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POC229- A Holiday From Stress

2002-10-04-A Holiday From Stress
Pocatello #229


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Holiday from Stress
o 1.2 Group: Pocatello TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teachers: Daniel & Klarixiska
o 2.2 TR: Isaac
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening Prayer
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing Prayer

Topic: Holiday from Stress
Group: Pocatello TeaM
Teachers: Daniel & Klarixiska
TR: Isaac

Opening Prayer

KLARIXISKA: I’m Klarixiska let us pray. Dear Father You have made us as we are, Your delightful children, to grow up and become full grown men and women and then to continue on to become Paradise Finaliters, and finally to be completed in Seventh Stage Spirit status. We do not understand the ramifications of this future destiny but we do understand Your heart of love, Your desire to share Yourself with each of us, Your personal creations.

Tonight we have a playtime with our younger siblings where we can help them build their sand castles more satisfyingly, more satisfactorily, and share their toys more generously, and be more convinced of the solidity of the love which makes and upholds this universe. Grant us all pleasure in the purpose that we associate with each for, to serve each other, to develop our unity in reality and become more aware of the needs of others, that we may respond to Your guidance in serving them. And we ask this in the name of the One who walked on this planet and showed You to His brothers and sisters, even our brother Christ Michael. Amen.


DANIEL:  Greetings my dears. I am Daniel, your long time friend, your eager teacher, your joyful companion. You are delightful playmates, to use Klarixiska’s picture. And indeed is our sandbox of elegant quality, with the best of sand and the finest of spatulas, spoons, and pails. We shall continue to build our sand structures to reach to the heavens. We shall build broad highways so that access to the heavenly realms is more readily available to all. But most of all we will giggle, and push each other around gently, and enjoy the miracle of being alive in God’s good universe.

Tonight I wish to give you a break from seriousness. I wish to take you on a holiday from stress. I wish to be your playful “big brother”, to lead you on wondrous adventures. Perhaps the sandbox is not enough for sophisticates like you and we need to play in ways that are more enticing.

We need to take a walk into the wondrous woods on the edge of our imaginations, where the colors of Autumn are raging in their beauty, where the leaves of the trees have bowed themselves down to make a carpet at our feet so that we walk among the Sentinels of the forest and do not feel afraid of their majesty, but are comforted by these beautiful trees of Autumn’s bouquet. Let us pick up the leaves and smell them, earthy, pleasant, reminding us of our childhood. Look at how the colors are blended to shades from greens and yellows and reds and oranges, in delicious harmony, in perfect synchronicity.

Consider the leaves of the trees, how they neither toil nor spin and yet they are so beautiful! As our Master said similar words to His disciples and apostles, I am therefore reminded of His wisdom, as we go on our adventurous way.

There is a darker area which appears to be the bedroom of a larger animal, probably a deer or perhaps even an elk or moose. Consider that you come from this heritage of animal origin, that your ancestors were comfortable with nature, and many of your race still yearn and long to feel that connection. Allow yourself to be comfortable with your connection to the earth. Worship God in the beauty of nature, even as you do not worship nature. Recognize the source of its beauty.

You would do well to take yourself on this sort of meditation walk in your mind and perhaps even better if you could find a place where this sort of relaxing and connecting experience could occur, because, you are so structured and stressed by many things. You, like Mary, need to choose the better way. The Marthas of the world are necessary, yet the Marthas need to set aside the structure and seek reversion. That is what I have been doing with you here in these last few minutes.

Often we have talked of balance: the importance of work, the importance of service, the importance of stillness, the importance of healthy habits, the importance of rest and sleep and the importance of recreation. It will always be a challenge to you, as long as you are mortals, to keep these things in a stable balance. Remember Jesus was not always serious. He laughed a great deal. He was joyful. He talked easily with His friends and took a young lad with Him on a lovely hike. He talked just as you might speak with some young friend: of family, of loyalties, of fun things, and of things that interest and fascinate. Spiritual growth is predicated upon a balanced life. It is not the result of an extreme focus, which neglects other areas of life.

Indeed as I said before “let us enjoy the now, the moment” and not miss the colors of the trees, the aroma of flowers, the beauty of the colors of nature as they balance each other. Develop, almost a photographer’s eye, as you look around you, so that you can see what is there to see. Even as you develop ears to hear the words of your brothers and sisters, develop the eyes to see the glory of God in His creation. My friends this is a short lesson; it was mostly to be an exercise. Your comments now or your questions are acceptable. Are there any reactions or comments or questions?


Ken: Thank you, Daniel, for that trip through the Autumn colors. It was very relaxing and enjoyful.

DANIEL: : Thank you Ken for appreciating the nuances of beauty which your own mind painted for you. My words were merely a guidepost.

Ken : I couldn’t paint fast enough Daniel.

DANIEL: : Let your recreation, at least at times, be leisurely. Don’t be in a hurry to have fun but relax and have fun. Other questions or comments? Or any feedback you wish to share.

Virginia: I appreciated that. You said that we needed both the Marys and Marthas of the world because is seems to me without the Marthas the house would remain dirty, the laundry would stack up, the wood would still be in the woods. I can think of so many things! But I do believe I’m learning a bit more to be a Mary after the Martha is done. (laughing)

LaReen: Now are you talking Martha Stewart? (much loud laughing and comments)

DANIEL: : Spoken like a true Martha.(laughing).who is becoming more of a Mary. No, not Martha Stewart, but Martha and Mary, Jesus’ best friends, the sisters of Lazarus, was my reference. However Mary is misrepresented in the stereotype that she only sat lazily at the feet of Jesus. She also did her fair share of work. And of course the Master made comments on these two because he was trying to facilitate them teaching each other the lessons that they could. And you’re right, of course, we need both, time for work and time for contemplation. That was basically what I was trying say earlier, that and a number of other items result in a balanced life that gives forth the order of joy and peace. These are all thoughts I have laid out before but they never grow old, nor become irrelevant; they are always important.

Virginia: I suppose they never grow old, Daniel, because we haven’t quite learned the lesson yet, that it does take balance; and it’s so easy to find things to do instead of taking that quiet walk in the woods.

DANIEL: : Yes, indeed, the mortal career offers many distractions. But they don’t grow old because balance is necessary until perfection attainment has rendered it obsolete. Perfection attainment is a long way down the road. I am nowhere near it even though I am fused with my Divine Monitor. Well, my friends, are there any other comments or shall we once again hold hands and conclude our meeting? Very well, let us do that.

Closing Prayer

My Father and our Father, I offer to You my deepest joy at the sharing time You give me with these, my wonderful friends. I am grateful that they come weekly, and often as they can, to be part of our fellowship. I know that You speak in their hearts as you speak in their minds with ever increasing clarity and love. Help them to balance their lives so that joy may be their constant companion and the source of the energy which powers their lives in truth, beauty and goodness. Amen.

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