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RAF9308- The Teaching Mission Teachers – Part II – The Lessons H-I

1993-01-01. The Teaching Mission Teachers – Part II – The Lessons H-I




Rayson:   Tonight’s lesson will be on the subject of happiness. This may seem to some of you present to be a slightly different topic than others which we have studied in recent weeks. Your individual body of knowledge may be looked at as a fabric. The fabric has threads of many different colors running in a variety of directions, and yet all holding together to constitute a unified whole. In order for the threads to hold the fabric together properly during the making of the cloth, from time to time a direction may be changed here, a color may be changed there, and to the uninitiated it may – at the time – seem irrational, but be assured that these lessons have been very carefully planned out in such a way as to help your fabric of knowledge form in a cohesive fashion. With that, let us turn to the subject of our lesson: happiness.

Happiness is a difficult topic to discuss with mortal beings because their understanding – your understanding – of happiness is very often far different from the definition of happiness in the non-material form. Let us start with the material understanding of happiness and then we shall compare the spiritual nature of happiness so that you shall better understand.

The material being is descended from animal forms, and much of the conscious awareness and thought   is by necessity centered upon feelings and urgings that have animal origin. Pleasure is such a thing. An animal understands pleasure as the absence of pain, the gratification of hunger and sexual drive, the domination over a competitor or an enemy, the attainment of a material goal other than those mentioned. Animals spend much time satisfying base drives for survival. And the gratification of such survival instincts is understood by the animal part of man as happiness. I am sure you are all quite familiar with this definition of happiness.

However, all of these considerations have relatively little to do with happiness in the spiritual sense. Your evolving soul, your embryonic spirit self, strives to be Godlike if it strives at all for growth and development. The gratification of this spiritual urge to be Godlike and virtuous in the ways we have discussed in previous lessons and in other ways that have not been delved into as of yet, this is what constitutes happiness in the spiritual, the soul, sense.

Michael, as Jesus of Nazareth, presented a parable about the glass being half-full or half-empty which  has useful application as we discuss the idea of happiness. The animal part of material man seeks always to fill the glass materially. But the spiritual part of man does not grow until there is space in the glass,  the half-full glass that the master referred to. The less full glass materially, the greater the opportunity to fill it spiritually.

How, then, to go about the pursuit of happiness in the spiritual sense, true happiness? Well, this is – as you say – where it starts to get tricky. In lessons past we have discussed creativity and the link between creativity and the rate of spiritual growth. There is also a link between creativity and happiness. A Urantia mortal of some repute in your own culture once said “I find most men are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.”

Happiness will not come by sitting in a quiet room engaged in deep meditation. Nor will it emerge as the result of long hours of study, or time spent involved in sensate pleasure. Rather, there are two routes of creative work that need to be followed simultaneously throughout your material existence if you will develop your embryonic soul seed and begin to experience a tiny bit of happiness while in this form.

They are inward and outward.

Outward creativity is the sum total of your actions. A great deal of this, of course, is your actions with respect to your fellow creatures. Not just the desire to do good, but the actual doing of good, the continuing effort to conduct your life as Jesus of Nazareth lived. And as Jesus was very active in his fellowship with others, He also was a model in regard to the inward creative struggle. The battle that is waged by every God-seeking mortal between animal urges and the promptings of the indwelling Thought Adjuster.

Hard work, yes. When the material form falls away at death, in some respects the struggle is eased. But do not be fooled for the happiness that comes from God-seeking is always elusive throughout your career as an ascendant mortal, like a carrot on a stick before the horse, you may say.

It is this major thread that serves as a guide in the tapestry of your individual knowledge. Father has  given us very much freedom in creative expression of our spiritual selves. In fact, this teaching mission – for those of us who participate – is a means of spiritual creativity and soul growth. Only fear and lack of faith can hold you back, can keep you from taking these leaps toward joy, self fulfilment, and ultimate happiness.

You all have striven much and each of you has – as the result of your individual creative efforts – entered into this small group. You are privileged to bear a somewhat greater burden in helping our Father correct this planet. I am honored to be in your presence and commend you on the greatness of your faith. That is the end of this lesson.

Q:       Is there any direct correlation between spiritual growth and happiness? I was looking for that in your lesson.

Rayson:     Yes. They are inextricably intertwined, (S).

S:       That’s what I thought I got from the lesson.

Rayson:      One follows the other.

Q:       Is it possible to be happy in a fear-based religion?

Rayson:     Happy in the animal sense, yes, but fear stunts spiritual growth and holds man back from God striving. Depending on the depth of fear, happiness can be achieved to some extent. This varies from personality to personality. Fear-based religions, as you know, serve a purpose in the evolution of mortals, but are not – were never meant to persist indefinitely, but rather to be replaced by revealed religion which is void of fear.

The fear of present religious forms on Urantia is entirely a product of those who would subjugate their believers. Does that answer?

Q:   Yes it does.

Q:       I know we have to be very careful not to undermine a religion that’s important to somebody. But if we sense that the person is being disturbed by the fear that is being taught them in – by their pastor, for instance – and that person seems to be pulled away from understanding and feeling the love of God, can we – if our instinct seems to guide us – give this person some encouragement by emphasizing Father’s love and His caring for them?

Rayson:      Yes, but do it as Jesus would have done, that is, be careful to respect the decisions and beliefs of such a person or people as you encounter them, and find the good and praise it in their expressions and beliefs. If you do this then it will help the negative to wither and die. Emphasize the good. Re-inforce  that which is true and right. You would be surprised how strong that can be.

Q:       Oh, good. Thank you, Rayson, I sense from a few people I have met that their concern about the fear has overridden their understanding of the beautiful love that Father has for them, and I would like to give them some comfort without undermining the minister, or the church, or the other teachings that are good. So that will help me.

Q:      About people that seem to have physical reasons for not being happy, and they are depressed, and there is some sort of organic reason for that. Could you comment, maybe, on what is really going on?

Rayson:      The answer to that, (S), is manifold, but there are two main areas of consideration. The first – and by far most common category of such persons – are those who spend an inordinate amount of their time and energy in the pursuit of gratification of animal urges – greed, pride, fear, anger – these all are animal drives and result in excess when unchecked, the full cup that Jesus referred to. A full cup will drown our spiritual growth.

As spiritual growth slows down or ceases as a result of lack of effort and striving, the individual with the full cup experiences black depression, as if a light has been switched off. No material being can live for long with not a shred of spiritual happiness. And, indeed, such persons very often kill themselves in one way or another, destroy themselves, for such an existence is intolerable. There are, of course, gradations, and by no means do all such persons become suicidal. But the one that seems ever depressed and unhappy, angry, gloomy, downcast, sorrowful, without hope – in one way or other – may well be suffering from over investment in the material and under investment in the spiritual. The way out for such    persons is to become active and creative, physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. That is the way.

The second great category – although far smaller – of persons who become depressed are those whose cellular chemistry is dysfunctional, as you said, an organic basis. At this point in Urantia bio-technology there is virtually no understanding of how this system functions other than a tiny awareness of its existence. Very little can be done at this point. But Father loves all his creatures and those who are spiritually lazy are loved, as are those who are materially diseased or deficient.

Does spiritual laziness cause organic depression? Yes, because the health of the soul is crucial to the health of the body and its components. So, yes. If you could measure abnormalities in function – chemical abnormalities, electrical abnormalities – you would find them in the first group discussed as well as the second. Does that answer?

Rayson:   Yes. (01/24/93)



S:        You know the problems I have with my health. Could you have the Life Carriers assess me now and see how I am doing? I am trying to follow the instructions you gave me on holistic medicine – herbs, trace minerals, and so on – and I am feeling much better.

Rayson:     One moment please. [Pause] I am sorry to inform you that I am no longer permitted to assess health issues. This decision was high level, and for a myriad of reasons. This is not personal to you. (01/21/93)


S:        Rayson, I did a healing today for a man who has Parkinson’s disease, which you said was fine if I followed instructions. I’m wondering, he has a woman who has been with him for a period of time who seems to be under a lot of stress whom I thought would benefit (from healing). I know she would accept it, and believes. They are not reading the Urantia Book, but believe in God and go to the Methodist Church. Should I just do healing for someone who is receptive like that or should I clear it with you, or how do you feel about that?

Rayson:      I am not in charge of healing. This is up to teacher Ham to set the guidelines. I, however, am under the impression that it is up to each individual human to determine intuitively and after prayer and meditation if a person can benefit. I would be glad to ask, if you will give me a moment.

S:        Ham says that your skills will grow in determining the answers to these questions. After a short time of working with the healing energy you will know within yourself who will benefit. Until then you should ask him. He has given the OK for this woman.

Q:       I have a follow-up question, Thank you very much. This man, because of his Parkinson’s disease, has been influenced to use a Chinese healer who has recommended that his hair be shaven, that he take certain teas, and has acupuncture. But primarily there is a suction cup placed on his skin, and they put a substance inside this lid which draws the fluids from the body to the skin. This is represented as a way   of taking care of his Parkinson’s disease.

I recognize readily our normal medical care system. I only wonder if this is something that should be followed through by them or not?

Rayson:    If it helps some, why not? But do not give up his day job, so to speak.

Q:       Well that’s what I suggested to him but I thought I would double-check with you.

Rayson:     Many of the Eastern techniques are valid, (S). They work with energy channels that we do not recognize on the Western science. Blockages can contribute to the exacerbation of the disease, but what they have not done is to erase a disease totally. So the combination of the two will be beneficial for this gentleman.

Q:  Thank you.

Q:       Rayson, with regard to health, you mentioned that this has been a bad week for (T/R) in terms of energy.

Rayson:  Yes.

Q: …And I was wondering if there were any messages from Ham to Mary through you that she’ll be able to listen to.

Rayson:     I think she is aware of the mistakes. Mary has not gone for her energy replenishment treatment.

S:        Which she values.

Rayson:     Which is valid, actually, physically; so is suffering from a depletion of that. In addition, she has made an error with her medication which will take a few weeks to correct. However, she is in no danger, but just low energy, and it is not – while uncomfortable, it is not threatening.

Q:       Can you comment as to why the energy manipulation has a physical validity? We discussed that. Sometimes (T/R) doubts it, but goes under the same advice you gave to (S) which is “If it works, why stop it?” But you are a former physician yourself, and you are saying that it does have a physical validity to the human energy field? Can either you or Ham comment on why this is effective. Because it is ground-breaking technology.

Rayson:   Because your cells are all electrically charged, because in a healthy cell the charge is a plus charge, in an unhealthy cell it is a minus charge. This device, while not permanent, is a way of temporarily restoring a cell from a minus to a plus charge, thereby tricking that cell into performing as a healthy cell does.

Q:       Would (T/R) benefit from Dilantin as (S) and myself are taking, or is this more effective?

Rayson:  No, this is much more effective. In addition, it also stimulates growth of new healthy cells. It is because (T/R)’s immune system is so eroded that she must obtain her immune system from other sources.

S:        From an external source?

Rayson:   Precisely. This is a good external source.

Q:       And she can use it daily without harm?

Rayson:     Not daily. Not daily forever, daily for periods of time. Two weeks. It should be used twice a week, three times a week, at the most. There is no harm.

Q:       Can she benefit from spiritual healing by (S) …. ?

Rayson:   Always.

Q: Does she need it?

Rayson:      She would benefit if he were here. But not to his detriment.

Q: What about – Rayson, what about (S) and myself? Could we perform any substantial healing benefit for (T/R)?

Rayson:  A: Yes.

Q: Would you recommend that?

Rayson:  Yes.

Q: How often?

Rayson:    Once a week for 15 minutes to 20 minutes.

Q:  Wonderful.

Q:       Would it be better, Rayson, if they both performed the treatment at the same time, or it would be equally beneficial if they took turns, or what would you recommend?

Rayson:    Let us try together.

Q:       Where would you suggest we place our hands?

Rayson:        On the head and back, mid-back area.

Q:       Rayson, as we make our physical technological breakthroughs – for example, there is a company that wishes to have a tiara of satellites in space to allow digital phone communication from any place on the planet that – I mean from the most remote jungle – and I was wondering, when you speak in terms of the circuits being re-established, is it a classic example of “as above, so below?” As we re-establish  those circuits which have been closed for so long, in human terms, filtered down, watered down, to a much lesser degree, we seem to parallel the spiritual through our technological abilities. Is this also occurring as we experience the healing that (T/R) is receiving? Has that always been the case, “as above, so below?” The spiritual implies the physical and all the technology in it?

Rayson:       Yes. Yes.

Rayson:      Perhaps this is an omen. We will bid farewell so that we may participate in the remembrance supper. Thank you brothers and sisters for this time together, and we will all be praying and worshiping with you. Farewell. (04/25/93)


Today’s lesson will be on the subject of health and disease. I will make and attempt to present these concepts from the vantage point of an ascendant mortal who has experienced the material condition that all of you presently reside in. Each of you in your present condition, your material state, comprises a spiritual part which may – under the influence of your free will – respond or not to the prompting of the indwelling Mystery Monitor, your Thought Adjuster. A third component, aside from your spiritual and free will or intellectual areas, is that which is strictly material or animal – to put it somewhat crudely.

Many of the conditions which you consider to be disease states are dysfunctions of the material component, however it is incorrect to believe that the material component functions separately from the spiritual and intellectual, for it does not. Indeed the three are inseparably connected and therefore you are in a very real sense, each connected to all other beings in all of the universes, and even in Paradise. This is a crucial idea to grasp for it holds the key to all healing and wellness in this, the most basic of material existences you will experience as well as all of your ascendant forms that will follow in your career Paradise-ward.

On a planet such as Urantia, considerations of health and wellness are much colored by the long lasting and even now reverberating effects of the Caligastia rebellion. When the first universe connections were established with Urantia at the inception of freewill creatures, of course, the physical health of human beings was overall far poorer than it is today. However this condition changed dramatically when the  first teachers came and instructed receptive humans in basic principles of hygiene, sanitation, social and family living and religious – that is worship-practice. And for quite a long time very excellent health was enjoyed by all who took these lessons to heart and practiced them assiduously. And Adam and Eve did much to help promote good health and healthy living.

However, as you all know, this period of good health for man on Urantia came to a – I would not say an end – but to a roadblock, a setback, when the rebellion got hold. Much of the learning was submerged for many eons, and health of man suffered immeasurably as a result. Many, many, millions of unfortunates have perished of diseases that were wholly preventable had only the most basic principles of hygiene been adhered to. The infectious diseases – those caused by transmissible agents – fungi, bacteria, viruses, and sub-viral particles – yes, cause much, very much suffering for man on Urantia.

We have all been very gratified to see the wonderful strides made by man in the last era toward eradication of some of the worst of these plagues and institution of better sanitation and personal hygiene practices. It is likely that many of you here today will see a continuation of this trend during your lifetime as this teaching mission is established and has its effect. You see attention to the material parts of man’s existence that is, cleanliness, trauma, all of those areas that affect the animal, is only one part of avoidance of disease.

Diseases can also be affected through the free will, intellect, and – most of all – through the spiritual part of you. And these latter two areas will be very much influenced – to the good – through the teaching mission, and all of your personal individual efforts – believe it or not. There is a large body of disease conditions on Urantia today for which your present technology has no solution. That is because they are more complex in their mechanisms. Yes, they affect the physical body, but mere physical solutions are not sufficient to effect their cure.

Rather, the working of the body, mind, and soul will be required in concert with more advanced technology than you presently have at your disposal, in order to rectify  those disorders that elude your scientists at present, such as genetic disorders, immune diseases, neurologic dysfunctions, hormonal maladjustments, some of the parts of the aging process which lead to inability to function independently. All of these areas will be much more accessible to improvement and even cure in the near future if all goes as we project.

Yes, prayer can help. It can help beyond your imagination. It is always, always of great worth to pray for the sick in the ways that your Urantia Book instructs. Faith, of course, is a key component, for without faith no cure of even the most fundamental physical, mental, or spiritual disorder can ever be had. So, all healing – if you will – is faith healing by that definition. And without faith no healing can ever happen.

Indeed, the one who lacks faith utterly will perish and die – mysteriously some may say. And faith in  one’s death, the certain expectation that one will die will indeed lead to death. Also, it is entirely   possible for all men and women of Urantia to will themselves to die if they so wish. And indeed, this has occurred many, many times.

The principles of good health and healing of self and others that you learn on Urantia will be implemented at later stages of your ascension career, for as long as you exist in any sort of material form there will be dysfunctions, disease if you will, that will at times require remedy in order for you to function optimally in your struggle to meet your personal goals and fulfil your individual missions. Only when you reach the point at which you are of the spirit wholly will you not be troubled by disease  further, unless you make most unfortunate choices as did Caligastia and his now perished followers. For the Father in His love will always allow you the free choice. You always will be able to choose His way or not. And even now, here on Urantia, you will find that as you sincerely pledge yourself to serve the Father in all that you do your personal health will benefit.

You may say, but is not faith healing a miracle? My answer to that is that life, itself, is a miracle. All of the workings of life are miracles. If you only knew what is involved in the function of even one small cell – the many, many, many complex interactions that must all work perfectly in order for a cell to live – you would agree that maintenance of life is a miracle, and that perhaps the greatest miracle of all is that any of us ever lived, continues to live. Think about that, and then you will see that the miracle, so called, of healing is a smaller feat by far than the establishment and maintenance on this or any other planet.

The Father in his love has brought life into each of you and bestowed for all the generations of man this beautiful planet with all its resources, and its sun, and stars, its atmosphere, its climate – everything is here that man requires to live in light and life – even today. If that were the choice of all mankind it would happen fairly quickly. But such is not the case. And therefore there will be a period of work and struggle ahead, during which time mankind will improve upon present levels of learning and technology and will slowly but surely learn to make best use of this perfect cradle for His race in which no detail  has been overlooked.

Do not let anger, pride, and fear – do not let these things trouble you, for they cause your body to  function at less than its best. Be guided by the love of the Father, the goodness and beauty of His creation, the truth which is all around you. Have faith that your loving Father would never ever place  you in circumstances that would oppress you without hope of escape that would enslave you, that would cause you pain and suffering with no hope of improvement. Your free will is very, very powerful when you put it to the service of the Father. If you would be healthy, do this now and you will be pleasantly surprised at the results.

I wish to convey to all of you present today the love of the Father and all of His servants including myself, who humbly seek to assist in this mission on Urantia. There are many here today observing, and comment has been made that the individual members of this group are very adept students and are working hard. We thank you for your faith and service.

This is the end of this lesson. I will take questions now.

Q:       Thank you for a very informative and inspirational lesson on health. I didn’t think that you could speak on health and inspire me, but you have. Was the upstepping of human health that you referred to early in your lesson; was that from the Planetary Prince’s one hundred ascendant mortals that he brought with him to Dalmatia? Was that the time you were referring to?

Rayson:       Yes, that is correct, (S). At that time – as on all planets that have reached that particular point in readiness – the purpose was to supplement the physical environment with the knowledge necessary to make optimal use of the environment so that life and light could be achieved in a timely manner.

Q:       On that particular occasion the Caligastia one hundred was composed of one hundred ascendant mortals who came with him plus the one hundred humans that had been selected for the purpose of merging their life plasm to make them visible. Is this contemplated in this teaching mission – to have the ascendant mortals to become – in part – physical? Or have we advanced far enough that we don’t need that stage?

Rayson:    One moment please. My information is that at this time there is no plan to repeat that step, but if it should prove to be necessary at a later time then it may be implemented.

Q:       Then the persons that volunteer their life plasma could very well be members of the teachings groups, of the students over the world? Is that correct?

Rayson:      If that were to occur. However, there is presently no such plan and it would be a very irregular event if it were to occur. To do such things is not simply a matter of administrative decision. There are many other factors involved which are quite complex. The reason such steps occur when they do on a given planet has to do with certain physical energy considerations that are beyond my understanding, but it seems that after much time has passed the physical considerations on a particular planet are far less conducive to implementing such events. Do you understand?

Q:       Yes, I understand quite well. Is there a healing mission in connection with the teaching mission?

Rayson:     Yes. That is why this lesson was offered.

Q:      (S) seems to be a conduit for healing, special gifts. (S2) and (S3) apparently have been given additional gifts. Are there others that can develop or have been given this capacity?

Rayson:    Yes. One has only to step forward and the gifts – as you say – are there.

Q:       And as I understand it, they are not healers, but they are conduits for celestial healing. Is that correct?

Rayson:      Yes. There is nothing in any human that makes them higher in the eyes of the Father than any other. Such volunteers for service are not to be exalted or worshiped, and it would be unfortunate if they were to become a priesthood, as has happened on this planet in past times. That would not be in the spirit of this mission.

Q:       Rayson, since the ascendant mortals who provided the Prince’s staff were at a very early time on this planet, were all of those from other planets?

Rayson:       One minute, please. Some, but not all. (Thank you.) They were selected on the basis of individual characteristics so that each of the members would have a unique complement of abilities that had been decided would be extremely beneficial. Others could have participated, but the judgment was that the ones selected were optimal for use. Does that answer?

S:        Yes. It just increases our wonder at Father’s planning. (05/22/93) [See entry of this date under DEFAULT.]


I just want to ask you a couple of questions about healing. I’m working with a man, J.. M.. as you know. I want to ask you, what will be the results of the healing that J.. M.. receives? This is the one thing in his life so far at the age of eighty that he has any confidence in. I’m wondering if he has the assistance of Physical Controllers here, and I imagine Life Carriers. What will be the result? Will he be cured of Parkinson’s? Or will it be halted? Or what is going to happen?

Rayson:       One moment. Yes. And (S) I am constrained in my answer. Much, very much, regarding the outcome, of course, depends on the patient. He is advanced in years. He has already benefited greatly from his interaction in this regard, although this may not be readily apparent. His process is of

long-standing nature, and may not completely remit. But that is no reason to cease your efforts as long as you and he desire to continue. I cannot comment further, I am sorry, but we are forbidden to give concrete future projections.

Q:       Rayson, could I ask you a question about this from a little bit different angle. Is some of his healing spiritual? In other words, is his spirit being healed as much – not as much – along with his body? Is that why he places so much faith in this? Is his developing faith partly his spiritual growth?

Rayson:      Yes, very much. That is absolutely true. (Thank you.) And that is why he feels better – at least part of why. However, it is entirely possible that even if Melchizedek were to directly place hands on this man, the cure sought would not be achieved, because of many factors. At advanced material age there are necessarily deteriorations in function of various tissues and cells. It is regrettable that this should interfere with his function and comfort and thinking ability. However, although it is likely that there will be great strides forward in extending life spans and improving functional abilities in senescence, the dysfunction that occur at advanced age are best remedied at much earlier age in a given individual. This would be a matter of far more gravity were it not true that one necessarily passes from the material phase on.

No mortal being is anxious to experience mortal death, for the animal urge to live is very, very strong. The deterioration in function that occurs in old age is a harbinger of material death, and therefore strikes at the core of being of all mortals. But as your faith grows and your spirit prospers, this will become of less concern and will engender increasingly less fear as is happening with your patient.

Q:       Rayson, I appreciate everything you’ve said. I know you can’t talk about the future, but at this point in time, has he benefited physically to any degree in his healing?

Rayson:      Yes, most certainly he has.

Q:       And specifically, physically, not just psychological tied in with physical?

Rayson:      There is no separation.

Q:       Okay, would you say the physical benefit has been from the hope, psychological hope and comfort that he gets from the healing, other than the cellular change of some kind?

Rayson:      Hope nourishes the spirit. The spirit nourishes the body. Actual physical changes occur when the spirit cries for – I should say that is true, but in this particular case, when the spirit takes a leap forward, there is physical benefit. Most definitely. Even at the moment of death, there is physical benefit from spirit growth.

Q:       His companion, J.., asked what manifestation would she be seeing of the healing? She is more, I think, speaking for herself. I asked him to keep a journal, and he says he has been keeping a journal, so in my own mind I think the answer is probably more within himself than for you or I to say. She was wondering if he would walk better, or talk better, or something along that line. Do you have an answer for anything like that?

Rayson:       Yes. The most obvious benefit of the sort of healing that you are engaging in is a sense of peace. This is translated physically into improved function of nerves, muscles, the liver, digestion, strength of muscles, clarity of thought, improved enjoyment of eating, improved restfulness after sleep. Those may seem to be vague parameters, yet when added together they total up to a profound improvement in life experience. It would be an error to draw the conclusion that because he is not completely relieved of his disabilities that therefore no healing has occurred.

Q:       Rayson, do you think it would be beneficial for (S) to speak with J.. about his expectations? Or better just left alone? And continue on a healing-by-healing basis. If he wants another healing then he can have it.

Rayson:     Yes, that is a good question. One moment. It would be most beneficial to allow him to request this healing. If doubt is expressed then one may offer to let a period pass without a session in order to compare his general sense of feeling during the non-interactive period. Does that answer?

Q: Yes, that answers. Is there anything I should be doing differently than what I’m doing in these healing sessions – about 20 minutes? I’m quiet. I’m opening myself up to anything that’s happening. Is there something I should be doing differently?

Rayson:       No, you are doing quite well.

Q:  Thank you.

Rayson:  You have achieved much. It is most unfortunate that Urantia mortals refuse to acknowledge the very real miracles that abound everywhere on this planet and instead seek material events that are not really that relevant as signs from God, reverting back to old pseudo religious practices. (06/26/93)


Today we will have yet another lesson on that most interesting of all topics, health and healing. As you listen you may notice that elements of many preceding lectures are interwoven herein.

One of the major purposes of Michael’s mission on Urantia was to act as a healer of the planet. And so   to examine this role of His may prove very instructive as we learn about health and healing. His approach was the classic and time-tested approach for all who would act as healers. He studied the situation      with which He was presented, gathered facts, made certain that He had a mandate for action based on earnest and deep-felt desire on the part of the afflicted. Such an important element, this last  one, because through cooperation between the healer and the subject or subjects there occur physical, chemical interactions that I do not understand myself but they are critical in the healing process itself. Then the healer proceeds to work on the traditional lines that some of you are already personally familiar with.

The healer will focus in his mind upon the object of his work and he will mix in a great helping of love as he focuses, and forgiveness. And one other element is most important, that is the unreserved willingness to fully and completely assume the affliction of the suffering party. That is a vital part of the healing interaction. It may be conveyed to the patient. If so, this will assist in the process, or it may be withheld at the discretion of the healer. In fact, as healing proceeds the healer may very well experience some or all of the pain, dysfunction, other stigmata of the afflicted subject or subjects. However, this will pass and is not to be feared.

Finally, in the focus of the healer there is to be a sense of happiness and service. And if you succeed in mixing these ingredients together and binding them by your faith, you may very well have a sense of great and joyous brightness within your inner being which will help to affirm the success of the technique.

This is what Michael did during his time on Urantia. And He was able to work not only on those with whom He had direct contact, but indeed on all living beings on Urantia. Like yourselves, He had to learn the technique de novo and was quite slow at the beginning. With increased practice, of course, he gained speed and agility.

In this mission we will see you who participate/ act as healers as did Michael and the sum total of your individual efforts will be immensely beneficial to Urantia. Your healing mission will do much to bridge the present gap that exists on Urantia between the relatively sophisticated technology that you possess and the somewhat low spiritual level that presently exists. As you move about your fellows you will act as beacons of light. Something like fireflies, if you will, and others will sense your capacity and be drawn to you.

Your mission is to worship the Father by allowing yourself to participate as a vessel of His love, forgiveness, and wisdom. As you proceed on this mission, you will be pleasantly surprised by the benefit that accrues to you, personally, for earthly matters that are of concern to your peers will subside greatly  in their impact on you. And your helpers, your spiritual guides, will be better and better able to assist   you in averting blocks or impediments to your functioning and movement in your life. You will also notice in yourselves, big, an increasingly enhanced capacity to gain wisdom from your personal experiences. And your wisdom will further serve as a beacon to your fellows.

All of you have demonstrated your fearless and service-oriented desire to circulate widely among your fellows on Urantia. And this makes you all the more desirable, from the standpoint of the mission, as interactors. There is always going to be turmoil among the races of man on Urantia until, at some future point, a threshold of spiritual development is reached uniformly. That day is not here though, and so the turmoil exists now and will continue throughout your lifetimes on Urantia. But do not be concerned for each of you will be accorded special protection as you go about your missions. This does not mean that unavoidable accidents will be prevented, but you will be protected and you will prosper.

In past communications it has been stated that prosperity among students and participants in this mission is not a reward, but rather a natural outworking of one’s movement along appropriate channels of action. I reiterate that to you today, and ask you to reinforce that concept in your minds. Be as the Master was     on Urantia. Be humble. Be loving. Protect yourselves. The master did well to protect himself. His crucifixion occurred for reasons different than those which affect your personal lives. You need not  throw yourselves in the face of danger willingly. Protect yourselves.

As your presence becomes more clearly perceived by others on Urantia you may well find yourselves to be approached. Sometimes the person approaching you will not know why they are attracted to your presence. Be patient. Wait. Wait for the request. Use that great gift of common sense.

Remember that you can heal to a certain extent certainly with benefit even the person with whom you do not have a deep interaction. Of course, the deeper the interaction, the more benefit will occur. But in the one who approaches and is fumbling, by your focus and the ingredients of healing mentioned earlier,   you can do great good. Think of that when the occasion arises.

There will be those who will prevail upon you to perform miracles, so-called parlor tricks, some would call them. You will handle these situations with common sense and wisdom. There is no need for advertisement, for it will attract the wrong element.

At this point we will terminate this segment of the lesson and accept any questions.

Q:       Thank you for such an enlightening lesson. It clarifies a lot of things that have happened to myself, personally, being involved as a healer, particularly feeling the empathy and the feelings of the person that’s been injured or sick for what’s going on in their life. That’s gotten stronger and stronger. I knew it was happening. It’s nice to know why and what to expect and so on. I really really appreciate your lesson today and the way it’s presented with its clarity and so articulated.

There’s a man in Arizona who has developed an advanced state of problems with diabetes. The feeling in his legs has left, also in his feet. He’s a reader of the Urantia book and I know his faith has been growing. Would he be a person I might consider approaching or talking to about healing?

Rayson:      One moment. Has this man approached you?

S:        He doesn’t know about anything concerning this healing program.

Rayson:     Has he approached you in any way?

S:        Well, when I talked to him the last time he was reading the Urantia book. He was expressing his spirituality in that way, I felt.

Rayson:     How do you know this man?

S:        I’ve known him for probably twenty some years. He was a very active member of an outlaw motorcycle club and did a lot of construction work. He’s had a very checkered life as far as things he’s done. I know he’s a good father – and that he’s engaged in illegal activities and other things too. He’s a sheriff’s deputy, a very complex person in a lot of ways. But he’s always really been a good friend to me and always been there, the type of person that if you really needed some help, he’d step forward.

Rayson:      You may wish to merely spend time with the man and wait for a request, if none comes forward then you have your answer.

Q:  Thank you, Rayson.

Rayson:  Again, it is not wise to advertise.

Q:  Thank you.

Rayson:  You are welcome.

Q:       In the beginning you mentioned how important it was that people want to be healed, that it was a very important element to bring to it. Is there any way that people could be helped even to realize when they need healing? Or any way there could be some intervention or just assistance in that aspect?

Because it seems like so many people just never get to the point where they want to be healed.

Rayson:       Could you please give me an example?

S:        Well, maybe a real flagrant example would be somebody who has a drinking problem and is destroying their family but won’t admit to having a problem like that. And no one can seem to help them because they don’t think they have a problem.

Rayson:      Why then do they drink or participate in violent activity, if they do not perceive dysfunction in themselves?

S:        It’s a good question.

S: Could be denial. or in denial, right.

Rayson:      Every person on Urantia has free will to choose. It is unfortunate that sometimes the choice is not a good one, however it is made of free will. Does that help?

S:        Yes. How can people participate in healing themselves, self-healing? Is that ever a possibility?

Rayson:     It is always possible. Again, freewill choice is the key factor. The matter of making the choice to be well, to wish earnestly, and work toward optimal physical functioning of the body can be undertaken successfully by any human on Urantia. However the action is far more than a mere wish. It is more than words. It is complex and requires expenditure of energy. Remember that the animal is lazy. The animal prefers to wait for things to happen, rather than to make things happen. The mortal who wishes to heal oneself must be willing to move past that animal indolence and take action, must be willing to work.

The work of self-healing is basically the same set of actions that are involved in the healing of others, but turned upon oneself. To have love, forgiveness towards oneself is most helpful in self-healing. Of course, it’s not possible to doubly experience one’s own pain and suffering, however it is possible to forgive others for their true or perceived role in one’s own dysfunction. That is the major difference between self-healing and the healing of others. In healing the other, the healer takes upon oneself the debility of the other. In healing oneself, the healer forgives others for any role they may have had in causing the affliction in question. Does that help?

S:        Very much.

Q:       Rayson, when you said that the healer takes upon himself the debilitation of the person being healed, do you mean that in a literal sense? Can you just say a little more about that? What exactly does that mean?

Rayson:    I do not understand it very well myself, but I will try. When you participate as a healer, you can act spiritually with the one whom you are healing. And just like prayer, there is a direct and instantaneous communication with the elders in Paradise and a direct and instantaneous response to this communication. However the communication does not occur unless and until the healing conduit, the healer, opens himself up completely and without reservation, to the full-blown affliction of the person being healed. In this fashion the affliction can be fully perceived by those at the other end of the line.

Q:       So it’s just a temporary state during the process of that ten minute healing session. It’s just during that period that this is happening?

Rayson:     Or even during a fraction of that period.

Q:       OK, so it does not extend beyond that actual session of healing when the healer walks away from that person and they’re done for that particular day’s healing. He leaves behind that affliction; it is not with him any more?

Rayson:  No, but there may well be a sense of deep fatigue as a residual of the process itself, and one would be well-advised to rest. One should always rest after exertion, spiritual or physical. Are there other comments?

Q:       I want to ask you another question, Rayson, concerning the role of a Life Carrier in this healing program. Is a Life Carrier made available when the healing program begins? For instance, let’s say right now I’m seeing a man that has a disease and it’s prearranged and I go down and I sit there with him and I’m involved with him. Are the Life Carriers – or is there a Life Carrier available at that time? Is that how that works? So that I would have some idea basically of what is happening when I’m right there?

Rayson:      Excuse me. Moment. Ah yes, even I do not understand the workings of the Life Carriers. However what I can say is that they are part of the answer to the communication that occurs during the healing interaction. I cannot reveal more than that.

Q:       But they are present and available during the healing then, is that right?

Rayson:  A:       They participate in healing, yes.

Q:       Is there like more than one Life Carrier, or is there like one particular Life Carrier assigned to a person?

Rayson:      I do not know. They are a different class of beings, and their activities are highly secret for very good reasons.

Q:       Can you recognize them? Can you see them?

Rayson:       Only indirectly by virtue of the effect of their actions.

Q:   Thank you, Rayson.

You are most welcome. (07/17/93)


Q:       I want to bring out that dealing with J.. M.. and the healing program, he’s experienced the greater and greater spiritual  enlightenment and a feeling of awakening in the spiritual area and senses. I think, in a way almost like mota, of the parallel and interaction between physical healing and spiritual development and growth. Anyway, he’s been experiencing that at a spiritual level. He wants to say a thank you to those who are involved because he’s stating as he did last night and the night before that  he’s feeling much better. I think a lot of that is a not only physical but certainly spiritual.

Rayson:      That is good news, and I am pleased to hear it. You see as healing occurs, the spirit is strengthened, and faith grows, and there is an inner feeling of delight and gratification that is unique and most comforting. This is sometimes achieved by direct spiritual means such as you have been using, and other times it is achieved as almost an accidental by-product of other manipulations, such as those that are enacted by various health practitioners, clergymen, and so on. But that feeling, that inner feeling, is unmistakable, and once the subject experiences it, it is desired again and can be achieved by the subject through inner alterations in one’s chemistry that work in favor of healing illness and disease. It seems  like a complicated mechanism, I know, but does it make sense to you?

S:        It makes absolute sense. I sense it, period. I think that the way you articulated it is wonderful, thank you. (10/09/93)


S:        Rayson, on the healing aspect of the mission, is it changed? Are there any plus or minuses, or is it about the same? I was dealing with J.. M.. He seemed to be very, very well. Do you have any comment on that?

Rayson:     It is coming along. You are doing well. It is not separate from the mission in general. It is simply a physical chemical  outworking of the application of the precepts which we are attempting to help you master in these lessons. (12/18/93)



Q:       I don’t mean this to be humorous, although it will, but on the Morontia worlds and upwards, are there insects? Do they serve any purpose?

Rayson:    Yes, of course insects serve a purpose.

Q:       Well, I mean on the Morontia worlds. Would they serve a purpose?

Rayson:     Yes, certainly. On the Morontia worlds there are what you would understand to be plants, and as these plants are sessile, that is immobile, they require assistance in their propagation, which is one of the useful actions of insects. So, there are helper creatures, such as insects – not the insects of Urantia, but specially created creatures – that aid this process. There are also birdlike creatures that serve the same purpose.

The scheme of life as it has been established on Urantia is a general scheme followed in greater or lesser part on most worlds, altered according to certain situations such as the availability of dry land area, the composition of the atmosphere. On a marine world there would be different manifestations of plants, animals, and freewill creatures due to the aqueous environment. Does that answer?

Q:       Yes. So in essence, then, they serve a function. And since this particular planet seems to be an experiment in unbalance, they perform a balanced function, but they wouldn’t necessarily be considered pests?

Rayson:     The assignment of the word “pest” to a creature of God’s creation is made by man, not by God. The Father loves His creation and does not consider any of his creatures to be pests. In fact, the  behaviors of insects, and so on, which are considered to be deleterious on Urantia have occurred due to the loss of knowledge that was imparted by the (Caligastia) One Hundred which was meant to guide mankind in living in harmony with the elements of Urantia. One of the lessons imparted at that time was a method of cultivating particular insects in order to assist agricultural productivity and defray the effects of what you call pests.

There is but one great goal of all subhuman creatures, and that is the desire to live, which is necessarily connected to the urge to reproduce. In order to live, creatures must eat, they must consume nutrients. If a locust consumes an ear of corn it is only following its instinctive urge to nourish itself so that it may reproduce. It is not seeking to harm man, although man may well perceive that interpretation. If the locusts were provided other means of nourishment as outlined in the original guidebooks, as well as balancing predator insects, the plagues of locusts would not have come about. And this is true of other so-called pests. Does that answer?

S: More than, thank you.

Rayson:  … Why attribute it to a Seraphim when you have done the work yourself?

S:        Well, I’ve killed so many bugs I want to give credit where credit is due.  You know, come judgment, I get a little bit of leeway.

Rayson:    Even bugs have bad luck.

S:        Especially in my house. (05/22/93)


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