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POC222- Please Be At Ease With Life

2002-06-07-Please Be At Ease With Life
Pocatello #222


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Please Be At Ease With Life
o 1.2 Group: Pocatello TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Daniel
o 2.2 TR: Bill K.
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Please Be At Ease With Life
Group: Pocatello TeaM
Teacher: Daniel
TR: Bill K.


Opening Prayer: He that has ears, let him hear what the Spirit says. So, do we come with this attitude tonight, our Father, our Mother. Tune up our flagging spirits, our weary minds, our distracted emotions so that the we can both appreciate and make our contribution to the symphony of beauty. Help us to strengthen each other. Amen.

DANIEL: (Bill): I am Daniel. Good evening. I am reminded of our Master who stopped his profound speeches and sermons to go out to assist a child lost in the street. He never missed an opportunity to be of service. He always put human needs first over his predetermined plans. We try to follow his example in our lessons with you. Often we think we have put together grand soliloquies, dialogues, etc., but we put them aside because your immediate concerns and discussion before our transmitting session tell us that we need to deal with you, rather than our plans, so nicely thought out.


DANIEL:My friends, please be at ease with life. There is so much you cannot control! Do not give in to the fear of what could happen, whether it be personal danger, the harm of your family, your financial future, the status of your nation, the attempt to stop terrorism, whatever the thing you cannot control may be. This is your challenge, to reach out in faith and give those concerns to the Father within. We have spoken of this theme many times and in many ways and yet fear, based not only on possibilities, but ultimately based on your sense of helplessness, remains such a tyrant of the mind and soul!

We advocate letting fear go. I am sure you understand we are not advocating a sloppy, sentimental, irresponsible attitude toward proper caution in life. I am not suggesting you be reckless, that you be uncaring or that you give no thought to safety, financial security, political leadership or any other area of concern, no. But I am saying to be careful! Fear is like a wolf hiding in the shadows of the night; and when he sees a vulnerable prey he gathers his fellows together for an attack that will overwhelm his victim. Fear consumes one’s peace and serenity. As I just explained, and you may gather from this explanation, this discussion on fear was not the projected topic. However, it is those concerns which we are here to assist you with. So let me go over some old material by way of reminder.

Fear is often a byproduct of other factors. Fatigue or lack of rest leaves a person vulnerable to fears. Too much work without recreation can cause stress to rise to the point where the mind is prone to irrational thinking and exaggerated fears. The brain, that marvelous organ, is very delicate; at the same time as it is very tough. Its balance, chemically, is incredibly complex. What you need to do to keep your nervous system in equilibrium is to keep your life in balance. (This is old material, but it bears repeating.) You need meaningful work, whether or not your are “retired”. You need service opportunity. You need worship and prayer. You need rest for the body. You need good nutrition.

You need exercise….all of these subject to the fundamental desire to do the will of our Father in heaven. There is one more area you need. You need to ask for help from other people, from your spiritual family. You need to be together, not just for stories, not just for food, but to reinforce each other emotionally and spiritually. Yes, it would be good for you to do more sharing than you have been doing lately, not in a rigid format necessarily at all. But do not carry your burdens alone. Share them with each other. You are all of one heart and mind.

My friends, in the summertime, with schedules freed from the structure of the school year, in your culture you have programmed a vacation period. Of course, this is very wise and very necessary. Unfortunately, your news media does not take a vacation from bad news and by its repeated presentation of discouraging and unhappy information you become subject to an imbalance of perception about the way the world really is. I counsel you to be careful with the time you spend reading or listening to bad news. Deliberately take some time to find the other kind of news. [Ed note: like the positive site on the Internet] What you take in through your senses is the fodder for your mind to digest.

Bad news produces fearful reactions. Again, I am not suggesting you become ostriches putting your head in the sand. Just remember, the universe is better and more accurately described as a few black spots on a white background than a few white spots on a black background. I am going to conclude my pep talk here so that you may interact with me on this issue, or others, if you prefer. Our time is short tonight. I will respect the needs of the group in that regard. I observe you are all tired. I say, you need rest. Questions or comments?


LaReen: Daniel, I just wanted to say the word “serenity”. For me that word describes the last four lessons wrapped up in one: hope, faith, trust, and that word “serenity”. It is a beautiful word!

Daniel: Thank you, LaReen for your input here. As we said earlier, inner peace is the result of balance. Serenity and inner peace are synonymous. So if that word has special meaning for you, then I agree, these lessons have been directed toward that purpose. Thank you for your comments. Others who might wish to comment?

Lori: I think it is really hard to maintain balance when our children are so vulnerable. I protect myself from the media very consciously. I have found it particularly hard the last few days not to be anxious for all the young adolescent children everywhere.

[Ed note: Eastern Idaho and Utah have had two abductions of young girls by strangers that have been major stories in the news. One was taken from a sleep-out on a trampoline and the other from her bedroom. Lori has two young daughters.]

I don’t know if incidents are increasing or there is just easier access to the information. But it seems to me they are increasing. It seems to me the media plays a role in informing sociopaths on how to get these things done! So…it just seems to feed itself.

DANIEL:: So, are you asking what you can do differently to have less anxiety?

Lori: I’m saying, how do we achieve balance or less anxiety when realistically we should be concerned about the safety of our own children in our home at night!!

Virginia: How can we remain tranquil when we have fear for the safety of our children? I think one of the greatest pains a human being can have is to see their children in pain, or suffering and be absolutely helpless in trying to heal that situation!!

DANIEL:: Yes. It is impossible not to have a certain amount of anxiety over those you love and who you perceive to be relatively helpless against these kinds of dangers. Even Jesus was very anxious for his apostles upon the eve of his crucifixion, for he knew that they had a very tough time ahead of them. But, his anxiety did not last forever. He did what you must do, what all of us must do, talk it over with God. He had to come to the place where he put his apostles in the hands of his Father. He did not remain anxious unto death. He regained his peace.

However, yes, it is very difficult, Lori and Virginia. But if you say to yourself, “I have a right to be anxious. It is a good thing for me to worry and be anxious!” Ask yourself this: if you have done all the things you can do for protection, if you have truly been responsible, at some point would you not agree that your anxiety is not helpful? It is hurtful. It tires you out. It distracts your minds. You can’t control everything! Inasmuch as you want to help avoid these kind of problems, when you have done all you can do, what profit is there in further anxiety?

Of course you have anxiety! It is natural. It is part of your human nature. Your brain is hard wired to respond to frightening stimuli with fear and anxiety. You are a mammal. You have mammalian concern for your offspring, just as do the other animal species. But you have a higher knowledge then they have. You know that even if the worst thing happened to your children, that they should die prematurely at the hand of some perpetrator, or at their own hands, that this is not the end of your relationship with them. Do your best to teach them who they are, children of a loving God, even as you, with eternal life stretching before them.

I suppose I sound somewhat irrelevant. But I have been a mortal. I had children. I had these anxieties, too, although my world was not the dangerous world that your world is. Yes, it is a struggle. But don’t give it up. Seeking help from each other gives you strength. These are my words.

Virginia: Daniel, one of the things that brings me a great deal of comfort, especially when I get anxious about my children or other people whom I love, is that my love is very little compared to the love of God. He certainly cares more for my child than I do. I don’t count my love less…but it is, (Laughter) because God loves so much more than I am capable.

DANIEL:: In your version of love you would prevent your children from having bad experiences?

Virginia: Yes.

DANIEL:: But God’s love is greater than yours, as you just stated, in that He allows them to have bad experiences because He gives them free will. They only can learn from their own choices. I know that sounds tough, but it is true. Lori, your silence tells me that you are not at peace with this process. (Laughter and comments “He knows me so well!”)

Lori: I understand what you mean and I have the rational capability to (laughter continuing) understand. It’s hard.


Lori: Sometimes it is harder than other times.

DANIEL:: And also you know it will pass; not the danger, but your preoccupation with this issue.

Lori: And that’s a scary thing because sometimes it might pass too soon and your guard can lighten up. That’s scary too.

DANIEL:: As children get older they take upon themselves more and more responsibility, until we call them adults. Then they are supposed to know everything! (Laughter) So, do your best to assist them in learning self protection and these sorts of things. I am not suggesting that you load a pistol and teach them how to shoot, but there are many things. I know you are aware of this. Also, as they get older this becomes more difficult to let go of the supervision you feel towards them, because they are your children. But as one of your poets has said, they are like arrows in the quiver.

You pull the bow and aim them, but they take their own flight and they go where the winds of their life’s circumstances and their decisions take them. Letting go of the sense of ownership that parents have toward their children has to be done, ultimately. However, many people do not relinquish it during the mortal career. They are challenged with that reality, then, on the Mansion Worlds as they begin to see how truly individual we are and how unique we are. You are a very good mother.

Lori: Thank you.

DANIEL:: I understand your concerns. Your love is without challenge or question.

LaReen: Daniel, don’t you think also that by her staying close spiritually, her and Mike, don’t you think that gives these two beautiful children an edge, so to speak, in today’s world by watching the example these two show with their spiritual growth and their steadfastness, etc?

DANIEL:: Not just an edge, but three laps ahead in a four lap race. (Group chuckles) Yes, the greatest lack in your culture, in our opinion, is the lack of spiritual unity within families. Within the Piccalo/Stinson family there is that spiritual unity, and within your families as well. It is on the basis of that reality that I made the statement about not an edge, but laps ahead. It is fundamentally necessary to combat and reverse the materialism which has torn the American family apart. As to how you do that, is for you all and your culture to discover.

We predict that the hollowness of having all these things that aren’t needed will overcome the bonds that still tie families together until the breakdown is intolerable. Then there will be a rebellion against materialism; a desire for a simpler life; a willingness to give up time at work in order to be with family; that the greed of materialism will feed upon itself and be self destructive. This at least is our hope and our prediction as well. It is your job, yes, and not just for the purpose of getting an edge on others, but it is your job to do this for the welfare of your own family and to provide leadership to others in your culture. It is part of our Correcting Time agenda. Other comments or questions?

Ken: Curiosity question, Daniel. What was the planned subject for this evening? (Group laughs)

DANIEL:: The topic of impatience…

Ken: Thank you!

DANIEL:: . .which we will get to.

Group: He is speaking directly to you, Ken.

Ken: Because I am a perfect example. (Laughter continues)

DANIEL:: We brought this topic up in response to question raised by Bob Schrieber, and it was well received It was so well received that the cards and letters came in from all over the country. So we decided we are going to do a further development on that theme.

Ken: You get fan mail, do you? (More laughter)

DANIEL:: There were comments from several sources. So does that whet your appetite, my friend? (More distracting laughter) Lori, my dear?

Lori: I just wanted to tell you, ” thank you”. I feel better.

DANIEL:  You’re welcome.

Lori:  And I do want you to know that many times I have felt the security of my faith and how we go on and on. You might be aware of conversations I have had with the girls, sharing that secure feeling.


DANIEL:: Yes. I know you have faith. I am not worried about you. I am glad that airing this topic has helped you feel better. Yes, balance is difficult. It seems that it always requires effort to stay in balance while you are in the mortal career. It is somewhat easier in the morontia life, for the intense physical aspects are partially spiritualized in the morontial reality. This is the toughest life, and therefore, the most valuable life you will live! Have your souls lifted up, my friends. Let us conclude now with a standing prayer, once again.

I wish you to visualize energy moving counterclockwise through your hands, energy moving through each of your souls to each other, not in a circular fashion but in a matrix. Now I want you to visualize your mind hovering above your body and connected to it and connected at the center through the ceiling to the Divine Minister through Her circuits. Feel now that energy, that tri-fold energy, through your hands, through your souls, through your minds, physical, morontial, mindal. Inhale your faith.(Breathing in) Exhale your stress.(Breathing out).

Father, to You, we long to come. Yet we know that every step we take is a step forward. Sustain us in our journey. Keep these little ones safe from fear, from hate, from depression, from guilt, so that they might continue to be Your apostles and Your friends. Amen.

Group: Amen. Thank you Daniel.

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