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RAF9313- The Teaching Mission Teachers – Part III – The Prayers

1993-01-01. The Teaching Mission Teachers – Part III – The Prayers




Many meetings were begun by Rayson reciting the following prayer: THE LIGHT OF GOD SURROUNDS US



On February 14th, 1993, the T/R for Rayson opened the meeting with the following prayer:

Universal Father. Eternal Son, Infinite Spirit, in our efforts to communicate with your servants, I request the guidance of your Thought Adjuster and the protection of the Spirit of Truth, so that we may communicate if that is your will – with beings that are generally aligned with your will. We thank you  for any messages and any insights that we may receive. Thank you.

[This prayer was answered by a message from Prince Machiventa Melchizedek.]

On February 28. 1993, after the lesson and before the question period Rayson verbalized the following prayer:

Oh Divine Father, creator of infinite mysteries, knower of eternity, lover of all, your ways are many, and though we may not see your wisdom, on faith we believe and live your goodness. We pray for recognition of your truth, to live your goodness, and to appreciate the beauty of all creation: natural, human, morontial, spiritual  perfected, divine, even on to the creations not yet made. We pray to fulfil our part in your plan. and through our efforts to one day be blessed enough to sit and be in your very presence in heaven. May we be granted the gifts of wisdom, courage, and stronger faith as we travel the long road God-ward.

The special session on May 12, 1993, closed with the following prayer:

And now, brothers, we will give worship to the Father, to the Mother Spirit, and to Michael, our Creator. We bless the breath we take knowing that it is divinely decreed. That we exist, and – if it be our freewill choice to exist eternally – then that is the will of the Father. We are thankful for this life in the flesh and of the spirit. We pray to grow more in understanding our role, and in carrying out the will of the Father  in heaven. We pray to touch other beings with love and inspire them to seek God. Strengthen us in our resolve, and comfort us during our periods of (desolation?). As we stay centered on your love, we will continue by faith in our (endeavors?), knowing we all contributed to the spiritual growth of (the Supreme?).

On May 22, 1993, Rayson opened the meeting by asking a student to offer a brief prayer. This is the prayer the student offered:

Our gracious heavenly Father, we – your children praise you, we worship you. We thank you for Christ Michael, your son, our Father and our brother. We thank you for the Mother Spirit. Thank you for the Planetary Prince, the Vicegerent Planetary Prince, and the teaching mission. We ask that you be with all of the celestial beings and the ascendant mortals who are working with us, and that we may dedicate ourselves to their service. This we ask in Christ’s name. Amen.

On May 29, 1993, Rayson closed the session with the following prayer:

First Source and Center, Heavenly Father, and Creator of all, we thank you for the desire to understand you and know you. We pray for the courage of convictions to reflect your goodness and truth and beauty into the world. We pray for clarity and wisdom to discern your will for us, knowing that even when it is unclear it can only be for the highest good. And on faith we accept your mercy and love and forgiveness, and look forward to our ultimate goal as finaliters. Please bless us all and let us be reflectors of your  love.

On January 22, less than a week after the Northridge earthquake which damaged property of several students, Rayson asked a student to lead in a prayer of thanksgiving. This is the prayer:

Our Father, we want very much to thank you for our safe passage through perilous waters caused by the local earthquake. We thank you that we did not receive more damage. We pray for the strength of those who did receive damage to convert this disaster into good. We look at each disaster as an opportunity and thank you for it. This we do in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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