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POC224- Undoing Prejudice, Men & Women

2002-07-12-Undoing Prejudice, Men & Women
Pocatello #224


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Undoing Prejudice, Men & Women
o 1.2 Group: SE Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Larenzo, Lynda, Daniel
o 2.2 TR: Bill K., Nancy
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Prejudice
o 3.3 Dialogue
 3.3.1 Gender, Duality
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Undoing Prejudice, Men & Women
Group: SE Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Lorenzo, Lynda, Daniel
TR: Bill K., Nancy


Centering Prayer(Bill): In the quietness of this moment with each other, in the stillness of the presence of God within your mind, worry not, nor be distracted by the hyper energy of self striving. Cherish the hands you hold, for, indeed, are you all one, even as we are. Be at peace. Amen.

LORENZO: (Bill): Greetings, this is Lorenzo.

Ken: Greetings, my teacher!


LORENZO:: My friends, we are in an informal mode tonight and I am the first speaker. Know, all of you, that we, your brothers and sisters, as well as your personal teachers, are like parents who come to observe the progress of their young children. Even as you take delight in the presence of this little one, so do we take delight in being with you. I wish to follow up on the idea of cosmic consciousness or soul consciousness as you are beginning to experience it at more aware levels. Like any skill, practice is the key. In order to be more heightened in your awareness, you need to consciously make the effort to stop the blinds of prejudice from closing out the light of truth.

You are all prejudiced people, for this is the nature of life on this planet, and, indeed, life on any planet. To overcome the restrictions of prejudice is a lifetime achievement. Many are the subtle arms of presumptions and assumptions which surround each of you in their grasp of reality restriction. This is not meant to be taken as a criticism. It is inevitable that you have built up presumptions as a result of your experience. And also, the mind cannot function without the usefulness of basic assumptions. In order to be a truth seeker the challenges of prejudice must be engaged. The dictums of culture must be challenged.

The correctness of your assumptions must be criticized. And finally, the location of truth must not be proscribed. Truth is an awareness function which is greatly dependent upon the filtering system of the mind. Prejudice, as you know, is an assumption made before the facts which censors the facts in such a way that all that comes through the filters agrees with the prejudice.

(Don’t confuse me with facts, my mind is made up.)

LORENZO: In order to unshackle the mind, arduous discipline over many years in necessary. Many people don’t have the gumption or desire for that effort. You, however, who have enlisted in the service of Michael and who are self-proclaimed truth seekers, are under obligation to lift those heavy weights of effort and responsibility so that the truth may come shining through your mind and illumine the dark corners of ignorance and arrogance.

“To him that has, shall more be given”, is a universe maxim. “To him that has not shall be taken away even that which he thinks he has”is the reciprocal truth. Disregarding the male language, think about the implications of this statement. Is this a description of universe unfairness? So have some interpreted it to be. Why should there be the haves and the have-nots?

This is not a description of the origin of truth reception. It is the description of the conclusion of truth reception. All are equally offered truth, beauty, and goodness. He that has, or she that has, is that individual who has opened the shutters so there is a possibility of new information, new understanding, and higher values entering the mind. Then for the one who has not, because the shutters are closed, eventually the light diminishes to darkness. Now, understand, this is not a reference to any of you. It is a universe principle. How do you decide where you might be prejudiced? You can’t do it by yourself. You need the input of others. Yes, this TR knows this from personal experience.

Ken: And you are passing it on to me, Lorenzo. (Chuckling)

LaReen: I’m here to help.(More laughter)

LORENZO:: We are very cautious in the feedback we give you all, that you could interpret in any negative way, because we truly know that you are doing your best. I am not the first in a long chain of personal teachers, as you may hope. This is not a round table night, my friends. It was my assignment to speak on any topic I desired and this was my choice. I will, however, not try to emulate the length of dissertation which Minearisa, in particular, is capable of Nor will I even attempt to compete with Daniel. I will, therefor, at this time allow commentary and questions as to the topic I presented. I am pleased to have such an opportunity to address you gracious people. It has been a great joy. Questions or comments.


Ken: Thank you, my friend. That was very insightful. You must have been talking to my Thought Adjuster for these are some of the questions I have presented. Thank you. I will take them to heart.

LORENZO:: Thank you, Ken. But know, my friend, just because I am your teacher, doesn’t mean the lesson is totally directed toward you.

Ken: You mean I have to share this lesson? (Laughter)

Nancy: Yes. I’ll pipe up here. (More laughter) This is a very timely, probably over-timely lesson, Lorenzo. I have been noting over the last year or more just how really prejudiced I am in so many areas, based on so many different characteristics. I categorize and generalize in not just the basics: religion, political party, gender, who you work for, how you spend your money. Those are just a few ways I have noted I gather information and come to conclusions about people. So, I really appreciate your lesson for two reasons. I had kind of decided that it was too huge a task to even begin to sort out or address. And I had sort of rationalized it as an ego function, to categorize, generalize and sort in that manner.

So I appreciate the challenge of what it means to be in the employ of Michael and committed to the upliftment of the planet, which means I have to re-evaluate my shrugging off of that seemingly impossible task. So I will take your lesson to heart. I will tell you, though, it is just totally overwhelming because of all the ways in which I categorize. I just mentioned a few! (Laughter)

LORENZO:: And my dear, as you have heard before, no mountain is scaled in a single leap. It is the beginning step which heads upward that results in the conquest of the summit. Yes, it is a daunting challenge; I agree. It is not completed by any means in the mortal life, at least on planets in this stage of development. So, don’t be discouraged by the size of the task, for every little step of progress enhances and motivates one to continue. Truth is enticing! Truth is its own reward! Truth is worth the effort! Thank you very much for your comments.

Nancy: Thank you.

Virginia: Lorenzo, when you said, “shutters are closed, then darkness comes”, my thought was that there will be an opportunity for the light to return and each one to be able to open those shutters; even though we have been responsible for closing them, we can open them. We can find the kind of truth in every instance so that we can continue to become soul aware and soul conscious, as Minearisa discussed last week. That was a very visual picture. I will attempt to open up a few of them.

LORENZO:: You are correct in that sometimes shutters are closed against bright light as a coping mechanism.

Virginia: Thank you!

LORENZO:: The intensity of some experiences with truth requires the filtering system. I was not intending to criticize or bad mouth the way the ego is constructed. This is God’s business and He does all things well. What I was trying to portray was that while there is value in the screening of the mind…in fact you couldn’t exist if you did not filter your perceptions and your thinking, at the same there is a danger of rigidification, of solidification of thought, of the unwillingness to question prejudicial assumptions.

For example, as PamElla has said, you may be aware of general public prejudice against skin color. You may as female be more than aware of gender bias, etc. This is difficult for men to accept, that even the most liberal of males is still a product of his environment and probably has vestiges, if not sandbars, full of prejudice in the river of truth in regard to the issue of the equality of men and women. It’s your culture. You just don’t rise magically out of it. Now as to closing the shutters and then later having an opportunity later to reopen them, yes; unless you lock your shutters and throw away the key! (Chuckling)

Virginia: Thank you.

LORENZO:: Few make the harsh decision to turn their backs on the ascension career in this mortal life. It was not the gist of my discussion to cause you to be fearful over the concept that once those shutters are closed, they will rust in place so that they can’t be reopened. How are the rusty doors doing, anyway?

Ken: They are getting well lubricated, my friend! (Laughter) Much love. Thank you.

LORENZO:: Thank you Kenneth. I was trying to be light hearted here and change our mood back to a more relaxed status. Another comment or question?

Nancy: I have a follow up on mom. The way I interpreted your statement was the idea that the coping has a lot to do with being on this planet and given the morontia career and greater knowledge and a different coloring, filtering, or intensity of light might coax the one who has closed the shutters on this planet to re-evaluate their decision, peeking out and letting more light come in.

Virginia: I was actually thinking of the morontia world. Some times our prejudices are so strong here that we do practically lock the shutters and throw the key away! I know there are some that I have that I have to make myself listen to certain people and not let outward appearances be final. So I am hoping that the morontia world will do it for all of us.

LORENZO:: And we are hoping you will advance your education from the morontia world to the present time because your world is in a great period of transformation. I don’t need to discuss this further. You know what I am talking about. One moment please.

Gender, Duality

LYNDA: (Bill): I am Lynda. Good evening to all of you. I requested that I might barge in and greet you, for it has been quite a while since you heard from me. I am Nancy/PamElla’s teacher. I am, as the name implies, female. I would like to chat a moment about one of the prejudice areas…yes…male and female together.

Your world is beginning to know the truth about male and femaleness in that men and women are different as a result of both genetic/biological factors and cultural/environmental factors. You know this. What I want to underline is that God knows what he is doing. The superuniverses are created in duality. This male and femaleness runs throughout the entire finite creation. It may not be called male and female, for that is the term on a sex planet.

It may be called aggressive/recessive, whatever may designate a difference which is also connected in a balance of function. It is in the nature of duality that one part cannot fully function without the other. That is the sole province of unity. Unity comes about in the universe as a result of all the permutations of duality and trinity being blended in Supremacy. So, consider yourselves inevitably partnered in duality.

This applies not only to marriage, the union of a man and a woman in that intense and so potentially powerful relationship. Men and women really need each other because, not only are they biologically complimentary, but they are mentally complimentary as well. I think that you know that your gender differences persist, not at the level of biological sex, but as your masculine and feminine natures. You also know that each of you is a mixture of both male and female in the matter of hormones, in the matter of your feelings and in the manner of your thinking. When this planet finally understands duality and its differences as equality between male and female we will take that as a sign that it has reached the status of civilized. Now, Abby would like to speak to the necessity of regarding each mortal being as being equally important, including daddies and mommies.

[Ed. Note: Abby, an eleventh month old child, is holding forth with a series of vocalizations] (laughter)

She is expressing that she feels comfortable here and therefor she is expressing her feelings, even though her verbal associations are in the beginning process of formulation.(More laughter). I expect Abby to be a truth seeker..

[Abby makes a sound which resembles agreement]

..and, also, to be very expressive of her point of view as she is so heavily influenced by her parental genetics and environment. (More laughter) Well, I hope this chat stayed at a chat level, my friends. If you wish to comment or enter into this conversation, please do so. It is has been a pleasure for me to be offered the opportunity to speak.

Nancy/PamElla: To me it is wonderful to hear from you and hearing you use the word, “chat”. You often chat with me.

LYNDA: : That’s right.

Nancy: I just very much appreciate you and love you. Thank you for your presence and your ongoing presence and participation in my life.

LYNDA: : You are loved more than you know, my dear, not only by me but by a host of celestial beings, as are all of you. What I wish to add to Lorenzo’s words are, “Don’t be afraid of the light that comes through the shutters or blinds. It shall set you free.”
Very well, I have concluded my interactions and now Daniel wishes to conclude the meeting. We are not all going to be speaking this evening.

DANIEL:  (Bill): Greetings. I am Daniel you teacher, friend, companion, brother and one who is often filled with awe. My brief contribution to this gathering this evening is to say to you that the awareness that you are attempting to achieve enhances your potentialities and allows that creative energy within you to burst forth and be evident not only to other people, but to yourself as well. You see, all of you are beginning to have experiences with the burst of creativity which seems to come from nowhere as much as it seems to come through you and out.

It feels as though you may be nothing but a channel, but this is never the case. Your personality and your decision to participate in co-creation, to experience love and to express it, is necessary for you to write music, poetry, draw art, hear truth, speak it, show service that is selfless. All of these things are your co-creation. When you get to the next world you will have mind blowing experiences just as you have had them here. The difference is you will have more direct assistance in expanding your consciousness. You will have an analogous experience to babyhood, childhood, adolescence and then on into adulthood.


LYNDA:  That is all I wish to comment on, for I sense that you would do well to keep on visiting until the allotted time is up and you feel the need to depart. So I suggest you all stand and we will conclude our meeting with prayer. Klarixiska desires to lead us.

KLARIXSKA:  (Nancy): Greetings, I am Klarixiska taking advantage of this opportunity. O Gracious One, Who indwells each of us, We thank you for the intense bright light/flame of truth with which You coax us to open our shutters, to fling them wide, that the truth within may merge with the truth from without, blending into a unity, wholeness. Be with each of us, Your children this week as we, particularly our charges, embrace the challenge of prejudice examination and cleansing. We leave tonight cheered by this fellowship, with grateful hearts. We thank you. Amen.

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