as Merium has said. Those of you who have been fortunate enough to experience those long-term supportive and devoted relationships must treasure that experience in your heart and appreciate the gift that you have been given. Never look with disdain upon those who have a troubled marriage or those who find themselves outside the bounds of matrimony. Be grateful for your experience.

And it is difficult to answer for young people today when you are not one of the day’s young people, and so leave the speculation to them as to why they do or do not engage upon the hope of finding a companion who will suit their purposes, whether they be for financial, for legal, for parental, for spiritual, for cultural or whatever reasons. These are human decisions; marriage is a. human institution.

It is that institution which provides for self-maintenance, self-perpetuation and self-gratification within the sanction of your civil mores/social mores. It is the home, therefor the seat of culture; and the family, which is the foundation of all value –the Father having established the family unit as the ideal. If you have attained the ideal, be grateful. If you aspire for the ideal, keep your chin up. Otherwise, let’s get on with it. There’s a lot to do in life — many, many rewarding and satisfying situations, accomplishments and relationships that provide stimulation of the imagination and all sorts of wonderful things, as you read this evening in Rodan. (Good selection of readings, by the way.)

MERIUM: I would like to once again draw your attention to commitment. Commitment and responsibility. And let yourself hold the idea of the puzzlement about marriage very lightly, because we are observing so many generations’ examples about marriage, but we have many couples who are of the same sex that are living together, and this relationship that they have chosen carries the same responsibilities of commitment and respect and consideration that a heterosexual relationship would be.

If you took an elderly person who inherits an 8-year-old child, much to their dismay, that relationship will have to develop a loyalty, a respect and a sense of responsibility with it. Please, release yourself from the judgment and the bewilderment and concern of all relationships and be an encourager.

If there are people who live differently than yourself, or if you have friends who have troubled relationships who are perhaps bored to tears with the so-called, what appeared to be “ideal” marriage, or they have been married 30 years — “Isn’t that wonderful!” — but they could be 30 empty years, or 30 personally boring years, or years without structure or direction.

Please consider the marriage of yourself to the Christ of your being. In Hunnah’s books, in her early days of writing, she wrote something that might be interesting to those who are, perhaps, over 35, and it was very brief and it went something like this: “For those who feel the rising of the second heat in their life, turn to the Christ.” I do not have on tap the remaining sentences here, but when there is this stirring of your physical beingness or your mental yearnings, there is the perfect mate waiting for you.

If you are married, it is as important for you to be married to the Christ personally for you as it is the mate of your choosing, and it is when the two of you have chosen the same mate, the Christ of your being, then you do indeed have a marriage made in heaven. It is a safer journey with a greater possibility of being a success. Thank you.


TOMAS: Thank you, Merium. And thank you group. I and we are going to take our leave. Again, your assignment has been outlined by my able colleague, and that is to look this week at the myriad working relationships that are in existence in and around you –your own relationships and others relationships, and look at them much as you looked at personality — not for judgment, but for observation of how many incredible possibilities of relationship there are.
Group is relationship. All relationship comes from a Trinity base, even to your own relationship with the Father. Let us end this session with a prayer. I would like for you to hold hands.

Universal Father, we come to you as Your humble children sitting at Your table, knowing that You have prepared a feast for us. Enable us to kindle our appetites, Father, for the servings that You have provided for us. Allow us to be appreciative diners, Father, and not picky eaters. Whatever it is that You have provided for us for our nourishment, allow us to take it and savor it and know that it has been given to us by You for our own benefit, for our own understanding, for our own growth in the opportunity to see all the myriad differences in your creative universe, that we might honor and love Your Son, our Father/ Brother Michael and know him even more. Amen.

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