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POC203- On Sharing, Magisterial Son

2001-04-21-On Sharing, Magisterial Son
Pocatello #203


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: On Sharing, Magisterial Son
o 1.2 Group: Pocatello TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Daniel, Minearsia, Tenare
o 2.2 TR: Bill K.
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Sharing
 3.2.2 Magisterial Mission
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: On Sharing, Magisterial Son
Group: Pocatello TeaM
Teacher: Daniel, Minearsia, Tenare
TR: Bill K.


Ken: We have gathered here this evening, Father, with love in our hearts to share with one another and with all. We share our love. In your name we are gathered. Amen.

DANIEL:  (Bill): Good evening, friends, this is your teacher, Daniel. I have been ecstatic with satisfaction as I have listened to you share the meanings and intentions of my previous lecture on self esteem and God consciousness. Week after week, and year after year my association with you continues to bring me great satisfaction. I grow fonder of you all the time. I am pleased that you hold me and my colleagues, your personal teachers, in such a place of esteem and honor that you actually listen to our words and take our advice seriously. At this time in your culture, while teachers are desperately needed, there are many who do not give them even the time of day. I do not limit my remarks to the primary or secondary schools, but to the role of authority based upon wisdom. In view of the fact that so many disdain the collective wisdom of experience, I am pleased to say that your enthusiastic participation in this Melchizedek classroom is a wonderful contrast to the general culture. You know that the teaching we bring you is valuable because you can actually put it into practice and test its truthfulness for yourselves.


DANIEL:   I would remind you that although you do esteem us as teachers, our purpose is to work ourselves out of a job, so that you will be fully engaged with that Master Pedagogue, that divine Monitor, that flawless Pilot who indwells your minds. But, even with conscious communication with your Thought Adjusters, all truth is not thereby restricted to that Source alone. Truth will still continue to come from all sources and from the most unlikely places, as we have discussed previously. Now, my friends, I do wish to speak to you briefly about the topic of sharing, for sharing is an aspect of the very nature of God Himself.

To share is to let go of selfish constraints. To share is to believe that the source of one’s goods, one’s things, one’s truth, one’s love is bottomless. To share is not to lose, but to allow oneself to be an instrument of the movement of love in the universe. When Jesus said”Freely have you received, freely give”, he was referring to sharing, for that which you have to share is a gift to you. You did not create yourselves. Not even your genetic substructure has any consequence from your wishes. You did not, before you were born, decide the color of your eyes, the type of stature that you would possess, your gender, or even your intelligence.

These were yours to experience and receive as a gift. Your circumstances at birth were not due to your pre-planning. You did not choose your parents. You did not choose your race, etc. As a mortal you exist because it is God’s desire to fill universe upon universe with His children. But there is a gift that you can give and that is to use your free will choice to share with others. You have the sovereign right to give or to withhold. You have the sovereign right to give to God the only gift that has value for Him, which is the gift of your willingness to do His will; and you have the choice to share your life with others.

All of you are people who have exercised this gift and to various degrees shared your experiences, your strength, your hope, and your love with other people. Your meeting together tonight is both a receiving and a sharing. In this process the movement, the flow, the energy of love fills us all and gives us the satisfaction of being partners with God Himself.

Sharing is not without some risks, for there needs to be a wise discernment on your part as to what, and to whom, and to what extent you share your truth, your love, and yourselves with others. To bring a bright light of truth into the face of one whose eyes are clouded over with unbelief does not result in enlightenment but only in a blinding of that person’s mind, and their protective shield of unbelief will be strengthened, rather than reduced. Any sharing on your part that is coercive is counterproductive.

So, once again, we deal with this topic of giving and receiving, this movement both directions, through those swinging doors that move both ways. To share is basically to give. But in order for someone to receive sharing, they must be in a reception mode to allow the person who wants to share the gift of giving. As life is in its very nature complicated, so this very topic has many aspects. But the main thing I wish to leave with you this evening is the understanding that sharing is essentially divine, for it is God’s nature of sharing which results in the universe we live in and our very lives themselves. Freely have your received, therefor, freely share. I have completed my remarks. Now there is one who presses to be allowed a moment. I give you teacher Tanare.

TENARE:  (Bill): Greetings my dear ones. What a joy it is for me to be given voice at this time. I greet my dearest charge, Gwen, and I greet all of you, my younger brothers and sisters. You are, to various degrees, all aware of us teachers who surround you so often during your days. We truly make many contacts with you and if you continue to grant us the right to interact with you unbidden, we will pursue that.

I wish to assure my charge that her journey with me will continue to bring encouragement and peace. The lessons of life have to be learned in order for progress to continue. [speaking to Gwen] You are greatly loved, my sister. Your Father loves you as though you were his only child, even as He loves each of us equally! Sink into the wonderful embrace of that totally understanding love. Let it surround you and hold you safe against the buffeting of the waves which beat upon the shores of the soul. Let that love take away all self incrimination, all self punishment, and look upon the face you see in the mirror with great affection.

To the rest of you I would add these words. Take the time every day, the stillness time, to sit in the presence of God, for God is as near to you as the bend in your elbow. No, He is even nearer, He is within you. Don’t be formal. Be relaxed. Talk with your Daddy, for He is our Daddy, our most beloved Father. Share your life with Him, for that His will. Indeed, that is the will of God, to share your life with Him! May you all at this moment feel the love in this room, which is coming through each of you, as you open up to share with each other. I am Tanare. I have enjoyed my little commentary. Good evening.

Magisterial Mission

MINEARSIA:  (Bill): Greetings, this is Minearisa, your instructor in residence, who has not been very resident as of late. (Laughter) My dear friends, I have been out and about, abroad in other places, for there are great things afoot! The new dispensation is almost beginning. We are on the edge of the next period in Urantia’s history. You, little flock, truly are fortunate that you followed the guidance of your Thought Adjusters and you are here to be the first to hear the news, not because you are better than others or more greatly loved, but because you are willing to take the oars and forcefully move the ship of your life forward.

We are very satisfied with our classroom experience so far. But believe me, this is just the very beginning, the mere taste of what is coming! As you been told from many sources, our Magisterial Son is present on this planet. He is preparing his staff for the beginning of the visible manifestation of this dispensation.

Again, even as you wait for the Second Coming of Jesus, or wait for the moment of your mortal death, you must so wait for the manifestation of the Beloved One. As you do not know the day or the hour, you need to be in a mode of preparation. All of this we have talked about before. Please continue your enthusiastic dedication to taking the good advice which is offered you, which brother Daniel has commented on. You are exemplary students, my dear friends. You are willing to attend class without compulsion, do homework without rewards, and listen to teachers without a quarrelsome nature. That is, indeed, commendable.

Now, at this time, I have concluded my greetings to you. I have been involved in our curriculum, of course, and you may be hearing from me shortly in my second installment on the nature of relationships. So, if you are really lacking in things to do, you may review the material from several years ago which dealt with this topic in its first phase. Like Daniel’s presentation on self esteem, we will go to a higher level in the second phase. But, it is not yet. You have time to reminisce. I am very happy to be here and greet you all. My love to you. Good evening.

DANIEL:  (Bill): There will be no questions this evening as our format does not allow it, and because your discussion was so fruitful. If there is something that you wanted to ask, make a mental note and bring it to our next meeting. We will then consider it. Let us be on our feet and grasping hands once again.


MINEARSIA:  (Bill): I am Minearisa. I will lead us in prayer. Before the Son of Righteousness I bend my knees in grateful adoration. Before the Mother of Virtue I bow my head in worshipful meditation. To the Father, First Source and Center of all things and beings, I lift my whole being in worship. Holy, holy, holy Lord God Almighty, heaven and earth are full of your glory. The moon and stars move in their courses at Your command. All life comes from You. All this is Your sharing to give to Your children. You have reflected this on a universe level through Your Son, our Creator/Father and our universe Mother Spirit. We, Melchizedeks, mortals, morontia beings, Seraphim and other celestials worship You, Wonder of Wonders, Mystery of mystery, Source of all love! Go with these, my brothers and sisters as they part. Keep their souls safe from the raging of fear, hatred, and all other spirit poisons. Give them Your peace, which passes understanding. Even so. Amen.

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