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RAF9103- Part 1/A – About Teacher Rayson


[Note: On July 8, 1991, Teacher HAM in Woods Cross, Utah, concluded his session with these words:]

HAM: …Thank you all for this evening’s experience. Next week we will have a visiting teacher. I will not be here. So I will see you the following week. Farewell for now. God and peace go with you all. (07/08/91)

* * *

[The following week, July 15, 1991, the Woods Cross students (through their T/R) heard the message:]

RAYSON: Greetings. I am new to you – your awareness. I am RAYSON. This communication involving (T/R) is completely new to me, and is also new to her, and is therefore  somewhat difficult because  of the unfamiliarity. My name was new and therefore difficult for her to word form. However, this seems to be improving and I feel confident enough to continue.

As you have been told, many things have lately come to pass, and so will there also be many interesting and eventful occurrences in the future. Our purpose is to prepare the world for these future occurrences.

One of these will be the up-quickening of spiritual receptivity among all peoples of the world. In this we are observing the effects of these great spiritual changes. Vast realms of space are now being opened which were previously closed, as you know. This, we have  looked forward to this time for many millenniums, and now this time is here.

You have all been especially preparing yourselves with your guidance for these days. Many of you were born into this time as the select ambassadors and news carriers of this wonderful news. To many there has been no perceptible change, however there are very many people who are now reaching a point of spiritual ripening and these are who we wish to include in the harvest of the kingdom. You are chosen to thus go forth and gather together these ripened souls so that they may hear the good news of the gospel of Jesus again – for the first time – for so much of this enlarged presentation is completely new.

I am a teacher under the command of ABRAHAM, who has thought it wise for me to begin training with a person as receptive as is (T/R) in order for me to gain practice for my assignment. For, as you see, I am quite pleased that this is coming through so readily, although at first (T/R) was wishing I were ABRAHAM. I feel prepared to be allowed to present tonight’s lesson to you.

[RAYSON gives a lesson on The Fatherhood of God (see first lesson on Fatherhood of God). During question and answer session which followed, the relevant matters were as follows:]

Q:         Are you an ascending or descending Son?

RAYSON:        Ascending, as you …

Q:        Can you tell us more about who you are, RAYSON? And do you know us? Do you know me?

RAYSON:      One moment. Yes, now have I some knowledge, understanding.

First question, I am also an ascending son, also was resident on Edentia, volunteered and was chosen for this assignment serving MICHAEL. This is – as far as I understand – a unique situation in all of the worlds. We have been given permission to give advanced truth to your world such as is taught as far as Jerusem. This is very unusual. And we have been thoroughly trained in your languages and religions and modern thought, understanding, word pattern. We hope to fulfil this assignment with, and doing, the greatest good possible. We understand the many difficulties facing this assignment and have been, we believe, quite fully prepared to meet any exigency, happening. My word was “exigency,” (T/R) is unfamiliar.

My world is not really very far from this one, and it is thought that this would be advantageous for communication. Is there further inquiry?

Q:        How do you transport your thoughts, your expressions, over the time and space we exist in? Or do you actually come into presence with us in this room?

RAYSON:      Yes. I am here, present, yet you are correct in surmising that there is also a distance in time and space. I exist on a different other perception-reality, which we think of as distance from you. This greater reality-awareness has been received over millennia your time. This perception-reality, being reality, has been a gradual process of change. And as I am now, you cannot physically perceive my presence. Yet I can perceive your presences quite readily. (07/15/91)

* * *

[In September and October, 1991, RAYSON began contacting a woman in the greater Los Angeles area. In October she had practice sessions as RAYSON’s T/R during which RAYSON spoke to (T/R) and, through her, to her husband. In late October they shared practice sessions with selected individuals in   the area. During one of the practice sessions RAYSON discussed his authority in these words:]

RAYSON: …Rest assured my authority comes not from myself, (S). I derive my authority from Prince MELCHIZEDEK, who derives his authority from Creator Son, Father MICHAEL, who derives His authority from The FATHER.

[The same practice session produced this dialogue:]

Q:        Can you tell me, have you ever seen MICHAEL?

RAYSON:     Yes, but not – I have not had an audience with Him. I have seen His image. Do you understand?

Q:        Yes, teacher, can you tell me, when you see the image of someone like a Creator Son, do they have what we would call a face?

RAYSON:      Yes, of course. Not different from your human face.

Q:        When we celebrate remembrance suppers together, we are told in The Urantia Book that the Master is really present and that He communes with our Thought Adjusters. Does this mean that His omniscience is so great that all the days following here on Urantia when we have remembrance suppers. He is aware of this?

RAYSON:       Yes. (10/24/91)

* * *

[The first formal lesson to the students of RAYSON was on December 1, 1991, where RAYSON, through (T/R), gave a short lesson on Mercy (see the first lesson on Mercy), after which the following questions and answers transpired:]

Q:        Is it appropriate to ask if you could tell us a little about who you are?

RAYSON:      I was once like you: a mortal on a planet that is closer than you think to Urantia. I ascended. Although I have not ascended far enough to meet MICHAEL of Nebadon, I am over 10,000 earth years old. I was trained as a teacher by Prince MELCHIZEDEK and was honored to be chosen to return to this planet, correction, to come to this planet to teach.

My other field of expertise is health-medical. In your world you would call me a doctor. Although, once you graduate, that word is slightly different in meaning. A doctor on high prevents spiritual illness. On this planet, which is so trapped in its physical, material mind-set, a doctor is only for the body. But the body has been designed to wear out. So if a doctor only looks at the physical, he/she could grow to embrace this phase of it. Spiritual doctoring is very uplifting, because it has success in healing.

[Later in the session:]

Q:       Can you tell us where you reside? On Urantia, are you physically on this planet? Are you – do you have an abode?

RAYSON:     I do not have a physical form. I am here, with (T/R), all the time, except when we meet as a staff. I guess this is my abode.

Q:        When you meet, where do you meet? If you have to leave?

RAYSON:    We meet in the Mariposa Grove . ……

Q:        That explains a lot to us because we have always believed through Urantia mythology that there was an Archangel’s Circuit in the Mariposa Grove. Is this true?

RAYSON:      Yes. …

Q:        If we were to go to the Mariposa Grove, as many of us have, would we sense more of the presence of celestial beings than we do in other places? Is there a concentration there? Does it matter?

RAYSON:     Yes. You will sense more. The mountains are made of crystal and we use that actual property of crystals to – correction – as a circuit. That is why your mind, heart, soul is more open when you go there.

Q:        Is there a best time of the year? Or does it make any difference?

RAYSON:      It does not make a difference.

Q:        Christy one time made a pilgrimage to the Mariposa Grove and concentrated on the Grizzly Giant as being one of the places that she was told had something to do with planetary communications. Can you confirm that the Grizzly Giant is involved, or is it simply located in the Mariposa Grove?

RAYSON:       Near the Grizzly Giant is the spot many find the Archangels. It is not physically necessary, but it is spiritually inspired. (12/01/91)

* * *

Q:       Father MELCHIZEDEK asked me to be a screener. If I may ask, what does that look like? Should I meet people before, or just what?

RAYSON:      As – there will be a progression, (S). Right now, in the beginning, people will seek, will make themselves known to members of the group, and what you should do is meet with them and assess their level of maturity, character, and knowledge of The Urantia Book, as this group is a more evolved group from others who might not have the reference of the written revelation. Use intuition. This is not an investigation, but merely to get a sense of them and then when you have met, after the lesson you will  tell me who the prospective members are, and I will scan your mind-memory and approve or ask them to wait a while.

Q:        When you say “scan” (student)’s mind-memory, are you working with his Thought Adjuster, his Seraphim, I didn’t understand that.

RAYSON:      We are able to scan the minds of those who consent through a Life Carrier – Midwayer combination and immediately the knowledge is also mine.

Q:        Are they only survival value memories, or all the mindal memories – that we have on Urantia – available to you?

RAYSON:     All of the mindal memories, although I am not truly interested in the lower forms of human behavior and disregard them as if they did not exist, for truly they will not once you are re-personalized. (01/06/92)

* * *

Q:        You are so much further ascended than the rest of us – to Jerusem – is your experience with your Mystery Monitor intense and conscious at this point? Does it get more conscious as you ascend through the morontia spheres? And could you enlighten us a little and let us know what the differences might  be? Between you and us?

RAYSON:      Yes, it is more conscious, of course. The difference is that I guess much less than you (laughter) as to the will of The FATHER.

Q:        Are you able to see your Thought Adjuster, RAYSON?

RAYSON:     Not at this time.

Q:        Is that because he is back where you came from waiting for you?

RAYSON:      I am not allowed to answer your astute question. (Laughter.)

Q:        On your planet of origin, did you receive your Adjuster as we do on this planet?

RAYSON:       Similar, but at a younger age.

Q:         And when you received your Adjuster, on your planet, do the people or the beings know when that occurs?

RAYSON:     On occasion, yes.

Q:        Can you share with us any interesting aspects about that?

RAYSON:      We were much more attuned to the spiritual growth of our children than you are on this planet. Every parent actively fostered spiritual awareness in their children as one of the main responsibilities  and honors of caring for a young unformed being. Therefore the arrival of the Deity fragment was awaited with great anticipation and joy, and much preparation was spent in discussions around this momentous event. Because it was so highly paid attention to, and fostered, there often was an awareness of the moral decision-making capabilities of the child on the part of the parents, and sometimes an awareness of the upsteps of mind being when the Mystery Monitor arrives. It was a cause of much speculation and celebration. You are virtually unconscious of this momentous occasion on your planet here.

Q:        Did your Mystery Monitor bring a blueprint for you

RAYSON:    I am not sure, but what we do know is that The FATHER fragment works with whatever decisions the free-will creature makes to the highest advantage of Deity. Certainly my intellectual  genetic inherited capacities and my spiritual receptivity capacities were evaluated when the Mystery Monitor chose to indwell me. So perhaps the angels projected my possible career choices to Divinington and God selected the best FATHER fragment for me. This is speculation, but an educated guess on my part. (01/12/92)

* * *

In terms of my own relationship, I was once very similar to you on my physical world, which was not too far from Urantia. I functioned as a male mortal and was a doctor. I have traveled through the seven Mansion Worlds but have not fused. I have not seen MICHAEL but have studied your planet for many, many hundreds of years, and there was great competition to be chosen for this mission. I was quite honored to be amongst the handful chosen because of my similar background, my doctoring skills, and my study of your planet and peoples.

How do I see you mortals? Not as differently as you would think. I have down-stepped to a more morontial form to make contact. So, I perceive a Light emanating from the head region at times, which is your adjuster. I can, if given permission, search your mind circuits for memories or knowledge of other human beings of which I have none. I gather information just like you do, by meeting the human or searching the mind memory patterns of a human who knows the individual in question.

Travel for us is quite fast, and we are aided by Seraphim and midwayers. The Life Carriers help to effect the necessary connection for transmission and receiving-as well as first and secondary Midwayers. (01/13/92)

* * *

[Word was received from Sarasota group that two new MELCHIZEDEKs had arrived.]

Q:        Does the arrival of two new MELCHIZEDEKs affect your relationship to this group in any way?

RAYSON:     It does not. We will continue as before on our steady upward path toward spiritual illumination, and when you are individually and group-wise ready, prepared, you will be given additional and more worldly assignments for service.

I suppose in your terminology I would be described as a more conservative teacher. Some of my brethren are more flamboyant and spontaneous. As a mortal I was more patient, wait and see, scientific, not in so much of a hurry, more of a steady worker, slower progress. Some of the teaching corps were not that personality type, but more creatively leaping, intuitively jumping – I am not describing well what I mean, but some run marathons, some are sprinters, we all reached the goal in our different ways.

I am more reluctant to give certain information and more concerned with your balanced and steady spiritual progress, and perhaps more familiar with your species, having been in a similar species myself, very close to the human state. (04/04/92)

* * *

Q:        Are you available to us in our daily lives? And if we needed immediate guidance or help, can you come into our minds and give us special guidance and assistance?

RAYSON:   No. I can assess you, I assess you as my students, but 1 do not guide or assist your decision, will, or struggles. (05/30/92)

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