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PBG73- Ascended Masters

1999-01-26-Ascended Masters
Pittsburgh #73


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Ascended Masters
o 1.2 Group: Pittsburgh TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Tomas, Pearl, Merium
o 2.2 TR: Gerdean, Hunnah, Erata
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Dialogue
o 3.2 Closing

Topic: Ascended Masters
Group: Pittsburgh TeaM
Teacher: Tomas, Pearl, Merium
TR: Gerdean, Hunnah, Erata


January 26, 1999 PEARL: Good evening.

GROUP: Good evening, Pearl.

PEARL: I understand there are questions.

RACHEL: Yeah, we have a pile of questions here.

PEARL: Well, let’s get started.

RACHEL: Do you know anything about Unixitron?


RACHEL: Do you have any information or knowledge to share about “ascended masters”?


HUNNAH: This is where I have often wondered if I would rather channel, because then I would have … I really wonder if a person who channels does better than a person who does T/R’ing. I never heard anyone except Gerdean, the people at Grailville, and my daughter, and they never came through with anything but Urantia vocabulary. They are always knowledgeable, and (indistinguishable). I would love to have information to come through that I had never heard about before, but …

PEARL: What brought about the question?

RACHEL: It was this Unixitron group who are speaking of ascended masters, which there is apparently no mention of in The Urantia Book.

RACHEL: How about MY question?

PEARL: Very well.

RACHEL: How does the Father view homosexuality on this planet?

PEARL: First off, Father loves ALL of his creation. It is the human element which chooses who they love. It is how they go about their love that determines if it is love. If homosexuality goes about spreading disease, things of that nature, causing sadness among individuals, then the Father is saddened, but as far as each individual, as far as homosexuality, that is the human choice.

People have conscience. If they are brought up in a church and they have religion which teaches heterosexuality is right, then to that person who chooses homosexuality, it is wrong. As far as the Father’s love for a homosexual person, He loves everyone!

MERIUM: I would like to look at this situation as an individual who is in need of experience, who finds himself drawn to someone of the same sex. That is their personal challenge. They can offer it to be guided, to be shown …

(Unfortunately, Merium’s words were indistinguishable on the tape.)
[Faulty recording lost a lot of words, picking up on the question about ascended masters.]

TOMAS: It is part of your phenomenally interesting background, having to do with your understanding of what happens as you advance in greater spiritual reality. These comprehensions are only made available to you by and through your exposure to your experiential classes and rumors of what is going on in your neighbor’s classroom.

The concept of ascension is an evolved concept. At first, there was no ascension. Indeed, in the beginning there was no spirit! The early spirit evolution gave rise to an appreciation for that which was but which could not be seen. And there evolved other theories, as in the reincarnation theory, as it is commonly understood, and more recently, as it is coming to be understood as a result of your many investigations into greater reality, and this is yet another example of how you are evolving.

Now that may or may not address ascending and ascension, but it definitely connotes a forward motion, and you have been evolving on Urantia long enough to have been able to gather an understanding of your advances.
But as far as masters are concerned, Master is a title. They called Jesus Master, and he accepted the designation from his devotees because it was an expression of respect. He indeed had mastered much, and before he left he mastered everything he needed to master while he was here.

A master is not always a teacher, but a master cannot help but teach. There are then many who exalt their teachers and leaders and those who they admire for one reason or another. They are given the title of Master.

RACHEL: Like calling the Pope the Holy Father?

TOMAS: Yes. This is not overlooked in any hierarchy of relative spirit reality. Remember that when your Creator Son has gained sovereignty over his universe, he has become the Master Son, and this is an understanding, those of you who read The Urantia Book, from its teachings; but there are others who also have a semblance of an appreciation for those who have mastered the universe laws of reality such that they are able to seemingly transcend the limitations of mortal existence.

And these exalted brethren have become known to many as Masters, even to the extent wherein it has been a basis of belief that they have advanced all the way into an ascension of spirit reality and attained the title or the existential reality of an ascended master. In fact, you may construe Christ Michael as an ascended master, for he has ascended and he is a Master.

RACHEL: Could we not even call you an ascended master?

TOMAS: I humbly bow to your graciousness, for I am indeed an ascended master. And, Rachel, may I not acknowledge you in the same fashion?

RACHEL: I have one more question, from Gerdean. You said last week in the transcripts that there would be adjustments. Is there anything significant about that? What’s going on?

TOMAS: I assume you are not asking me to be a crystal ball gazer?

RACHEL: No. Well, my question was – are you talking about the adjustments of Alan coming and Angus in the future here for this group?

TOMAS: Absolutely! Those are two considerations. And also in the greater community here it is the practice for some of you to relocate to warmer climes for awhile and that alters your meeting places. There are, as you pointed out, a greater number of transmitters in your arena now, and there will be more, and this brings into being a consideration of expansion of capability insofar as your schooling is concerned, if I may use that word, for has it not been said, “Too many cooks spoil the broth” and someone, if we are going to carry on in this manner, needs to ask questions and be the listener.

Now I would propose that we begin to learn planetary administration. Before you all become alarmed, I am going to remind you that one must always begin at the beginning with baby steps and we are in an ideal circumstance here and upcoming where we can develop some of those sensitivities of leadership that will allow our community here to become efficient and excited about its own ability to participate in the development of the Kingdom as it is understood by its constituents in this room and in our arena and in the greater community.

And so indeed there are adjustments coming, as indeed there always are. But as we ascend, as we master the lessons, we are able then to step up to the new plateau of learning and therefore teaching and, of course, of being! Has that answered?

RACHEL: Quite wonderfully so! Sounds like we’re going to be organized!

TOMAS: I assure you we have a long time to practice. No one need worry that we are going to go off on a power trip, but we will have fun and we will learn. Perhaps you might call this laboratory experience or mock trial.

RACHEL: I just have this sense of coming together up around this area.

TOMAS; There have been many seeds planted here. It cannot help but produce good fruit.

RACHEL: I feel compelled to move myself up here.

TOMAS: Perhaps you can engage the midwayers to enlist the aid of some of the locals in need of your services to be aware your presence and availability and this might in fact bring about some connections.

RACHEL: I’m certainly praying to be put to work and to be connected where I need to be. Well, I’m running out of questions, Tomas. Anybody else?

PEARL: It is a time for beginnings. The earth is still under a restful place but soon it will sprout, new things will happen. Accept and be open to changes. It is wondrous to see the changes in the group, in your lives, and in the spring it is wonderful to see people come out and love life, and so watch this spring and when you see a flower bud, a couple holding hands (even an OLD couple holding hands), remember the Father has love to give you in your new beginnings. With Father there is faith and trust, even when the beginnings are a little bit frightful. Stand in His light.

RACHAEL:  Tomas, are you done for the night?

TOMAS: No, I have a number of meetings yet to attend to.

ERATA: But here! Are you done for the night with us?

TOMAS: I would like to say how nice it is to sense your presence again with us, Pearl. It is very good to have Erata back in our embrace and to have the solidarity of the Evangelical Corp of women in earnest application again in good faith of our purpose. And so I say to you, Carry On! I will, along with Merium, say good night.

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