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POC216- The Evolving Supreme

2002-04-05-The Evolving Supreme
Pocatello #216


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: The Evolving Supreme
o 1.2 Group: Pocatello TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Rayson, Daniel, Minearsia, Klarixiska
o 2.2 TR: Bill K., Virginia
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: The Evolving Supreme
Group: Pocatello TeaM
Teacher: Rayson, Daniel, Minearsia, Klarixiska
TR: Bill K., Virginia


Prayer (Bill): Let the peace which flows like a river enter your hearts and minds to lift you up closer to your Source so that your heart may be filled to overflowing. Amen.

DANIEL:   (Bill): Hello friends, I am Daniel, your beloved teacher, loyal friend, true companion and staunch admirer, and oh yes, your brother.

(Group greetings.)

DANIEL:   We are always overjoyed to be in your presence and feel your sincere devotion to our efforts to parent you, as well as treat you with brotherly kindness. While we are not your true parents we do regard you with fatherly/motherly affection and truly take great pleasure in you, as individuals, and as a classroom full of eager pupils. I want you to understand that we are just as eager to meet with you as you are to meet with us. Tonight we have with us a teacher who you are familiar with, who has been involved at times with a number of groups. Tonight, therefor, you could say this is teacher exchange night. I give you teacher Rayson.

(Welcomed by group.)

RAYSON: (Bill): Hello dear Friends, I am Rayson, and I acknowledge your welcome. Indeed I have spoken with you on another occasion when I announced to you that your Melchizedek in residence had been assigned. Tonight’s meeting is not for the purpose of that sort of announcement, but is like the cross-pollination of the many beautiful flowers which grow in the garden of the Teaching mission. My purpose in being here is to give you opportunity to become familiar with me, and likewise for me to taste of the nectar of your beautiful flowers so that I may take it to my hive where it will produce honey of distinct flavor and nourishment qualities.


RAYSON:  My friends, I wish to talk about the Evolving Supreme and our relationship to Him. On many occasions we find our thoughts stray beyond our minds in ways that betoken the larger Reality that we are part of. This larger Reality is illusive to many mortals and only presents itself as a vague sense of higher power or greater purpose. I am not speaking here of concepts of God as traditionally understood.

No, this is not a reference to your Indwelling Spirit or to the First, Second, and Third Sources and Centers, resident on Paradise. It is your connection to this mysterious greater Reality that ties you together with all others and makes your life as a mortal of more than mortal significance. Here, I refer to the idea that one’s purpose for living somehow transcends that individual.

Historically many have thought that their purpose transcends their mortal life by their perpetuation through their progeny. Others have thought their transcendent purpose carries on into the history of humankind through their works, e.g.: music, art, architecture, science, philosophy, etc. These ideas, in themselves, are laudable and accurate, but I refer to something larger than even these concepts. Can you understand what I am referring to when I speak of this nebulous sense of belonging to a greater Whole which ultimately gives meaning to one’s life? Are you understanding?

Virginia: I understand that it is something that is very vague, that it is something that is much greater and bigger and more supreme than I am, if that’s what you’re asking.

RAYSON: : (Bill): Thank you, Virginia. I am prefacing my remarks with what is a common experience of mortals before they understand their relationship to the Evolving Supreme. What I am suggesting is that there is an intuitive, almost unconscious, awareness of this connection. Your theologians have grasped at times this understanding, but they have confused it with the existential Trinity in Paradise and have concluded that God is evolving, with the implication that God is not the transcendent, perfect, everlasting, eternal Creator and Center of All Things, but is emerging from the evolution of an otherwise chance universe; and that matter is becoming conscious and evolving into God.

This is not an accurate understanding of the existential God or the Evolving Supreme. However, it is not my purpose to fault your theologians, but I use them to illustrate one way of responding to this intuitive, unconscious connection that they experience and feel toward this vague Reality. You see, God the Supreme derives Spirit personality from the Trinity, but derives His power and sovereignty from the evolution of the time space universes. You and I derive our personality, also, from the First Source and Center, but our progress, our evolution spiritually and intellectually, is a part of the evolution of the Almighty Supreme, Who, when the aspect is fully integrated with God the Supreme, the Supreme will be manifest in fullness.

Since the Supreme Being is incomplete and not fully manifest, your sense of connection to Him/Her is incomplete and vague, at the mortal level especially. As we progress through the mansion Worlds, become citizens of Jerusem, and them move onto the Constellations, the sense of the Supreme becomes more real; and yet it is only in Havona that we have a greatly enhanced understanding of the Supreme.

We are as cells in the body of the Supreme. All the growth that we undergo is part of the growth of the Supreme; and the growth of the Whole is conducive of our growth as well. While we think of ourselves as individuals, and always we remain as individuals, at the same time we are organically connected to the Supreme. As He/She grows, we grow; and as we grow, so does the Supreme grow. Our status as sons and daughters of God is a fact of our creation.

It is a matter of grace that we are children of God. It is not something that we earn in any sense. However, our contribution to the Supreme is a matter of our effort, and our contribution matters greatly, for every person has unique endowments that, should they fail to continue the ascension journey, that endowment is missing in the fabric, in the organic unity, of the Supreme.

Your teachers gave you many interesting thoughts last session. They dealt both with your royalty as personality status, and your contribution through your creativity of the evolution of the Supreme. While they didn’t use those words that are the big picture of what really matters.

When you become fused with your Indwelling Spirit your horizons suddenly take an astronomical leap in breaking the limitations of your mortal nature as you absorb the knowledge which your Thought Adjuster can then share with you as one unified personality. At the same time that union enhances your Adjuster’s experience and in a microcosmic way this is indicative of the growth of the Supreme. When the Supreme Being is fully manifest then we all shall know even as we are known. We shall share the contents of what has been termed the Collective Consciousness, not in tiny fragments, but in full measure.

Such a destiny is beyond your understanding and difficult for those of us in morontial form to comprehend as well. The Almighty Supreme is the Evolving God of time and space, but another way of looking at this is: the First Source and Center manifests within finitude, the real’s of time and space, for the First Source and Center is before time and space. And while He knows all things, and in Him all things consist, He gains freedom from the limitations of eternity and infinity by experiencing finitude and evolution. The reality of this is so tremendous that it almost wearies the mind to try to comprehend it! We are part of God the Almighty Supreme, as He is evolving!

The Creator Sons are a major part of the evolution of the Supreme; but in a way we are microcosms of the Creator Sons, for we have within us the Spark of Divinity, the Thought Controller, and we are creative. We co-create ourselves and in the process co-create with the Supreme. So as you go through your daily walk, as you do your thing, as you take the ups and downs of life in stride, expand your thinking so that you see your walk not just as a smart animal upon an orphaned planet, but rather that you walk as part of the evolution of God the Supreme, the Almighty Supreme, in a universe ordered by love, reason, compassion, mercy and ultimate adventure! Your life is not a tale told in the night; your life is part of the great adventure of Supremacy.

So let’s get up from our beds of easy. Let’s throw off the shackles of fear. Be done with the worries and anxieties which beset you. Rejoice that you’re partners with all others, who with God the Supreme, bring about the completion of the Almighty Supreme and the resultant Supreme Being.

And then my friends, that is not the end! For we postulate that when Supremacy has been established the next and transcendent level of reality, Absonity, will then began to evolve, for God the Ultimate is already in existence. But that is a long time in the future.
Well, I imagine I have stretched your vision rather severely, but I hope it has given you a larger perspective which will encourage you on your march through these days of great potential. I will entertain questions on this topic at this time. Thereafter, Daniel will moderate questions on other topics. So, my friends, what are your thoughts and concerns relative to what I have been telling you?


Bob S: Rayson, thanks for your coming and your words of stimulation. This relationship we have with God the Supreme, does it have a name? Does it have characteristics? Are there other words that would help us understand this concept?

RAYSON: (Bill): The relationship has been described as a child in the womb to the mother who holds it, the mother being the Supreme, and the child being yourself or others. The relationship is one of effort, of creativity, of progress, of growth. Jesus described these two realities as being born of the Spirit, the first reality, your status as children of God when you become faith-conscious of your sonship and daughtership, and the other is growing in grace and in the Spirit which is your relationship to the evolving Supreme.

The understanding of the need to first of all accept your sonship/daughtership as a given is often confused with the need to develop and work and grow. People think that they somehow earn their status as children of God, but that is incorrect. Your status as children of God is given to you by our Father; but your relationship to the Supreme does emphasize and depend upon your effort, your creativity, your accomplishment, your work. I don’t know of a name as such, but I hope that I have described the relationship to some extent. Does this help you, or do you need more information?

Bob S: I need more information [laughter], but I think basically I just need to think about it. It’s such a difficult concept it is hard to get your hands around it.

RAYSON: (Bill): As you know, in the Urantia Book there are several papers which deal with this whole subject in much greater detail than my few words this evening. This part of the book has often daunted many readers and they instinctively avoid it for it is so complex and so difficult of understanding, but it is worth the effort to keep pursuing this information because it is your own reality. You see, all of God that you will understand as a finite being is embodied in the Supreme.

It is not until you reach Paradise that you will come face to face with the Trinity, but even then your understanding of the Trinity will be limited to your understanding of God the Supreme at that point. We are taught that in the next universe age, in the seventh stage of Spirit, we will move beyond Supremacy. For now, however, it would be worth your efforts, all of you, to make a serious study of the papers in the Urantia Book which spell this out. As a visiting teacher I will not make an assignment, however I recommend this pursuit on your part.

Bob S: Thank you, Rayson. Let me ask you one more thing. Several times you have talked about the necessity for hard work. Earlier tonight we were talking about the fear of hard work as one of the roadblocks to our progress. Would you care to comment on how the fear of hard work effects our lives since you are suggesting that hard work is important? Would you have some words of wisdom for us in that regard?

RAYSON: (Bill): I will make an attempt. The fear of hard work is a generalized, all-embracing concept which should really be subdivided into several kinds of fears of hard work. First of all hard work is not natural. It is not part of your animal nature to enjoy hard work. You are, we were when we were mortals, constitutionality aversive to hard work, both physical hard work and mental hard work. Primitive men did not use their minds except when they were hungry and had to figure out a way to sustain their bodies, so you have that to start with.

It’s a natural inclination to be lazy. Secondly many people, especially in earlier times, experienced hard work as drudgery, as just doing the same difficult task over and over and over again. Sometimes you complain that housework is drudgery, [laughter] because its accomplishment immediately erodes as soon as you turn off the vacuum cleaner or put away the dust cloth. A third reason that there is people have an aversion is that they have not been introduced to meaningful work as children. many of their efforts were either belittled or not required by meaningful adults. They have been spoon-fed rather than learning to take the knife and cut the meat themselves.

Therefore, when the idea of hard work is presented to them it is fearful because it has not been experienced and it takes the part of fear of the unknown. Will hard work kill me?, they think. On the other hand, children who experience hard work such as back-packing, carry on their own back all they need to survive for a week or more, come away from the experience with a new attitude, because this has been meaningful work. This has been sustaining work, self-sustaining, and they have seen beautiful things for their  efforts. There are undoubtedly other causes of the fear of hard work, but those three probably account for most of it. Do you agree with this, Bob, or do you have some other ideas?

Bob S: No, I think you are right on target. I hadn’t thought of mankind as being lazy. [Laughter.] Surely no one in this room is! It is those other people out there… but thank you for those words. They were most helpful, and I appreciate your efforts in that regard.

RAYSON: (Bill): You are welcome. Yes, keep in mind this fact of human progress. Progress has only occurred under adverse circumstances. When people retreat to the jungles and the soft places there is no progress. It is only when primitive man faced the glaciers with their ice and the hard times in the northern climes that he progressed. And this is why that we repeatedly tell you that adversity is your friend, because it challenges you, and by your decision-making, progress is the result.

Bob S: Thank you.

RAYSON: (Bill): You’re welcome. I heard a lot of laughter that we are inherently lazy as mortals. I suspect that this laughter is a recognition response.

Ken: Definitely.

RAYSON: (Bill): Here is the beauty of the ascension career. It is not all rest and it is not all work. It is a lovely balance of both. You’ve heard that before. Another thing I’d like to leave with you as a conclusion about this question that Bob asked is: that you balance your work time between drudgery, which may be necessary to some extent, and meaningful work, which is creative. You need both maintenance work and creative work in order to be happy, in order to be fulfilled. Now I will answer another question which was asked earlier by you, Bob, as to whether inner peace is a by-product or is a goal inherent in itself. Do I have that correct?

Bob S: Yes

RAYSON: (Bill): The answer is inner-peace is both. Inner-peace is a worthy goal because it is not self-centered. It is not the peace of ease; it is not the peace of lassitude, but it is the confidence of the overcare of a loving God and a universe of His loving associates. It is that confidence which undergirds the structure of your life, and it is a worthy goal in itself because it is God’s will that you be at peace. It is also a byproduct of your faith, of your trust, for if you are faithless and unbelieving you have no peace. It isn’t quite the same as happiness, because happiness is often pictured in selfish terms. True inner peace and true happiness are the result of knowing your relationship to the Supreme, to God the Father, Son and Spirit, your true relationship to each other, and your true nature as a son or daughter of God. Does that clarify for you?

Bob S: No, [laughter] but it certainly is profound and it is something I am going to have to think about. And again my thanks for taking a crack at that question. It was very informative.

RAYSON: : (Bill): Are there other questions regarding my talk tonight on your relationship to the Supreme. Otherwise Daniel will come on for a moment. Are you afraid to say, Rayson, it was as clear as mud? [Laughter.]

Bob S: I appreciate your willingness to take a crack at that difficult subject. The papers in the Urantia Book on the subject are not clear to me, so I appreciate your efforts to enlighten us tonight.

RAYSON: (Bill): One moment please.

MINEARSIA: (Bill): Greetings, my friends, this is Minearsia. I wish to say a few words here with Rayson present as he was the one who introduced me before my name was manifest to this group. You have an embarrassment of riches for you have many teachers and a multitude of supporters. Do you realize how truly fortunate you are? Everyone has these supports, but not everyone knows! It is in your knowledge that your great fortune is manifest.

Do not let emphasis on the negative, on the politics of revenge, on an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, bring you down. Your planet is enormously varied in levels of spiritual growth, intellectual understanding and social progress. My words are to compliment Rayson’s. I want you to not walk with swollen heads as if you are better than others, but walk with confidence, knowing that the trail you are on is the path that the master trod. Indeed are you fortunate!

Practice your disciplines. Keep rehearsing your instruments daily. Ride your horses as proud knights so that they don’t lose their tone and you forget the delicacies of balance. Work hard, not because you enjoy the drudgery, but because your work is of eternal significance, not merely of earthly value. And now Daniel would say a few words and offer another question period if that is needed. One moment please.

DANIEL: (Bill): I am Daniel, your friend, your teacher. Thank you for listening carefully to Rayson and to our brother Melchizedek, Minearsia. Have there been other concerns that have been postponed due to our infrequent meetings that you wish to address at this time or comments that you wish to make?

Virginia: Daniel, a question that I have concerns Judas. I really don’t understand that when he wanted advice he always when to his non-spiritual friends! I just don’t understand that, having followed a spiritual leader!

DANIEL: (Bill): Judas was a puzzle as a mortal. You’re wondering about his propensity to seek bad advice. This was puzzling to many. Only Judas can really tell you the answer to your question, my dear. my sense is he had no real trust in the master or his companions. He was as individualist. He was very much attached to the materialistic interpretation of the Kingdom of God, and as it became clearer and clearer that Jesus was not to fulfill that understanding of the messiah he became quite bitter. I personally think he felt closer in soul affinity to those unspiritual friends, but this is only my opinion. What do you think?

Virginia: Well, I don’t know what to think. I think, in terms of myself, I certainly would not go to someone who did not believe in God to ask for major advice for my life. It would, I think, turn me away from God and spiritual things. So maybe that was his problem, that he sought the wrong advisors. I just don’t know. It puzzles me.

DANIEL: (Bill): You have illustrated what I was saying, however, Letah. You would not go to someone whom you did not trust for their opinion about the most important thing in your life.

(That’s right.)

DANIEL: Judas found that Jesus was not of his opinion regarding the kingdom, nor were the other apostles, with the possible exception of Simon Zealotes. However, his friends in Jerusalem were in favor of the messianic Kingdom of the Jews ruling the world, so they were in more agreement with him. Remember that Judas never once sought out Jesus for a personal conversation, and he did not confide in his fellows like the others did, so that he had no opportunity on a personal level to change his ideas because he kept his distance emotionally. He put up that wall and he thickened it and thickened it, so that their influence would not reach him. But, again, Judas needs to reply for himself to your question.

Virginia: Thank you, Daniel.

DANIEL: (Bill): You’re welcome. Are there other questions left over? Then I wish to comment to Carol. I intend to address your question on service very shortly, not tonight, but soon. I hope this will be to your satisfaction.

Carol: Yes, thank you.


DANIEL: (Bill): Very well, my friends, let us conclude our time together by standing and holding hands once more. Klarixiska desires to lead us in a closing prayer.

KLARIXISKA: (Virginia): Father, You Who are the true Parent to all of Your creation, You who know the hearts of all of the mortals of Your realm, You who have given the great source of inner peace–of desire for service to each one of normal mind, we thank You! We thank You for the gifts; we thank You for the desire to become the potential that You see; we thank You for the very life that causes us to move and walk in Your direction. May the true desires of our hearts be expressed until we meet again in the Teaching mission of Progress. We thank YOU that You do desire us to be perfect, but you see us that way already…and we give thanks. Amen.

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