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POC219- The Issue of Patience

2002-05-10-The Issue of Patience
Pocatello #219


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: The Issue of Patience
o 1.2 Group: Pocatello TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Daniel, Tomas
o 2.2 TR: Bob S., Bill K.
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Patience
 3.2.2 Faith, Hope
o 3.3 Dialogue
 3.3.1 Love
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: The Issue of Patience
Group: Pocatello TeaM
Teacher: Daniel, Tomas
TR: Bob S., Bill K.


Prayer (Bob S.): Hear these words of encouragement. Never doubt the words you hear if they ring true, for they have the impact, the authority, the blessing of Him Who created us all. Now we ask that each one here will listen with open minds to the words which their elders have prepared for them. From the Master Who created all, we pray. Amen.

DANIEL:  (Bob S.): This is Daniel. My friends, my companions, my stalwart students, welcome. On behalf of the teaching staff I give you our most heart warmed thanks for your efforts last week to seriously deal with the task before you and your efforts earlier tonight to rekindle those thoughts and ideas which emanated from Aaron’s work with you last week. Tonight our program will continue where last week’s lesson left off. We, again, have a guest presenter who will guide us through this evening’s lessons. One moment please.

TOMAS:  (Bill K.): Greetings! This is Tomas, your former teacher and devoted friend. I bring salutations and warm feelings from Gerdean who still feels she is an essential member of this S.E. Idaho teaching mission family. You know that she is in a state of great comfort, for her heart’s desire began in Albuquerque where she and I teamed up and I began to transmit through her lips. We have traveled the United States: the Eastern seaboard, the Northwest, and now we are back in the comfortable climes of the Southwest.

She looks with pleasure at your transcripts for they do give a sense of your spiritual camaraderie and progress. She treasures, as do I, the time that she was with you as it was most important that we team up with an experienced TR, as well as provide opportunity for others of you to learn the process of transmitting/receiving. I have been assigned this evening’s main address, which I regard as a real privilege. However, before the prepared part of my lesson, I will respond to Jonderock’s comments. Thank you, Bob, for jumping in and completing the circle of your participation in this group by sharing your heart’s desire to gain greater patience.


TOMAS:   The issue of patience has to do with the same topic that we have been discussing from many Teaching Mission outposts. The subject is learning to balance one’s personality so that Spirit rather than ego is in the driver’s seat. Impatience is a manifestation of imbalance. It is one of the out of balance noises that the wheel makes when it is not spinning smoothly, evenly, and in perfect balance. Impatience implies that things are not going the way the impatient one desires, either in direction or in time frame. It is a subtle, but real, manifestation of the ego, so you see. Therefore, to request more patience is really to request more balance in one’s life.

Notice that Jesus was characterized by a seeming lack of being in a hurry. Many times his apostles asked him questions such as, “Now will you establish the Kingdom?”, meaning, “Are you going to get in gear and act, or just keep talking?”. He would say, “My hour has not yet come. We must wait on the Father for these things”.

Impatience was part of the fall of Lucifer, for he desired to speed up the evolution of the universes. He would have had, in the full universe manifestation of Light and Life in the completion of the Supreme, the kind of autonomy that he took upon himself to grasp. He was sure that he had a better way than Michael and this so called invisible Paradise Father. Now, please understand, I am not accusing any of you of the iniquity of Lucifer! I am pointing out that impatience was part of his problem.

Likewise, Adam and Eve defaulted in their mission because they became weary. The tempting proposal to speed up the up-stepping of the races appealed to their impatience and they yielded. Jesus was completely patient because he knew Who was in charge of the universe. Even he, a Creator Son, would wait upon the will of his Father. That is why I have characterized impatience as an ego manifestation of personality imbalance.

Thank you for proposing this very realistic, rubber meets the road type of problem, Bob. Please understand my words as devoid of criticism, stated or implied. If you all were perfectly in balance you would be up here in the morontia estate, fused and progressing further on. So it is a virtue to recognize one’s experiential status, one’s areas of growth needs, rather than to avoid them or deny their existence.

Therefor your prayer to be more patient is of the highest order, being the desire to be more in balance and to let your trust in our Father so settle your heart that anxiety, irritability, and impatience will melt away as does the frost on a sunny spring morning. These are my words to you.

Bob: Thank you, Tomas. Those are well placed words. I feel you are right on target.

Faith, Hope

TOMAS:  Yes. So, now, I will discuss the material which I had prepared. The topic that I wish to explore has to do with the partnership of faith with hope as they are under-girded by love. Faith that transcends the difficulties of life cannot be had without the accompaniment of a living hope. It is possible to have faith in all sorts of things that do not have any hope component, but the faith that you need to sustain you in your mortal living has to be in partnership with hope.

When you are children your faith in the truthfulness of your parents comes as a result of the verification that is provided by seeing them fulfill their promises. When they promise you something, then you have hope that it will come to pass. When it does come to pass, that strengthens your faith in your parents. If they give you promises that are not fulfilled, you lose faith in the veracity of their words. At the same time hope diminishes as a result of flagging faith. And underneath that faith and hope the feeling of the security and the foundation of love also erodes.

It is the same process which works in your adult life as well. If you are promised something and it does not come to pass, you lose faith in the veracity of the promise maker. If the promise you were given is couched in the framework of love, that is, the thing promised is an evidence of love,and it doesn’t come to pass, you lose faith in the truthfulness of the promise maker and you lose the sense that love is real when it is expressed.

Faith is trust in the goodness of God, in His love. Hope is an expectation that His promises will be fulfilled. Have you not all experienced fulfillment of the promises that have been given you by God? Have you not all discovered to some extent that as you turn your will over to the will of your Indwelling Spirit that you do experience joy and peace?

Have you not? Have you not found that you have had the courage and the strength to endure the difficult times; that you have been given the wisdom to solve the problems that you have offered to the wisdom of a Higher Source? Have you not found that your faith grows as your hope is continually validated, and underneath it all, then, your sense and awareness of the love that powers the universe, the love of the First Source and Center, is the most real of all realities?

If your faith were based upon material promises, then you might be in trouble! If your faith is based on a sacred scriptural text, as are many people’s faith so based, then when that text is found to be faulty and human in origin, your faith would crash. And if your faith were based on a material promise of prosperity and happiness in a bed of roses for life, indeed, would your faith crash; and you would, like many people, say, “Where is the God of love in this screwed up world!”

It is in your own hearts that you have the evidence of the promises which have been given you. Jesus said many times that the Spirit within is Its own proof. It is your spiritual experience which is real, which is the basis of your expanding faith and your exuberant hope. It demonstrates this contact and communion experience, that God loves each of us so much that He has come and given us a part of Himself to be in our custody and to be that great Gift.

This security of love, in the knowing of your sonship and daughtership, is a reality so profound that no material catastrophe can truly shake it. Therefor, Jesus often pointed out that even if all things material were to crash, what would this matter to a believer in the Kingdom of Heaven. The up and downs of life, the good and bad fortunes that come and go, these things and circumstances do not touch your spiritual reality, your soul, and do not jeopardize your eternal ascension career.

Now, while all of this is true spiritually, do not conclude from my comments that you are not allowed to enjoy your material world. Such a conclusion would be grossly in error! I am talking about the basis of faith and hope and the underlying divine love which is one spiritual unity experience. This is not to say that the material realm is illusion, or that it is wrong to enjoy the comforts of home, to take pleasure in your hobbies and enjoy your friends and family; of course not! All of this is to be enjoyed fully.

Just don’t put your treasure in the material realm. Let it be in the Kingdom of Heaven. For where your treasure is, there will your heart be, also, said our Lord. We have talked before about this materialistic error at this point in the development of Urantia. It was the error that Jesus addressed, a misplaced value system, where people are trusting in the security of their material wealth and in the source of meaning and love coming only from human resources, rather than trusting in the love of God which is shown abroad in their hearts. I am going to conclude now at this point and see if I have muddied the waters for you in some respects so that you need to clarify what I have said; or for you simply to comment as you wish and interact with me. The floor is now yours.


Virginia: Tomas, as you were talking this came into my mind. I want to clarify what I think you were talking about in that love, love of the Father is underneath. I saw this line, and above that faith plus hope equals a spiritual life. We need the faith to have hope beyond the existence we are in. Am I understanding what you said?

TOMAS:  Indeed did you see exactly the picture that Isaac was seeing. So you have both caught my intention. Yes, underneath is the love. Divine love is why everything exists. But faith and hope conjoined together, faith in a spiritual experience and a hope that has seen fulfillment in the fruits of the Spirit within one’s life, you see. So, exactly have you seen what I was trying to convey. Thank you very much for your feedback.

Virginia: You just broadened it a bit saying that the expression or the equal signs are the fruits of the Spirit. That is a better sum of the equation, faith plus hope equals the fruits of the Spirit. Thank you.

TOMAS:  : Certainly that is part of the concept I was trying to convey. However, you original statement is also true. The hope is not a hope in just the limited mortal experience, but it is a hope that carries on into eternity. So you were right, also, in your original expression.

Virginia: Thank you.

TOMAS:  : Other comments or questions?

Lori: As always, Tomas, you put it together so eloquently and beautifully. I also had the graphic image of love, faith, hope and back again to love, faith, hope. Very clearly.

TOMAS:  : Wonderful. When Paul said, “And now remain faith, hope, and love, but the greatest of these is love” [1], he has been misunderstood when some conclude that only love matters. What he was trying to say was that love is the greatest because it is the underlying reality. If there were no love, there would be no faith and hope. So, thank you for your perception, also, of the same graphic reality.

Bob S.: I had a little different picture. The picture that I had is that the love of the Father is underlying our faith and hope, but out of that isn’t more love generated in our lives.

TOMAS:  : Indeed! Jonderock, you are an A student tonight.

Bob: No, Ken is the A student. I am the A- student.

TOMAS:  : No, you share the honors.  If you prefer to quibble over who gets an A or an A-, that is your business. I will continue with what I was saying, however, and this is what I wanted to complete my thoughts with, my friend, Jonderock. You are exactly right. The love which you give out is part of that mosaic which is the powerizing of the Almighty Supreme.

The complete picture is that love comes from God, goes through the individual personality in service and then comes back to the Supreme which results in the eventual perfected-ness of the time/space universes. I was narrowing the focus down to the trinity of faith, hope, and love. So thank you for adding that dimension to it. Are there other contributions that you would make?

Ken: I would just say, Tomas, welcome to our group here this evening. Your lessons are excellent and I would like to add that we send our love and our respect to Gerdean.

TOMAS:  : Very good, my friend. Indeed, I am comfortable here in the presence of you all. Gerdean would give her eye teeth to be here tonight! So I will convey that love, and she will see it in print, too. Well, then, our evening is concluded. I am given the honor of the closing prayer. Let us stand and hold hands once again.


Eternal Father, You have not hidden Yourself in eternity but come into each of us through Your Spirit presence. Eternal Son, You have not been aloof in Paradise but have come to us through Your Creator Son, Christ Michael. Infinite Spirit, You are the very Source of our mind, the life of our bodies through Your Divine Minister Whom we all worship and honor along with all other aspects of Deity. All praise be to You. All glory be to You.

All joyful obedience be to You, for You are that absolutely overflowing, gracious, Source of Love which underlies our very beings. Help us to remove the blocks that ego would put in the way to that flow of Love through us, so that we can experience the joy of serving each other and contributing to the perfection of the Supreme. We ask all these things because we are Your children. Amen.

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