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POC81.1- Mission Grows

1993-09-18-Mission Grows
Pocatello #81.1


1 Heading
1.1 Topic: Mission Grows
1.2 Group: Pocatello TeaM
2 Facilitators
2.1 Teacher: Wenslo, Evanson
2.2 TR: Unknown
3 Session
3.1 Opening
3.2 Lesson
3.2.1 Connectedness
3.3 Dialogue
3.3.1 Advance Corps
3.3.2 Correcting Time, Extraterrestrial
3.3.3 Pedagogy
3.4 Closing

Topic: Mission Grows
Group: Pocatello TeaM
Teacher: Wenslo, Evanson
TR: Unknown

WENSLO: I welcome you, Rick and Barbara, to our corner of the world and have enjoyed watching you through this day as you discussed the Teaching Mission. You honor us by committing your lives to Michael’s work and to revel in it with so much energy and commitment – and likewise to you, Bill and Lisa. What beautiful surroundings to share this in, your experience on the river, most of which was fun. I spoke earlier today about the necessity of interconnecting between groups and between individuals, along with our brother Daniel. We’d like to emphasize the importance of this once again.


WENSLO:  The communication network between people serving in this mission will become a safety net for support and faith with each step we all take in carrying out God’s will, for there is not always a clear path to walk. The image I’ve given Bill is people struggling for a tightrope that is invisible, trying to walk this tightrope. We must put our feet out knowing that the cable is there, and it is safe to put our feet out, and we will find a balance with each step as we progress in our activities. That tightrope is the support of the interconnecting. The more interconnected we become the more it becomes a web where each step is safe, and we no longer need to look for THE one step in order to be safe wherever we place our feet, having faith that we are doing the Father’s will. I will take questions if you have them.

Barbara: First, nice to meet you. What I envisioned from your description was a big hammock held up from above that we’re all in. And all those little knots are the strings that’s the safety net, the big hammock of faith that Lisa was sharing with us earlier.

WENSLO:  Yes. This is a good image, a good connection. It is nice to meet you personally, and correspond with you directly, and I do appreciate your service very much.

Barbara: Well it’s a pleasure. It’s an honor.

Rick: Wenslo, I’d like to thank you for extending your greetings to us. I began to wonder how much you intertwine with the teachers in our group? Do you have much occasion for interaction with the teachers in Coeur d’Alene, or are your activities such that you are fairly well occupied right here where you are?

WENSLO: I have spent many years in the Coeur d’Alene area with Bill, and therefore am frequently in contact with numerous personalities in that area, including Elyon. My focus has been to work with Bill wherever he is, although in the bigger picture I respond to a general area to some extent which extends to include Coeur d’Alene. There is a network, an intertwining, of teachers throughout this world and beyond. We all travel vast distances in our connecting. Not like physical travel but none the less contact and networking. The personal connection your group has with Daniel is also an important connection that I have found my place in, as Elyon and Daniel work together very closely, as well as with Ham.

We use the analogy of blooming flowers. If you look at the structure of a flower there are rows and rows of petals, and each row contains petals standing side by side in a circle immediately contacting. But also in front of them and behind them there are other rows of secondary contact. Although there is a primary row, a circle, where my focus is, I also contact other circles. To move to a new direction, those that I participate in, many circles at once performing many functions where I am in the same position, but in circles. This is difficult to convey. I am in some direct circles with Elyon and other direct circles with Evanson. Other circles I have no contact in the Coeur d’Alene area. For a simple answer, yes, I have much contact with you.

Rick: Thank you.

Advance Corps
Barbara: You just talked about space. Now I’m curious about time. I had the impression that this teaching mission, particularly all the teachers, is a fairly recent phenomenon associated with the circuits opening. Yet I hear of people like you who have been working with individuals like Bill for many years. Now I’m a little confused how that can be. I understand that we have seraphim that have been with us from birth or childhood. Why is it some people have had teachers working with them for so long?

WENSLO: At the onset of the fifth epochal revelation, which began actually at the end of the last century, a small staff came to train initially then to do service in bringing about the book, also to begin establishing a core of contacts. I was fortunate enough to have arrived shortly after the initial group and have served on many levels before being assigned to Bill. My functions were not necessarily to work as a personal teacher as my current assignment is, but to work with the angelic corps in indirectly contacting mortals. There were others who were capable of making direct contact even without the circuits. There is also the knowledge of impending adjudication. It was apparent even at that point that it would be resolved soon in our terms. This is why we started preparing for the change, preparing for the reconnecting of the standard normal circuitry even at that point in the distant past from your point of view.

We did not know what path this mission would ensue, and it will become clearer and clearer that we don’t necessarily know where to place our feet on the webbing, although we have faith to know that we can step where it is necessary to step. This does not mean having knowledge that one day I would be working with Bill specifically. As the mission, as the fifth epochal revelation, has unfolded many, many beings have poured into this planet in response to the call for service, and the numbers have been growing exponentially at an astounding rate. So some teachers, some beings, are very new to this world and very new to this specific mission even.

Why certain individuals received teachers for longer periods is a matter of personality pattern and disposition and purpose of contact along with receptivity on the part of the mortal. That is not to say that certain people who have not had personal teachers for a long time are any less. It is to say that they are on different paths, and they may need contact from several different personalities focusing on whatever their point in growth in life is. Does this answer you?

Barbara: That was wonderful! That was more than I hoped for. Thank you very much. It sheds alot of light on just how deeply rooted this project is. It isn’t something that arrived yesterday. That puts it into a clearer perspective.

WENSLO:  Even though we do not see the steps ahead we have faith to know that the order that we have received and the entire unfolding will continue as magnificently and with the same sense of grounding and safety as we have felt so far. This networking that I speak of and that others have spoken of, inter-connected-ness, will help you feel this also as we all move on together through our various services. I will now take my leave and allow others to speak if they so choose.

Correcting Time, Extraterrestrial

EVANSON: May I take this opportunity to greet you. I am Evanson. It is a joy of mine to be in your presence, and I do so much enjoy the discourses of my good friend Wenslo. I met this one while in the system schools. If I may, our system is a beautiful rose bursting with color, unfolding with a radiance and a resplendence the likeness of which it has not had the opportunity to reveal. I am one of the recent arrivals and am very much enjoying my assignment. I choose to impress upon you how vast and extensive this time period of change is. You do all speak with such delight about the transactions taking place on this very significant planet. I do agree, much is focused on this sphere. But I endeavor to enlarge your perspective, to take a moment’s notice of the great neighborhood of planets. Many changes abound everywhere. If I could convey to you how magnificent this transformation is, I would find great personal fulfillment.

As one who began life in this system and nearly gave that life away, I cherish the unfoldment, the reinstatement, of Satania. I appeal to you all to greatly foster the devotion that you hold within your heart. Cherish that flame, that fervor, that directs you. It is your passport to eternity. As this planet reengages with all those about you, you will enjoy the many astonishing events. I feel the need to dampen the expectation, for some of this astonishment you will enjoy in the years beyond this life form. But yet this planet will be a very special place for you. As I work here under the guidance of Elyon and dedicated to Michael, I take special note of my planet of origin and am delighted with its plans and with its accomplishments in the reinstatement. I offer this to you tonight as encouragement, as a pep talk. And likewise am willing to receive questions at this time.

Bill: Welcome to our house.

EVANSON: Thank you.

Bill: I’m sure you know me well. It’s nice to get to know you. Do you know Wenslo personally?

EVANSON:Yes. We discuss our brothers in the flesh quite often.

Bill: Are you challenged by us, or is it more a sharing on a lighter level?

EVANSON: I personally am challenged. I have been trained to interface with your order of being and approach the assignment with excitement and find that patience is a value I don’t think I’ll ever set aside. I look forward to greater association, and I know this shall be. I take great lessons and admiration toward my fellow teachers who experience greater ease. I have at times worked with mortals other than my personal assigned human, Rick. In general there are difficulties to overcome in working out our assignment. Allow me to say that we get our orders and sometimes look around and think, “But how?” I chose this planet because it looked like one of the more thrilling ones to be engaged. Does this supply you with adequate response?

Bill: Yes.

Barbara: I may be reading more into your answer than is there, but it seems like you’ve mentioned other planets before. What you said this evening I get the impression that you are from a rebellious planet, and that you were a bit rebellious yourself. I want you to know that I am really glad you are here and that you’ve made the decisions that you’ve made. I wonder about your interest in the other planets. You encouraged us to talk about other planets to people to get people thinking of the other planets of our universe being inhabited, and that would be beyond just us Urantia folk who are accustomed to that idea. Is this the case?

EVANSON: Yes. As a matter of confirmation I would like to restate that I nearly gave up my life. I only in the dim hours of my human awareness chose the path eternal. And I definitely would have benefitted from the awareness of universal brotherhood. Evelyn, I am pleased that you do hear my lessons. I was amused to know that Rick thought, “Oh yeah?”, when you said that. Many, many human beings would have experienced a fuller life had the rebellion not broken out. However I stand as an example of triumph over defeat, that even in darkness the light does shine. That is why I am here, to help you all become that light for your brothers and sisters, to put everything back in place, to pick up the scattered cards and get on with the game. Please do extend the awareness of the great planetary and interplanetary family. That would please me.

Bill: I appreciate your being so personal. It really helps. Seeing what impact we can have, eventually, down the line also. With our weaknesses and flaws, I appreciate you sharing that. I almost wish that more teachers would share their personal experience. You are welcome to send that message out.

EVANSON: May I make note? This is observed by the teachers, and we have been cautioned to be careful about over expressing our status and our nature due to the great adoration factor. However, I have been given some leeway as an experiment to test the waters as we all progress together. This was my petition, and from my personal sharing I think you can sense why I asked to try this. So I shall give my reports to my fellows.

Bill:Thank you for your clarification also.

Barbara: You set an example for me because I find it very hard to share the embarrassing or unpleasant episodes of my life. I’m very reluctant to share those. I know that it’s, at times, good do that, and I think you’ve demonstrated that just now. I really appreciate that.

EVANSON:You are welcome.

Barbara: Having just met David I am touched by his physical condition. Is the only thing we can do is to pray for his comfort and continued cheerfulness given the condition he’s in? Is that really all we can do?

EVANSON: (Tape flipped)*… and though this fellow has suffered greatly in the physical realm, and I recognize the longing of your heart to reach out for his comfort and benefit. He is a great ascender. His perspective is in the vast stretches of eternity before him. Your prayers for any individual are always taken into counsel by those who are granted permission to respond, and are gladly received always by them. I would further encourage you to pray that you, in yourself, could muster the same abilities as David has, facing all difficulties that life presents. He is an answer to prayer as much as a needy recipient. I do honor your compassion. Take note of all around you who could receive your bestowal of love.

EVANSON: I would close my sharing this evening by extending a salute to Michael, and expressing to him for us all here our love, our dedication, our willingness to pursue, to overcome, to triumph, to rise from the worst of situations, to ascend to the greatest of all that is. Farewell.

Group: Thank you.

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