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POC201- Male & Female

2001-03-30-Male & Female
Pocatello #201


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Male & Female
o 1.2 Group: Pocatello TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Daniel, Alana
o 2.2 TR: Virginia, Bill K.
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Gender
o 3.3 Dialogue
 3.3.1 Supreme
 3.3.2 Duality
 3.3.3 Transmitting
 3.3.4 Teacher Contact
 3.3.5 Ascension Career
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Male & Female
Group: Pocatello TeaM
Teacher: Daniel, Alana
TR: Virginia, Bill K.


ALANA:  (Virginia): This is Alana. Beloved Father, we thank you that your heart room is full of love and light for each of these, your children, my brothers and sisters. Open up their own heart rooms that you might be able to show your love to those that they meet, and those that need to know your love. Open their minds that light might flow from you and help them to grow in the path that is theirs. So be it. Amen.

ALANA:  (Bill): I am Alana. I will begin tonight’s session.


ALANA:   My dear friends, I sincerely thank you for your warm reception of me in these last several weeks. Therefore, I have been granted my request to be a visiting teacher; not a permanent member of the staff, but one who will for some brief time be present with you.

You have desired a female teacher in the past. While many of you have personal teachers of my gender you have not had a group teacher assigned to present the feminine perspective. It is not necessary, although it can be highly desirable, that the TR should be female, for in the morontial life much of the differences between male and female, that are animal origin based, have been left behind. Nevertheless, the female perspective and the male perspective endure forever. Daniel and I have formed a team so that our teaching may have the repleteness of the complete duality balance. The yin and the yang of mortal existence is continued on the morontial worlds and even to the spirit level of existence.

As you consider this delicate dance between male and female characteristics, understand that the crude battles between men and women which ensue upon this planet, and any planet in the early stages of civilization, tend to obliterate and devalue the great accomplishments which this dual gender partnership produces. You see, it is easier to cooperate with that which is understood. It is easier for a man to associate with another man, for they share the same male characteristics. It is easier for a woman to fraternize with another woman, as they both understand the mystique of the feminine. But in the interplay and interaction between a man and a woman, a male and a female, a yin and a yang, there is great learning and creativity which occurs. To become partners with that which is other than your innate nature requires the development of empathy, the ability to communicate, both hearing, listening, and speaking or expressing.

You see, my friends, how important it is for us, of mortal origin status, to learn these beginning lessons in accepting diversity into our intimate experience.This is one of the achievements of Supremacy. Yes, that word again. The achievement of the Supreme is our job, is our privilege, is our task. We have our origin and destiny in God the Supreme. All of the achievements of understanding in unity and diversity, organized and coordinated and co-created; all of these things is our task in being a part of God the Supreme.
I wish to refer to the question from Ken from last week and to direct my thinking in this direction. My friend, evolution, as you understand it, will achieve completion in the manifestation of God the Supreme, at which time we all will achieve and be part of that understanding.


Ken: Thank you.

ALANA:  But that momentous occasion will not signal the end of universe development, but will rather be the platform for the inconceivable experience of working for the eventuation of the Ultimate. We believe that those who come from absonite realms will need our experience in Supremacy, just as we who go to Paradise need the experience of the Havona natives, who have been created in perfection, in order for us to understand the previous universe age. What it means to “eventuate”, you and I do not know. This is not a part of our experience, at least, not yet.

My friends, I have not been assigned the task of lecturing you this evening, but rather was given permission to introduce my new role. This, however, does not mean that I will be absent from my beloved Susan or David, for I shall be with them as I have been. My stay with you will not be a long term affair. But I certainly express my joy at being allowed this privilege.

Ken: Thank you for that further clarification.


DANIEL:  (Bill): I am Daniel. Hello, my friends. I am still your teacher, guide, and proud admirer. Have no anxiety over our partnership which has been expressed by Alana this evening. Indeed, we actually began this tryst a few weeks ago and, as is always true, it was no accident that the Butterfields came to this group. Because Alana and I can model our partnership for you, this will provide you with some assistance, we believe, in understanding this dynamic partnership of work, which indeed, men and women do together in a superior fashion, as we have discussed.

Let’s go back to the self esteem lectures for a moment. I wish to incorporate into those concepts this new added dimension, that is to say, self understanding includes your gender. It is forever a part of you, that you be female, that you be male. I am not referring to reproductive function, but rather that you exist in completion only in duality; that you are not isolate male, or isolate female. You will always be in that duality experience. Among the angels it is negative and positive. Our creator parents are described as Father and Mother. In the time/space universes duality is the bottom line. Everything is dual. On Paradise all is one. In the Central Universe everything is triune. And, frankly, I do not know what the implications are for the eventuation of the Ultimate reality level.

Isn’t life wonderful, my friends? Do you think mystery will disappear when you pass through the veil? Hah, no! No. Your horizons will enlarge and your understanding will be broadened, yes; but your belief that all the answers will be provided, all the difficulties removed and all will be a piece of cake forever, as your religions picture it, is not correct!

Group member: Thank’s a lot!

DANIEL:   It is not blood, sweat, and tears. It is not painful toil. It is wonderful discovery! It is great adventure! It is joyous work, my friends! And there is rest; half the time you get to do something different. You get to take leave. Do not think that I, or your other teachers are constantly working 24 hours a day! We are not. We are given our leave. We enjoy some of your mortal art and music. Not as advanced as we are used to, but you know, in the same manner that people enjoy primitive cultural forms and see things there that they are not used to, so we are stimulated by your “stuff”. (group is laughing during this last sentence)
I think that between Alana and I we have used up enough lines on the pages. So, I invite your comments and questions. Alana or I will be glad to respond.

Bob S. Are you going to “River Dance” tomorrow? (In Salt Lake City). Is everybody up for going to River Dance?

Virginia: Daniel, when you said, “primitive music” I thought you had been listening to me practice. (Laughter)

DANIEL:  As a matter of fact, Letah, I have! (More laughter) I have been listening to you practice with a great smile upon my face, to see you throwing yourself into this effort, to be creative, and to expand your boundaries. So, for what it’s worth, I encourage you to continue. You do well. As to the “River Dance” we have discussed it.(bursting with laughter)….and I will probably not be going, but others considered it, yes.


Virginia: Getting more serious, and I am sure this is a curiosity question… Alana through Susie Butterfield seems to have an accent. I did not feel that at all. Is that a difference of TRs or is Alana able to speak however is necessary, I guess is my question?

DANIEL:  The analogy that comes to mind is that of the sound reproduction that occurs with different stereo systems. The example, however, could be unfortunate if an accent or a lack of accent be regarded as good or bad. In other words, when Alana interacts with the TR Susan the translation in her neurological circuitry carries an accent. When Alana interacts with you or Isaac, that does not occur. It isn’t strictly Alana or the TR. It is the interaction. Do you understand?

Virginia: I understand what you have said, and it does make sense, the two of them just combine to make a different sound.

DANIEL:  Yes, you are correct in understanding my explanation. Perhaps this should prompt another brief commentary upon TRing, since this has been a topic which ebbs and flows in interest and concern. Because every one of us is different, morontial and mortal, no two interactions between celestials and mortals are identical. The TRing process involves for some the literal hearing of words, individually or by phrases, which they repeat. Some have seen words which they read. Most are given concepts presented as pictures and thoughts and the individual TR’s mind is the blending and mixing place where the meeting of the celestial communication uses the instrumentation of the mortal’s neurological circuitry and mindal thought patterns. Always remember that the mind and the brain are not the same. The mind uses the brain as an organ; but the mind is far greater than even this most marvelous instrument. Perhaps these comments will assist you in thinking about this question of accent, Letah.

Virginia/Letah: Thank you, Daniel.Alana: I am Alana. Again, as Daniel has said, every connection that we make with you mortals results in a different experience. By this I do not suggest that experiences are totally different, no. There is much in common. But there is the fine edge of distinction between one connection and another. When we say that it is best for the TR to be out of the way, this has often been misunderstood. Some people have assumed that this was a wish for you to become a channel, a mere tube through which the information flows, wholly unconscious and out of the process; an automaton, a robot, a mouthpiece. However, that is not what we desire at all! This is an experience of duality, partnership. We are providing the concepts, but you TRs are providing the equipment, the thought processes, the memory banks. It is more or less exceptional for a TR to speak that which (s)he has no knowledge of, although it does happen. Now, have I further muddied the waters and confused your minds? Or has this clarified?

Group: Clarified.

Bob: It put Ken to sleep. (Laughter)

Teacher Contact

Virginia: Alana or Daniel, probably all of us here have a personal teacher. I was wondering if you would comment on that?

DANIEL:  : This is Daniel. My dear, are you being sneaky? (Laughter )

Virginia: No, I was just looking for help for people. I don’t think that was being sneaky. (Much group laughter)

Bob S. It was being sneaky. (Laughter continues)

LaReen: Now you are going to get both of us in trouble! (Laughter continues)

Virginia: I don’t want to get any of us in trouble! But………

Bob: Too late! (Laughter continues)

Virginia: . …..but to have an affirmation for those who might….

Bob: We are purgatory bound! We are going down! (Laughter goes on and on)

Virginia: Light those candles!

Bob: Get those candles

LaReen: I can’t be in better company! (Laughter still continuing)

DANIEL:  : No mortal who desires a teacher is without one! There are many teachers eager to assist all of you. Some of you have had one teacher for a long time as you have, Letah. However, even Klarixiska is not a lone wolf but works in alliance with Alkon, and at times with me, Daniel. Abraham has offered to assist with all of his flock when they need his assistance individually. Aaron, Minearisa and I have offered the same for everyone in this group. Some of you have had several teachers and it is not because you have worn out their patience (laughter) but because your needs have been better met by a team approach, than by a single teacher. No one has been abandoned. No one is unworthy of a teacher. Such thoughts and feelings are not in compliance with truth. It is not my job to assign teachers. That is done by others. But, know, all of you, that there is great wisdom expressed through the selection of teacher volunteers for all of you. Have I answered your question, my dear.

Virginia: Yes, and I really appreciate it. I have been reading a book , “Four Agreements”and I think that we all can take personally even our relationships within the Teaching Mission and with the teachers and blame ourselves for what we perceive is a lack in ourselves. Even though, intellectually, I know that this is insane, emotionally I have not arrived at perfection.

DANIEL:  : Yes. And neither have any of the rest of you, including this TR. That’s why I wish you to review, by reading the transcripts, the series on self esteem that I have delivered. I would like us now, having had the lectures, to actually study the lecture material. My assignment to you is this: before we congregate together again please read the first transcript on self esteem. Bring with you your questions that you may generate at this point, and be prepared to discuss them prior to our TR session. Is that clear for you all?

Virginia: Yes, I hope other people will help us decided what date that was.

[Editor’s note: The first lesson was on January 26, 2001]

DANIEL:  When you have decided on your next meeting, this transcript will be available so that this assignment will be in the minds of those who read the transcript. Your statement, Letah, is accurate. The tendency to assume personal ramifications for other people’s thoughts, words, and actions may be an indicator of low self esteem. It also may be accurate, but preoccupation with self, worry about self, and not being happy with oneself can put the paranoid antenna up, looking in every direction, for confirmation of feelings of unworthiness and ill ease.

Virginia: Daniel, I know Bill hasn’t read that book. Have you? That’s exactly what the book says. (Laughter)

DANIEL:  Well, my dear, I have read many books! I have concluded my comments; I have given you the assignment. I will now conclude the meeting.

Bob: I have a question, first.

DANIEL:  Yes, sir.

Ascension Career

Bob: Thank you,- sir. A few weeks ago, Daniel, I think it was you, indicated that when we get to morontia world number one, or the younger worlds, we will have the opportunity to experience various things that we haven’t had an opportunity to experience here. But there are some things here that aren’t available there. So my question is: Would it be wise for us to pursue those areas of experience available only in mortal life so that we might avail ourselves of the opportunity to experience them because they are not available there; or are they not that important to our ascendent career?

DANIEL:  There are certain experiences which are essential, parenthood, for example. If people do not experience the joy and difficulties, the lessons of being father or mother in the mortal life, then they will have to do that on the morontia spheres. I hesitate to endorse the idea that one should pursue all experience, for this can imply a self centered and self directed life. It implies the “Renaissance Man” concept, which is not the same as the Kingdom believer, for the Renaissance man can be his own pilot.

The universe ascension career is not wide open. It is not a matter of each of us choosing, with no supervision, no feedback, and no over-control, that which our hearts desire. It is not a libertine experience. It is not unlimited free will. On the other hand, too many people are proscribed by culture and inner chains of their own making that they do not expand and become creative in the way that they could, in the way that God would desire.

There are no high mountains on the architectural worlds. So, it could be argued, the only opportunity to climb mountains exists in the mortal life. Therefor, if one desires to climb mountains, and that desire is not extinguished when stillness practice pervades the life of such a one, I would conclude that it is probably God’s will for that individual to be a mountain climber, once and for all time. However, the really important things, of course, will be offered again and again and again until the lessons are learned, until all of the pent up desires which have social value and are God enhancing have been given opportunity for expression. The answer is really, “Not my will, but your will be done.” Or better, perhaps, “It is my will that your will be done”.

Bob: Yes, thank you. That’s most . ..

DANIEL:  Did I skirt your question skillfully? Or did I…..

Bob: Yes, your skirting was skillful. But I think I understood what you said or what you were trying to say. I see which way I should go. Thank you.


DANIEL:  You are welcome. Are there any other burning desires? If not then we will conclude our meeting. Let us again stand and hold hands.

Father Michael, Mother Nebadonia, you are perfect parents and therefor you inspire us to achieve the partnership that we behold in you. We desire this partnership in our mortal careers and many of us have achieved this. But in the morontia career there is no longer marriage and we are more like the angels, working in pairs and partnerships. So now, Father and Mother, you give us these kids to help raise as younger brothers and sisters. For this we are wonderfully appreciative. I pray for these, my brothers and sisters, that they may expand their humor, that they may relax their perfectionism, they may rejoice in the diversity of life, and most of all, that they may take themselves much less seriously. Even so. Amen.

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